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John E. GODARD was born about 1855. He married Mary TERRILL.

Mary TERRILL [Parents] was born in 1857. She married John E. GODARD.

In 1860 census as age 4. See: https://sites.rootsweb.com/~usgenweb/mo/randolph/census/1860/0759.gif

Alfred "Zoll" TERRY was born in 1858. He died in 1932. Alfred married Florence TERRILL.

Florence TERRILL [Parents] was born in 1866. She married Alfred "Zoll" TERRY.

The book, "Old Families of Randolph County, Missouri", on p. 271, gives a marriage of Alfred Terry to a Florence Terrill. There is no evidence that this is the right Florence, but it is a good bet.

John LAND [Parents] was born in 1759 in VA. He died in 1804 in Jessamine Co., KY. John married Elizabeth BARLOW in 1780.

Other marriages:
RENFRO, Narcissus Rebecca

Served as Pvt. in Doherty's Co., 10th Regiment under Col. Abraham Aheppard (Sheppard?). Reference: N.C. State Records Vol. XVI, page 1106. Revolutionary War Veteran. In September of 1994, I received correspondence from a Ms. Carol Ann Petrich Flores of 11606 Sagelink Drive, Houston, TX 77089-4434. She has records on the Land lineage and shows a John Land, b. abt 1755 in VA and died in Georgia about 1830 marrying a Ruth Fountain (abt 1764-1830 GA). She also has a Henry Land (c1757-1840) m. Easter Fountain. This was likely the brother of John Land as the dates are right and it was quite common in those days for brothers to marry sisters. I received the following email:

From: [email protected]
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 07:42:06 EDT
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: LAND

Hi John,

I think you might be interested in the following information from Camden District (not county), SC, Wills and Administrations, 1781-1787:

LAND, JAMES. Apt. 39 Pck. 1427.
John KITCHEN for him and wife applied for admn, 26 Apr 1782. Citation read at Rocky Creek 14 May 1782, by John SIMPSON, VDM. Bond: John KITCHEN admr; William (X) GLADEN, John (X) DYE, sec., 25 May 1782.
Warrant of appraisement to William GLADDEN (sic), John DYE, Richard GATHER, James MACHIE and Edmund STANGE, 21 May 1782. Estate appraised in pounds for 169.15.0 by Edmund STRANGE (sic), Richard GATHER, Wm GLADDIN (sic).

LAND, JOHN. Apt. 39 Pck. 1405.
James OWENS applied for admn. as nearest of kin in right of his wife, 24 Feb 1784. Citation read 14 Mar 1784 by Ralph JONES.
Purchasers at sale: Littleton ISBELL, Thos. STROUD, James OWENS, Mary LAND, Thomas GARRET, James PEDEN, Elliner LAND, Thomas MORRIS, Benjamin OWENS,
Daniel GREEN, Edmund STRANGE, Andrew HEMPHILL, Thomas LAND, Thomas DYE.

KITCHEN, JAMES. Apt. 38 Pck. 1397.
Before John HARBIRT appeared Sarah DYE who swore that in the year 1779 John KITCHEN and James KITCHENS (sic) (a short time before the said Kitchens's
(sic) were going on a tower (sic) of Militia Duty) that she heard James KITCHENS say that if he should die while in Camp that his Brother John should have all his Estate in possession of Thomas GATHER. Sarah (+) Dye. Sworn 11 Oct 1784.

FORD, THOMAS. Apt. 25 Pck. 875.
. . . Estate appraised by Thomas DYE & Thomas GATER (sic), for 23.19.3.
Warrant of appraisement directed to above and John LOTT, John DYE, Joseph ROBINSON.
Purchasers at sale: Stephen FRITCHELL, Zachariah RAFE, Wm FORD, Benjamin MORRIS, John STORMAN, Thomas DYE, John DYE, James MORRIS, Charles LEWIS,
Thomas STROUD, Mary FORD, John WINN, Wm STORMAN, Abram MILLER, Thomas

The Mary Land listed above (John LAND item) is Mary DYE, daughter of
Fauntleroy DYE of Richmond county, VA, and Warren co., NC. She married John LAND circa 1762. Thomas DYE was in Warren co., GA, as early as 1784--near the area where another John Land (junior?) married Ruth Fountain. In fact, virtually all the people listed above moved to the Jefferson/Warren co., GA, area.

