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Terrill/Terrill/Tyrrell Lines

Joel BROWN was born about 1780. He married Milly TERRILL on 24 Oct 1801.

Milly TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1783. She married Joel BROWN on 24 Oct 1801.

Had several children.

Thomas PRATT was born about 1783. He died on 23 Jan 1838. Thomas married Martha "Patsy" TERRILL on 25 Nov 1812.

Posted by Steve Gredell 4/98:

"Thomas is Thomas B.Pratt son of Thomas Pratt and Martha Terrell Pratt who moved from Culpeper Co. Va. to Warren Co. Mo. (Wright City) in the early 1830's. Thomas died 1/23/1838 and Martha 10/23/1839. They had 6 children one of which was my gg grandmother Martha Pratt Pendleton."

This was posted and reported by Steve to be one of their children:

"Thomas P (?) Pratt b. 22 Apr 1829 Culpeper Co., VA d. 29 Nov. 1907 Delta or Kaufman Co., TX m. 26 Oct. 1856 Warren Co., MO to Susan Elizabeth/Elvira HUDSON b. 23 Apr 1829 Culpeper Co, VA d. 31 Oct. 1909 Delta/Kaufman Co. TX
Thomas and Susan lived in Warren Co., MO bef 1858 to aft 1866 and most of their children were born there."

Martha "Patsy" TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1785. She died on 23 Oct 1839. Martha married Thomas PRATT on 25 Nov 1812.

Had following Pratt children: Jonathan, William W., Lucinda, Mary, Martha. Dicken says that Martha's family is mentioned in "Pioneer Families of Missouri", p. 222. Not known if this is mother or daughter. Another source, which lists the children as follows: Jonathan, Milton W., Lucinda, Mary, and Martha, says that she was Pratt's second wife and that she settled in Warren Co. MO in 1831.

This was posted 8/99 by Steve Gredell :

"My ggg grandmother's maiden name was Martha Terrill. She was the second wife of Thomas Pratt of Culpeper Co. Va. and in ~1830 moved to Warren Co. Missouri (Wright City). Her Daughter, Martha Pratt, married my gg grandfather Robert H. Pendleton. Does anyone have information regarding Martha Terrill's parents?

John H. AYLOR was born about 1785 in , Madison Co., Virginia. He married Judith TERRILL on 23 Oct 1811.

Judith TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1787. She married John H. AYLOR on 23 Oct 1811.

Descendants live in Washington, GA., according to Dicken.

Thornton HARRISON was born about 1785. He married Lucy TERRILL on 13 Oct 1808 in , Madison Co., Virginia.

Lucy TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1790. She married Thornton HARRISON on 13 Oct 1808 in , Madison Co., Virginia.

Dicken lists some descendants, including Lucy J. Harrison who m. 1848 Judge Isaac Scarborough (b. 1816 Edgecombe, N.C.) and moved to Kosciusko, Miss.; Martha E. Harrison who m. Isaac's brother Kr. John Scarborough (no children); and Frances Harrison who m. John Boswell and had 10-12 children and lived in Durant, Miss. (some Boswell children listed).

William TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1685 in , New Kent Co., Virginia. He died about 1755 in , Caroline Co., Virginia.

Believed to have been married about 1718 in King William Co., VA. All children of William and Susannah were believed to have been born in New Kent County (later Hanover Co.) Virginia. In 1727 Caroline Co. was created from parts of King William, King and Queen and Essex Counties, placing the land of the Terrills in Caroline Co. (Dicken). Was "of Polecat Creek." Another source says that he died before 1755.

He had the following children:

  M i William TERRILL Jr.

Timothy TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1704 in , New Kent Co., Virginia. He died in Feb 1763 in , Orange Co., N.C.. Timothy married Mary MARTIN.

Father of 14 children. Will dated and probated Feb 1763, Orange Co., N.C. (W.B. A, pp. 29,30). The county seat of Orange was then called Childsburg, but later it was renamed Hillsboro, where his will is still on file. He was in VA in 1741, when he witnessed a deed in Caroline Court. It is felt that he and his brother John moved to N.C. about 1743-44, probably after the death of their father. Timothy first settled in Bladen Co., where he petitioned for a grant of 600 acres 10 April 1745 (Colonial Records of N.C., Vol. 4, p. 764). Timothy was appointed by the Governor as a Justice of the Peace for Bladen at a Council held at Newbern 11 Apr 1749, was reappointed 7 Apr 1750 and again 1 Apr 1751 (Vol. 4, pp. 951, 1046,1243, Colonial Rec.) Orange Co. was formed from Granville, Johnston and Bladen Counties, so he may not have moved. After his death, Orange was divided into Chatham, Wake and Guilford, which placed his home in Chatham, where some of his children lived. Land records show that the Earl of Granville granted Timothy 400 acres of land on 6 Sep 1754 on head branches of Terrill's Creek (Bk. 12, p. 49). He obtained other grants amounting to more than 2,000 acres, making him a man of wealth. The children listed may not be in order of age, as age is a guess on most of them. Dicken in her book, "Terrell Genealogy" gives more information on some of children.

