The Hood River Glacier, Hood River, OR., March 30, 1905, page 3


     Frank A. Cram, the up-to-date merchant, has been pursuing a vigorous policy of expansion since the first of February, and today has one of the largest clothing and dry goods stores in the county.
     The former location of the Williams pharmacy is now filled by Mr. Cram with a large stock of clothing and shoes. The floor space of this foremost establishment has been almost doubled and an eight- foot basement, extending the full area of the Otten brick affords room for storing an enormous quantity of goods, making it possible for Mr. Cram to carry by far the largest stock of goods in the city.
     When Mr. Cram left the employ of Williams & Co. of The Dalles to branch out for himself, he was advised by some of his best friends in that city that it would be the mistake of his life to come to Hood River, where they said there was no business. "Go out to the interior where people have money," they pleaded. But Mr. Cram came to Hood River, looked the situation over, and the possibilities of this city appealed to his business eye.
     Today the business of the Up-to-Date store speaks for itself. No other business in the county has made the rapid advancements this store has since September 1901. Mr. Cram has no intention of sitting down, content that his business is big enough, but has solved extensive enterprises in contemplation for the future.
     Mr. Cram's business affords a splendid gauge of the thriving condition of Hood River valley. Although 1904 was not a successful berry season in regard to prices, and the sawmills were not in operation, his business for December last year was 16 percent above that for the same month in 1903. The increase for the whole year was 20 percent over that of the preceding 12 months. "February and March are what may be called dull if there are any dull months in business in Hood River," remarks Mr. Cram. "April has always opened out with a good lead, which is maintained all through the year. Yes sir, there is money in Hood river, and it can well be said that every month is a good business month.
     "Hood River people all are intelligent and careful buyers. While, of course, there is bound to be some business done out of town, from actual observation I am able to say that twice as much goes out from The Dalles as from Hood River, taking into consideration the relative size of the two cities.
     "Hood River people are learning more and more that it pays to buy goods at home. While local merchants expect to be in business for years to come, and here to make friends with each customer, an out-of-town businessman will endeavor to drive the best bargain he can for he knows he may never see the customer again.
     "My business is conducted strictly on a cash basis. In this way I am enabled to secure goods on close figures from the wholesalers and by taking advantage of the discounts can place the clothing and dry goods on the market at astonishingly low prices. In this way the customer has come to realize that he can make money by paying cash for his goods. It is astonishing what a lot of people in the town and valley have learned to do business on this basis."
     Mr. Cram, has introduced another metropolitan feature in his store fixtures by the addition of a cash carrier system, which an expert from San Francisco installed the first of the week. Mr. Cram proposes in this way to secure the services of a competent man to take his place at the desk, while he himself gets into the store to assist personally in the sale of his goods.

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