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Terrill/Terrill/Tyrrell Lines

William MONTAGU [Parents] was born about 1430. He married Mary BUTLINE.

Mary BUTLINE was born about 1430. She married William MONTAGU.

They had the following children:

  M i Richard MONTAGU

Addie Maye TERRILL [Parents] was born on 27 Oct 1883 in , Halifax Co., Virginia. He died on 24 Jul 1968 in Leesburg, , Virginia. Addie married Harvey Street POWERS on 22 Apr 1906 in , Lunenburg Co., Virginia.

Harvey Street POWERS was born on 3 Mar 1882 in , Lunenburg Co., Virginia. She died on 25 Sep 1962 in , Lunenburg Co., Virginia. Harvey married Addie Maye TERRILL on 22 Apr 1906 in , Lunenburg Co., Virginia.

They had the following children:

  M i Claude Street POWERS

James TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1730. He married Judith.

Judith was born about 1735. She married James TERRILL.

They had the following children:

  F i Susannah TERRILL was born about 1755.
  F ii Elizabeth H. TERRILL was born about 1757.
  F iii Mary "Polly" TERRILL was born about 1760.
  F iv Ann "Nancy" TERRILL was born about 1762.
  M v William TERRILL was born about 1765.
  M vi John TERRILL was born about 1767.

Joseph TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1761 in Virginia. He died in Nov 1826 in , Elbert Co., Georgia. Joseph married Elizabeth CHISOLM on 6 Nov 1784 in , Charlotte Co., Virginia. The parent relationship has been challenged; he had other parents.

One person says that the Joseph who m. Elizabeth Chisolm was the son of William Terrell and Frances Wingfield and grandson of Joel Terrell and Elizabeth Oxford. But this is probably not correct with the following..

From: [email protected] (Harvey Powers):

"Joseph Terrell was named in the land lottery in Georgia as a Revolutionary War soldier. Historian Don Terrell ("The Terrell Family," 1988) also lists him as a Revolutionary war soldier.

He moved to Elbert County, Georgia, in 1791. He bought 270 acres of land 28 Sep 1791. Joseph sold his land in Halifax County, Virginia, 25 Nov 1791. In an 1850 Georgia census, he notes his son Joseph R. Terrell was born in Virginia. Three of Joseph's children (Margaret, James and John) moved to Jefferson County, Alabama."

Elizabeth CHISOLM was born about 1765. She married Joseph TERRILL on 6 Nov 1784 in , Charlotte Co., Virginia.

They had the following children:

  M i William Cook TERRILL
  M ii Joseph Reed TERRILL
  F iii Sarah TERRILL
  M iv James T. TERRILL
  M v John W. TERRILL
  F vi Margaret Cole TERRILL
  F vii Elizabeth TERRILL

Joseph Reed TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1786 in Virginia. He died in 1850. Joseph married Elizabeth HOFF.

From: [email protected] (Harvey Powers):

In the Census of 1830, there is a Joseph R. Terrell in Pickens County, SC (just over the line from GA). He is listed with a wife and three sons. By 1840, he is shown with a wife, two teen age sons and two daughters under 10 years. In the 1850 census, he is shown as age 64 with a wife, Elizabeth, born in Georgia, age 64.

Elizabeth HOFF was born about 1790. She married Joseph Reed TERRILL.

They had the following children:

  M i James D. TERRILL

Living [Parents]


Claude Street POWERS [Parents] was born on 28 Jun 1908 in , Lunenburg Co., Virginia. He died on 3 Mar 1975 in South Hill, , Virginia. Claude married Helen Vaughan ELLER on 16 Oct 1933 in New York, , NY.

Helen Vaughan ELLER was born on 16 Mar 1904 in Philadelphia, , PA. She died on 1 Dec 1979 in Richmond, , Virginia. Helen married Claude Street POWERS on 16 Oct 1933 in New York, , NY.

They had the following children:

  M i Living

Thomas Darracott TERRILL [Parents] was born in 1783. He married Sarah LIVINGSTON in 1817.

Other marriages:

Sarah LIVINGSTON was born about 1785. She married Thomas Darracott TERRILL in 1817.

They had the following children:

  M i Richmond J. TERRILL was born about 1820.

Philemon TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1722. He died before 1766. Philemon married Elizabeth.

If he belongs in the family, he probably died before the 1766 will probated for his father, as he is not listed. Name on this line down is spelled "Terrell."

