The Hood River News, Hood River, OR., September 5, 1930, page 1

City Council To Deed Site To Hospital Association
Fine Natural Site Will be Developed to Make Hospital Location One of Most Beautiful in State - Mace Baldwin, Leader in Project, Outlines Plans Before City Council - Restriction to be Complied With

     The last obstacle to the building of a splendid modern hospital on the beautiful site of the former chautauqua park on the Heights was successfully surmounted on Tuesday of this week, when the city council unanimously agreed to deed the site to the hospital association, after the Mace Baldwin, who has played a prominent part in bringing this issue to a successful termination, had fully outlined the plans of the association to the city fathers. It developed that, not only will the new hospital be of great value to the community, but the plans call for the further beautifying of the already ideal natural site.
     While some opposition developed at the outset to this site, it was finally decided that there were too many advantages to permit a few details to stand in the way of the project. However, the question of danger of pollution of the Coe spring, which is held by the city as an emergency supply should anything happen to the fine Cold Springs supply, was raised by opponents and the situation was made more acute by a news story sent from Hood River to a Portland newspaper. Finally, it was decided to obtain the views of Dr. Stricker, state health officer, who visited the site last week and gave the hospital project a clean bill of health, stating that if ordinary requirements were met in building the hospital, there would not be the slightest danger of the spring being polluted.
     The new hospital, according to Mr. Baldwin, will be of 25 bed capacity, with uptodate operating rooms and all other necessary departments of modern type. Construction work will be in hand at the earliest possible moment, Mr. Baldwin states.

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