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Immigrant to Virginia prior to1720, Thomas Wieland and related lines

Thomas Eugene RYBURN was born on 19 Jun 1909 in Pocahontas, Randolph Co., Arkansas. He died on 29 Aug 1982 in St. Louis, , Missouri. Thomas married Living on 26 Oct 1931.

His ancestry known for several generations.

Living [Parents]

They had the following children:

  F i Living


Living [Parents]

Stephen ENGLISH was born on 24 Nov 1784 in KY. He died on 17 Mar 1857 in , , Arkansas. Stephen married Nancy MATTIX on 6 Mar 1806 in Wayne Co., KY.

Nancy MATTIX was born about 1790. She married Stephen ENGLISH on 6 Mar 1806 in Wayne Co., KY.

They had the following children:

  F i Hester ENGLISH

Thompson Henderson WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 16 Sep 1836 in , , Arkansas. He died on 14 Nov 1913 in , , Arkansas and was buried in Norfork Cemetary, Baxter Co.. Thompson married Louisa W. SNOW on 7 May 1856 in , Lawrence Co., Arkansas.

NOTE: "The Izard County Historian", Vol. 13, No. 1, January, 1982 is the reference for all of Nevil's children. Editor: Helen C. Lindley, P.O. Box 84, Dolph, AR 72528. Thompson H. Wayland is found in the 1880 Arkansas Census, Baxter Co., North Fork TWP, age 43, born Ark. His wife is Louise, age 43, born Tenn. Two children are listed: Benjamin H. age 10, and Mary B. age 8, both born in Arkansas. The middle initials are hard to read in this old handwriting with the flourishes.

Above reference says that "Henderson", as he was known, was a member of J.R. Shaler's regiment and Capt. R.C. Matthews' company during the Civil War. Applied for a pension at age 72 and proof of service given. Further information on his descendants as listed here is from: Jane Lauhon, 1456 Ronda Place, Escondido, CA 92027-1613, who is descended from him.

This was posted 1/00:

Baxter Bulletin dated Nov 21, 1913
Uncle Henderson Wayland Dead.
Henderson Wayland an old settler in the seventies, for years a justice of peace at Norfork passed away Saturday and was buried Sunday at Norfork. The Waylands were among the first settlers in the west part of Baxter County. Mr Wayland is survived by a brother, S. J. wayland of Mountain Home and a married sister who lives in the south part of the state. His wife died about a year ago.

Buried in the Norfork Cemetery.
Wayland, Louisa W. b. 16 aug 1833 d. 13 Sep 1912 (w/o Thomas Henderson Wayland)
Wayland, Thomas Henderson Wayland b. 16 Sep 1836 d. 14 Nov 1913 (hus/o Louisa W. Wayland) Pvt Co H 27 Ark Inf Confederate States Army.

This has entirely different dates on Louisa.

Louisa W. SNOW was born on 16 Aug 1833. She died on 13 Sep 1912 in Arkansas and was buried in Norfolk Cemetary, Baxter, Arkansas. Louisa married Thompson Henderson WAYLAND on 7 May 1856 in , Lawrence Co., Arkansas.

This was posted and gives different dates on her that I had. I had b. 30 Oct 1836, d. 25 sep 1906. I have changed her dates to those below::

Baxter Bulletin. Mountain Home, AR newspaper dated Sep 20, 1912 Mrs. T. H. Wayland and Mrs Sarah Cunningham of Norfork, both old and respected citizens of Baxter County died last week. they leave many relatives and a host of friends to mourn for them.

Buried in the Norfork Cemetery.
Wayland, Louisa W. b. 16 aug 1833 d. 13 Sep 1912 (w/o Thomas Henderson Wayland)
Wayland, Thomas Henderson Wayland b. 16 Sep 1836 d. 14 Nov 1913 (hus/o Louisa W. Wayland) Pvt Co H 27 Ark Inf Confederate States Army

They had the following children:

  F i Susan Hester WAYLAND
  F ii Caroline WAYLAND was born on 10 Feb 1862 in Iuka, Izard Co., Arkansas.
  F iii Cynthia "Syntha" Ann WAYLAND
  M iv James Harison WAYLAND was born on 1 Oct 1867 in Iuka, Izard Co., Arkansas.
  M v Benjamin F. WAYLAND
  F vi Mary Belsoria WAYLAND

George Washington WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 29 Dec 1838 in , , Arkansas. He died on 10 Mar 1863 in , Lawrence Co., Arkansas. George married Francis Jane MATTHEWS.

