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Immigrant to Virginia prior to1720, Thomas Wieland and related lines

William Henry WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 25 Dec 1819. He married Mary CRANK on 4 Jan 1842.

NOTE: A, p.101; B, p.84. Family listed in 1850 Albemarle Co. VA census.
There is a William Wayland, also a physician, and also born in 1819 who was found in the 1840 and 1850 Ohio Census (see record # 1581)

Mary CRANK was born about 1824. She married William Henry WAYLAND on 4 Jan 1842.

NOTE: A, p.101. These children are from 1850 census, and there were
probably more after these that are unknown at this time. See note under Jeremiah Finks (A156), as I suspect that he is also their son, rather
than William Henry's brother.

They had the following children:

  M i William WAYLAND was born about 1842.

NOTE: A, p.101
  F ii Amanda WAYLAND was born about 1844.

NOTE: A, p.101. See Amanda #2019 (not thought to be same one).
  F iii Texanna WAYLAND was born about 1846.

NOTE: A, p.101. Unusual name; I guess it is a girl; census would show.
  F iv Mary C. WAYLAND was born about 1848.

NOTE: A, p.101
  M v Henry WAYLAND was born about 1849.

NOTE: A, p.101

John ANTRIN was born about 1820. He married Margaret WAYLAND.

NOTE: B, p.84

Margaret WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 8 Sep 1821. She married John ANTRIN.

NOTE: B, p.84.

William H. HERRON was born about 1822. He married Mary Jane WAYLAND on 18 Jan 1847.

NOTE: A, p.101. The name "Herron" is practically illegible on the marriage register, and it could be practically anything. It is on p. 94 of the Albemarle Co. Marriage Register 1806-67. Date is when the bond was set.

Mary Jane WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 12 Aug 1824. She married William H. HERRON on 18 Jan 1847.

NOTE: A, p.101; B, p.84.

James WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 4 Nov 1826 in Albemarle Co., VA. He married S.(?) G. NORDEN on 16 Feb 1853.

NOTE: A, p.101; B, p.84.

I don't know that this is him, but dob fits. His record is in the National Archives as:

Amherst Artillery, Albemarle Artillery and Sturdivant's Battery
W. Cullen and Richard L. Nicholas (officers in charge)
Page 177

Wayland, James Finis, Pvt. Born 1836 in Albemarle Co., Enl. 7/15/61, Centerville, age 35. Discharged 7/24/61 at Camp Magruder, Richmond, order of Gen. Lee. Requested discharge by Capt. Southall because of bronchitis and varicocele; Lt. complexion, blue eyes, red hair, 6'31/2", occupation merchant. Reported to have been WIA (wounded in action) and captured at Spotsylvania C.H. (Court House) with another unit. Farmer, age 53, with wife and five children, White Hall District, 1880 census. Died 1911 bur. Hillsboro Bapst. Ch. Cem., Rt. 250, Albemarle Co.

Apparently there is an error in year of birth of 1836 given, as he was age 35 on enlistment, and was age 53 in 1880 census, which would make it 1826.

S.(?) G. NORDEN was born about 1830. She married James WAYLAND on 16 Feb 1853.

NOTE: A, p.101

HARRIS was born about 1825. He married Eliza Hannah WAYLAND.

NOTE: B, p.84

Eliza Hannah WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 2 Aug 1828. She married HARRIS.

NOTE: A, p.102; B, p.84

Michael WALLACE was born about 1830. He married Amanda Susannah WAYLAND on 7 Aug 1853.

NOTE: A, p.101,102

Amanda Susannah WAYLAND [Parents] "Susan" was born on 20 Oct 1830. She married Michael WALLACE on 7 Aug 1853.

NOTE: A, p.101,102; B, p.84.

WAYLAND was born about 1810 in VA.

He had the following children:

  M i James Posey WAYLAND
  M ii Horace WAYLAND

Abram WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 9 Mar 1834. He died on 14 Mar 1906 and was buried in Rock Gate Cem., Crozet, Virginia. Abram married Martha Thompson WOODSON on 12 May 1858.

A, p.101,102; B, p.84. Holtzclaw gives name as "Abraham" from census, so I've used this. Name is "Abram" elsewhere. A correspondent says that his tombstone in Crozet cemetary has date of death as 1 march 1906, with same date of birth. The correspondent is: Rosser Lee Wayland, 319 W. Main Street, Danville, VA 24541-2804. Lee sent me a diagram of the graves at the site and the inscriptions.

I received this 1/00:

"I sent you info, didn't I, about the fact that the tombstones for Abraham and his father Jeremiah and their families were moved from the family cemetery in Crozet and relocated to the Rock Gate Cemetery in Crozet? My two Uncles did that several years ago, because they feared no one would keep up the old family cemetery in the years to come. Perhaps they were right,
but I wasn't at all happy with relocating the stones and leaving no markers at the old cemetery. In fact, I wasn't sure that was legal. David F. Wayland [email protected]

Martha Thompson WOODSON was born on 8 Jul 1837. She died on 19 Sep 1904 and was buried in Rock Gate Cem., Crozet, Virginia. Martha married Abram WAYLAND on 12 May 1858.

NOTE: B, p.84

There is also a Betty Woodson (#1000), born 1827, dtr. of John M. Woodson and Mary Webster who is wife of William Wayland. This could be her sister.

They had the following children:

  F i Annie Morton WAYLAND was born on 7 Jul 1859.

