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Terrill/Terrill/Tyrrell Lines

Garrett MINOR [Parents] was born on 4 Mar 1744. He died on 25 Jun 1799. Garrett married Mary Overton TERRILL in 1769.

Had title of "Col." so may have been in Rev. War. Look for him in:


Mary Overton TERRILL [Parents] was born on 22 May 1750 in , , Virginia. She died on 30 Oct 1830. Mary married Garrett MINOR in 1769.

See Dicken for descendants.

They had the following children:

  F i Nancy Ann MINOR
  M ii James MINOR was born on 18 Apr 1785.
  F iii Louisa MINOR was born on 13 Aug 1787.
  M iv Sam Overton MINOR was born on 13 Jun 1790.

William TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1754 in , Albemarle Co., Virginia. He married Martha WINSTON.

See Dicken for all descendants.
Ellsberry gives the following, which may be this William and may not, but the names are similar; I quote exactly from her Bulletin re: Wm's Rev. War service: "In Consideration of service performed by William Terrill (she spells it Terrell as she does all of this line, and it is hard to tell what it is actually spelled in the document), a Lieut. for three years in the Virginia line. Granted to Walter Dun assignee of Thomas Green who was the assignee of ELEANOR, ANN, LUCY, REBECCA, MARY, MALVINA, and MARTHA TERRILL, and Daniel F. Carr and EMILY his wife late EMILY TERRILL, heirs and devisees of WILLIAM TERRILL deceased and assignees of MARTHA (Mother) RICHMOND, ELEANOR, ANN, LUCY, REBECCA, MAY, MALVINA and MARTHA TERRILL (the sister) and Daniel F. Carr and Emily his wife heirs at law of DOROTHEA TERRILL deceased who was one of the heirs and devises of the said William Terrill, deceased, a tract of land of 185 acres on part of Military Warrent No. 6522 in favor of Robert Green as assignee of heirs of Wm. Terrill, the whole being 1000 acres, land on the waters of Darby's Creek. Sept. 28, 1830. (signed) Pres. Andrew Jackson." A note I found elswhere states that Miss Mary Olive Murray of the Jane Douglas Chap. D.A.R. in Dallas Texas, claims William as Rev. War ancestor. Don't know connection.

Martha WINSTON was born about 1755. She died in 1830. Martha married William TERRILL.

Another source calls her "Patsy Winston"
At the Hanover Co., VA GenWeb page, under wills, is information about a law suit re the mother and brothers and sisters of Martha.

They had the following children:

  M i Richmond TERRILL

Aaron FONTAINE [Parents] was born on 30 Nov 1753 in Westover, Charles City, Virginia. He died in Apr 1823 in Louisville, , Kentucky. Aaron married Barbara Overton TERRILL on 19 May 1773.

Other marriages:
WHITING, Elizabeth

Name also as Fountain. Resided in KY. He operated a ferry at Louisville, KY on the Ohio River and was known as "Capt.". He was in the VA militia my source says...presumably Rev. War. Entire file later received. The below is from http://www.mosquitonet.com/~luht/:

J123A38 8. Aaron Fontaine, Capt., b. 30 Nov. 1753, d. Apr. 1823, Louisville,
Kentucky, m1. Barbara Overton Terrell, 19 May. 1773, dau. of Richard
Terrell & Anne Overton; m2. Elizabeth Whiting Thruston, widow with
10 children (ch. 13-16). Operated a ferry at Louisville, KY on the Ohio River.
Ensign in the Louisa Co., VA militia.
J123A381 1. Peter Fontaine, b. 15 Dec. 1774, d. 8 Apr. 1813, m. Catherine Taylor,
30 Mar. 1797.
J123A382 2. James Terrell Fontaine, b. 18 Mar. 1776, m. Debora Hobbs, 31 Dec. 1799,
Nelson Co., KY, dau. of Joseph Hobbs.
J123A3821 1. Massena Fontaine, b. ca. 1803, m1. Emily Buckner, 24 Jul. 1823,
Jefferson Co., KY; m2. Matilda Pomeroy.
J123A3822 2. Peter Fontaine, b. ca. 1809.
J123A3823 3. William Maury Fontaine, b. ca. 1815, m. Martha Foushee. J123A38231 1. James Fontaine, b. ca. 1838, m. Louisa Foushee.
J123A38232 2. Mildred Ann Fontaine, b. ca. 1843, m. Chris McGehee.
J123A38233 3. Ann M. Fontaine, b. ca. 1848, d. young.
J123A38234 4. Charles Beauregard Fontaine, b. ca. 1853, m. Irene Buckner Stith.
J123A382341 1. Ruth Fontaine, b. ca. 1873.
J123A382342 2. Diva F. Fontaine, b. ca. 1875, m. G. Will Reves, Piggott, Ark. J123A382343 3. David Lewis Fontaine, b. ca. 1878.
J123A382344 4. Charles Fontaine, b. ca. 1880.
J123A382345 5. Jesse Turner Fontaine, b. ca. 1883.
J123A382346 6. Stith Phillips Fontaine, b. ca. 1885.
J123A38235 5. Thomas Hobbs Fontaine, b. ca. 1857.
J123A38236 6. Jefferson Davis Fontaine, b. ca. 1860.
J123A38237 7. Kate Fontaine, b. ca. 1862.
J123A38238 8. Annie Lee Fontaine, b. ca. 1865, m. J. M. Phillips.
J123A38239 9. Morgan Fontaine, b. ca. 1867, m. Minnie Hardie.
J123A3824 4. James Fontaine, b. ca. 1807.
J123A3825 5. Barbara Fontaine, b. ca. 1809, m1. Lewis; m2. Richard Patterson.
J123A3826 6. Matilda Fontaine, b. ca. 1812.
J123A3827 7. Mary Ann Fontaine, b. ca. 1815.
J123A3828 8. Nancy Fontaine, b. ca. 1817.
J123A3829 9. Maria Elizabeth Fontaine, b. ca. 1819, m. Bell.
J123A383 3. Mary Anne Fontaine, b. 15 Oct. 1778, m. Fortunatus Cosby, 19 Nov. 1795.
J123A3831 1. Ellen Cosby, b. 1828, m. Carpenter.
J123A384 4. Elizabeth Fontaine, b. 5 Sep. 1780, d. 16 Jan. 1807, m. Edmond Bullock,
19 May 1799.
J123A3841 1. Edmund Bullock, b. ca. 1800.
J123A3842 2. William Fontaine Bullock, b. ca. 1802.
J123A3843 3. Mary Fontaine, b. ca. 1806, m. Thomas Hartley Shelby, Maj., son
of Gov. Issac Shelby.
J123A385 5. Matilda Fontaine, b. 18 Sep. 1782, d. Nov. 1850, m. Thomas Prather,
12 Feb. 1800, President of the First National Bank of Louisville.

