The Hood River News, Hood River, OR., January 21, 1921, page 1


     There has been so much adverse comment on the action of the County Court, which, apparently, granted the county library board an increase of $750 above the $2000 recommended by the advisory board that The News interviewed the county court on the matter and has ascertained the following interesting facts.
     The County Court absolutely approved of the action of the advisory board and had decided to follow its decision, when it found itself face-to-face with an old contract, which provides that the county shall match dollar for dollar, the allotment made by the city council of Hood River for library purposes. There is at this time, absolutely no room for abrogation of this agreement, and the County Court was forced to get out of the dilemma as best it could, which it has done by agreeing to allot the sum of $2750, $250 less than set aside by the city council. For the benefit of those who have criticized the county court without knowing the facts, The News will state that while the agreement is one of those "scraps of paper" that are sometimes inconvenient, it contains a hard and fast agreement. Again, it may be stated, also as a fact, that the advisory board held the same views at the conclusion of the second day's session as they did at the end of the first meeting, that any increase in the library budget was not justified at this, a time when the downward tendency in costs of operation is well established.

©  Jeffrey L. Elmer