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Immigrant to Virginia prior to1720, Thomas Wieland and related lines

Nickerson JACKSON was born about 1835. He married Martha WINN.

Martha WINN [Parents] was born on 13 Aug 1837. She married Nickerson JACKSON.

Other marriages:

JOHNSON was born about 1835. He married Martha WINN.

Martha WINN [Parents] was born on 13 Aug 1837. She married JOHNSON.

Other marriages:
JACKSON, Nickerson

Rev. Wiley SEARS [Parents] was born in 1800 in NC. He died on 8 Oct 1866 in Missouri and was buried in Old Mt. Airy Cem.. Wiley married Elizabeth GROSS.

Children: Levi married Rebecca ASH; John Chandler Sears married Nancy TURNER; Alfred; Pettis; Perry; Jane; Elizabeth; and Sarah.

He settled on Silver Creek in the 1820's. The following on Sears came from Larry Sumpter :

Sears, Albert F. -- 24 Dec 1839-1 Feb 1896; burial New Ft. Henry Cem.
Sears, Andrew J. -- died 22 May 1881; mar. 1st Fannie A. (Palmer); 4 children: William M.; mar. 2nd 1865 Minnie (Teter) of Macon Co.; 7 children: HRM p. 698***
Sears, Andrew W. -- Heirs: Delaney Elizabeth & Cynthia Jane Sears; sign. William Sears; p. 31 Jan 1849
Sears, Anna M. - 26 Jul 1863-29 Jun 1927; burial Huntsville Cem.
Sears, Anna Sue Rice -- 3 Jan 1879-18 Feb 1955; burial Darksville Cem.
Sears, Charles F. -- 1907-1945; burial Grand Prairie Cem.
Sears, Cornelius - 11 Nov 1839-26 Jan 1918; burial Huntsville Cem.
Sears, Cynthia A. - wife of M. J., died 25 Feb 1913, 79y, 6m 12d; burial Huntsville Cem.
Sears, Elder P.M. -- born 20 Jul 1836 Mt. Airy, MO; son of Elder Wiley & Elizabeth (Gross); died 27 Aug 1828 Salisbury, MO, his OB states that he was buried Oak Grove Cem.; mar. 4 Feb 1858 Mary Frances Wayland (dau of Eli & Josephine (Runyon) Wayland; 12 children: (1) Eli W., (2) Lavinia\Levena (Martin), (3) Martin L.; sister: Bettie (Sears) Metcalf, from family records she was born 1843, mar. 20 Dec 1866, Henry H. Metcalf.
Sears, Eli W. -- son of Elder P.M. & [Mary F.], died 23 Jan 1880, aged 21y 24d; burial Oak Grove Cem.
Sears, Elizabeth (Gross) - died 29 Mar 1887; prob. buried Old Mt. Airy Cem.
Sears, Elizabeth J. -- 1867-1951; burial Grand Prairie Cem.
Sears, Elva V. -- wife of W.M., died 15 Sep 1885, aged 26y 6m 3d; burial Grand Prairie Cem.
Sears, Fannie A. (Palmer) -- died Sep 1863; 1st wife of Andrew J. Sears; HRM p. 698
Sears, Gladiola -- 1905-1907; burial Grand Prairie Cem.
Sears, H. Clarence -- 1885-1931; burial Clifton Hill Cem.
Sears, Hannah R. -- 27 Dec 1843-28 Sep 1913; burial New Ft. Henry Cem.
Sears, Hardy -- 21 Aug 1788 Raleigh, NC-25 Mar 1856, son of John; mar. 2nd Dicy (Rigsby); to KY 1805 & to Rand. Co. 1818; HRM p. 624; burial Babcock Farm Cem.
