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Immigrant to Virginia prior to1720, Thomas Wieland and related lines

Crigler AARON was born about 1745. He married Catherine CRISLER.

Catherine CRISLER [Parents] was born about 1748. She married Crigler AARON.

Michael WILHOIT was born about 1745. He married Elizabeth CRISLER.

Elizabeth CRISLER [Parents] was born about 1752. She married Michael WILHOIT.

They had the following children:

  F i Anna WILHOIT

Alfred Finks WAYLAND [Parents] 1 was born on 29 Jan 1815 in , Boone Co., Kentucky. He died on 23 Mar 1898 in Campbell Hill, , Illinois and was buried in Looney Springs C, Jackson Co., Illinois. Alfred married Frances STEVENS on 1 Apr 1834.

He is listed on p. 157 of the Ralls Co. MO 1850 census, next to Catharine Crigler, probably a widow and perhaps originally Catharine Wayland, although she could also be sister to his wife. One of his descendants with whom I have been corresponding, Harley Wayland, says that Alfred F. had six boys and four girls. His biography says that he was 6 ft. tall, 165 lbs., medium dark skin and hair. Fine sense of humor. Stern, demanding strict obedience from his children. A believer in honesty and fair dealing. My source, Harley Wayland, has a tintype photo of Alfred. His marriage date comes from his descendant, Ivan Stewart, 2805 Tudor Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73127, who gave the info on the line down from Lucy Wayland and Robert Stewart. I do not have the name of their first child, who died in infancy. Alfred may have been born in Campbell Co., Kty., rather than Boone Co. His father lived in Campbell County in 1820-1830, and he married in Campbell Co.

He is found in 1860 Ralls Co. MO census, Saverton TWP, spelled phonetically Whaland. It is interesting that there is a Mary, age 22, listed on the 1860 census who is not in the 1850 census, and also a 6 year old child, Eliza J., not previously listed in the family. Possibility exists that Eliza is the dtr. of Mary (illigitimate or widow) and Mary is not dtr. of Alfred, but a relative.

This note was found on ancestry.com and I don't understand it:

COFFMAN, Elias S. & Jennetta SHAVER, 31 Dec. 1829, m by Lewis Conner, b Alfred F. Wayland, c by John Shaver, A-112, Boone Co., KY

Frances STEVENS [Parents] was born on 3 Mar 1814 in , Kenton Co., Kentucky. She married Alfred Finks WAYLAND on 1 Apr 1834.

Biography says that she was of medium height, heavy in weight, black hair, dark skin, very dark eyes. German descent. A very quiet, pleasing disposition. Came from family of 10 children; 6 boys and 4 girls. Her marriage record lists her as "daughter of Sarah Stevens."

They had the following children:

  F i Catherine WAYLAND
  M ii Henry J. WAYLAND 1 was born in 1838 in , Boone Co., Kentucky. He died before 1890 in , Monroe Co., Illinois.

His father, Alfred, filed on Henry's military pension in 1890 from Arkansas, application no. 462457, certificate no. 444167. I would think that Henry would have had to have been deceased at that time, so have indicated this on date of death.
  F iii Angeline WAYLAND
  M iv Lewis WAYLAND was born on 10 Oct 1841 in , Boone Co., Kentucky. He died in , Ralls Co., Missouri.

Idora Wayland lists this Lewis in the family, but others do not. He may have died in childhood.
  M v John C. WAYLAND
  M vi Albert Gallington WAYLAND
  M vii George Washington WAYLAND
  M viii James William WAYLAND
  F ix Sarah Frances WAYLAND
  F x Eliza J. WAYLAND was born in 1854 in , , Missouri.

Found with the family in the 1860 census, but nothing more is known of her. She is not listed in family records and may have died in childhood. She also could be a relative and not a daughter. Remote chance she might be the dtr. of Mary, age 22 in the 1860 census (illigitimate) and Mary might be a relative visiting from out of town, avoiding a scandal back home. Mary is not found in the 1850 census with Alfred and is not listed in family records either.

I wonder if this could possibly be her:

[p.188] Mrs. Antoinette M. Kemeys-Tynte.
DAR ID Number: 52400
Born in Jacksonville, Ill.
Wife of Fortesque Kemeys-Tynte.
Descendant of Henry Allen.
Daughter of James Lawrence Montgomery and Eliza Jane Wayland, his wife.
Granddaughter of Daniel Carroll Montgomery and Katherine Allen (b. 1799), his wife, m. 1825.
Gr-granddaughter of Henry Allen and Catherine McConchie, his wife, m. 1781.
Henry Allen (1764-1831) served as a private, 1781, in Capt. Armistead Minor's company, 3rd Virginia regiment. He was born in England; died in Culpeper County, Va.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 53, page 188
  F xi Lucy WAYLAND

T. STEVENS was born about 1790. He married Sarah TRAIL.

First name probably Thomas, according to a descendant, Linda Fox, Rt. 2, Box 92, Arnett, OK 73832 (phone 405-885-7705)

Sarah TRAIL was born about 1790. She married T. STEVENS.

