The Hood River Glacier, Hood River, OR., February 9, 1905, page 2


     While Cascade county's fate still hangs in the balance because of political combinations in the state senate, there is yet ground for hoping that Hood River's desires for local self government will be granted.
     Hood River has a delegation of citizens at the capital who are leaving no stone unturned to clear the road for passage of the bill through the senate. Night and day have these men worked, and win or lose they one and all, deserve a public vote of thanks from the citizens of this town and valley, and the growing community of Mosier.
     Representative Jayne took the Cascade county measured through the house without a dissenting vote. He has aroused an interest in the success of his new county bill second to no other measure before the legislature. Mr. Jayne received a handsome vote in Wasco county last June. If he ever wants to run for office again his vote in the western end will be unanimous.
     There remains yet a week until the adjournment of the legislature, and as many things can be brought to bear on legislation at the last moments of a session, the friends of Cascade county fell confidant of swinging sufficient number of senators into line to pass this bill.
     The benefits to be derived by the people in the proposed new county cannot be over estimated, and it is to be hoped that the bill will become a law.

©  Jeffrey L. Elmer