I'm particularly interested in your Land information because one of my ancestors is Jonathan Fountain, presumed brother or uncle to Ruth Fountain Land. I'm also related to the Dyes. There was a Celia Dye who married Henry Uptagroves in either Jefferson or Warren co. in 1811 and in addition to Thomas and John Dye, William and Nancy were other favorite family names. They're rather common, I suppose, but I noticed that they matched the Land or Fountain names you sent.

Incidentally, there was a Landel Dye (ca. 1790-1860) in Warren/Jefferson, and my great grandfather's sister, Nancy Dye, married Green Shepherd, probably son of John Shepherd of Onslow, NC.

Could your John Land, Henry's father, be the son of the above John Land?

Megan Rose

Elizabeth BARLOW [Parents] was born about 1762. She married John LAND in 1780.

Elizabeth died giving birth to Elizabeth. Some people have her surname as Fouuntain.

They had the following children:

  F i Mildred LAND
  M ii Henry LAND
  M iii John Fisher LAND
  F iv Judith LAND
  M v William LAND
  M vi James LAND
  F vii Nancy LAND
  F viii Elizabeth LAND

Henry LAND [Parents] was born on 25 Dec 1784 in KY. He died on 27 Dec 1827 in Mt. Lebanon, KY and was buried in Land Cem., Taylor Ridge, Mt. Lebanon, Jessamine Co., KY. Henry married Eleanor HOSICK on 18 Jan 1809 in Madison Co., KY.

The information on the Land family down from this man was given to me in 1993 by a descendant and cousin of mine: Doris Willman, 1000 E. McKinsey Street, Moberly, MO. The bio on his son Fountain gives this:

"Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 5th ed., 1887, Jessamine Co.

FOUNTAIN LAND was born January 2, 1815, and is a son of Henry and Eleanor (Hosac) Land, natives of Scott County, Ky. Henry was a son of John Land, of Virginia. To the union of Henry and Eleanor Land eight children were born: America, Lucinda, Fountain, Leroy M., Sophia W., Henry, Emily and John. June 10, 1847, Fountain married Martha M. Willis, of Madison County, Ky. They have four children living: Ellen, Henry, William L. and Albert M.; two deceased: John M. and an infant."

Eleanor HOSICK [Parents] was born on 30 Sep 1789. She died on 28 Feb 1863 and was buried in Land Cem., Taylor Ridge, Mt. Lebanon, Jessamine Co., KY. Eleanor married Henry LAND on 18 Jan 1809 in Madison Co., KY.

Bio on her son Fountain calls her "Hosac."

They had the following children:

  F i America LAND
  F ii Lucinda LAND was born on 17 Jun 1811.
  M iii Fountain William LAND
  M iv Leroy M. LAND
  F v Sophina W. LAND
  M vi Henry LAND Jr. was born on 17 Jun 1823. He died in 1841 and was buried in Land Cem., Taylor Ridge, Mt. Lebanon, Jessamine Co., KY.

Reportedly died at age 18 according to ancestry.com
  F vii Emily LAND was born on 6 Mar 1826. She died in 1833 and was buried in Land Cem., Taylor Ridge, Mt. Lebanon, Jessamine Co., KY.

Reportedly died at age 7.
  M viii John Thomas LAND

Alexander HOSICK [Parents] was born on 29 Aug 1756 in Elgin, Marayshire, Scotland. He died on 8 Jan 1826 in , Livingston Co., Kentucky. Alexander married Sarah TOOLE on 10 Feb 1778.

I received this email 5/99:

Hi again John: I just checked out your web page. I see you have a bit of
information on the Land family (Eleanor Hosick m. Henry Land), so is this
where your connection to the Hosick family is? Do you know if the Lands made
the move to Livingston Co. with the rest of the Hosicks? After finding my
Robert's connection with the Hosicks. I checked out some Livingston Co., KY
microfilm I had on reserve at the Family History Center for that name. I
found Alexander Hosick, Sr.'s will and made a copy of it. Do you have, or
would you like a copy (assuming you have a connection to the Hosick family)?
It doesn't contain a lot of information (doesn't list the children by name,
just the 2 sons he made executors).....was written on Dec. 25, 1814.
Presented in court July 1815 to be recorded. I also found land transactions
for Aquilla Snow (so they made the move along with the Hosicks and


Sarah TOOLE was born in 1759 in , Livingston Co., Kentucky. She died on 25 Dec 1814 in , Livingston Co., Kentucky. Sarah married Alexander HOSICK on 10 Feb 1778.

