The Hood River News, Hood River, OR., February 19, 1913, page 4


     That church federation in Hood River and Wasco counties as brought about under the direction of Rev. J.R. Hargreaves is proving a success was indicated by the action taken at a meeting held here last week when arrangements were made for further cementing and strengthening the union between the three congregations now included in the federation.
     Representatives from all three of the churches met and a central committee to have charge of the mutual relations between the churches. This committee includes the following: Mosier -- Wallace Husbands, Dr. D. Robinson, Dr. Ross; Odell - M.D. Odell, G.E. Bowerman and O.L. Walters; Hood River -- Mrs. Alma Howe and J.M. Wood. Dr. Robinson was named chairman and J.M. Wood secretary and treasurer.
     Records showed that the arrangement has so far worked out most satisfactorily. The financial condition of the churches is good and an encouraging number of new members have been received.
     The following by-laws to govern the work of the committee were adopted:
     Article 1 -- The name of this organization shall be called the Central Committee of the Federated Churches of Hood River District.
     Article 2 -- The purpose of this organization shall be the maintenance of a working committee, representative of the federated charges within its boundaries which shall have charge of the mutual relations between the churches represented.
     Article 3 -- The membership of this organization shall consist of three persons from each affiliating federated church in the district, who shall be duly elected to office at the annual congregational meeting of said churches, at the same to be considered as duly appointed representative of the several churches within this organization.
     Article 4 -- The officers of this committee shall be a chairman, and a secretary-treasurer. These officers shall be elected annually at the first meeting of the year and shall hold their several offices for one year and until their successors are elected.
     Article 5 -- The duties of these officers shall be the same as those usually incident and pertaining to their respective offices.
     Article 6 -- Meetings of this committee shall be held quarterly in the city of Hood River on the third Wednesday of January, April, of July, and October of each year. Special meetings may be called by the chairman and secretary by the request of any three of the members.
     Article 7 -- These by-laws may be changed or amended at any regular meeting of the committee.

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