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Immigrant to Virginia prior to1720, Thomas Wieland and related lines

Johann Georg WEBER was born about 1650 in Germany. He died on 7 Aug 1712 in Baden, Germany.

He had the following children:

  M i Philipp Joseph WEBER

J. Walter ELLIS was born about 1856. He married Fanny Mae WALKER on 15 Nov 1885 in Cooke Co., TX.

Fanny Mae WALKER [Parents] was born in 1864. She married J. Walter ELLIS on 15 Nov 1885 in Cooke Co., TX.

See the notes under Clara Belle, her sister, for Fanny Mae.

They had the following children:

  M i Living
  M ii Otto ELLIS

Living [Parents]


Otto ELLIS [Parents] was born on 4 Oct 1900 in Gainesville, TX. He died on 9 May 1949 in Plainview, TX. Otto married Living on 19 Oct 1921 in Gainesville, TX.

Had 4 children.


Charles Clinton WALKER [Parents] was born on 19 Dec 1866. He died on 20 Feb 1927 in Hobart, OK. Charles married Hannah MCFARLAND on 24 Oct 1897.

Known as "Charley." For information on this line contact Max Pettit, 6412 Morningside Circle, El Paso, TX 79904. I have seen Charles Walker's middle name as "Clarence", but don't know source for this.

Hannah MCFARLAND was born on 7 Mar 1878. She died on 12 Mar 1968 in Oklahoma City, OK. Hannah married Charles Clinton WALKER on 24 Oct 1897.

They had the following children:

  F i Winnie Nola WALKER
  F ii Living
  F iii Edrie WALKER was born on 18 Mar 1904. She died in 1974.
  M iv Washington Irving WALKER was born on 14 Sep 1906. He died on 26 Jun 1989.

Married at least twice. I have 3 children.
  F v Living

Levi Edward PETTIT was born on 19 Aug 1895 in Hawthorne, Iowa. He died on 8 Jun 1964 in Abernathy, TX. Levi married Winnie Nola WALKER in 1918.

I have corresponded with his son, Max Pettit.

Winnie Nola WALKER [Parents] was born on 8 May 1899. She died on 29 Mar 1935 in Abernathy, TX. Winnie married Levi Edward PETTIT in 1918.

James Amos KEMP was born on 17 Aug 1866 in Sedalie, MO. He died in 1934 and was buried in Elida, NM. James married Clara Belle WALKER on 21 Oct 1893 in Gainesville, TX.

His father was William Jiles Kemp, and mother Sarah Elisabeth Kemp. Granddaughter, Norma Bacher, has a lot of information on the Kemp family. She says the James Amos had asthma very bad and had trouble breathing. He and Clara Belle loaded the wagon and took off looking for a climate where he could breathe easy, leaving the kids to finish settling things. Floyd was born on this trip in 1914, and the other kids joined them when things were sold. Between 1917-1929, the family lived near Peterburg, TX, then moved on to Elida, New Mexico, an even drier climate, where he died in 1934. The three boys, James, W.T., and Elmer Floyd fought a lot when small and were nicknamed after three stubborn mules the family had: Jack, Pete, and Red. Floyd had red hair to match his nickname of "Red".

Clara Belle WALKER [Parents] was born on 22 Nov 1876 in Gainesville, TX. She died on 17 Oct 1957 in Riverside, CA and was buried in Kenna, NM. Clara married James Amos KEMP on 21 Oct 1893 in Gainesville, TX.

I have 4 children for her. Her granddaughter, Norma Bacher, has a lot of information on the family, furnishing pictures of Catherine, Clara Belle, Fannie Mae, Charlie and others, plus anecdotes on family. She said that Clara Belle was only 4 years old when her mother died. She was alone with her father on a farm near the Red River in Oklahoma territory near Gainsville, TX. He would go into town and leave her alone for days, sometimes without adequate food. One time, she was playing with her wax doll in the yard and she saw a cloud of dust with 3 horsemen riding toward her. She ran into the house and hid under the bed. The horsemen made themselves at home in what they thought was an empty house and ate what little food there was, being loud and using foul language as she remembers. She was hungry until her father returned. When she was age 9, her sister, Fannie Mae, who was 14 years older and had gotten married right after her mother died, came and took her to live with her over her father's objections. There is some talk in the family of child abuse. Norma says that her grandmother Clara Belle grew to be an attractive lady 5'6" tall with high cheek bones and oval face. Norma Baker says that she lived in her own apartment in their house in her later years. She says that she was a skilled seamstress, making all of her own clothing and also Norma's. She also remembers her method of correction was a thimble on the head. Ouch!

They had the following children:

  F i Edna Leota KEMP
  F ii Mae KEMP
  F iii Living
  F iv Lillis Lee KEMP
  M v James Clin KEMP was born on 12 Oct 1909 in Gainesville, TX. He died in Apr 1971 in Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto Co., TX.

Norma Bacher says that her Uncle Jack lived west of Palo Pinto on a farm owned by his wife's family, but it may be under a lake now. His wife was still living in that area in late 1980's. DOB and DOD are from SSDI and need to be verified. The SSDI record did show Palo Pinto. I have a dtr. and a son for him.
  M vi Living
  M vii Elmer Floyd KEMP

James MILLER "Jim" was born about 1890. was buried in Clovis, NM. Jim married Edna Leota KEMP.

Edna Leota KEMP [Parents] was born about 1894 in Gainesville, TX. She died in 1972 in Clovis, NM. Edna married James MILLER.


Mae KEMP [Parents] was born on 5 Aug 1896 in Gainesville, TX. She died in Nov 1983 in Clute, Brazoria, TX. Mae married Living.

Norma Bacher says that her "Aunt Mae" always had very dark hair and always lived in Elida. They had to carry their drinking water and use rain water for bathing. She loved to sew and did a lot for other people. DOB and DOD are from SSDI as is place of death...needs to be verified. I have two sons for her.


Living [Parents]

Other marriages:

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