Enlisted in Confederate Army like his brother, Henderson, and was stationed somewhere in NE Arkansas. He became ill and was furloughed to go home. There being no transportation, he walked to Lawrence Co., and died there shortly after his arrival, leaving wife and three small children. They soon after moved to Izard Co., Arkansas, as did Henderson Wayland.

Francis Jane MATTHEWS [Parents] was born about 1840. She married George Washington WAYLAND.

They had the following children:

  F i Martha Ann WAYLAND
  M ii William Henry WAYLAND
  M iii James Frank WAYLAND

Hamilton W. RICHEY was born in 1829. He married Mary J. WAYLAND.

Other marriages:
WAYLAND, Sarah Ann

Brother to first husband, Joseph. This was a double wedding with Sarah's sister, Nancy, widow of Cicero Wayland, who m. same day Alexander Griffith. After Sarah's death, Hamilton m. Mary J.___ and they had child.

Mary J. WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 29 Aug 1840 in , , Arkansas. She married Hamilton W. RICHEY.

The marriage of Mary and Hamilton is not proven, but thought to be the case. Hamilton had a second wife "Mary J." and she fits.

They had the following children:

  M i David RICHEY was born in 1860 in , Lawrence Co., Arkansas.

William H. WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 18 Jan 1843 in , , Arkansas. He died on 18 Apr 1875 in Rocky Comfort, Little River, Arkansas and was buried in Holy Cross Cem., Little River, Arkansas. William married Mary Martha TAAFFE on 4 Aug 1868 in Rocky Comfort, Little River, Arkansas.

No other information.

Mary Martha TAAFFE was born about 1845. She married William H. WAYLAND on 4 Aug 1868 in Rocky Comfort, Little River, Arkansas.

Michael J. HIVELY was born on 16 Feb 1838 in Dolph, Izard Co., Arkansas. He died on 7 Oct 1910 in Cross Roads, Izard Co., Arkansas and was buried in Wayland Arbor Cm, Dolph, Arkansas. Michael married Amanda E. WAYLAND on 28 Jun 1861.

Other marriages:
HAGER, Malinda

Information on this family is from: Bertha Gard, PO Box 60, Clear Lake Oaks, CA 95423, obtained 8/92.

This is from an unknown source and is believed to apply to this couple:

Story told by Edgar L. Hively, as told to him by an eye witness, the late Bob Benbrook of Wideman, Izard Co., Arkansas, to Clem Hively: With four very youngs girls to raise, and no wife, life must have looked very bleak for Michael. There was living in the Benbrook household an orphan girl, perhaps late teen age or early twenties, named Malinda Hager. Whether or not, or how well, she was known by Michael Hively is unknown. But a few days after the death of Amanda Wayland Hively, Michael came on horseback to the Benbrook home. He talked privately with Malinda for perhaps an hour or longer. They seemed to have arrived at
an agreement, as she packed all her belongings in a sack (pillowcase?), climbed on the horse behind Micahel, and they rode off and got married. She not only accepted a short emergency courtship, but gave Michael an additional ten children, one of whom she named Amanda after her predecessor. A remarkable woman, indeed

Clem is a descendant of Michael and Malinda. Janis Wilson says it is "not true".

Year of birth is given as 1840 by another person, same day and month.