Sears, Henry -- 21 Aug 1830 Rand. Co.-19 Jan 1899; son of Hardy & Dicy (Rigsby); mar. 1st 1866 Mary F. (Faulkner), children: William H., Milton B., John M., James W.; mar. 2nd Mary E. (dau. of Milton & Luvenia Christy, of Rand.); HRM p. 624; burial Clifton Hill Cem.
Sears, Henry L. - died 10 Jan 1916, 57y 11m 27d; burial Huntsville Cem.
Sears, Herny - no stone; burial Hurt Cem.
Sears, Ivison -- died 1854; to MO 1819; son of John, mar. Sarah (Ryals); children: (1) Matilda mar. Rev. John Roan; (2) Theophilus; (3) Mary D. mar. Valentine McCully; (4) Elizabeth mar. John T. Cravesn; (5) Sally A. mar. Henry Shepperd, (6) Malinda J. mar. Calvin Smith, (7) Rev. Lewis, (8) Albert F., (9) Woodson D., (10) William B., (11) Milton J., (12) Oliver P.; (Heirs: Martha Courtney, Susan & George Roan; p. 22 Sep 1854); HRM p. 518;
Sears, J.T. -- 30 Feb 1865-10 Oct 1950; burial Thomas Hill Cem.
Sears, James Waller -- 1875-1941; burial Clifton Hill Cem.
Sears, Jane Ann -- died 1865; burial Oliver-O'Bryan Cem.
Sears, John - 10th NC Mil, Rev. War, [Abt 1750-Abt 1830]; burial Hurt Cem.
Sears, John -- Final Settlement; M.J. & A.J. Sears, Admr's; TRC 17 Jan 1861
Sears, John -- Final Settlement; Reason? Sears, Adm'r; RPR 3 Nov 1829
Sears, John -- Heirs: Martha Ann & Mary Frances & Sarilda Jane & Elizabeth Sears; signed: Milton J. & A.J. Sears; p. 11 Aug 1857
Sears, John -- org. of VA to MO 1820; children: (1) Hardy, (2) Ivison, (3) Rev. Henry died 1860 IL, (4) Rev. William, (all but Henry settled Rand. Co.); HRM p. 518
Sears, John -- Rev. War, ca 1750 King or Queen Co., VA-1831 Rand. Co., [served as Pvt. & Lt-Col. In the 10th NC Militia]; burial Hurt Cem.
Sears, John W.W. -- 29 May 1811 Spottsylvania Co., VA-13 Feb 1893; son of William G. & Mildred B. (died VA); to Rand. 1835; Pvt MSG CSA; mar. 4 Mar 1874 Mollie J. Penney (dau. of John P. & Mary Jane Morris); no children; HRM p. 638; burial Huntsville Cem.; SOG p. 82
Sears, Jum Willie -- died 17 Dec 1894, aged 2y 6m 8d; burial Oak Grove Cem.
Sears, Levi -- 6 Mar 1829-27 Dec 1914; burial Clifton Hill Cem.
Sears, Lewis Allen - Pvt. Priests Regt. MO Inf. CSA, 13 Jan 1837-28 Feb 1910; burial Huntsville Cem.; SOG p. 82
Sears, Little Malone -- son of Edward A. & Mollie B., died aged 1y 10m 14d; burial New Ft. Henry Cem.
Sears, Lizzie S. -- wife of G.W., 18 Jan 1867-12 Aug 1900; burial Mt. Carmel Cem.
Sears, Lou Anna Terry -- 1865-1951; burial Clifton Hill Cem.
Sears, Lura -- 22 Feb 1865-1 Jul 1915; burial Thomas Hill Cem.
Sears, Madison L. - 4 Mar 1853-6 Oct 1921; burial Huntsville Cem.
Sears, Martha "Patsy" (Fullington) - no stone; burial Hurt Cem.
Sears, Martin L. -- son of Elder P.M. & [Mary F.], died 26 Nov 1873, aged 4y 8m ?d; burial Oak Grove Cem.
Sears, Mary F. -- wife of Elder P.M., 11 Jul 1842-30 Jan 1897; burial Oak Grove Cem.
Sears, Mary F. (Faulkner) -- died 12 Apr 1877, aged 31y 8m 5d; 1st wife of Henry Sears; HRM p. 624; burial Clifton Hill Cem.
