The Hood River Glacier, Hood River, OR., July 9, 1908, page 1

Fix Bonds For New Officers
Will Rent Old School Building for County Offices Provided Satisfactory Lease Can be Secured.

     The first session of Hood River County's court was held Monday and marked the passing of the first mile post in the history of the official life of the new county. The opening session was not attended by the formalities and dignities of the assembling of the house of parliament or of congress, but was never the less of far more interest to the residents of Hood River county.
     Court was assembled in the Lodge Rooms of Waucoma Lodge and was opened by Sheriff L.E. Morse crying in a loud voice from one of the windows: Hear ye, hear ye, the county court of Hood River county is now in session." As County Judge A._. Derby presided flanked by Commissioners M.M. Hill and R.J. McIsaacs. At a nearby desk were County Clerk G.D. Culbertson and County Assessor J.P. Lucas, Cascade Locks.
     County Treasurer V.C. Brock came in a short time after court convened and the only member of the new government who was not present was County School Superintendent E.E. Coad who was forced to remain away on account of a broken leg.
     The first business of the of the court consisted in approving the bonds of County Surveyor Henderson, Assessor Lucas and County Clerk Culbertson. The bonds were placed with the American Surety Company and had all been properly executed; are for $5,000 for surveyor and assessor and $10,000 for clerk. Being found satisfactory to the court they were approved without delay.
     Several applications for the position of road supervisor were then considered by the court but in answer to a question from Assessor Lucas on this point Judge Derby stated that after conference with his colleagues they had decided to allow the present appointees to these positions to stand provided there was no opposition and so far there was none. Provided also of course that the present road supervisors want to retain a positions. A proposition to purchase a safe for the county books and records was held in abeyance for future consideration. The report of acting report of acting coroner A.C. Buck on the death of the man found in the river at Wyeth was returned to the clerk by Judge Derby for corrections in accordance with the law.
     After some discussion Assessor Lucas was authorized to go to The Dallas and receive blanks and plats in connection with the assessment rolls for 1908.
     The matter of fixing the bonds of the sheriff and county treasurer was next up and as the former is required to give bonds both as a tax collector for the county and also in his capacity of sheriff the court finally came to the conclusion that $10,000 would be about the right figure and the bond was fixed at that amount. The bond of the county treasurer was also fixed at $10,000. The session of the court was then declared and adjourned until afternoon.
     During the adjournment the commissioners considered two propositions that had been made them in regard to quarters for the county officers, one of them being lodge rooms of Waucoma lodge and the other old school building at the head of Second street. The rent of the lodge rooms was stipulated at $35 and that of the school building at $30. After some deliberation the court decided to accept the school building provided a satisfactory lease can be secured from the school board.
     Court was then adjourned and an informal discussion took place between the commissioners and representatives and of several out of town of printing establishments.

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