This was posted 1/00:

1 Daniel HIVELY b: February 10, 1800 Kentucky d: October 13, 1885
Baxter County, AR, near Iuka.
. +Martha TRIMBLE b: August 23, 1806 VA m: September 18, 1823
... 2 Nancy HIVELY b: October 02, 1824
....... +James B. SCOTT
... 2 George HIVELY b: September 26, 1826
....... +Priscilla Elizabeth SUBLETT
... 2 Sarah "Sallie" HIVELY b: March 23, 1828
... 2 John C. HIVELY b: April 04, 1830
....... +Hester Lucinda J. HAMILTON b: 1830 Izard County, AR
......... 3 Jefferson Michael HIVELY
... 2 Elizabeth HIVELY b: February 25, 1832
....... +Henry Alexander YEARRY
... *2nd Husband of Elizabeth HIVELY:
....... +William Bradley WHITFIELD b: Abt. 1834 Tennessee
......... 3 Henry WHITFIELD b: 1850
......... 3 Alexander WHITFIELD b: 1859
... 2 Margaret HIVELY b: March 15, 1834
....... +Williams SIMON, Jr.
... 2 Thomas Robert HIVELY b: August 24, 1836 Izard County, AR d:
November 16, 1917 Izard County, AR
....... +Sarah Jane " Jennie" LANGSTON
......... 3 Margaret C. HIVELY
............. +Willis Richard CAMPBELL
......... 3 Jacob HIVELY
......... 3 Amanda HIVELY
......... 3 Alexander HIVELY
......... 3 Lucinda HIVELY
......... 3 Charles F. HIVELY
......... 3 John F. HIVELY
......... 3 Nancy HIVELY
......... 3 Jane HIVELY
... *2nd Wife of Thomas Robert HIVELY:
....... +Mary "Polly" L. Dorcas LANGSTON b: December 28, 1843 Calico
Rock,AR m: 1884 AR d: May 17, 1932 Rodney, Baxter,AR
......... 3 Janie HIVELY
............. +Rufus RUSSELL
......... 3 Martha HIVELY
............. +Unknown HUNTER
......... 3 Thomas F. HIVELY
............. +Nora RUSSELL
......... *2nd Wife of Thomas F. HIVELY:
............. +Elsie SNELLGRAVE-DRENNAN
... 2 Michael HIVELY b: February 16, 1838
....... +Amanda E. WAYLAND
......... 3 Alice HIVELY
......... 3 Martha HIVELY
............. +Henry SANDERS
......... 3 Matilda HIVELY
......... 3 Margaret HIVELY
......... 3 Julie HIVELY
............. +Andrew Jackson SANDERS
... *2nd Wife of Michael HIVELY:
....... +Malinda HAGER m: March 13, 1875
......... 3 Robert HIVELY
......... 3 David HIVELY
......... 3 John HIVELY
......... 3 Joseph HIVELY
......... 3 Jacob "Jake" HIVELY
......... 3 Modie HIVELY
......... 3 Polly HIVELY
......... 3 Nancy HIVELY
......... 3 Amanda HIVELY
......... 3 Addie HIVELY
... 2 Jacob HIVELY b: March 29, 1840
... 2 Jane HIVELY, Dau Of Daniel b: November 15, 1844 **
....... +Porter WHITFIELD
......... 3 David WHITFIELD
......... 3 Jackson WHITFIELD
......... 3 Ellen WHITFIELD
... *2nd Husband of Jane HIVELY, Dau Of Daniel:
....... +LANGSTON
... *3rd Husband of Jane HIVELY, Dau Of Daniel:
....... +William Mackman ETHERIDGE
......... 3 Roxie ETHERIDGE
......... 3 Atlanta Oshia ETHERIDGE


Daniel HIVELY was LaDoris Weber's ancestor. Haven't been able to reach her at her old address for a long time.

This line also connects to Bernie Moore

Regarding Jane Hively: She is buried at White Bead Cemetery in Pauls Valley, OK.

Regarding James Finis Trimble: He donated the land for the Trimble Campground Church and the Trimble Campground Cemetery at Dolph.

The Trimbles parents had died so James raised his little sister and brought her to Arkansas after his marriage. Martha was nine when she came to AR.

You might also wish to contact Belva Whitfield

Additions and corrections welcomed!

