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Robert TERRILL [Parents] was born on 19 Sep 1697 in , New Kent Co., Virginia and was christened on 25 Dec 1697 in St. Peter's Chur, New Kent Co., Virginia. He died on 13 Feb 1786 in , Orange Co., Virginia. Robert married Mary FOSTER about 1723 in , Orange Co., Virginia.

Reference Terrill Bulletin by Ellsberry. His will is printed in the Virginia Historical Magazine, dated Feb. 13, 1786, probated 23 Mar 1786. Mentions son, Robert Terrill; Robert Moore, Francis Moore, Bernard Moore, and Alexander Moore, all children of his dtr. Ann Moore (deceased); Lyda Murry and Elizabeth Murry, children of dtr. Sarah Murry (deceased); grandchild William Moore, son of dtr. Ann Moore (deceased); other sons John Terrill and William Terrill and dtr. Mary Hudson; Mary Towles, Ann Towles, Joseph Towles, Jane Towles, Fanny Towles, children of dtr. Sarah, wife of Joseph Towles (deceased); unnamed children of Edmund Terrill (deceased); Ephraim Rucker, Reuben Rucker, Mary Creed, and Elizabeth Herring, children of dtr. Elizabeth (deceased); Rush Hudson, grandson. Sons John and William are named executors. Robert married his own aunt. His wife, Mary Foster (b. 1700) was a sister to Robert's mother, Elizabeth Foster (b. 1670), both dtrs. of John Foster and Ann Moore.

Mary FOSTER [Parents] was born about 1701 in , Orange Co., Virginia. She died in 1783/1786 in , Orange Co., Virginia. Mary married Robert TERRILL about 1723 in , Orange Co., Virginia.

Mary was the aunt of husband Robert. Robert's mother was Elizabeth Foster, and Elizabeth's brother was John Foster, Mary's father.

They had the following children:

  F i Sarah TERRILL
  M ii John TERRILL
  M iii Robert TERRILL
  F iv Ann TERRILL
  M v William TERRILL
  F vi Mary TERRILL
  M vii Edmund TERRILL
  F viii Elizabeth TERRILL
  M ix Reuben TERRILL

John WILLIS [Parents] was born about 1710. He died about 1762 in , Orange Co., Virginia. John married Elizabeth PLUNKETT.

Son William, was one of the executors and son John was a witness to Edmund Terrill's will. John Willis's will was dated 1762. John also had the following children not entered: Sarah Ann, John, Frances, James, Reuben, Lewis, Moses and Mary. I have a Willis GED given to me by Bill Ikerd, ozarkike@carrollsweb.com that includes hundreds of Willis persons. These were not entered here unless a direct ancestor to me, John Wayland.

Elizabeth PLUNKETT [Parents] was born about 1715. She died on 3 Mar 1798 in , Madison Co., Virginia. Elizabeth married John WILLIS.

Other marriages:

Another Plunkett married into the Waylands...see #1337.

They had the following children:

  M i Benjamin WILLIS was born about 1738 in , Orange Co., Virginia. He died in , Orange Co., Virginia.

He left 100 acres to his sister Margaret in his will. He was a bachelor.
  M ii Joshua WILLIS
  F iii Margaret WILLIS
  M iv William P. WILLIS

William WILLIS [Parents] was born about 1670 in Richmond, , Virginia. He died before 1717 in Richmond, , Virginia. William married Sarah about 1708.

I had his wife as Bridget Robinson, and his father as being Henry Willis. The Willis GED I received from Bill Ikerd disproved that and I have entered the line here as he had it.

Sarah was born about 1675 in Middlesex, , Virginia. She died after 18 Jun 1760. Sarah married William WILLIS about 1708.

Other marriages:
WOOD, Henry

They had the following children:

  M i John WILLIS

John SHROPSHIRE was born about 1710. He married Elizabeth PLUNKETT.

Elizabeth PLUNKETT [Parents] was born about 1715. She died on 3 Mar 1798 in , Madison Co., Virginia. Elizabeth married John SHROPSHIRE.

Other marriages:

Another Plunkett married into the Waylands...see #1337.

John PLUNKETT was born in 1685. He married Frances FRANK.

Frances FRANK [Parents] was born about 1685. She married John PLUNKETT.

They had the following children:

  F i Elizabeth PLUNKETT

William CORNELIUS was born in 1766. He died in 1814 in , , Alabama. William married Elizabeth Plunkett TERRILL in 1784 in , , Virginia.

Info. from Cornelius family bible (Ellsberry).

Elizabeth Plunkett TERRILL [Parents] was born on 4 Apr 1762 in , , Virginia. She died on 18 Feb 1847 in , Dearborn Co., Indiana and was buried in Mount Sinai Cem., Aurora, Indiana. Elizabeth married William CORNELIUS in 1784 in , , Virginia.

Had 3 or 4 other children besides this one known. It is supposed that she lived with her son, George, after the death of her husband in 1814.

They had the following children:

  M i George CORNELIUS

Reuben RUCKER [Parents] was born about 1764. He married Mary Foster TERRILL on 28 Dec 1785.

Mary and Reuben were cousins, according to my notes. However, other notes give Reuben's parents as Angus and Jane Rucker. If Angus was his grandfather, he would have been a little old for the Rev. War in 1776 (age about 56).
Connie Wallace Perdue (see note under wife Mary) gives Reuben's year of death as 1827.

