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Immigrant to Virginia prior to1720, Thomas Wieland and related lines

Gerard Morgan COOPER was born in 1807. He died in 1888. Gerard married Mary F. "Polly" WAYLAND on 29 Jan 1863.

NOTE: A, p.96; B, p.14. DAR record on dtr. spelled name as Gerard, so I have changed it to that whereas before I had it spelled Gerald.

Mary F. "Polly" WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 11 Jun 1825 in , , Kentucky. She died on 28 Apr 1899. Mary married Gerard Morgan COOPER on 29 Jan 1863.

NOTE: A, pp. 96,97; B, p.14

Birthdate from family records; 1850 census gives her as age 22. Vicki Maddox gives more exact dates for birth and death and marriage, sources unknown.

They had the following children:

  M i Gerard Morgan COOPER Jr. was born in 1865. He died in 1880.

NOTE: B, p.14

Died at age 15.
  F ii Sarah Elizabeth COOPER

Henry SNIVELY was born about 1803. He married Harriet Ann WAYLAND on 4 Jan 1848 in , Clark Co., Missouri.

Other marriages:

NOTE: B, p.14

Apparently married Harriet in 1848 after marrying Keziah, widow of Fielding Wayland (B1), who died in 1843. (Unless there are two Henry Snively's). Vicki Maddox has his name as "Zachary" Snively, and says that he was a brother or son of Henry Snively, but county marriage records plainly state that she married Henry Snively. This will take some research. Henry had title of "Judge". Vicki also has marriage as 22 Jan 1848, but my dates are directly from the marriage book in county records.

Ancestry.com marriage records sho that "Snively, Henry married Wayland, Keziah on 17 Mar 1840 in Clark County, MIssouri."

Harriet Ann WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 2 Jan 1827 in , Shelby Co., Kentucky. She died on 4 Jul 1909 in Wayland, Clark Co., Missouri. Harriet married Henry SNIVELY on 4 Jan 1848 in , Clark Co., Missouri.

NOTE: B, p. 14. Dates for birth and death from Vicki Maddox. In another place in her records, she gives DOB as 27 Jan 1827.

They had the following children:

  F i Janet SNIVELY

Fielding WAYLAND Dr. [Parents] was born in 1830 in , , Kentucky. He died in 1887. Fielding married Alice CORNELIUS on 11 Nov 1860 in , Clark Co., Missouri.

NOTE: B, p. 14

1850 Census gives him as age 17. Family history gives him title of "Dr.", but does not list wife or descendants. Vicki Maddox gives his wife, but does not give sources for this. Vicki also lists his birth year as 1833, perhaps from the census. She also gives his death as being at age 57 (1887).

Alice CORNELIUS was born about 1835. She married Fielding WAYLAND Dr. on 11 Nov 1860 in , Clark Co., Missouri.

Cornelius MORRIS was born in 1867. He died in 1947. Cornelius married Sarah Elizabeth COOPER.

NOTE: A, pp.96-97; B, p.14

Sarah Elizabeth COOPER [Parents] was born in 1867. She died in 1947. Sarah married Cornelius MORRIS.

NOTE: A, pp.96,97; B, p.14

D.A.R. National No. 101867. Lived in Wayland, Mo., in Clark Co.

[p.262] Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Cooper Morris.
DAR ID Number: 101867
Born in Wayland, Mo.
Wife of Cornelius Morris.
Descendant of Joshua Wayland, as follows:
1. Gerard M. Cooper (1807-88) m. 1863 Mary F. Wayland (1826-99).
2. Julius Wayland (1789-1846) m. Elizabeth Roberts (1798-1858).
See No. 101839.

P. H. ROWLAND was born about 1845. He married Janet SNIVELY.

NOTE: B, p.14

There is a reference to a "Harry Roland" in a 1869 letter from Mary Isabell Wayland Mitchell (#552) to her sister, Rachel Evalline Wayland Liter (#551), which I have a copy of. This is quite possible this same man.

