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Immigrant to Virginia prior to1720, Thomas Wieland and related lines

Willard Farnsworth DAY was born on 17 Oct 1894 in Baltimore, , Maryland. He died on 20 Jul 1986 in Williamsburg, , Virginia. Willard married Jessie Marie WAYLAND on 4 Sep 1925 in Staunton, , Virginia.

NOTE: B, p.60. In 8/95, I received a letter from Ellis R. Brockman, 505 Kane Street, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48848 (email: [email protected]). He is connected to this family through his Hoyle family, he says. He gives the correct dates and names for this family. I had the name as simply "Willard Farnsworth" and he corrected it by adding the "Day" on the end and giving the correct dates.

Jessie Marie WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 14 Nov 1898 in Plainview, , Texas. She died on 15 Feb 1948 in Cincinnati, , Ohio and was buried in Staunton, , Virginia. Jessie married Willard Farnsworth DAY on 4 Sep 1925 in Staunton, , Virginia.

NOTE: B, p.60.

They had the following children:

  M i Willard Farnsworth DAY Jr.
  F ii Living


Living [Parents]

They had the following children:

  M i Living
  M ii Living


Living [Parents]

Living [Parents]


They had the following children:

  M i Living
  F ii Living


Constance B. WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 4 Aug 1914. She died on 13 Apr 1995 in Charlottesville, , Virginia. Constance married Living.

NOTE: B, p.62

Living in Waynesboro, Virginia in 1982. I found a Constance Rader on SSDI records b. 4 Aug 1914, d. 13 Apr 1995, Charlottesville, VA. I am not certain if this is the same one, but have used these dates.

They had the following children:

  M i Living
  M ii Living

Theobald CRISLER [Parents] was born on 18 Aug 1709 in Germany. He died in 1776 in Virginia. Theobald married Rosina GAAR.


The six hundred and seventeenth note in a series on the Germanna Colonies

Two of the families who came to America through the port of Philadelphia
were the Christler family and the Gaar family. The Christler family came
first, in 1719, and settled in Franconia Township, in what is Montgomery
County today. One of the members of the family was Johann Theobald
Christele, aged nine years when he left Germany. (The origins of this family
are recounted in "Before Germanna," volume 11.) The Gaar family arrived in
1732 and lived for a short period of time in Germantown, outside Philadelphia.

In 1732, Rosina Gaar was nineteen years old. At this time, Theobald was
about twenty-three years old. The exact dates that the families moved to
Virginia are unknown. The first record in Virginia for Theobald Christler is
a land purchase in 1736. Theobald was the only member of his family to move
to Virginia. His father remained in Pennsylvania; in fact, his father's will
is recorded in Philadelphia County in 1748.

I have often wondered where Rosina and Theobald were married. Theobald's
relocation to Virginia, away from his family, suggests that they may have
married in Pennsylvania and moved with her family to Virginia. On the other
hand the Garrs are said to have remained in Pennsylvania only a short time.
In the "Garr Genealogy," the first child of Theobald and Rosina is given, by
the Garrs, a birth year of 1737. More exactly, only one child, Henry, is
given a birth year and he happens to be listed first in the sequence of
children. It is possible that the marriage took place in Pennsylvania and
that would account for the relocation of Theobald to Virginia. It remains a
mystery as to why the Gaars moved to Virginia.

Earlier we reviewed the family of Theobald and Rosina as given by the Garrs.
They omitted the daughter Dorothy and added a son Andrew which later
historians have corrected. With these corrections, the Garr's list of
children agrees with the will of Theobald Crisler. In Virginia, the name was
spelled Christler, Crisler, and Crisler.

The origins of the family were probably in Switzerland where the family name
is to be found in Canton Bern. The spelling of the name in some German
records as Christele even suggests this as the ending "li" or "le" is a
typical Swiss ending. Probably the family relocated to Germany from
Switzerland in the late seventeenth century when many Swiss and Germans
moved into southwest Germany as a part of the repopulation efforts following
the destruction of The Thirty Years' War.

Theobald's father, Leonard Christler, married Anna Maria Bender (in America,
an equally good spelling of this would be Pender). Johannes Bender, Anna
Maria's father, Leonard Christler, and another son-in-law of Johannes
Bender, Christian Merkel, sold their property in 1719 and immigrated to
Pennsylvania ("Before Germanna").

John Blankenbaker, PO Box 120, Chadds Ford, PA 19317
Beyond Germanna, A Newsletter/Journal of Germanna Information

Rosina GAAR [Parents] was born on 11 Aug 1713 in , , , Germany. She died in 1778 in Virginia. Rosina married Theobald CRISLER.

