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Immigrant to Virginia prior to1720, Thomas Wieland and related lines

Willis AUSTIN was born about 1800. He married Jane "Jennie" MELONE on 18 Aug 1823 in , Orange Co., Virginia.

Jane "Jennie" MELONE [Parents] was born about 1804. She married Willis AUSTIN on 18 Aug 1823 in , Orange Co., Virginia.

In the 1870 census for Randolph Co. Missouri, there are the following Austin persons living with Jane's sister Elizabeth, age 72, and her husband Paschal Twyman, age 73: Jane Austin, age 25; Thomas Austin, age 20; George Austin, age 18. Relationship is not known, but they are too young to likely be Jane's children, but possibly could be her grandchildren. There are some other notes which I received second hand that are hard to read: Joseph Austin of Moniteau Township, Howard Co., MO, early settler 1812. Robert Austin has first recorded deed 16 july 1817 in Howard Co., MO, south of Boonville. There are also several Austins listed in the marriage records of Madison Co., Kty. 1815-1823.


Vesta Beryl YATES [Parents] was born on 22 Aug 1901 in Yates, , Missouri. She died in Feb 1980 in Denver, , Colorado. Vesta married Living in 1919.

Married (2) Carl Miller; (3) Lee Smith, and (4) George White in CA in 1957.

They had the following children:

  M i Harold Wayland WILEY was born on 5 Nov 1920. He died on 1 Jun 1982.

Married first Goldy _____; second Mertis _____ (died); third Barbara _____ and had one son, Joel Wiley, who lives in California; fourth Pauline ______, who survived him.

Joel CRENSHAW was born about 1780. He married Millicent SUTTON on 24 Jun 1801 in Scott Co., KY.

Millicent SUTTON [Parents] was born on 28 Nov 1782 in Virginia. She died on 27 Jan 1866 in KY. Millicent married Joel CRENSHAW on 24 Jun 1801 in Scott Co., KY.

They had the following children:

  F i Martha Juliet CRENSHAW

John SUTTON III [Parents] was born about 1780. He married Mary W. COLEMAN.

Mary W. COLEMAN was born about 1782. She married John SUTTON III.

Thomas Barnett YAGER was born about 1854. He married Sarah Elizabeth CHRISTIAN.

Sarah Elizabeth CHRISTIAN was born about 1858. She married Thomas Barnett YAGER.

"Sallie Bett"

They had the following children:

  F i Stella YAGER

Dr. Michael YATES [Parents] was born about 1740 in , Caroline Co., Virginia. He died in 1789. Michael married Martha MARSHALL.

Was a physician. Source (#1830) says was a Rev. War patriot and also served as a physician in the French and Indian War. His ancestor, George Yates I was born in England, arrived in the U.S. by 1640 and was descended from Emperor Charlemagne and several Magna Carter Sureties...his son, George II married Rachel Warfield, a sister to John Warfield, from whom the Duchess of Windsor is descended (source #1830 has documentation). Had 6 sons and 1 dtr.

Martha MARSHALL was born about 1740. She married Dr. Michael YATES.

Dtr. of William Marshall. She was 1st cousin to Thomas, father of the Chief Justice John Marshall.

They had the following children:

  M i John YATES

Thomas SWETNAM was born about 1740. He married Frances CALL in 1765 in , Stafford Co., Virginia.

Received the below 11/98 from: Gerald S Pierce :

George Swetnam's parents were Thomas Swetnam and Frances Call. They were married in Stafford County, Virginia (St. Paul's Parish), in 1765. There seem to have been three children, all boys: George, William and unknown. Frances died before the Revolution. Thomas went deeply in debt to the Scottish money-lenders who were active along the Virginia rivers at that time, lost his property and eventually was forced into the Patriot army just to keep his head above water (having farmed out the children to friends and relatives). He was sent off to South Carolina at some time during the war and died there. (I live on what was a Revolutionary War battlefield in Camden, South Carolina, and I've sometimes wondered whether my fourth great-grandfather Swetnam was among the Virginians who died here in 1781.) George was apprenticed to a saddler in Fredericksburg, Virginia, but eventually did quite well for himself, having a good estate in Scott County, Kentucky. As to the Swetnams' ancestry, there are gaps. I believe that Thomas Swetnam was a grandson of one John Swetnam who came over to Virginia from London in 1692 as an apprentice. He (John) was an orphan, born 1674, who had been educated at the excellent Christ's Hospital of London (the academy of the "blue coat boys" that still exists, though at a different location). John was the son of a freeman of London, Thomas Swetnam, whose ancestry undoubtled ultimately could be traced, with enough effort, to the Swetnams (Swetenhams) of Cheshire.

Numerous Swetnams are listed under his grandson John, in notes.

Frances CALL was born about 1743. She married Thomas SWETNAM in 1765 in , Stafford Co., Virginia.

From Gerald Pierce:

Of the Calls, I know nothing for certain. I suspect but am by no means
sure that Frances Call (George Call Swetnam's mother) was a daughter of
a Scotsman named McCall, of whom there were several actively involved in
the tobacco trade and money-lending in the neighborhood where she lived, including a George McCall. The Scots were not loved by many Virginians,
and it would not be surprising if she belonged to one of the branches of
the McCalls who dropped the "Mc" to blend in better with the English Virginians. I need to work on this and invite others who may be
interested to take a stab at it.

They had the following children:

  M i George Call SWETNAM


Living [Parents]

Living [Parents]


They had the following children:

  M i Living
  M ii Living

Living [Parents]


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