Sears, Mary I. - died 22 Sept 1899, 59y; burial Huntsville Cem.
Sears, Mattie P. -- 1858-1929; burial Clifton Hill Cem.
Sears, Milton J. {Rev.} -- born 13 Jan 1830 Huntsville; son of Ivison & Sarah (Ryals); mar. 24 Jul 1851 Cynthia A. born 13 Aug 1833 (dau. of John & Cynthia Oliver, org. of Clark Co., KY); children: (1) Madison L., (2) Victoria A. mar. Felix Aubuehen, (3) Henry L., (4) Emeline C. mar. Benjamin Sears, Nancy ? - 14 Dec 1842-1 Mar 1920; burial Huntsville Cem.
Sears, Perry F. {Rev.} -- 30 Nov 1860-18 Sep 1937; burial Clifton Hill Cem.
Sears, R. Frank -- 16 Jan 1882-16 Sep 1920; burial Oak Grove Cem.
Sears, R.G. -- died 19 Sep 1882, aged 33y 5m 2d; burial Mt. Carmel Cem.
Sears, Rebecca -- 13 Jul 1834-27 Dec 1909; burial Clifton Hill Cem.
Sears, Rosa A. -- 1854-1934; burial Darksville Cem.
Sears, Samuel -- son of L. & N., died 11 Sep 1872, aged 4y; burial Oliver-O'Bryan Cem.
Sears, Sarah -- [(Ryals; died 1857, mar. Ivison Sears); Heirs; p. 1 Oct 1857
Sears, Stella A. - died 18 Aug 1905, 32y 8m 15d; burial Huntsville Cem.
Sears, Theophilus Jr. - 27 Jun 1867-10 Sep 1895, son of Theopilus Sr. & Cornelia S. (Hix); burial Huntsville Cem.
Sears, Theophilus Sr. -- 4 Sep 1824-18 Sep 1874; Public Adm'r (son of Ivison & Sarah (Ryals); child: Walker S.; HRM p. 518); mar. 1st 1848 Mary J. Cavine, child: (1) Walter S.; mar. 2nd 1856 Cornelia S. ( dau. of John Hix); child: (2) Theophilus P. Jr.; HRM p. 637; burial Huntsville Cem.; Ref: OB THH 1 Oct 1874
Sears, Virgil E. -- 4 Dec 1881-21 Aug 1883, aged 1y 8m 17d; son of William M. & Elva V. (Campbell); HRM p. 698; burial Grand Prairie Cem.
Sears, W.B. -- Final Settlement; Partnership of A.F. & W.B. Sears, A.F.
Sears, Adm'r; NMH 24 Nov 1869
Sears, W.M. -- died 23 Dec 1904, aged 48y 5m 25d; burial Grand Prairie Cem.
Sears, W.P. -- 1860-1912; burial Lay Cem.
Sears, Wiley - died 8 Oct 1866 aged 67yrs; burial Old Mt. Airy Cem., a Baptist minister settling on Silver Creek in the 1820's, son of Henry, mar. Elizabeth Gross (dau. of Abraham)
Sears, Wiley -- Will; wife: Nancy; my father, Ex'r.; p. 17 Nov 1846
Sears, Wiley {Rev.} - died 1866 no stone, son of Henry & Martha; burial Hurt Cem., Ref: Chariton County History
Sears, William B. -- died Oct 1867; son of Ivison & Sarah (Ryals); HRM p. 518
Sears, William Hardy -- 1867-1941; burial Clifton Hill Cem.
Sears, William Ira -- 30 Jun 1874-27 Nov 1961; burial Darksville Cem.
Sears, William M. -- born 28 Jun 1856 Rand. Co.; son of Andrew J. & Fannie A. (Palmer); mar. 15 Dec 1878 Elva V. (Campbell) born Rand. Co.; 2 children: (1) Zula F., (2) Virgil E.; HRM p. 698
Sears, Woodson S. -- died Gratiot Street Prison during Civil War CSA; son of Ivison & Sarah (Rylas); HRM p. 517
Sears, Zula F. -- 7 Oct 1879-21 Apr 1880, aged 6m; dau. of William M. & Elva V. (Campbell) Sears; HRM p. 698; burial Grand Prairie Cem.