J123A386 6. Martha Miner Fontaine, b. Mar. 1785, m. Alexander Pope, 4 Oct. 1806,
J123A387 7. Sarah Fontaine, b. 17 Mar. 1787, m. Capt. George Rogers Clark Floyd,
16 Apr. 1810, son of Col. John Floyd, brother of Gov. John Floyd of VA.
J123A388 8. Maria Merwin Fontaine, b. 16 Feb. 1789, m. Sterling Grimes,
24 Jun. 1810, banker of Greenboro, GA.
J123A389 9. America Fontaine, b. 10 Mar. 1791, m. William S. Vernon, 10 Jan.
1809, Newport, RI.
J123A380 10. William Maury Fontaine, b. 16 Jan. 1792, m. Elizabeth Garnett
Pearson, dau. of John Pearson & Ann Leonard. Line provided by
Francis M. Costello.
J123A3801 1. William Floyd Fontaine, b. 1818, Marengo Co., AL, d. 1892, AL,
m. Catherine Esther Philen, 1842.
J123A38011 1. Dory F. Fontaine, b. ca. 1842, AL.
J123A38012 2. Mariah B. Fontaine, b. ca. 1844, AL.
J123A38013 3. Elizabeth F. Fontaine, b. 1845, AL.
J123A38014 4. Mirabelle Fontaine, b. 1848, AL.
J123A38015 5. Martha Fontaine, b. ca. 1850, AL.
J123A38016 6. Almer Fontaine, b. ca. 1854.
J123A38017 7. Lafayette Fontaine, b. 1856, d. 1880.
J123A38018 8. M. M. Fontaine, b. 1860, AL.
J123A38019 9. Mary Fontaine, b. 1862, AL.
J123A38010 10. Peter Fontaine, b. 1865, AL.
J123A3801A 11. John Floyd Fontaine, b. 3 Aug. 1867, AL, d. 7 Nov.
1901, AL, m. Sally Lucretia Drinkard, 2 Dec. 1891, Marengo
Co., AL, dau. of Samuel Robert Drinkard & Sarah Jane Etheridge.
J123A3801A1 1. Ola Mae Fontaine, b. 22 Jul. 1895, AL, d. 15 Oct. 1956,
Thomasville, AL, m. Archie Cleveland Hasty, 24 Aug. 1913,
son of Benjamin Franklin Hasty & Martha Anne Pope. J123A3801A11 1. Myrtle Etura Hasty, b. 1 Aug. 1914, AL, m. Bob
Ellis Tyler, 9 Aug. 1945, Grove Hill, AL, son of George
Watson Tyler & Gertrude Sims.
J123A3801A111 1. Wanda Sue Tyler, b. 12 Apr. 1951, NY, NY, m. Henry Michael
Costello, 13 Mar. 1973, Decatur, GA.
J123A3801A1111 1. Michael Robert Costello, b. 1 Mar. 1978, Lansdale, PA. J123A3801A1112 2. Mary Frances Costello, b. 17 Jan. 1982, Lansdale, PA. J123A3801A12 2. Louise Hasty, b. 30 Jun. 1917, Dixon Mills, AL,
m. Clifford Agee Lewis, 4 Nov. 1936, Linden, AL.
J123A3801A13 3. Mary Claire Hasty, b. 31 May 1930, Thomsaville, AL,
d. 8 Jun. 1994, m. Edward Vaiden Dozier, 17 Nov. 1950,
Meridan, MS.
J123A3801A2 2. Rubil Alabama Fontaine, b. Sep. 1898, AL, d. 1974,
Thomasville, Al, m. James Paul Corgill.
J123A3801B 12. Kate Fontaine, b. 1870, AL.
J123A3802 2. Aaron Terrell Fontaine, b. 1822, Clarke Co., AL, d. 1902, m. Sarah
Poole, 1848.
J123A3803 3. John Maury Fontaine, b. 1824, d. ca. 1882, m. Cornella Griffin, 1861.
J123A3804 4. James Henry Lafayette Fontaine, b. 1826, Clarke Co., AL, d. 1850. J123A3805 5. Carolyn Elizabeth Fonatine, b. 1828, m. Lysurgus Poole, 1847. J123A3806 6. Ann America Vernon Fontaine, b. Jul. 1832, m. Jessie Jones
Hendrix, 17 Dec. 1851, Marengo Co., AL.
J123A3807 7. Martha Matilda Prather Fontaine, b. 1834, AL,
m. Charles Poole, 1852.
J123A3808 8. George Peter Cosby Fontaine, b. 1836, Clarke Co., AL,
d. 1919, m1. Margaret A. Dumas, 1860; m2. Martha Ducan
Miers, 1878.
J123A3809 9. Walter Fleming Fontaine, b. 1839, d. 1898, m. Naomi
Alston, 1867.
J123A38A 11. Barbara Carr Fontaine, b. 17 Dec. 1794, d. 13 Aug. 1829, m1. Charles
S. Cosby, 1 May 1819; m2. John W. Sanders, 22 Oct. 1827.
J123A38B 12. Ann Overton Fontaine, b. 19 Apr. 1796, d. 13 Aug. 1819, m. John
Jeremiah Jacob, 16 Jun. 1811. Wealthy merchant.
J123A38C 13. Alexander Madison Fontaine, b. 19 Mar. 1806.
J123A38D 14. Henry Whiting Fontaine, b. 3 Nov. 1807, d. 21 Nov. 1839, m. Susan
E. Bryson, 9 Jul. 1834.
J123A38E 15. Emaline Fontaine, b. 3 Sep. 1809, m. Patrick Dillon.
J123A38F 16. Aaron Fontaine, Jr., b. 4 Sep. 1811, m. Mary Elliott.

Barbara Overton TERRILL [Parents] was born on 3 Sep 1756. She died before 1805. Barbara married Aaron FONTAINE on 19 May 1773.

They had the following children:

  M ii James Terrell FONTAINE
  F iii Mary Anne FONTAINE
  F iv Elizabeth FONTAINE was born on 5 Sep 1780 in , Louisa, Virginia. She died on 16 Jan 1807 in , Fayette, Kentucky.
  F v Matilda Martha FONTAINE
  F vi Martha "Patsy" Minor FONTAINE
  F vii Sarah F. "Sally" FONTAINE
  F viii Maria Merwin FONTAINE
  F ix America FONTAINE
  M x William Maury FONTAINE was born on 16 Jan 1793 in Louisa, , Virginia. He died on 27 Jan 1872 in , Clarke, AL.
  F xi Barbara Carr FONTAINE
  F xii Ann Overton "Nancy" FONTAINE

Richard TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1758. He married Lucy CARR on 5 Oct 1792 in , , Virginia.

See notes under Richard (#3871)

Lucy CARR was born about 1760. She married Richard TERRILL on 5 Oct 1792 in , , Virginia.

Nicholas Hunter MERIWETHER was born about 1760. He married Rebecca TERRILL on 26 Feb 1787.

Went by "Hunter". An apparent descendant, Nelson H. Meriwether, speaks of Rebecca Terrell Meriwether baking the treasured old fruitcake of the Meriwether family. So, each year he and his wife bake many pounds of it. He had the Artscraft Press of Columbia, MO. He tells of a group of Terrells in Oregon who are of teh Rebecca Terrell family, from Tenn. and Kty. He has had much correspondence with the Meriwether connection in Texas, mentions Huff family (Ellsberry bulletin).

