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Capt. James MARTIN was born about 1690. He married Elizabeth CRAWFORD.

Elizabeth CRAWFORD was born about 1695. She married Capt. James MARTIN.

They had the following children:

  F i Sarah MARTIN

Stephen LACY [Parents] was born on 19 Nov 1775 in , Albemarle, Virginia. He died on 17 Apr 1849 in St. Louis, MO. Stephen married Betsy DAVENPORT on 3 Jun 1799 in Albemarle Co., VA.

Had the following children:

Charles C. (probably Christian) Lacy
Richard Davenport Lacy
Benjamin Lacy (1802-1860)
John Lewis Lacy, b. 1808
Jesse Lacy (1809-1849)
Walter Logan Lacy, b. 1815
Lewis Fernandez Lacy (1817-1863)
Mary Ann Lacy, b. 1818

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Betsy DAVENPORT was born on 4 Jun 1777 in Albemarle Co., VA. She married Stephen LACY on 3 Jun 1799 in Albemarle Co., VA.

Stephen LACY [Parents] was born about 1710 in , , Virginia. He died in 1772 in , , Virginia. Stephen married ANDERSON.

Other marriages:

ANDERSON was born about 1712. She died about 1738. married Stephen LACY.

Reportedly also had an unidentified son besides these two children.

They had the following children:

  M i Thomas LACY was born about 1730 in Hanover Co., VA.
  F ii Mary LACY was born about 1732 in , , Virginia.

William QUAYLE Col. was born on 18 Oct 1825 in Kirk, Michael Parish, Isle of Man. He died in 1901. William married Sarah HENDERSON.

Other marriages:
TERRILL, Mary Elizabeth

Information from "History of Randolph and Macon Counties, 1881", apparently biography written while he was still alive. Although not mentioned in his biography noted in the above book, another reference says that he was a Colonel in the Confederate Army. The Quayle history by Alexandros Quayle in 1925 also gives this title. Another source gives his parents and says that William emigrated in 1827 to Ontario Co., N.Y. and later went to Tarrant Co., Texas. Quayle says that he was "Senior Captain of five ships in Greenland when a young man". Also below:

QUAYLE, WILLIAM (1825-1901). William Quayle, Civil War officer, was born in Kirk Michael Parish, Isle of Man, on October 18, 1825. His parents came to America when he was a child and settled in Ontario County, New York. He attended Canadagua Academy. He went to sea for nearly ten years and eventually became a captain. He later traveled in Europe and Asia and was broken in health upon his return to America. He moved to Texas in the 1850s and settled near Grapevine, where he served as a district clerk, district judge, and chief justice of Tarrant County. He was opposed to secession; nonetheless he organized Company A, Ninth Texas Cavalry, the first company to leave Tarrant County for Confederate service. As lieutenant colonel he commanded the regiment at the battles of Pea Ridge and Corinth but soon returned to Tarrant County in poor health. Shortly after Quayle's return he won election to the state Senate and took his seat in February 1863. He served as cochairman on the Joint Committee on Frontier Protection and worked to push through the bill to transfer the Frontier Regiment to the Confederate Army and to form the state-supported Frontier Organization. In January 1864 Governor Pendleton Murrah appointed Quayle major in command of the First Frontier District, the nineteen organized counties on the state's northwestern frontier. From headquarters at Decatur, Quayle struggled throughout the spring and summer to maintain order in this, the most complex and difficult district to manage in the entire frontier organization. As well as patrolling against Indian raids, his men were kept busy searching for deserters, draft dodgers, and renegades. By summer's end, with his health failing, Quayle requested to be relieved. His replacement, James Webb Throckmorton, took command of the district on December 13, 1864. Quayle served briefly as Throckmorton's second-in-command until March 1865, when poor health required him to take a furlough. At the end of the war Quayle joined other Confederate officers and moved to Mexico for several years. He returned to Texas briefly, then moved to Missouri, where he lived the remainder of his life. He first married Sarah Henderson of Mississippi, then Elizabeth Terrill of Missouri. Quayle died at his home in Moberly, Missouri, on August 8, 1901.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Confederate Veteran, August 1902. Hans Peter Nielsen Gammel, comp., Laws of Texas, 1822-1897 (10 vols., Austin: Gammel, 1898). Julia Kathryn Garrett, Fort Worth: A Frontier Triumph (Austin: Encino, 1972). David Paul Smith, Frontier Defense in Texas, 1861-1865 (Ph.D. dissertation, North Texas State University, 1987). Texas Legislature, Senate Journal, 9th Leg., 1st called sess., 1863; 10th Leg., reg. sess., 1863. The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies (Washington: GPO, 1880-1901).

Sarah HENDERSON was born about 1830 in Mississippi. She died about 1857. Sarah married William QUAYLE Col..

L. Boyd WHITMAN was born about 1875. He married Enid TERRILL.

Enid TERRILL [Parents] was born in 1877/1878 in Missouri. She married L. Boyd WHITMAN.

Children are:
.................... 3 Jeannette WHITMAN 1900 -
........................ +Gene WILSON 1898 -
.................... 3 Denzil WHITMAN 1906 -
........................ +Eva May SIMS
.................... 3 Daughter WHITMAN 1919 -
.................... 3 Daughter WHITMAN 1921 -
.................... 3 Daughter WHITMAN 1923 -

George Ed MCDONALD was born in 1870. He married Nellie TERRILL.

Nellie TERRILL [Parents] was born in 1880. She married George Ed MCDONALD.

Had one child, Monroe E. McDonald (1900-1933)

James Edwin NORNELL was born in 1871. He died in 1939. James married Bessie L. TERRILL.

Bessie L. TERRILL [Parents] was born in 1882. She married James Edwin NORNELL.

William C. TERRILL [Parents] was born in 1804. He died in 1838.

He had the following children:

  M i John E. TERRILL

John E. TERRILL [Parents] was born in 1830. He died in Feb 1863.

He had the following children:

  M i William Coella TERRILL

William Coella TERRILL [Parents] was born on 7 Sep 1859. He died on 7 Jul 1930.

He had the following children:

  M i David TERRILL was born on 31 Aug 1921. He died on 17 Mar 1971.

I got this line 3/00 from his son: George Terrill

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