The Hood River News, Hood River, OR., January 20, 1939, page 3

Late Miss Anna Spring Cleared Off All Outstanding Indebtedness Of Institution
New Equipment Has Been Added For Benefit Of Patients

     The 15th annual meeting of the Hood River hospital, which was, Wednesday evening of this week, attended by more than 125 interested visitors, brought with it a pleasant surprise, when it was disclosed that the hospital is out of debt.
     The surprise was sprung by the treasurer, L.M. Baldwin, who, in his report, revealed figures that were not generally known.
     In commenting on this report, Mrs. Almira E. Ferguson, president, said: "You who have followed the reports during the past years, know that the late Miss Anna M. Spring created a hospital fund of her own. This fund was managed and cared for over a period of many years by E.O. Blanchar. Mr. Blanchar delivered securities amounting to $8,000 to the executive committee to be used in building this hospital. During the years which have elapsed other gifts have come to us from this loyal lady, who loved Hood River and our hospital.
     "Miss Spring's death occurred last year, and it was later revealed that she had remembered our hospital very generously. There was a debt of $8,000 still outstanding on this building and Miss Spring had made provision that her last gift to this community should take care of that. This was in addition to her original gift of $8,000 and a number of other gifts she had made over the years.
     The hospital was beautifully decorated Wednesday evening, and tea was served in the dining room.
     Mrs. Clara McCorkle, superintendent and anesthetists, also presented an interesting report and, with other nurses, conducted the visitors on a tour of the hospital.
     Directors re-elected at the annual meeting are: Mrs. E.O. Blanchar, Mrs. R.J. McIsaacs, L.M. Baldwin and W.F. Shannon. Ralph Sherrieb was elected to serve out the unexpired term of the late Mrs. Katherine Ainsworth.
     W. Ray Lee is secretary of the hospital.
     Further data on the work of the hospital during the past year will be published in next week's News.

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