Jean Cuevas

Amanda E. WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 5 Jan 1845 in , Lawrence Co., Arkansas. She died before 1875. Amanda married Michael J. HIVELY on 28 Jun 1861.

Placement of children is in question. This is reportedly from:
1870-Izard Co. AR Census:

Michael Hively, 31 Farmer b Ar, Amanda 25, b AR, Nilda 4 AR, Mary A. 2
Then: 1880-Guthrie twp, Izard, AR, p.28, Dw224, Family 229:
Michael Hively 40, Farmer b Ar f PA m Ky; Malinda 30 w b ALA, f Tn m AR,
Tilan J.(Tilda) 14 d AR, Julia A 10 d AR, Martha A 6 d AR, Margaret E. 6 d AR, Nancy C. 3 AR, Robert M 1 s AR, David 3/12 s AR.
1900: Union twp, Izard Co.,AR, Oklahoma Vol 17, E.D.159, Sheet 9, line Hively, Michael b Feb 1840, AR, f Pa, M AR -60, Malinda 50 , 1849, Ala,
Tn, m AL Oct; ;Joseph W. s 18 1881 AR, Nov.; Amanda M. d 17 1883, AR,
Mar; JohnT. s 15 1884 AR, Mar.; John T. s 15 1884 AR, Nov.; Maud A. d 12
1888 AR, Mar; Polly C. d 10 1889, AR, Dec.; Jacob D. s 8 1891 AR, Sept.;
Attie P. d 5 1895, AR., Mar..
The above is not very legible as it was copied and pasted from ged raw form as it would not load, I was told.

They had the following children:

  F i Matilda J. "Tilda" HIVELY
  F ii Julia Ann "Julie" HIVELY
  F iii Martha Ann HIVELY
  F iv Mary Ellen HIVELY was born about 1872 in , Izard Co., Arkansas. She died about 1880.

Birthdate is a guess, but she died at age five. Another has "Mary Alice".
  F v Margaret E. HIVELY

Stephen J. WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 19 Mar 1848 in , Lawrence Co., Arkansas. He died on 3 Dec 1917 in , Baxter Co., Arkansas and was buried in Lakeview (Amos), , Arkansas. Stephen married Asenith Malinda FINLEY on 3 May 1866.

Served in the Civil War, at age 16. Married,moved to Izard Co. for awhile and then moved to Baxter Co., Arkansas where he became a prominent citizen and a large operator of farming land and also a cotton ginner. He and wife were staunch Cumberland Presbyterians. Buried at Amos (now called Lakeview), about 15 miles from Mt. Home, Arkansas, as is wife. Some of children still live there.

Asenith Malinda FINLEY was born on 9 Oct 1847. She died on 20 Dec 1909 in , Baxter Co., Arkansas. Asenith married Stephen J. WAYLAND on 3 May 1866.

Received 2/00 from: "Myrvin G. Harris" :

"I show that Asentih Malinda Finley parents are Uzza M. Finley and Matilda Bone. If you want information about her parents will go into my file and see what I have. The Finley's settled in Izard County then some of them left and went to other places. The Finley's have a reunion
in Izard County ever Sept. I have been to one of them. They are very warm and friendly people. I really had a good time. I am in contact with one of them quite often as we are also related on the Meacham's side of the family."

They had the following children:

  M i William Uz WAYLAND
  M ii James Henry WAYLAND
  F iii Matilda A. WAYLAND
  F iv Cora Bell WAYLAND
  F v Emma E. WAYLAND was born on 12 Oct 1881 in , , Arkansas. She died on 11 Apr 1920.
  F vi Laura Kate WAYLAND

Jasper LANGSTON was born about 1850. He married Margaret E. WAYLAND.

Margaret E. WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 4 Nov 1853 in , , Arkansas. She died on 4 Aug 1914. Margaret married Jasper LANGSTON.

This birthdate is from the article in the Izard County Historian. The printed sheet I received from a relative, supposedly taken from the family bible, gives her birthdate as 4 March 1853, instead of November. No other info

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