The Hood River County Sun, Hood River, OR., February 16, 1950, page 1


     More improvements were made in the service, physical properties and accounting procedures at the Hood River Community Hospital in the last year than have been made for many years, president of the hospital board, E.R. Pooley reported Monday night at the annual meeting of the membership of the hospital association.
     Pooley pointed out that the physical properties of the building have been greatly improved. The problem of the plaster falling off the walls and ceiling seems to have been whipped. Most of the rooms and halls have been completely redecorated and patient rooms have been refitted with new draperies.
     A new X-ray unit was purchased and installed in the basement formerly occupied by a sewing room and store room. The old X-ray room is now the modern and adequate delivery room. Several rooms and hallways have had new floor coverings. The old surgery room was combined with a former minor surgery to make a large work room and all sterilizers have been located here. Formerly, one sterilizer was located in the basement. The pharmacy is now on the first floor where it is more convenient and the old pharmacy room is now a waiting room with all re-upholstered and recovered furniture.
     According to state regulations, fire doors have been installed and the laboratory is now approved by the State Board of Health. The hospital is now licensed by the state, which was not possible without a great many corrections and improvements which now have been realized.
     A long-life roof is being installed and when finished will enable it to be used for ambulatory patients.
     A great beginning has been made in several departments to bring the hospital up to the standards set by the American College of Surgeons. Making the surgery explosion proof has entailed the expenditure of several hundred dollars with the installation of the explosion-proof lights, switches and outlets. These precautions are also a condition of the insurance underwriters and were more or less mandatory.
     The office has been completely revamped with new equipment including a PBX system. The entire accounting system has been patterned after the American Hospital Association recommendation, especially relating to admitting procedure and credit regulations.
     The kitchen has been partly modernized and when completed will pass the approval of the state plumbing code and the state sanitarian. Continuation of a license depends upon the completion of this work.
     To expedite X-ray examinations, a radiologist has been added to the staff, which appointment plus the new X-ray equipment has resulted in a considerable increase of work done in X-ray.
     Several pieces of equipment have been added throughout the hospital including a complete new steam generating plant, New sterilizers, anesthesia machining, instrument sterilizer, and Mayo scrubs sinks have been added to surgery.
     A consulting staff of Portland doctors has been added making it unnecessary for many to go elsewhere for treatment.
     Newly elected trustees of the hospital are Dick Radliff and Geo. Ogden, Jr. Three officers and trustees have been re-elected for three-year terms: Kenneth Abraham, Paul Keir and Mrs. William Vollmer.
     Other officers and trustees are Pres., E.R. Polley, Pine Grove; Vice-Pres., Mrs. Ella Blanchar, Hood River, city; Treasurer, Donald Emery, Hood River, city; Secretary, Geo. Jubitz, Jr., Hood River, city; 2nd Vice-Pres., Paul Keir, County at Large; Attorney, Kenneth Abraham, Hood River, city; Mrs. William Vollmer, Parkdale; Dick Radliff, West Side; Geo. Ogden, Jr., Odell; John Woods, Dee; Bob Moller, County at Large; Dale Fike, County at Large.

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