Spelling of last name is uncertain, according to Linda Fox.

They had the following children:

  F i Frances STEVENS

George Washington H. WALKER was born in Jan 1838 in , , Ohio. He died about 1913 in , Baylor Co., Texas. George married Catherine WAYLAND on 27 Mar 1864 in , Madison Co., Illinois.

Dates for birth and dates are from great-grand daughter, Lynn Walker Armstrong, 924 Sandalwood, Richardson, TX 75080, phone: 214-231-3703. This man's parents were Daniel E. Walker, b. NJ and Rachel ___, b. PA.

Catherine WAYLAND [Parents] 1 was born in 1836 in , Boone Co., Kentucky. She died in 1880 in Gainesville, Cooke Co., Texas. Catherine married George Washington H. WALKER on 27 Mar 1864 in , Madison Co., Illinois.

Her great granddaughter spells #1542's name "Kathrine" I do not know which is correct. Catherine died giving birth to children, twins, who also died. They were living close to Gainesville, TX at time. The affadavit filed with Social Security for Clara Belle, with the help of Fannie Mae, says that Clara Belle was the seventh living child of Catherine Wayland, but my source and her granddaughter, Norma Bacher, is aware of only three. It does not sound like, from the description of the treatment of Clara Belle by her father, he was likely to be much loved by the older children and they may have all disappeared when they came of age, like her brother Charlie, since their mother was gone. Norma Bacher says that a Mrs. L.H. Pearce of Abernathy signed the affadavit to get the birth certificate for Clara Belle for Social Security. It is not known if she is related. Her marriage to George is found in Marriage Record Number 559, Book 6, page 118 of Madison County, Illinois records. His name is given as "George W.H. Walker" and hers as "Catharine Wheyland."

They had the following children:

  F i Fanny Mae WALKER
  F ii Rachel F. WALKER was born in 1865.
  M iii Charles Clinton WALKER
  M iv Thomas N. WALKER was born in 1869.
  F v Estelle L. WALKER was born in 1871.
  F vi Clara Belle WALKER

William CRAVEN was born about 1840. He married Angeline WAYLAND on 28 Oct 1866 in , Boone Co., Kentucky.

Spouse's name from Ivan Stewart

Angeline WAYLAND [Parents] 1 was born in 1840 in , Boone Co., Kentucky. She died in Rockwood, , Illinois. Angeline married William CRAVEN on 28 Oct 1866 in , Boone Co., Kentucky.

Info on spouse from Ivan Stewart. More recent information from Idora Wayland says she married a second time to a "Mount." Linda Fox, Rt. 2, Box 92, Arnett, OK 73832 wrote me in 9/96 and gave children to marriage: Matilda Martitia and Sarah F. There was no comma between first two names, so I am uncertain if they are one person or two persons.

In 9/99 I received this from Linda:

"I think I have found Angeline Wayland in Tazwell Co., ILL. married to Jasper Mount. 1870 census of Tazwell Co. Ill. list: Jasper Mount age 23, Angeline age 23, Abigail age 1"

John C. WAYLAND [Parents] 1 was born in 1843 in , Ralls Co., Missouri. He died in Campbell Hill, , Illinois. John married Mary A. SELLMAN on 16 Dec 1869 in , , Missouri.

I have a copy of his service in Co. H.D., 30 Missouri Infantry as a Pvt., so he was a Civil War Veteran.

Mary A. SELLMAN was born about 1845. She married John C. WAYLAND on 16 Dec 1869 in , , Missouri.

Wife's name from Ivan Stewart

Albert Gallington WAYLAND [Parents] 1 was born on 7 Aug 1845 in , Ralls Co., Missouri. He died on 1 Dec 1929 and was buried in Allmon Cemetary, Ellis Co., Oklahoma. Albert married Evelyn J. BARROW on 1 Jan 1871.

Born near New London. Moved with wife to Oklahoma Territory in 1902/03. His biography says that he was 6 ft. tall, 185 lbs., black hair, brown eyes, fair skin. "Scotch-Irish and German descent" Jolly and lovable disposition. Enjoyed old time singing schools. "A man who was faithful to family and friends. Active in church and community interests. Civil War veteran, serving 21 months as a soldier in the Union Army. Pioneered a claim in Ellis County in 1902 (Oklahoma became a state in 1907). His grandson, Harley Wayland still lives on this land, and in the house that A.G. built when he arrived (since improved on). Died age 84.