The following was posted by Annette :

"My gggg-grandmother Mary Terrell b.1-27-1787, d.10-12-1864 married Reason F. Swilley. I have her parents as Philemon & Elizabeth Terrill."

This is found on: http://www.gate.net/~sigmar/ratcliff/terrell.html

"A few generations from our early immigrants, we find Philemon Terrell Sr. living in South Carolina. He was born about 1744 and the son of a James Terrell. Philemon Terrell Sr. purchased 100 acres of land south of Cheek's Creek in Anson County, N.C., which he sold in 1766. This land is currently located north of present day Pekin, N.C., an area of rolling hills often filled with wild flowers in the warm season.

Philemon Terrell Sr. married Elizabeth, whose maiden name is unknown. They married in the early 1770s as their first child was born about 1774. Records indicate they had 10 children: Philemon Terrell Jr., Pierce Terrell, Mary Terrell Williams, Josiah Terrell, Nancy Terrell Stanaland, John Terrell, Doriety Terrell Willcox, Elizabeth Terrell Curry, Malcolm B. Terrell, and Lucy Terrell Dees.

By 1778, Philemon Terrell Sr. had located to the area known today as Robeson County, N.C. He obtained a land grant in 1779. He owned land north of Drowning Creek and on the south side of Ten Mile Swamp. He lived on the west side of Great Swamp, which today is east of the town of Lumberton, N.C. The area is known as the "Burnt Islands" in present day Wishart Township.

Philemon Terrell Sr. and his brother Richmond BOTH served in the Revolutionary War in N.C. Philemon's Wilmington District payment voucher, #674 for Revolutionary service pay roll #500, was dated 6 July 1782 for which he received 6 pounds and 15 shillings. Voucher # 3165 indicates he later received another 15 shillings for his service.

Philemon Terrell Sr. and his brother Richmond Terrell lived next door to each other in Robeson County, as noted on the First Census of the United States taken in 1790. There was a Robert Terrell living close by, likely a relation, who had a grist mill. Philemon Terrell Sr. had received N.C. land grants in 1779, 1780, 1784, and 1791.

Both Philemon and Richmond Terrell raised their families there in North Carolina and likely received some form of bounty land in Georgia for their Revolutionary War service. On 6 October 1795, Philemon Terrell Sr. sold all four surveys of his North Carolina land.

Methods of travel in those early days was often by river, and migration over land averaged about 10 miles per day. As new territories opened up, there was an influx of settlers hoping to obtain more fertile land for agriculture and better living.

By 1800, Philemon Terrell Sr. had relocated his family to Taylor's Creek in Liberty County, Georgia. Liberty County was known for its many residents bent on the cause of Liberty, hence its name. Philemon Terrell Sr. and many of his older sons are noted as having served on juries in Liberty County. Records indicate Philemon Terrell Sr. died by early 1813, as the family sold all of his estate in 1816. Philemon Terrell Sr.'s estate included a total of 600 acres with 550 pines and 5 slaves.

It is fitting that our Revolutionary War Soldier, Philemon Terrell Sr. was likely laid to rest in Liberty County, Georgia on land that is now part of Fort Stewart U.S. Air Force Base. No marked grave exists for Philemon Terrell Sr., and security clearance into that area requires advanced planning in order to visit.

After the sale of Philemon Terrell Sr.'s estate, Elizabeth Terrell and many of the children headed west with the Ratcliff family. Philemon Terrell Jr. and his wife Margaret Ann Ratcliff from whom we descend, also relocated. The families possibly stopped for a brief period in Pulaski County, Georgia.

A story from the Texas branch of this family tells of how the family left Fort Mims, Alabama prior to the famous Creek Indian "Massacre of Fort Mims". This massacre occurred on 30 August 1813.

The family first appears on records in Marion County, Mississippi, and then on tax rolls in Covington County. Elizabeth Terrell died after 1824 in Mississippi, yet estate records on her have not yet been located if any do exist."

Elizabeth was born about 1740. She married Philemon TERRILL.

They had the following children:

  M i Richmond TERRILL was born about 1775.
  M ii Philemon TERRILL Jr.

Thomas DELANY was born about 1750. He married Martha TERRILL in 1774 in , Bedford Co., Virginia.

Martha TERRILL [Parents] was born about 1759 in Halifax Co., VA. She married Thomas DELANY in 1774 in , Bedford Co., Virginia.

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