Also named "Rosina."

NOTE: A, p.72; Germanna Record No. Six, p.79

All eleven children listed in the Garr genealogy. A twelfth is listed also, who probably died young.

They had the following children:

  F i Dorothea CRISLER
  M ii Henry CRISLER
  M iii George CRISLER
  M iv Adam CRISLER
  M v David CRISLER
  M vi Leonard CRISLER
  M vii Michael CRISLER was born about 1746.

He married Mary Ann (Thomas) De Bolt.
  F viii Catherine CRISLER
  F ix Dorothy CRISLER was born about 1749.
  F x Mary CRISLER
  F xi Elizabeth CRISLER
  F xii Margaret CRISLER

Leonard CRISTLER was born about 1680 in Germany. He married Anna Maria BENDER.

Anna Maria BENDER was born about 1685 in Germany. She died in PA, USA. Anna married Leonard CRISTLER.

They had the following children:

  M i Theobald CRISLER

John YAGER [Parents] was born on 15 Sep 1732 in Madison, , Virginia. He died on 17 Aug 1826 in Madison, , Virginia. John married Mary WILHOIT in 1757.

Other marriages:
BERRY, Susanna

In one reference is called "Blind John Yager". He was called by one source, a "Rev. War Patriot."

"It was reported in The Germanna Record #10, p. 36 that John was very
religious and in 1800 he went to the factory in Pennsylvania and purchased
a pipe organ for the Hebron church which was brought by ox cart and set up
in the church in 1802. In her book on the Hull Family, Grace Hull Anderson quotes a letter sent by John to his grandson David Blankenbaker in 1818:

'Here I sit as an old pilgrim, crowned with gray hairs, lost my dear
companion, entirely blind ... a great blessing I have lost, namely my
eyesight but thank God I can hear and talk and what is more precious I have
a spiritual faith, sight and living hope which I ground on the merits and
dying love of Jesus, which I would not exchange to all the temporal
pleasures in this world.'

Note: See Keith, p.87,88

Mary WILHOIT [Parents] was born about 1737 in Culpeper, , Virginia. She married John YAGER in 1757.

They had the following children:

  F i Diana YAGER
  M ii Joshua YAGER
  M iii Joseph YAGER was born on 13 Mar 1767. He died on 12 Jun 1856 in Danville, , Kentucky.
  F iv Phebe YAGER
  M v John Wilhoit YAGER
  F vi Barbara YAGER

Andrew CARPENTER [Parents] was born about 1727. He died in 1795 in , Madison Co., Virginia. Andrew married Anna Barbara WEAVER in 1752.

NOTE: A, p.7,72

Other siblings and children listed in above reference.

Anna Barbara WEAVER [Parents] was born in 1730. She died on 11 Jun 1808 in , Madison Co., Virginia. Anna married Andrew CARPENTER in 1752.

Other marriages:
CLORE, George

NOTE: A, p.7,72; Germanna Record No. 6, p.94

Her full name may have been Anna Barbara, as she is referred to as Anna in the death notice in Hebron Church records. She married a Clore first, was widowed after having 3 children, and married Andrew Carpenter.

They had the following children:

  M i Cornelius CARPENTER
  M iii Andrew CARPENTER Jr.
  M iv Simeon CARPENTER
  F v Barbara CARPENTER

John (Zimmerman) CARPENTER was born about 1700 in , , , Germany. He died in 1782 in , Culpeper Co., Virginia. John married Anna Barbara KERKER about 1723 in , , Virginia.

NOTE: A, p.5; Germanna Record No. 6, pp.29,52-55

"Zimmerman" meant "Carpenter" in German, one supposes. John came to Virginia in 1721 with his brother who died without issue. Was granted 150 acres June 20, 1733. On Jan 24, 1742/3 was admitted to citizenship as "John Zimmerman, alias Carpenter", along with a number of the Germans of the Hebron Church Community. In 1760, was granted 1245 acres. His four sons and descendants are listed in the above references, but only these are listed here at this time.

Anna Barbara KERKER was born about 1702 in , , , Germany. She died after 1787 in , Madison Co., Virginia. Anna married John (Zimmerman) CARPENTER about 1723 in , , Virginia.

NOTE: A, p.5; Germanna Record No. 6, pp.52-55.

She came to Virginia with her parents in the originial 1717 colony.

They had the following children:

  M i Andrew CARPENTER
  M ii William CARPENTER
  M iii Michael CARPENTER

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