He is found in the 1900 Census in Jackson Co., Bradley Twp., Illinois, at age 54, born Aug. 1845. Also found is wife, Evaline J. b. June 1850, age 49; son Logan born Nov. 1886, age 13; dtr. Josephine born Dec. 1888, age 11; son Raymond born Sept. 1889, age 10. All, including wife born in Illinois. I have a photocopy of a "general index card" listing him as being a Priv. in Co. D-C, 2 Illinois Cavalry. A pension was filed under "Invalid" on 8 April 1885, giving the same company. This might be Albert filing under a disability, or on behalf of one of his children, who was disabled, for veteran's pension.

Evelyn J. BARROW [Parents] was born on 18 Jun 1850 in Campbell Hill, Jackson Co., Illinois. She died on 9 Feb 1914 in see notes and was buried in Allmon Cemetary, Ellis Co., Oklahoma. Evelyn married Albert Gallington WAYLAND on 1 Jan 1871.

Died at home SW of Arnett, OK. Biography says that she was 5'6", 140 lbs., brown hair, dark hazel eyes, fair skin. English and Pennsylvania Dutch descent. A devout Christian woman with entire life and energy devoted to her husband and children. Ready to give service at any time to neighbors and friends in a newly settled country. Died age 63.

They had the following children:

  M i Balles Sylvester WAYLAND was born on 3 Oct 1871 in , Arkansas. He died in 1878.
  M ii George Abisha WAYLAND
  F iii Mahala Francis WAYLAND
  F iv Ida May WAYLAND
  M v James Alfred WAYLAND
  M vi Orral Jackson WAYLAND
  M vii John A. Logan WAYLAND
  F viii Adeline Josephine WAYLAND
  M ix Raymond Theolophis WAYLAND was born on 29 Sep 1889 in Murphysboro, Jackson Co., Illinois. He died on 17 Oct 1910 and was buried in Allmon Cemetary, Ellis Co., Oklahoma.

Biography says he was 6'2", 185 lbs., black hair, hazel eyes, dark skin. Stayed at home helping on father's farm until death at age 21. On 1900 census he is given as age 10, born Sept. 1889.
  F x Pearl Prudence WAYLAND was born on 15 Sep 1892. She died on 15 Sep 1892.

Biography says died at birth.

George Washington WAYLAND [Parents] 1 was born in 1847 in , Ralls Co., Missouri. He died in Mar 1930 in Gainesville, Cooke Co., Texas. George married Virginia Ann KENNEDY on 14 Nov 1867.

Also found in 1850 Ralls Co. Missouri Census as age 3. Lived in Gainsville, TX. Ivan Stewart says that he died as the result of severe burns on his legs. There is a G.W. Wayland buried in the Gainesville cemetary on 24 Mar 1930, and a Mrs. G.W. Wayland buried there 6 Jan 1933. This could possibly be George. Ms. Lynn Armstrong gives the same dates of death of 1930 and 1933, but has them reversed.

Virginia Ann KENNEDY was born in 1850 in , , Missouri. She died in Jan 1933 in Gainesville, Cooke Co., Texas. Virginia married George Washington WAYLAND on 14 Nov 1867.

Info on wife from Ivan Stewart. Also from Lynn Walker Armstrong, 924 Sandalwood, Richardson, TX 75080, who says that this couple moved to Gainesville about 1870 and died there.

They had the following children:

  F i Harriet C. WAYLAND
  M ii William W. WAYLAND was born in 1871 in Cooke Co., TX.
  M iii Albert WAYLAND was born in 1873 in Cooke Co., TX.
  F iv Ada WAYLAND
  F v Virginia WAYLAND was born in 1878 in Cooke Co., TX.
  F vi Riley WAYLAND was born in Aug 1880 in Cooke Co., TX.

I had the name of Ruby for a dtr and it may be this one, or it may be another one not listed.
  M vii Alfred WAYLAND "Alf" was born in Jan 1883 in Cooke Co., TX. He died before 1952.

Had daughter, Hazel, of Burbank, California
  F viii Anne WAYLAND was born in Feb 1885 in Cooke Co., TX.

James William WAYLAND [Parents] 1 was born in Jan 1850 in , Ralls Co., Missouri. He died in Ava, Jackson Co., Illinois. James married Martha WARD on 26 Jan 1876.

Other marriages:
, Mary L.

Went by "Jim", according to Ivan Stewart. He was a farmer.

James is found as James W. Wayland in the 1900 census in Jackson Co., Illinois as being age 50, born March 1850 in Missouri. His wife is Mary L., age 34, born July 1865 in Illinois. Fannie is listed as dtr., and there is a "Logan B.L. Pyror", born March 1878, age 22, born Illinois, living with them. James is living in the same township as his brother Albert G.

Martha WARD was born about 1858. She married James William WAYLAND on 26 Jan 1876.

See notes under second wife of James.

They had the following children:

  M i Fred WAYLAND was born in Sep 1878 in , , Illinois.

Son listed by Ivan Stewart. He is found in the 1900 Census living in Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois, age 21, born September 1878 in Illinois.

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