The Hood River Glacier, Hood River, OR., June 13, 1891, page 2
Includes illustration

     While the above is a very good cut of Grace U.B. church of this place, it failed to do justice to the building because it does not show the surroundings of green slopes, big oaks, and magnificent views. This church was erected this year, being just completed, and was designed and built by Rev. W.H. Bast. It is cruciform, and modeled after the Gothic style of architecture, having for gables, and presents a handsome appearance from every point of view. The outside dimensions overall are, ground 40 by 52½ feet; walls 14 feet; gables 34 feet; spire 82½ feet. The entrance is in three compartments. The auditorium has four transepts, with a recess back of the pulpit. The ceiling is 23 feet from the floor. The nave is arched over with four drop arches, resting on four Corinthian pillars at each corner of the nave. The lecture room is 12 by 25, eleven feet high, and opens into the auditorium by two arches, 8½ by 9 feet. The vestibule is 10 by 10 feet connected by silent upholstered doors. A porch covers the entrance. The interior is finished with ceiling in natural grain, paneled with molding, finished in mahogany stain. The cost including furniture, is about 2,300. The building is handsomely painted, and would be a credit to a place of much greater pretensions than Hood River. In fact there is not a prettier church in the state, and its pastor and members can take an honest pride in it. Its design and workmanship, speak in the highest terms of Mr. Bast's ability both as an architect and workman. The church will be dedicated one week from tomorrow, and will no doubt be filled to overflowing.

©  Jeffrey L. Elmer