They had the following children:

  M i Alexander HOSICK Jr.
  M ii William H. HOSICK
  F iii Nancy HOSICK
  F iv Rachel HOSICK
  M v James T. HOSICK
  F vi Diana HOSICK
  F vii Eleanor HOSICK
  F viii Jane HOSICK

William F. ROBERTS was born on 20 Feb 1808. He died on 5 Apr 1862 and was buried in Oakland Cem., Moberly, Missouri. William married Julia Dorothy COATES.

Other marriages:
LAND, America

Received this 6/99 from Carole :

"John - I think I found a marriage date for William F. Roberts and America Land. I found them on a marriage CD I have that covers several southern states. William's last name spelled "Robards". The date listed was Dec 23, 1829 in Jessamine Co., KY."

May not be him, but

The booklet, "Original Land Purchases of Randolph County, Missouri" by Cecille Taylor Rice, pub. by the Randolph County Historical Society has this on him:

Roberts, William purchased 5 large lots from 19 Jul 1841 to 1855.

Read the notes under his son-in-law, John Robert Terrill, which say that John went to the gold rush in 1849 with a "Capt. William Roberts." I wonder if it could be this man.

There is a William Roberts buying Randolph Co. land 1843-1857:


At the KY biographies site there is this: "Thomas H. Roberts, farmer, P. O. Payne's Depot; was born in Scott County, Ky., Oct. 5, 1843; his father, Hillery Roberts, was born Dec. 5, 1798, and died April 25, 1874, and was a son of William Roberts, a native of Maryland, who came to Kentucky in 1790, and settled on the place now owned by T. H. Payne. The mother of our subject, was Lemira Waggoner, a native of Scott County, born Oct. 7, 1807, and died May 8, 1874." I wonder if this William could be father of our William.

Julia Dorothy COATES was born on 7 Sep 1826. She died on 30 Jul 1906. Julia married William F. ROBERTS.

Other marriages:
WELCH, Nathaniel

I have listed the middle name my grandmother, Anne C. Terrill, as "Calvin", but I have also seen it written as "Coates." There may have been a close family relationship with the Coates family of which I am not aware. Doris Willman lists her as the 6th child and lists the first five children.

They had the following children:

  M i Milton ROBERTS
  F ii Julia ROBERTS

Milton Arthur ROBERTS [Parents] was born on 27 May 1860. He died on 18 Oct 1945. Milton married Annie JOHNSTON on 21 Dec 1886.

Annie JOHNSTON was born on 5 Nov 1866. She died on 14 Jul 1897. Annie married Milton Arthur ROBERTS on 21 Dec 1886.

They had the following children:

  F i Opal ROBERTS
  F ii Living

John WALDEN was born on 9 Jan 1860. He died on 15 Feb 1932. John married Anna ROBERTS.

Anna ROBERTS [Parents] was born on 31 Aug 1862. She died on 14 Nov 1936. Anna married John WALDEN.

Bess WALDEN was born on 27 Nov 1865. He died on 4 Aug 1944. Bess married Virginia Lee ROBERTS.

The name seems plain, but is very unusual for a man. Could be "Boss".

Virginia Lee ROBERTS [Parents] was born on 23 Jan 1867. She died on 26 Jan 1931. Virginia married Bess WALDEN.

John Henry ROBERTS [Parents] was born on 17 Sep 1868. He died on 11 Jun 1963 and was buried in Oakland Cem., Randolph Co., Missouri. John married Mary GRIFFIN on 28 Dec 1893.

Mary GRIFFIN was born on 13 Dec 1872. She died on 26 Aug 1927. Mary married John Henry ROBERTS on 28 Dec 1893.

They had the following children:

  M i Raymond Griffin ROBERTS

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