The Hood River News, Hood River, OR., May 10, 1940, page 1

Residents Urged To Visit, Sunday, May 19

     Sunday, May 19, will be National Hospital Day, when residents of many communities in all sections of the nation will be given an opportunity to visit their local hospitals and acquaint themselves with the splendid humanitarian work being done for the benefit of those who are sick.
     The Hood River hospital, which is affiliated with the National Hospital Association, will observe Open House on the same day, May 19, to afford patrons and the public an opportunity to see the interior of the building, equipment and various facilities available for the care of the sick.
     Hood River hospital is maintained as a non-profit-making and also as a charitable institution. This fine building was constructed through donations and by the sale of memberships, which entitle holders to vote on the conduct of affairs of the hospital. Active management is in the hands of a board of 11 members. Operation costs are financed by receipts from the care of patients and maintenance is financed by the Anna M. Spring Endowment fund, in memory of the former resident who made it possible for Hood River and the Mid-Columbia area to have a modern hospital.
     From the endowment fund, during the past year, many major improvements have been made, including the repainting of the interior of the building, paving of the driveway, installation of a new oil burner and oil tanks and the building of the storage edition.
     New equipment installed during 1939, some being donated by interested persons, include: Surgery light, an infra-red lamp, two heat cradles, fracture frames and marker bead necklaces for the nursery.
     This past year a comparison of costs of services has been made with other hospitals of the state, and it has been found that the local hospital charges are less than those made in many of the larger hospitals of the state.
     The hospital staff comprises 21 persons, with Miss Meta Lauterbach in charge as matron. Fourteen are nurses, who care for patients.
     The active management of the hospital is handled by the following board of 12 members: Mrs. Almira E. Ferguson, president; L.M. Baldwin, executive manager; W. Ray Lee, secretary; E.R. Pooley, Geo. Gallaway, Ralph Sherrieb, E.C. Smith, J.H. Koberg, W.F. Shannon, T.J. Annala, Mrs. R.J. McIsaac and Mrs. E.O. Blanchar.
     All residents of the Mid-Columbia area are invited to visit the hospital on Sunday, May 19, between the hours of 2:30 and 5 p.m., when they will be shown through the hospital by the nursing staff and a committee of local women representing the board. Refreshments will be served.

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