NOTE: B, p.84. Possibly the same one as Annie #11143, wife of Marcus Withers
  M ii Charles Lee WAYLAND
  F iii Bettie J. WAYLAND was born on 3 Jun 1864. She died on 14 Oct 1946 and was buried in Rock Gate Cem., Crozet, Virginia.

NOTES: B, p.84. Since her name is Wayland on her tombstone, I assume that she never married.
  F iv Martha Sue WAYLAND
  F v Clara Belle WAYLAND was born on 26 Jul 1870. She died on 1 Aug 1871 and was buried in Rock Gate Cem., Crozet, Virginia.

NOTE: B, p.84
  M vi Thomas Abram WAYLAND was born on 9 Oct 1872. He died on 18 Mar 1890 and was buried in Rock Gate Cem., Crozet, Virginia.

NOTE: B, p.84

Died at age 17.
  M vii Robert Everett WAYLAND
  F viii Helen May WAYLAND was born on 14 May 1878.

NOTE: B, p.84

Jeremiah Finks WAYLAND [Parents] was born in 1839/1840 in Albemarle, VA. He married Louisa M. BLEDSOE on 1 Jul 1870 in Baltimore, MD.

NOTE: A, p.101,102; B, p.84. Apparently went by name of "Finks", to avoid confusion with his father, Jeremiah. Finks was father's mother's maiden name. Birthdate is from census. There is a Jeremiah Wayland, age 11, in the 1850 census with Rachel Ann Wayland, age 15, and "Burrows Al", age 5, in the family of Dr. Abraham Wayland. This may be the same Jeremiah, as I have had others counted twice in the census when visiting relatives. It is fairly certain that these were not children of Abraham.

The below is from the National Archives and may apply to him:

59th Virginia Infantry (two officers in charge below)
G.L. Sherwood
Jeffrey C. Weaver
Page 203

Wayland, Jeremiah F.: Co. C2. Mentioned in "Charlottesville and the University of Virginia in the Civil War" by Jordon. B 1840. Res. Of Albemarle, VA, UVA student in 1860 & 1860-67.

It fits this man's name. It appears that he was a student before the war, dropped out for the war and was in the 59th VA Infantry led by those two men, then returned to University of VA.

The below applies to him even more, which makes me wonder if the above does:

The Charlottesville, Lee Lynchburg and Johnson's Bedford Artillery
Robert H. Moore II (in charge)
Page 71

Wayland, Jeremiah Fink, Pvt., 2nd Cpl. Bn. 9/25/41 Albemarle Co., son of J. Wayland and Mary Ramsey. Attended U. Va. 1860, 66, 67. Enl. 3/20/62 Cpl. 3/3/63. At hospital 6/5/63. Charlottesville G.H. with chronic diarrhea 6/8/ - 7/10 - 7/18/65. Absent when paid 12/31/63. Clothes issued 2/64. Present 2/29/64. Captured 5/12/64. To Ft. Delaware. Released 6/15/64, per G.O, #9 (General Order?). Residence Albemarle Co., Light complexion and hair, blue eyes, 6'. Postwar farmer at Covesville, Albemarle Co. M. 7/1/70 in Baltimore to M. Bledso (dau. of Dr. Albert T. and Harriet Cox Bledso; bn. in Philadelphia 5/5/46.

Louisa M. BLEDSOE [Parents] "Lillie" was born on 5 May 1846 in Philadelphia, PA. She married Jeremiah Finks WAYLAND on 1 Jul 1870 in Baltimore, MD.

See note under her father.

They had the following children:

  M i Harry Bledsoe WAYLAND

Charles Lee WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 25 Apr 1861. He died on 19 Apr 1953 and was buried in Rock Gate Cem., Crozet, Virginia. Charles married Elizabeth Gantt BOURNE.

NOTE: B, p.84. Note from R. Lee Wayland says "orchardist" may have been on his tombstone.

Elizabeth Gantt BOURNE was born on 26 Aug 1864. She died on 9 Dec 1943 and was buried in Rock Gate Cem., Crozet, Virginia. Elizabeth married Charles Lee WAYLAND.

NOTE: B, p.84. Dates of this family is from tombstones.

They had the following children:

  M i George Bourne WAYLAND
  M ii Charles WAYLAND was born in 1899. He died in 1918 and was buried in Rock Gate Cem., Crozet, Virginia.
  F iii Sarah Elizabeth WAYLAND was born on 20 Sep 1900. She died on 13 May 1959 and was buried in Rock Gate Cem., Crozet, Virginia.

Since this name was on her tombstone, I assume she never married.
  M iv Frederic Gibson WAYLAND was born on 25 Jun 1903. He died after 1961.

NOTE: B, p.84. SSDI has a Fred Wayland, b. 29 May 1891, d. May 1975, but am not sure that it is this one as card issued in IL and living in IL at death. They also have a Frederic Wayland, b. 25 Jun 1903, d. 5 Jul 1995 in Luray, Page, VA.
  M v Robert Ramsey WAYLAND was born on 25 May 1906. He died on 27 Apr 1997 in Buena Vista, , Virginia.

NOTE: B, p.84. He is the source of this lineage information. DOD is from SSDI records.
  M vi Thomas Gantt WAYLAND was born on 12 Jul 1909. He died after 1961.

NOTE: B, p.84. The death date is given as "after 1961" on Thomas and his brother Fred because Dr. John W. Wayland's notes say that he met these two and their brother Bourne, at a Germanna reunion July 16, 1961. Thomas was a machinist.

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