Mary MARTIN was born about 1713. She died after 1763. Mary married Timothy TERRILL.

Was one of excecutors in husband's estate 1763, so survived him. Her first name is recorded many places, but her last name is from family tradition and nothing is known of her line. (Dicken)

They had the following children:

  F i Jemimah TERRILL was born about 1738.
  F ii Ruth TERRILL
  F iii Amelia "Millie" TERRILL
  M iv Solomon TERRILL
  M v Micajah TERRILL
  F vi Mary TERRILL was born about 1748.
  M vii Richard TERRILL was born about 1750.

There is a note in the Franklin Co. Kty. Court Deed Book A, p. 372, dated 13 April 1791 where a Richard Terrel, attorney, handles a deed. This could be this Richard or Richard (#3157) or neither.

There is in the William & Mary Quarterly both:

Oct 5, 1792 Richard Terrell and Lucy Carr married
July 17, 1793, Richard Terrell and Martha Jefferson married.

Not known if one of these could be him.
  M viii Keziah TERRILL was born about 1752.

There is a Kesiah Terril and Henry Terril, adm. for John Terril on 18 May 1829 in Howard Co., MO. I thought that Keziah was a woman, but it is doubtful that a woman would be an administrator, so must be a man.
  M ix Daniel TERRILL was born about 1754. He died in , Chatham Co., NC.

Lived and died in Chatham Co., NC. One source gives his wife as Hannah Thompson, but have not verified this.
  M x Simon TERRILL
  F xi Elizabeth "Betty" TERRILL
  M xii James Nimrod TERRILL was born about 1757.

Went by the name of "Nimrod", and it is assumed that this must have been his middle name, although it is not shown in the records. Another source called him "Jame-Nimrod" and said that he received part of his father's plantation.
  M xiii Moses TERRILL
  M xiv Aaron TERRILL

Joel TERRILL [Parents] was born in 1699 in , New Kent Co., Virginia. He died in 1758 in , Hanover Co., Virginia. Joel married Sarah Elizabeth OXFORD about 1718.

Had a grandson, Thomas Garland, b. 1738. Ellsberry's Terrell Bulletin says that the "Hon. Jos. W. Terrell, Att'y Gen. of Ga. and Gov. 1903-4 is a descendant of Joel Terrell Sr." I don't know if this is the Joel Terrill she is referring to or not as she does not identify him further. The later children come from:

10505 N.Forest Ave.
Kansas City,Missouri. 64155-1952.

Sarah Elizabeth OXFORD was born about 1700. She married Joel TERRILL about 1718.

They had the following children:

  F ii Susannah TERRILL
  F iii Hannah TERRILL
  M iv Joel TERRILL Jr.
  M v Richmond TERRILL was born about 1728.

Died young.
  M vi Henry "Harry" TERRILL Maj.
  M vii William TERRILL
  F viii Elizabeth TERRILL
  F ix Mary "Molly" TERRILL
  M x Thomas TERRILL
  M xi Peter TERRILL

David TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1695 in , New Kent Co., Virginia. He died in 1759 in , Caroline Co., Virginia. David married Agatha CHILES about 1727.

Was a Quaker. His will was dated 15 March 1751, proved 12 April 1759. He had made a second will which was not signed or witnessed, so was not admitted to record. David is mentioned in a deed by William and Susannah Terrill of Hanover Co. dated 16 March 1725, where they give him 400 acres, being then in King William Co., but in 1727 it became part of Caroline County. It is clearly the same tract granted to William on 22 Jan. 1718. David must have been of marriageable age in 1725 and wanting to establish a home of his own. He held this tract of land until his death, when he bequeathed 200 acres each to sons Chiles and Micajah. David and Agatha made their home in Caroline Co. at Golansville, about 40 miles N. of Richmond, and there they were buried. There are no tombstones marking their graves. Dicken devotes the entire Chapter 14 to David and his descendants. David was not born a Quaker, but was one by choice. In the first Quaker meeting in that part of Virginia in Hanover Co., David was appointed one of the overseers. His brother Henry also was an overseer, and both contributed to the expense of erecting a meeting house.

