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Immigrant to Virginia prior to1720, Thomas Wieland and related lines

William F. WAYLAND [Parents] was born in 1829 in Missouri. He died in 1848. William married Rebecca MONTGOMERY on 20 Jul 1848 in Clark Co., MO.

NOTE: B, p.10,17,88. Vickie Maddox gives date of death which means he would
be age 19.

The below was posted 6/99 by Janice :

"Seeking information regarding William Wayland from Missouri. He was married about 1847-1848 in Missouri to Rebecca Montgomery and they had one child - Willie Annie Wayland born c. 1849. On their way to Texas, William died about 1849-1849 leaving his wife and young daughter to continue on their journey to Caldwell County, Texas. Any information about William and his ancestry would be appreciated."

Rebecca MONTGOMERY was born on 1 Feb 1832 in St. Francisville, MO. She died on 10 Nov 1900 in Lockhart, TX. Rebecca married William F. WAYLAND on 20 Jul 1848 in Clark Co., MO.

NOTE: B, p.17. Rebecca and dtr. are found in 1850 Caldwell Co., TX census in the home of her parents, John and Elizabeth (Ravenscraft) Montgomery. Rebecca remarried in Dec 1850 to Andrew Lee Brock and had 8 children. This came 5/99 from Janice who is a descendant of William. She sent the following obituary on Rebecca:

Obituary for Rebecca Brock

Rebecca Brock, daughter of John and Elizabeth Montgomery, was born near St.
Francisville, Mo., Feb. 1, 1832, and departed this life at her home near Lockhart, Tex., Nov. 10, 1900, aged 68 years, 9 months, 9 days. Her early life was spent in Missouri where she grew up to womanhood and where in the year 1848, she was united in marriage with Mr. Wayland. Soon after her marriage, she and her husband in company with her father's family started for Texas, Mr. Wayland dying on the way. On Dec. 18, 1850 she was united in marriage with Mr. A. L. Brock who has been to her a kind and faithful husband. She was the mother of 10 children six of whom are living. During the summer of 1894 she was converted and united with the Christian
Church, of which she lived a consecrated and devoted member to the time of her death. She was always faithful and conscientious in the discharge of her duties.

She possessed a meek, quiet and lovable disposition. No words of bitterness ever fell from her lips, but she was always ready to spread the mantle of charity over the faults of others. Her life was most amiable, generous and pure. She was a kind and accommodating neighbor and a true friend to those in need. She was a faithful and affectionate wife and a devoted mother always seeking the best interest of her family. Throughout her illness she was patient and cheerful. She faced death calmly because she had unshaken faith in God and his Son, Jesus the Christ. While she has gone from us, yet she has left us the rich heritage and sweet benediction of a beautiful and noble life.

They had the following children:

  F i Willie Annie WAYLAND was born on 4 May 1849.

George Haywood WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 27 Nov 1832. He died on 24 Oct 1904. George married Christina CASE.

NOTE: A, p.97; B, p.11,17. Vicki Maddox adds another child, Charles b. 9 Jul 1878 but says nothing more about him and gives no documentation. She earlier gave the information on the first Lewis, who died in infancy. I am noting the information on this Charles but have not added him yet. If the parents were so inclined to rename the next male child with the same name of Lewis, I doubt that they would have named this child Charles, as his birthdate places him in the year between the two Lewis's.

Christina CASE was born on 5 Feb 1842. She died on 28 Nov 1912. Christina married George Haywood WAYLAND.

NOTE: B, p.17

They had the following children:

  F i Bertie Mae WAYLAND
  M ii William P. WAYLAND
  F iii Georgia WAYLAND
  M iv Lewis WAYLAND was born in 1877. He died on 9 Jul 1878 and was buried in Wolfe Cem..
  M v Lewis WAYLAND was born in 1879. He died in 1959.

NOTE: B, p.17. Vicki Maddox gives dates of birth and death of another Lewis which led me to enter that one separately. It was common to re-name the next child after a child who died in infancy and that is apparently what was done.

Arbuckle DAVIS was born about 1830. He married Mary WAYLAND.

NOTE: B, p.11

Mary WAYLAND [Parents] was born in 1834. She married Arbuckle DAVIS.

NOTE: B, p.10,11

Middle initial given as "A" in family records and "K" in father's biography.

They had the following children:

  M i James DAVIS
  F ii Minnie Lee DAVIS

Samuel F. WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 20 Oct 1845. He died on 20 Oct 1889. Samuel married Eliza BIBB on 13 Dec 1866 in , Clark Co., Missouri.

NOTE: B, p.10,11,18. Additional info. courtesy of Vicki Maddox. She lists the first three children courtesy of the 1870 census, Des Moines Twn, Clark Co., MO, with estimated birthdates from census. She gets the last three from the 1880 "soundex". The wedding directory lists: "S.E.Wayland and E.H. Bibb."

