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Johnson TERRILL [Parents] was born on 2 Jul 1786. He married Elizabeth TERRILL in 1805.

Moved to Clinton Co., Ohio.

Elizabeth TERRILL [Parents] was born in 1781. She died in 1873. Elizabeth married Johnson TERRILL in 1805.

Samuel SMITHSON was born about 1780. He married Mary TERRILL on 21 Feb 1802.

Mary TERRILL [Parents] was born on 2 Jul 1784. She married Samuel SMITHSON on 21 Feb 1802.

Moved to Highland County, Ohio

John MARTIN was born about 1775. He married Elizabeth TERRILL.

Elizabeth TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1776. She married John MARTIN.

William H. NELSON was born about 1828. He married Susan TERRILL on 25 Dec 1849 in , Boone Co., Kentucky.

Susan TERRILL [Parents] was born on 13 Nov 1830 in , Boone Co., Kentucky. She died on 13 Jan 1865 in , Boone Co., Kentucky. Susan married William H. NELSON on 25 Dec 1849 in , Boone Co., Kentucky.

Joseph Wray RICHARDSON was born about 1880. He married Susy RATLIFF.

Susy RATLIFF [Parents] was born about 1890. She married Joseph Wray RICHARDSON.

There is a Susie Ratliff listed as a graduate of Moberly High School in 1908.

They had the following children:

  F i Living

Stephen NEAL was born about 1782. He married Nancy TERRILL on 31 Oct 1815 in Halifax Co., VA.

Nancy TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1785. She married Stephen NEAL on 31 Oct 1815 in Halifax Co., VA.

John CROSSWHITE was born about 1780. He married Nancy HOSICK on 28 Jan 1800 in , Madison Co., Kentucky.

Got this 3/99 from: Burt Crosswhite

"You apparently have information on Howard County natives. If you do, I have been trying to positively identify the parents of Dr. J. H. Crosswhite: In the 1880's, Dr. J. H. Crosswhite of Armstrong, MO was present at the births and deaths of many people in Howard Co., MO.

I believe he was James Henry Crosswhite, b. 1858, the son of William Crosswhite, Jr. and Ormazinda (Holloway) Crosswhite of Randolph County, MO"

I had nothing on this man to help him. In 1/00, I received this from him:

"It is a fact of record that a John Crosswhite and Nancy Hosick got married in 1800 in Madison County, KY. What is not clear, and what has NEVER been documented, but has been researched by serious Crosswhite researchers, is that this John Crosswhite has not been determined to be the John Crosswhite who settled in Franklin County, AL.

If you have any evidence, documention, proof - whatever, that this couple (John and Nancy (Hosick) Crosswhite) were ever in Franklin County, AL - or anything that might suggest what happened to them after they got married - I know several thousand Alabama Crosswhite
descendents who want to know - as does others of us who have researched this mystery for many years.

Please understand I am only saying that without any proof whatsoever, John Crosswhite who married in 1800 in Madison County, KY, is an unknown person and we don't know where he went after 1800 - except most probably to Livingston County, KY with the Hosick family.

Burt Crosswhite "

Nancy HOSICK [Parents] was born in 1781. She died in 1840 in , Franklin Co., AL. Nancy married John CROSSWHITE on 28 Jan 1800 in , Madison Co., Kentucky.

Had a large number of children, who are listed at: http://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=gedfam&f0=F2412&f1=416

Aquilla SNOW was born about 1780. He married Rachel HOSICK on 12 Mar 1806 in , Madison Co., Kentucky.

Rachel HOSICK [Parents] was born in 1786 in , Greenbrier Co., Kentucky. She married Aquilla SNOW on 12 Mar 1806 in , Madison Co., Kentucky.

E. W. VAUGHAN was born about 1840. He died before 1904. E. married Mary C. TERRILL.

Mary C. TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1844. She died after 1904. Mary married E. W. VAUGHAN.

John Horace TERRILL [Parents] was born on 12 Mar 1815 in Richmond, , Virginia. He died in 1876 in Paducah, , Kentucky. John married Martha GRUNDY in 1842.

Memorial Record of Western Kentucky, Lewis Publishing Company, 1904,
pp 560-562 [McCracken]
JOHN HORACE TERRELL, deceased was born in Richmond, Virginia,
March 12, 1815, and died in Paducah, Kentucky, in 1876. He was a
son of Chiles and Cordelia (Upshaw) Terrell, both natives of
Virginia. His parents came to Kentucky in 1835 and settled on a
farm at old Wilmington, the first county seat of McCracken county.
While his father resided on a farm, farming was incident in his
life, for he was a pioneer school teacher, and teaching was his
profession. He was a well educated man and a very competent
instructor. Both he and his wife died here.
Their son, John Horace Terrell, received a fair education and
early in life embarked in business of various forms. As a
speculator he was successful and eventually acquired large real
estate possessions, much of which were farm lands, which
deteriorated much n value in consequence of the Civil war.
Nevertheless he died leaving a fair estate, which under the
excellent business management of his widow materially increased inworth.
In 1842 he married Miss Martha Grundy. She was born in
Washington county, Kentucky, December 6, 1824. Her parents were
George and Mary (Logan) Grundy, the former a native of Washington
county, Kentucky, and the latter a native of Virginia. Mrs.
Terrell's paternal grandfather was John Grundy and her maternal
grandfather was David Logan, and both were born in Virginia and were
of Scotch descent. George Grundy was a farmer by occupation and in
1837 he settled in McCracken county, Kentucky, locating on the
property now known as Grundy Hill, two miles from Paducah. Here he
and his wife passed away in death. They were Methodists in church
faith, and numbered among the respected pioneers of McCracken
county. He died in 1840, aged about forty-eight years. His wife
survived him many years and died aged seventy-nine years. While
living in Washington county he served in the legislature of Kentucky
some two or three terms. To him and his wife were born the
following children: William, John, David, Benjamin, George, Robert,
Thomas and Samuel, the sons, all of whom are deceased, and the
daughters were Susan (now Mrs. Stone, of Louisville), and Martha
(the widow of our subject), the daughters being the only survivorsof the family.
To the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Terrell were born the following
children: Mary C., widow of E. W. Vaughan; Susan, deceased; and
Nannie, single and living with her mother in Paducah.
Mrs. Terrell is well known in Paducah, to which city she and
her husband came in the year 1853, since when she has resided here.
She is respected for many excellent traits of character, both of
mind and heart. She bears her age well, retaining health and mental
faculties to a remarkable degree, her recollections of earlier days
being very entertaining. Her life has been that of a consistent
Christian, a member of the Presbyterian church.

Martha GRUNDY was born on 6 Dec 1824 in , Washington Co., Kentucky. She died after 1904. Martha married John Horace TERRILL in 1842.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary C. TERRILL
  F ii Susan TERRILL was born about 1846. She died before 1904.
  F iii Nannie TERRILL was born about 1850. She died after 1904.

Apparently never married.

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