Janet SNIVELY [Parents] was born in 1848 in , Clark Co., Missouri. She died in 1872. Janet married P. H. ROWLAND.

NOTE: B, p.14

Elisha A. LITER [scrapbook] was born on 21 Dec 1814. He died on 19 Apr 1902 in Louisville, , Kentucky and was buried in Cave Hill Cem.. Elisha married Rachel Evaline WAYLAND on 22 Sep 1853.

Riverboat captain between New Orleans and Cincinnati. Retired from river prior to Civil War. Was a flour inspector and had a flour mill in Louisville. Although Eva was only 17 and he was 39 at the time of their marriage, she died before him in 1873 (age 36), a week after the birth of their sixth child, and he died in 1902 (age 88).

Rachel Evaline WAYLAND [Parents] [scrapbook] was born on 3 Dec 1836 in , Clark Co., Missouri. She died on 6 Apr 1873 in Louisville, , Kentucky and was buried in Cave Hill Cem.. Rachel married Elisha A. LITER on 22 Sep 1853.

NOTE: B, p.15.

In July, 1989, I received correspondence from Willett C. Magruder, 76080 Zuni Rd., Indian Wells, CA 92210, who gives information on the descendants of this line. He says that she was known as "Eva". In one place in these notes, their marriage is given as 1853 and in another as 1855, with same month and day. I have a copy of a letter written by Eva's sister, Belle, to her September 13, 1869 and Eva's address at that time was: 274 8th Street, Louisville, Kty. I have a photo of her by herself and also of her and her husband soon after
their marriage (he has white hair and beard and looks much older...she
was age 17 and he 39 when married). All from Willett Magruder. Rachel is quite possibly found in the 1850 census, age 15, living with her uncle, Abraham Wayland #392. Her scanned picture is 551.jpg and 551a.jpg

They had the following children:

  F i Missoula Woodsworth "Woodie" LITER
  F ii Mattie Belle LITER
  M iii Ernest Franklin LITER
  M iv Samuel Fielding LITER was born on 11 Jun 1863. He died on 9 Sep 1880 in Louisville, , Kentucky.
  F v Mary Eva LITER
  F vi Eva Wayland LITER

Abram W. MITCHELL Dr. was born about 1820. He married Mary Isabell WAYLAND on 11 Nov 1852 in , Clark Co., Missouri.

NOTE: B, p.15,88

Mary Isabell WAYLAND [Parents] "Belle" was born on 1 Dec 1834. She married Abram W. MITCHELL Dr. on 11 Nov 1852 in , Clark Co., Missouri.

NOTE: B, p.15,88

She is listed in the marriage records as marrying Dr. A.W. Mitchell in 1852. and Willett Magruder confirms this. They had two children, Sammie, and Bertie. I have a copy of a letter she wrote in 1869 to her sister, Eva, mentioning Bertie.

They had the following children:

  M i Eugene Alonza MITCHELL was born on 31 May 1854. He died on 18 Apr 1855.
  ii Bertie MITCHELL was born about 1860.

KROCK was born about 1830. He married Martha Elizabeth "Matt" WAYLAND.

Martha Elizabeth "Matt" WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 3 Nov 1832. She married KROCK.

NOTE: B, p.15. Also Willett Magruder says that she had one daughter, Ettie, and at least one older one.

O'CONNELL was born in 1870. He married Annie WAYLAND.

NOTE: B, p.85

Annie WAYLAND [Parents] was born about 1880. She married O'CONNELL.

NOTE: B, p.85.

Simeon CONWAY was born on 19 Sep 1803. He died in 1857. Simeon married Harriet WORTHINGTON.

NOTE: B, p.15. Had children and names are available.

Harriet WORTHINGTON [Parents] was born on 1 Jan 1811. She died on 22 Jul 1896. Harriet married Simeon CONWAY.

NOTE: B, p.15

Issue of this marriage available from sources listed under Elizabeth (A50) Married Simeon Conway, b. 19 Sept. 1803, d. 1857.

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