***I received this email 10/99:
You have Andrew J. Sears second wife as Minnie Teter. I am trying to collect all the information I can on descendants of George and Margaret Teter who came to America in 1727. "Minnie" is one of their
descendants. I have her as Peninah Jane "Minnie" Teter, daughter of Paul Teter and Sarah Ann Phares. I only have three of Minnie and Jack's children --Wilber, Clarence, and Flavius (if I read the census right). Can you help me with any of their descendants? I have a lot more on Minnie's ancestry, if you are interested.

Frank Cochran, Madison, AL

The following Theophilus is the son of Ivison Sears:


Died, at his home in Huntsville, Randolph county, Mo., Sept 18th, 1874 Bro. Theophilus Sears, aged 50 years and 14 days. He was born in Randolph County, Sept. 4th, 1824, where he has lived nearly all his life. He married his first wife, Mary J. Cavins, in 1848; his second marriage was in 1856, to Cornelia S. Hix, daughter of Brother John Hix, of Randolph. Brother Sears made a profession of Religion under the preaching of Eld. J.W. Terrill, in the year 1857, and united with the Baptist Church at Thomasville. He was a
sound Baptist, yet he was charitable towards all christians who could tell of that change of heart so much needed. It was the privilege of the writer to be present when brother Sears first espoused the cause of Christ, and he can truly say, that such pungent conviction and such bright evidences of conversion are rarely seen. He manifested in all his talk and actions that a new creation had taken place in his soul.

Brother Sears' health was very bad for 18 months before his death. He was paralyzed while attending the Association at Sue City, on the 13 September, 1873. Though he has, for the last 12 months, been a great sufferer, yet not a murmur has escaped his lips. He possessed a spirit of resignation, and would often say "Let the Lord's will be done." We knew brother Sears well, and think we can truly testify to his amiable, gentlemanly character. He was a plain, quiet, practical citizen. As a neighbor not excelled. As a
devoted husband and an affectionate father, not usually surpassed. As a christian he was not spasmodis [sic], but sincere, consistent and firm, ever ready to perform what he conceived to be his duty. The Baptist Church, Mt. Pleasant College and Randolph county have sustained a great loss in the death of brother Sears. He had a large circle of acquaintances and friends, by whom he was highly esteemed and loved. For months before his death, he spoke to his wife of his departure, being sure his end was near. He was not
terrified at the prospect and near approach of death; his trust was in Jesus, as he informed the writer, and he knew that "all was well."

He leaves a beloved wife and two sons, to mourn his loss from earth. To them it is a deep affliction, but they mourn not as those who have no hope. The husband and father is gone to his heavenly home, to his God, to his blessed Redeemer, and now awaits them on the other shore. They also have the sympathies and prayers of many christian friends, besides the love and precious promises of the blessed Jesus to support and comfort them.

May the sons be early led, by the Holy Spirit to embrace the father's, and the only Savior, that they may be prepared to meet him, where parting will be no more, is the prayer of their father's friend and brother,

R.J. Mansfield

From the Huntsville Herald, 1 Oct 1874; transcribed by Larry Wm Sumpter 15 Nov 1998

The following is from:


"ASHLEY G. SEARS. Among, the highly honored and reputable young business men and citizens of Prairie Hill, worthy of the confidence and respect of the community in which they reside, none stand higher in the estimation of the public than the gentleman whose name heads this sketch. He was born near Rolling Home, Randolph county, April 22, 1870, the youngest member of a family of five children of Levi and Rebecca Sears. The father of our subject was also a native of Randolph county, his birth having occurred near Mt. Airy
Mo., in 1829, While the mother, whose maiden name was Ash, was born in Monroe county. Their marriage occurred in 1857. They now reside near Rolling Home, Mo., enjoying the good will and respect of their neighbors and acquaintances. Ashley G., our subject, was reared upon a farm and attended the district
public school, completing his education in 1892 and '93 at the North Missouri Institute, of Salisbury, Mo. On leaving school Mr. Sears accepted a clerical position in the mercantile establishment of W. H. Fawks, at Prairie Hill, Mo., with whom he remained nearly three years. For the past year he has been engaged in the drug business at Prairie Hill, being associated with Jesse O. Richardson, a sketch of whom appears elsewhere. These gentlemen carry a nice stock of goods and enjoy a nice patronage. Religiously, our subject is a member of the Regular Baptist church. Politically, he supports the principles of the democratic party. Socially, he is a valuable member of the A. F. & A. M., K. of E., and K. of M. fraternities in which he takes an active interest for their respective up building."

I don't have Ashley listed, but have his father, Levi listed above.

Elizabeth GROSS [Parents] was born about 1810 in KY. She married Rev. Wiley SEARS.

They had the following children:

  M i Levi SEARS
  M ii Petis M. SEARS Rev.
  F iii Betty SEARS

Abraham GROSS was born about 1780.

He had the following children:

  F i Elizabeth GROSS

Henry SEARS [Parents] was born about 1770. He married Martha.

