The Hood River Glacier, Hood River, OR., February 9, 1905, page 3


     The following letter from Roswell Shelley of Hood River appeared in the Portland Evening Telegram last Saturday:
     Referring briefly to your "side lights" in yesterday's issue, and signed "John H. Stevenson," permit me to say with reference to the paragraph touching the work of the Hon. A.A. Jayne and senator Whealdon on the Cascade County bill, that if the bill fails to pass the senate it will be on account of the profound regard for Senator Whealdon by his colleagues in the senate. I am inclined to the opinion that your correspondent states the case fairly, and in view of the facts there is no logical argument that can possibly be used against the passage of said bill. The simple fact of the unanimous vote of the house on this measure ought to be a sufficient guarantee for the passage of the bill by the senate. Surely the representatives were fully advised before casting their votes.
     Now, shall the ponderous ponderosity of Deacon Nathan Whealdon, senator from Wasco, place his ponderous form (without argument) upon this measure, and place a "senatorial kibosh" upon it?
     With the unanimous consent of the members of the house and the residents of taxpayers within the limits of the described boundary of the proposed Cascade county, we answered emphatically No! To illustrate: Down in Texas once on a time there was a panker who closed his doors and refused to pay depositors. A lot of the boys got a rope around his neck and were about to hang him, and here's what he said:
     "Boys, you have me in your power. You can do what you choose with me. But, boys, for God's sake out of respect for my family, don't hang me."
     A tall Texan in the outskirts of the crowd, after hearing his plea, said:
     "Boys, when you cut him. Give me his gall."
     Now, to you senators with your carving knives, when you do cut Whealdon up, give Cascade county his gall.


©  Jeffrey L. Elmer