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Immigrant to Virginia prior to1720, Thomas Wieland and related lines

William CARPENTER Rev. [Parents] was born on 20 May 1762 in , , Virginia. He died on 18 Feb 1833 in , Boone Co., Kentucky. William married Mary "Polly" AYLOR on 3 Nov 1794 in (bond date).

Reportedly a Rev. War soldier. For 26 years pastor of the Hebron Lutheran Church in VA and then moved to Boone Co., Kty. about 1812-13 with quite a colony of Germanna descendants. They founded Hopeful Lutheran Church there, and William was their pastor for about 20 years. Here is further information:

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Found this on the Kentucky Biographies web site:

HISTORY OF KENTUCKY AND KENTUCKIANS, E. Polk Johnson, three volumes,
Lewis Publishing Co., New York & Chicago, 1912. Common version, Vol. III,
pp. 1217-18. [Kenton County]

The Carpenter family was originally one of the Colonial families of
Virginia and a few citizens of the "Old Dominion" were better known or more beloved than the Rev. William Carpenter,
a German Lutheran minister who for many years labored for the welfare of humanity "without money and without price."

The above-mentioned William Carpenter was born in Madison county, Virginia, May 20, 1762, but he later cast his fortune with Kentucky,
founding the Carpenter family there and being one of the Boone county
pioneers. In 1778, when only sixteen years of age, he entered the
Colonial army and served until the close of the Revolution. He seemed to
have studied theology under the Rev. G. Henkel and as he was a member of
the Pennsylvania Ministerium it is likely that he was ordained by that
body. His ordination must have been satisfactory for he was called upon
to minister in Episcopal pulpits without question. He was, however,
Lutheran in faith and ministered in that church for many years, being the father of that church organization in Boone county. His identification
with clerical affairs began with his twenty-fifth year and his early
career was passed in his native county in Virginia.

In 1813 he came to
Kentucky, located near Florence, in Boone county, and there entered upon
many years of great usefulness, his entire service as an exponent of the Scriptures being of forty-five years duration. Twenty-six years of this
time he served as pastor of the Hebron church in his native county in
Virginia, and he followed a colony composed of members of his church to
Boone county where he was pastor for nearly twenty years prior to his
death, on February 18, 1833. He, with others who contemplated removing to Kentucky's fertile acres, made a trip of inspection to Boone county in
1804, but it was fully nine years later when he settled there permanently.

By heritage and his own activities he was a man of means and he secured a
large farm in the new home, upon which he lived with his family and slaves during the remained of his lifetime. As he asked and received no salary
for his ministerial labors a farm was a practical necessity. This tract
was located near the present town of Florence and was an attractive and valuable property and his family of boys and his slaves cleared and tilled
it. It has been said of him that he never laced the comforts and never
craved the luxuries. He was a typical pioneer of the better class and presented a distinguished appearance in his Colonial costume, with his
knee breeches, which he wore up to the time of his death. Of William Carpenter, pioneer preacher and philanthropist, it may truly be said that
he devoted his entire life to the uplift of humanity, and the memory and influence of the good he died assuredly was not "interred with his bones."

Cindy Crigler

And, from John Blankenbaker's Germanna Note #405:

On our way to Santa Fe, some Germanna history crept in. The airplane had a
stop at the Cincinnati airport which is located in the middle of Germanna country, in Boone County, Kentucky. A party of Germanna citizens moved early
in the 1800's to this area and was joined in 1813 by Rev. William Carpenter
who left the pastorate of the Hebron Lutheran Church in Virginia. Abraham Thomas, a Germanna resident, said that in 1782 the site of Cincinnati had
only a few cabins so we know the Germanna people were quite early.

Mary "Polly" AYLOR was born on 10 May 1774 in , , Virginia. She died on 12 Aug 1831 in , , Kentucky. Mary married William CARPENTER Rev. on 3 Nov 1794 in (bond date).

They had the following children:

  M i Jacob Israel CARPENTER

Owen J. CARPENTER [Parents] was born on 7 Feb 1854 in , , Kentucky. He married Mattie J. ADAMS on 18 Oct 1883.

From HISTORY OF KENTUCKY AND KENTUCKIANS, E. Polk Johnson, three volumes,
Lewis Publishing Co., New York & Chicago, 1912. Common version, Vol. III,
pp. 1217-18. [Kenton County]

OWEN J. CARPENTER, a wholesale liquor dealer and one of Covington's leading real estate developers, is a native Kentuckian and his ancestry numbers
among its members some of the most valuable and interesting of the Blue
Grass state pioneers. He was born in Boone county, February 7, 1854.

The pleasant, if strenuous, experience of the farmer's son were the
lot of Owen J. Carpenter in his early years. He received a common school education and was about eighteen years of age when he removed with his
parents to Covington in the fall of 1871. The following year he became associated with his father in the wholesale liquor business, and in 1879, shortly after his father's demise, he became established in this business
on his own account in partnership with his brother David L. In 1886 he succeeded to the entire management of the concern and has ever since
operated it with financial success.