Rebecca TERRILL [Parents] was born in 1764. was buried in , Lincoln Co., Missouri. Rebecca married Nicholas Hunter MERIWETHER on 26 Feb 1787.

buried on Frank Meriwether farm.

Timothy TERRILL [Parents] was born on 22 Jun 1739 in , of Ashe, NC. He died in 1781. Timothy married Elizabeth.

Dicken says son of Joseph, but no proof quoted.
Timothy was killed by Indians on a scouting trip to Georgia. His father may have been Hezikiah Terrill. I had this note:

In the "Annals of Tennessee", p. 95, is
an account of a company of adventurers who, in 1769, organized for the purpose of hunting and exploring what was later known as Middle Tennessee. These men were from Virginia and N.C. Among the persons named were Obediah Terrill. In "Tennessee the Volunteer State, Vol. I, p. 103" in referring to the Cumberland settlement said, "Of those who are known and who made some impress of their presence was Obediah Terrell among eleven persons named" In the first volume, p. 455, the author told of three men were killed in the year 1781 in that section of Tennessee by parties of Indians, including Timothy Terrill of N.C. In 1755 and 1756 in the tax list in Orange Co., N.C. was a Timothy Terrill and a Obediah Terrill.

Elizabeth was born on 24 Feb 1753 in , of Ashe, NC. She died on 1 Nov 1814. Elizabeth married Timothy TERRILL.

Information is from a bible record submitted by Mrs. W.H. Welch of Lansng, MI.
After first husband killed, she married again and lived in Grayson Co., VA, which borders on N.C. Some of the family later moved to Kty.

They had the following children:

  M i Hezikiah TERRILL was born about 1770 in , of Grayson, VA.

He moved from Grayson, Va. to Kentucky with James Robertson Cox.

I received the email below which may be this man:

Sent: Sunday, May 16, 1999 8:57 AM

I am researching Hezekiah Terrill who migrated into KY from VA late 1700s
early 1800's. He md Emily Amelia Ellen Little in VA prior to the move
west. Do you have anything on him or his parents?
  F ii Elizabeth TERRILL
  M iii William TERRILL
  M iv Obediah TERRILL was born on 3 Sep 1774 in , of Grayson, VA.
  F v Anne TERRILL was born on 10 Aug 1776.
  F vi Sarah TERRILL
  F vii Lucy TERRILL

John TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1811. He married Mollie VINCENT in 1829 in , Henry Co., Georgia.

Mollie VINCENT was born about 1812. She married John TERRILL in 1829 in , Henry Co., Georgia.

John TERRILL was born about 1770/1775. He died in 1829/1830 in , Henry Co., Georgia. John married Marian (Maryann).

This family information was sent to me in June 1994 by: Lee Y. Ponder, 1008 Oren Ave., Lady Lake, FL 32159-2446. He was looking for a connection to the Terrill line I had, but I could not give him one. He spelled name "Terrell".

Marian (Maryann) was born about 1790. She married John TERRILL.

They had the following children:

  F i Nancy TERRILL
  F ii Margaret TERRILL
  M iii Ignatious TERRILL
  M iv John TERRILL
  F v Polly TERRILL
  M vi Absolom TERRILL

Richard HEATH was born about 1795. He married Nancy TERRILL on 8 Mar 1815.

Nancy TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1795. She married Richard HEATH on 8 Mar 1815.

Descendant is: Bridgett H. Graham, 5205 Valleybrook Trace, Birmingham, AL 35244. She is descended from thier son, Abel Heath,who was in Coosa Co., AL in 1870. Information from Terrell Trails.

Archibald B. TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1755. He married Sarah HUTCHINSON in , , Virginia.

Mentioned as settling in Woodford Co., Kty. in 1807, and being from Orange Co., VA, in the "History of Woodford County, Kentucky", along with Presley Terrill. Both were Revolutionary War veterans. His biography is given in the "Woodford County History", which lists his family as given here. The first five children were born in Orange Co. VA, and the last five in Kentucky.

Sarah HUTCHINSON was born about 1770. She married Archibald B. TERRILL in , , Virginia.

They had the following children:

  M i Vivian TERRILL was born about 1790.

Served in the War of 1812
  F ii Sidney TERRILL
  F iii Susan TERRILL
  F iv Martha TERRILL
  M v William H. TERRILL Dr.
  M vi Presley TERRILL Jr. was born about 1808 in , , Kentucky.
  M vii John TERRILL
  M viii Reuben TERRILL was born about 1812 in , , Kentucky.
  M ix Edmund TERRILL
  F x Agnes (Agatha) TERRILL was born about 1816.

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