The Hood River News, Hood River, OR., August 15, 1930, page 1

Board Asks Council For Old Chautauqua Park
Others Would Have Ground Converted In Children's Playgrounds - Hospital Board Believes New Plan Would Be Best For All, Especially Hospital Patients - Council to Pass on Project Later

     The plan of securing from the city the site of the old chautuaqua park for a modern hospital, which was formulated a few days ago, is apparently not going over with undivided support.
     At the meeting of the city council on Wednesday night, when the project was presented by Mace Baldwin and Kent Shoemaker, in behalf of the Hospital Association, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Crew, who reside on 12th Street, spoke in favor of converting the tract into a children's playground, and presented a petition favoring this.
     Shortly after, Mrs. L.M. Bentley, also spoke in favor of the children's playground project, a plan which found support with Supt. L.B. Gibson.
     The plan of using the site for a hospital, once suggested, had found much favor, even within the few days it had become public, and as the plan becomes better known it is obvious that it will find many supporters. For the acre or more of park above the reservoir, lends itself particularly to a hospital site. The location is removed from heavy traffic, there are plenty of fine shade trees and there is a splendid view of Mount Adams and the Columbia from the ground. Just below it, too, is the fountain, lawns and flowers maintained by the city water department.
     A canvas of members of the council reveals that they look on the suggestion that they donate this land for a hospital with a favorable eye, and the matter is now under consideration.

©  Jeffrey L. Elmer