The talents of Mr. Carpenter, fortunately, have not been confined to
his one line of endeavor, but he has from time to time been interested in various business enterprises and corporations of Covington and vicinity.
Much of his time has been expended upon real estate development, and his services in this line to the city of his residence are indeed commendable.
He is known as the "father of Ft. Mitchell", a suburb, and it was through
his well-directed effort that electric roads were built thereto. He
bought the land now occupied by the town of Ft. Mitchell, platted the
same and sold it, having secured means of conveyance and transportation to
the larger town. Subsequently several additions to the same were platted
and Ft. Mitchell, now a corporation of the sixth class, can boast of some
of the finest residences in this section of the country.

As one of the organizers of the Kenton Water Company Mr. Carpenter is
likewise entitled to credit, he having served for many years as president
of the forgoing. This company was largely instrumental in building up
the suburb of Latonia. In the face of this distinguished achievement it
is not strange that Mr. Carpenter is accounted one of the leaders in
upbuilding this section.

Mr. Carpenter forsook the ranks of the bachelors and laid the
foundation of a congenial home life by his marriage on the 18th day of
October, 1883, the lady to become his wife being Mattie J. Adams, a native
of Missouri, who was brought by her parents to Versailles, Kentucky, at
the time of the Civil war, she being then an infant. Her father was
William W. Adams, for many years a prominent stock man of Lexington,
Kentucky. Two sons have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter, William A.
and Owen Coleman, the latter of whom died at the age of seven years.

Mattie J. ADAMS was born about 1855. She married Owen J. CARPENTER on 18 Oct 1883.

They had the following children:

  M i William A. CARPENTER was born about 1885.
  M ii Owen CARPENTER was born about 1887. He died about 1894.

Died at age 7.

Sydney SWETNAM [Parents] was born about 1800. He married Susan HARDIN.

Susan HARDIN was born about 1804. She married Sydney SWETNAM.

Robert GRIMES was born about 1800. He married Temperance SWETNAM.

Temperance SWETNAM [Parents] was born about 1804. She married Robert GRIMES.

John PITTS was born about 1802. He married Malvina SWETNAM.

Other marriages:
SWETNAM, Cynthia

Malvina SWETNAM [Parents] was born about 1806. She married John PITTS.

Must have died young as her sister Cynthia marries her widowed husband.

Thomas PITTS was born about 1805. He married Fannie SWETNAM.

Fannie SWETNAM [Parents] was born about 1808. She married Thomas PITTS.

John PITTS was born about 1802. He married Cynthia SWETNAM.

Other marriages:
SWETNAM, Malvina

Cynthia SWETNAM [Parents] was born about 1812. She married John PITTS.

Marries her sister Malvina's widowed husband.

Edgecomb SUGGETT was born about 1812. He married Polly Ann SWETNAM.

Polly Ann SWETNAM [Parents] was born about 1814. She married Edgecomb SUGGETT.

Henry Harrison SWETNAM [Parents] was born about 1816 in Scott Co., KY. He married Rachel WILHOIT on 6 Feb 1834.

Rachel WILHOIT was born on 19 Nov 1814 in Woodford Co., KY. She married Henry Harrison SWETNAM on 6 Feb 1834.

Rec'd 4/99 from Fred :

gen 3)John Wilhoit (Rev. War. Orange Co., VA) m. Lucy Stapp
(I believe John is the brother of Joel in previous post, and that
they are sons
of Tobias Sr.)
gen 4)son, Tobias Wilhoit m. Nancy Margaret Ellis
gen 5)dau., Rachel Willhoite b. 19 Nov 1814 Woodford Co., KY
m. 1st 6 Feb 1834 at Forks of Elkhorn Church Henry Harrison Swetnam b. Scott
Co., KY, son of George Coll Swetnam and Mary Balmear Swetnam
Mildred F. Sweatman b. ca. 1850 m. 10 Sept. 1870 John R. Penn
Pamela A. Sweatman b. ca. 1853 m. 26 Dec. 1870 W. F. Hendrix

m. 2nd 2 June 1857 Owen Co., KY Andrew Thomasson b. 8 June 1796 d. 15 Feb.
Rebecca Jane Thomasson b. 5 Feb. 1859 d. 2 Jan. 1902 m. 1 Jan 1877 Amos Noel
d. 2 Dec. 1902, son of Calvin and Nancy Willhoite Noel (prob. dau. of Lewis
Jefferson Willhoite, the son of Tobias' brother Lewis)
11 children (I have them if interested).

Ref: John Willhoite 1745-1837 and His descendants in Kentucky and Elsewhere
by Earl and Leona Willhoite

SHIPP was born about 1816. He married Harriet SWETNAM.

Harriet SWETNAM [Parents] was born about 1818. She married SHIPP.

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