Mary Foster TERRILL [Parents] was born on 12 Jun 1766. She married Reuben RUCKER on 28 Dec 1785.

Reuben was her cousin. In September of 1994, I received a letter from a Connie Wallace Perdue, 9400 Ashton Ridge, Austin, Texas 78750, phone: 512-258-4546. She gave her descendancy from Mary and Reuben downward seven more generations: Reuben Rucker Jr.; James Rucker; Margaret Rucker (Magrill); Alex Magrill; Alexander Magrill; Nettye Magrill (Perdue); Charles Perdue (husband of Connie). She gave a date of death of 1808 for Mary Terrill.

They had the following children:

  F i Nancy RUCKER

John TERRILL [Parents] was born on 13 Aug 1768. He died on 11 Oct 1850 in , Howard Co., Missouri. John married Rebecca CORNELIUS on 20 Apr 1789 in , Culpeper Co., Virginia.

Other marriages:
LACY, Mary "Polly"

Lived in Virginia until 1806, when moved to Kentucky. Stayed there until 1819 when he moved to Missouri, where he stayed until his death. He was a farmer. His children are named in his will, dated 1849. After his first wife died, he married his brother's wife, Mary.

In 1799 John bought 1200 acres next to Thomas Jefferson in Albemarle Co., VA. In 1806 They moved to Greenup Co., KY, and in 1819 moved to Howard Co, MO. He is buried along with his two wives in a private cemetary on his farm of 640 acres tht he and Rebecca had bought near Armstrong, MO., in Howard Co.

Reference: "The Terrill Family" in the book, "The History of Randolph Co." (Missouri), 1884. The 1850 Howard Co., MO. census shows John age 82, b. VA, and Mary age 75, b. VA. Family descendant has a letter from granddtr stating that John had 12 children, but only 11 listed here. Perhaps one died in infancy. Under son, Joshua, John is referred to as the "late Rev. J.W. Terrill."

He is found on the 1850 Howard Co. MO Census on the folowing page. He is 82 and wife Mary is 75, both b. VA. With them on the page is their son Joshua, and his family.

From Boone County Court, Kentucky, Guardian & Administrator Bonds 1820-1856, page 413. John Terrill was appointed guardian of his son George's infant orphans Wm. E, Edm' and Louisa Terrill. Dated September 4, 1834.

Rebecca CORNELIUS was born on 23 Jul 1773 in , Culpepper Co., Virginia. She died on 13 Oct 1845 in , Howard Co., Missouri. Rebecca married John TERRILL on 20 Apr 1789 in , Culpeper Co., Virginia.

Ellsberry has same month and day but gives year of death as 1845. Also, I got email from Lou Myers saying: "According to the same Cemetery records Rebecca Cornelius died on Oct 13, 1845
at age 72 yr 2m and 24 days so I will stick with the 1845 date for her." I have therefore changed her dod to this.

I got the following email in 7/98 from Lucy Ficklin Dill :

I must tell you that one of the other treasures I have in my home
is the old spinning wheel first used by Rebecca Cornelius. My grandfather found it it an old smoke house in Kentucky so he took it home to Littleton,
CO and had it restored. It was of course in his home until he passed in
1936 and kept by my grandmother until she passed in 1977. My older brother, Walter Hurd Ficklin, then had it in his home. When Walt passed suddenly in 1993, I became the grateful recipient of the treasure.

They had the following children:

  F i Margaret TERRILL
  M ii George C. TERRILL
  M iii James A. TERRILL
  M iv John TERRILL Jr.
  M v Reuben TERRILL
  M vi William M. TERRILL
  M vii Fountain TERRILL
  M viii Robert TERRILL
  F ix Mildred TERRILL
  F x Penelope TERRILL
  M xi Joshua Willis TERRILL Rev.

Edmund TERRILL [Parents] was born on 9 Feb 1770. He died about 1807. Edmund married Mary Jane MAXWELL in Mar 1790.

Some referencies say that he may have had another wife, Elizabeth Jones.* I do not have dates of birth on children and the dates are rough guesses; they may be off 20 years due to order of birth. The marriage dates are given on the first six children and the order of birth is estimated from that. I did not enter the marriage date on Nancy, since it is given as 1803 and her father was only age 13 on that date. The two youngest children are listed as "orphans" at the time the father's estate was settled in January of 1808, so they were underage. The practice was to list the children as "orphans" even though their mother was still alive, as was the case here. Another source says that
Edmund had sons John & James listed in the Ky. Deed Bk. J, p. 160. *Since Mary survived Edmund, he could hardly have had a second wife unless she was first.

Mary Jane MAXWELL was born about 1770. She died in 1819. Mary married Edmund TERRILL in Mar 1790.

Estate settled in October of 1819; date of death assumed from this.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary Ann "Mirian" TERRILL
  F ii Elizabeth TERRILL
  M iii Oliver TERRILL
  F iv Lucy TERRILL
  M v Henry Towles TERRILL
  F vi Mary "Polly" TERRILL

Augustine CORNELIUS was born about 1768. He married Sarah TERRILL on 10 Mar 1790 in , Orange Co., Virginia.

Ellsberry says that he is probably a brother of Rebecca Cornelius, first wife of John Sr. and also of William Cornelius, husband of Elizabeth Plunkett Terrill.

Sarah TERRILL [Parents] was born on 4 Jan 1772 in , , Virginia. She married Augustine CORNELIUS on 10 Mar 1790 in , Orange Co., Virginia.

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