The following note to Larry Sumpter indicates some with knowledge of Sears:

"Henry was a brother to Hardy.

This is what I have on this family. I did notice you had the wrong info on John Sear's revolutionary war record. There were several John Sears in NC at this time period.

Also I am attaching a file I received from Jane Goodsell. She lives in VA and is very knowledgeable about the tangled web of Sears' in the colonial period there. Her email address is [email protected] You might consider getting a hold of her for more information on the Joseph Sears line.

Merideth Sears in Wyoming
[email protected]"

According to Meridith's information attached, this Henry's father may be Thomas Sears, b. 9 Apr 1730 Middlesex, VA, d. aft 1788 Orange Co., NC. His will of 1788 indicates that he was a planter. Thomas was m. to Elizabeth ___ and they had 7 children:

Thomas Jr. (who became a prominent planter in KY)
John, b. abt 1750
William (who inherited the estate in NC)

This Henry may be the Henry listed above as Thomas's child. Or, he may be the son of one of the other children.

The father of Thomas was Joseph Sears, b. abt 1691 place unknown, d. 12 Jun 1740 Middlesex, VA, m. Mary___ and had one other known child in addition to Thomas, Henry Sr., b. 19 May 1717 Middlesex, VA; d. 1774 Orange Co., VA.

Henry SEARS - b. 1760-1770, King and Queen Co., VA; d. 1850, Randolph Co., MO. Son of Thomas SEARS and Elizabeth. Henry had been sheriff of Orange Co., NC, possibly was in prison in Warren Co., KY, and possibly remarried after moving to Randolph Co., MO about 1827-1830. One unverified source reports that Henry married second in Randolph Co., MO Martha Patsy FULLERTON. Married first about 1795, probably in Orange Co., NC.

Martha was born about 1773. She married Henry SEARS.

Her name is uncertain. The following was found at: http://sml.simplenet.com/smlawson/sears.htm#HSears

Elizabeth CHANDLER? - Believed to be first wife of Henry, and the mother of his children. Probably surnamed CHANDLER and related to the CHANDLERs of Caswell Co., NC. Her surname is unproved, but note that son Wiley SEARS named one of his sons John Chandler SEARS. A marriage bond is recorded in Orange Co., NC on 29 Nov 1793 between Henry SEARS and Elizabeth CHANDLER, with bondsman Stephen FOREST and witness A. B. BRUCE. However, there appears to have been at least one other Henry SEARS of about the same age living in the area at the time, namely Harry or Henry SEARS, Jr. Henry SEARS, whose will was dated 8 Nov 1768 and proved May 1774 in Orange Co., NC, names wife Rose, son Harry, and other children.

They had the following children:

  M i Rev. Wiley SEARS
  F ii Mary SEARS

Henry H. METCALF [Parents] was born in 1841. He married Betty SEARS on 20 Dec 1866.

I wonder how he is related to the James Metcalf who m. Mary Winn.

Betty SEARS [Parents] was born in 1843. She married Henry H. METCALF on 20 Dec 1866.

Hezekiah WINN [Parents] was born about 1749 in Hanover Co., VA. He married Cristiana BOWLES.

Cristiana BOWLES was born about 1750. She married Hezekiah WINN.

John WINN Jr. [Parents] was born on 23 Dec 1751 in Virginia. He died on 16 Nov 1824 in Hanover Co., VA. John married Mary BOWLES on 8 Jul 1773.

Mary BOWLES was born about 1755. She married John WINN Jr. on 8 Jul 1773.

Major Thomas WINN [Parents] was born on 27 Dec 1753 in Hanover Co., VA. He died on 16 Nov 1824 in Fluvana Co., Virginia. Thomas married Elizabeth Dabney ANDERSON on 3 Sep 1778 in Fluvana Co., Virginia.

Elizabeth Dabney ANDERSON was born about 1758. She married Major Thomas WINN on 3 Sep 1778 in Fluvana Co., Virginia.

Peter WINN [Parents] was born in 1755 in Virginia. He married Sally GEORGE.

LDS records show a Peter Winn b. 25 Dec 1750, recorded at the Congregational Church, Midway, Liberty, Georgia, FHL No. 203211, parents John and Sarah Winn. Probably not related.

Sally GEORGE was born about 1757. She married Peter WINN.

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