The Enterprise, White Salmon, WA., December 16, 1910, page 1


   At the age of 64, Martin Thompson died at the home of Mrs. William A. Dart, of 7 East 11th street, Thursday evening, of paralysis. He was well known in the history of Oregon and Washington. He was born at Husum, Germany, and came to Oregon when a young man. He settled at the site of Husum, Wash., and gave that city its name. He was president of the Husum Power Company, of White Salmon, Wash. He learned the flouring business and established the Boston Flour Mills, of Shedds, Oregon, in which he was actively engaged at the time of his death.
   Mr. Thompson is survived by one daughter and five sons. They are: Mrs. I.S. Tyler, of Burns, Or.; J.T. Thompson, of White Salmon, Wash.; C.P. and A.M. Thompson, of Husum, Wash.; and O.M. and Leo Thompson, of Shedds, Or.
   Funeral services were held at the family home in Shedds, Oregon.

For additional information on this Thompson Family, and it's connection to the Husum Power Company and the history of Husum, please contact Martin Thompson at MThomp9689@aol.com

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