Eliza BIBB was born in 1843. She died in 1889. Eliza married Samuel F. WAYLAND on 13 Dec 1866 in , Clark Co., Missouri.

NOTE: B, p.18

They had the following children:

  M i Edward Fielding WAYLAND
  M ii Willie Eugene "Gene" WAYLAND was born about 1868.

NOTE: B, p.18
  M iii Earnest WAYLAND was born on 28 Dec 1869. He died on 1 Jan 1892 and was buried in Wolfe Cem..
  F iv Blanche Essa WAYLAND
  M v John WAYLAND was born about 1878.

NOTE: B, p.18. Had no children.
  F vi Pearl WAYLAND was born about 1880.

NOTE: B, p.18

J. R. MURRAY Dr. was born about 1835. He married Ann "Anna" WAYLAND.

NOTE: B, p.11

Ann "Anna" WAYLAND [Parents] was born in 1841. She married J. R. MURRAY Dr..

NOTE: B, p.10,11

They had the following children:

  F i Mable MURRAY
  M ii Guy MURRAY was born about 1865.

NOTE: B, p.11

Jeremiah A. WAYLAND Dr. [Parents] was born on 16 Jul 1844. He died on 9 Oct 1872. Jeremiah married Margaret Ann DAVIS in 1866.

NOTE: A, p.97; B, pp.9-11,18

Had a medical degree from Washington University in St. Louis, MO.

Margaret Ann DAVIS was born on 3 Jul 1847. She died on 12 Sep 1872. Margaret married Jeremiah A. WAYLAND Dr. in 1866.

NOTE: A, p.97; B, p.18

They had the following children:

  F i Rose WAYLAND
  M ii Robert Jeremiah WAYLAND

Albert D. WAYLAND [Parents] was born in 1846 in , Clark Co., Missouri. He married Eliza J. POWELL on 18 Aug 1872 in , Howard Co., Missouri.

NOTE: B, p. 17. Vickie Maddox says they moved to Texas, but they apparently later moved to Arkansas, according to place of birth of last two children.

Eliza J. POWELL was born about 1848. She married Albert D. WAYLAND on 18 Aug 1872 in , Howard Co., Missouri.

Info from Vickie Maddox, 16138 Skunk River Rd., Burlington, Iowa 52601. Her sources for this is unknown.

The following was on: https://sites.rootsweb.com/~mohoward/queries5.html

I am requesting information on Leroy SHOEMAKER and Ann POWELL. I feel that Ann POWELL was the wife of Lewis Powell who died five days after arriving home from the (Civil War) war. We have a marriage cert on Edward Ann FRITZBY and Lewis POWELL marRied in 1863, also is there any descendants of these two? We also have a marriage cert of Ann POWELL to Leroy SHOEMAKER married in 1871 or 1875. We feel that this Ann POWELL married Leroy as the marriage cert says Mrs. Ann POWELL. Also am requesting information on Eliza POWELL marriage to Albert D. WAYLAND. We feel that Eliza divorced Andrew Jackson POWELL and married Albert WAYLAND.The marriage cert were found at the Howard County courthouse while on a visit there. Eliza POWELL was the daughter of my gg grandfather Willis POWELL. Eliza was born in 1838 in Virginia. Any information on these two will be greatly appreciated. I will be happy to share information that I have. Thank you Craig.
Craig Powell--Wed Jul 8 05:01:41 1998
[email protected]

I am researching the Albert D Wayland who married Eliza Powell on 18 Aug
1872. I am assuming that Eliza J Powell was the daughter of my Gr Gr Grandfather Willis Powell and Jane Mariah (Harrison) Powell. The Eliza that
i have was born in Va, in 1838 to Willis and Jane. She married Andrew
Jackson Powell in 1852 and I assume that they Divorced and she married
Albert in 1872. If anyone has information on this couple i have information
on Eliza from 1838 to when she married Andrew Jackson Powell.

They had the following children:

  M i George WAYLAND was born in 1874 in , , Texas.
  F ii Mahata Frances WAYLAND was born in 1876 in , , Arkansas.
  M iii Ida M. WAYLAND was born in 1879 in , , Arkansas.

Will SURREY was born about 1850. He married Ida PRITCHETT.

NOTE: B, p.10

Ida PRITCHETT [Parents] was born about 1857. She married Will SURREY.

B, p.10

GOTTRELL was born about 1850. He married Laura PRITCHETT.

NOTE: B, p.10

Laura PRITCHETT [Parents] was born about 1859. She married GOTTRELL.

NOTE: B, p.10

MELLION was born about 1850. He married Sue PRITCHETT.

NOTE: B, p.10

Sue PRITCHETT [Parents] was born about 1860. She married MELLION.

B, p.10

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