Part of the children of David and Henry belonged to the Friends Society, but most of the grandchildren joined churches of another faith. Some were disowned for violations of the strict rules and some for marriages to persons who were not Quakers (Dicken). We are fortunate that the Quakers kept such good records and David's children are quoted in "Our Quaker Friends" by Bell, and Dicken says that she also consulted original records in the Valentine Museum in Richmond. David gave each of his six sons 200 acres in his will, and the dtrs. 25 pounds apiece. (Susannah and Jonathan were born after will was made). See O.B. 1755-1759, p. 25; O.B. 1758-1763, p. 338; and O.B. 1765-1767, p. 438. Ellsberry's Terrell Bulletin in 1972 says that the "Hon. Alexander W. Terrell, Austin, Texas, Ambassador to Turkey under President Cleveland, is a descendant of David Terrell Sr." I don't know if she means this David or not, as she does not identify him further. She further states that the "Hon. Benj. Terrell of Texas is a descendant of this branch of Terrells"...don't know who he is.

Agatha CHILES [Parents] was born in 1709. She died in 1766 in , Caroline Co., Virginia and was buried in , Caroline Co., Virginia. Agatha married David TERRILL about 1727.

The will of Agatha [Chiles] Terrell was probated at a court held for Caroline County 7 Dec.1766,with Pleasant Terrell as executor. Pleasant Terrell was on the same date appointed guardian of Jonathan Terrell and Christopher chose him to be his guardian,he then being old enough to make his own choice.{O.B.1765-1767.p.438]

They had the following children:

  M i David TERRILL Jr.
  M ii Henry TERRILL was born about 1730. He died in 1806.

Unmarried. His land passed into the possession of his younger brother, Jonathan Terrill.
  M iii Micajah TERRILL
  M iv Pleasant TERRILL
  F v Mary TERRILL
  F vi Milicent TERRILL
  F vii Ann TERRILL was born about 1743. She died after 1759.

There is a note in Ellsberry's Terrell Bulletin about 1972 which states that Charles Lynch made a will in 1752 which names wife, Sarah, Children: Charles, who m. Ann Terrell; John; Christopher; Edward; and Sarah, who m. Micajah Terrell (#3314). This could possibly be this Ann, but I have no evidence of it. Of course, this Ann would be too young to be married in 1752 in all likli- hood, but the birthdate may be off ten years, and also her husband, Charles (?) may have been still a child when the will was written and the mention of a wife may be that of the researcher and she may not be mentioned in the will.
  M viii Chiles TERRILL
  M ix Christopher TERRILL
  F x Rachel TERRILL
  F xi Susannah TERRILL
  M xii Jonathan TERRILL

Henry TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1703 in , Hanover Co., Virginia. He died in Mar 1760 in , Caroline Co., Virginia. Henry married Ann CHILES about 1727 in , Caroline Co., Virginia.

Other marriages:

Was a Quaker. Ellsberry in a later note says that "Henry Terrill, 1st son of Wm. and Susannah Terrill born in Hanover Co. VA. about 1703 but lived most of his life in Caroline Co., VA." She gave no reference for this. A note dated 1955 says that Mrs. James O. Franklin of Lawrenceburg, Kty. has much information on the line from Henry down, which is hers. Another source has his marriage to second wife as simply "1743."

Ann CHILES [Parents] was born in 1716. She died in 1745. Ann married Henry TERRILL about 1727 in , Caroline Co., Virginia.

Sister of Agatha Chiles; one source has her first name as Anna.

They had the following children:

  M i Thomas TERRILL
  M ii Henry TERRILL
  F iii Elizabeth Ann TERRILL
  F iv Anna TERRILL

Henry TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1703 in , Hanover Co., Virginia. He died in Mar 1760 in , Caroline Co., Virginia. Henry married Sarah WOODSON on 3 Apr 1744 in Henrico Co., VA.

Other marriages:

Was a Quaker. Ellsberry in a later note says that "Henry Terrill, 1st son of Wm. and Susannah Terrill born in Hanover Co. VA. about 1703 but lived most of his life in Caroline Co., VA." She gave no reference for this. A note dated 1955 says that Mrs. James O. Franklin of Lawrenceburg, Kty. has much information on the line from Henry down, which is hers. Another source has his marriage to second wife as simply "1743."

Sarah WOODSON was born about 1720. She married Henry TERRILL on 3 Apr 1744 in Henrico Co., VA.

Both Sarah and Henry were Quakers.

They had the following children:

  F i Ursula TERRILL
  M ii Charles TERRILL
  F iii Judith TERRILL
  F iv Abigail TERRILL
  M v George TERRILL
  M vi Tarleton TERRILL

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