My Father's Wayland, Terrill, Jackson, Lowry Lines

Most are from the Central Missouri area
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My father, John Terrill Wayland (1907-1997), a Chaplain here in the Navy in WW II. He was on the USS Houston and at Fort McHenry.


John's father Lloyd Lowry Wayland (1872-1967)


Anne Calvin Terrill (1873-1958), wife of Lloyd Wayland


My parents, John Wayland & Eunice Fowler (1905- ); Sam Armstrong (1902-1970) & wife, dad's sister, Annabelle Wayland (1902-1970); Dad's brother, Henry Parker "Hank" Wayland (1908-1987) & wife Rebecca "Becky" Carr (1911- ); Dad's sister, Virginia Wayland (1917- ); Dad's sister, Lola Ellen; Dad's parents Lloyd & Annie; & babies my brother Bruce (1934- ); & Anne Armstrong (1934- )


Lolah Ellen Wayland (1912-1955), and husband Howard Stamper (1889-1959)


Annabelle Wayland Armstrong and her father Lloyd Wayland


Lolah Ellen Wayland, age 11, in California in 1923 with her mother's unmarried sister Lizzie Terrill (1862-1946) on far right, with her friend in between


Henry Harrison Wayland (1843-1921), taken about age 75. I now know where I got my bow legs. Henry is the father of Lloyd and a Civil War Veteran. He was captured and sentenced to be shot. His stepmother rode the train to Washington and got a pardon from President Lincoln. This is in his obituary.


Annabelle Jackson (1853-1923), wife of Henry H. Wayland


Henry Harrison Wayland and his wife's mother, Ann Eliza Lowry (1831-aft 1910), who in 1848 married Abel R. Jackson (1821-1958), and then married her late sister Frances Lowry's husband, Henry Toulman Fort (1816-1889), in 1867


Lloyd Wayland, his father Henry Harrison Wayland, Ann Lowry Jackson Fort and her dtr. Annabelle Jackson Wayland, Henry's wife


Valuable photo about 1903. From left to right on front row: Anne Calvin Terrill; Arrena "Rena" Wayland (1849-?), half sister of Henry H. Wayland and wife of S.B. Gilliland who is not in the picture; Josephine Runyan Wayland (1815-1907), Henry Harrison Wayland's stepmother & sister of his mother, Lavinia Runyan (abt 1823-1844)...Josephine married Eli after her sister Lavinia died and she is the mother of Arrena and 4 others by him; Sarah Ann Wayland (1845-?), dtr. of Lavinia Runyan and Eli Wayland, wife of Fabrish B. Thomas; F.B. Thomas. Back row: William Wayland (1879-1931), son of Henry Harrison Wayland and brother of Lloyd; Lloyd's sister Ada Wayland (1887-1963); Henry Harrison Wayland, Lloyd's father, holding Lloyd's daughter Annabelle; Luther Thomas (abt 1875-?), son of Sarah & F.B.; Lloyd Wayland (1894-1963), son of Lloyd's brother Harry; Annabelle Jackson Wayland, wife of Henry H. Wayland. Lloyd took the picture.


Tombstone of my g-g-g-grandfather, Dr. John Jefferson Lowry (1780-1863), dug up in a MO field. He was the father of Ann Eliza Lowry (wife of Abel Jackson) and husband of Nancy Gorham (1806-1804).


Tombstones of my g-g-grandfather Abel R. Jackson (1821-1858); his father, John Jackson (1776-1849); Lucy Lowry (1855-1867), dtr. of John J. Lowry Jr. and Wilmouth Maupin, granddtr. of Dr. John J. Lowry, dug up in field in Missouri.

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