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Joseph B. STANLEY was born about 1838. He married Frances S. TERRILL on 26 Feb 1852 in , Gibson Co., Tennessee.

Frances S. TERRILL [Parents] was born in 1830 in Gibson Co., TN. She married Joseph B. STANLEY on 26 Feb 1852 in , Gibson Co., Tennessee.

Buford TERRILL [Parents] was born in 1829. He died about 1862 in , , Arkansas. Buford married Julia BOUCHIER on 15 Feb 1854 in , Gibson Co., Tennessee.

Died in Civil War?

Julia BOUCHIER was born about 1830. She married Buford TERRILL on 15 Feb 1854 in , Gibson Co., Tennessee.

James TERRILL [Parents] was born on 29 Dec 1801 in , Albemarle Co., Virginia. He died on 14 Sep 1876 in , Randolph Co., Missouri and was buried in Deskin Cem., Randolph Co.. James married Elizabeth Ann CRISLER on 16 May 1833.

Other marriages:
CONNER, Henrietta

He had the title "Judge". On the 1870 Randolph Co. MO census, his occupation is listed as "Judge of Probate Court". Listed with him are ELiza age 57, Julia J. age 19, William H. age 16, and Thomas J. age 13. His age is 68.

Here is his biography:

The subject of this sketch was born in Albemarle County, Virginia and moved to KY when quite young. Thence he went to Randolph Co., MO near where Moberly now is situated, where he resided for about 40 years.

He was the oldest of six brothers, all of whom were well known and highly respected and honored, enjoying the confidence of all who knew them. Their names in order of their ages are James, Jesse, William, Benjamin, John and Robert.

Jesse and Benjamin Terrill were Baptist preachers, and were known far and wide in this part of the State. John Terrill moved to Texas and settled in Tarrant county, where he is, and has been for some time, county
commissioner (county judge). Robert is still a resident of Randolph Co., and is a physician of high standing. John and Robert are the only ones now living.

James Terrill was born Dec 29 1801. The greater part of his early life was spent in Boone county, KY. On Dec 29, 1825, he was married to Henrietta Conner, of Boone co., KY, by which marriage two children were
born, one son and one daughter. John R. Terrill, the son, is a Baptist minister widely known in North Missouri. His first wife died August 15, 1830. On May 16, 1833 he was married to Eliza A. Crisler, Of Boone Co., KY and out of this union were born 12 children, 5 boys and 7 girls, all of whom are still living, except one boy and one girl, both of whom died while quite young.

James Terrill was a man of sterling qualities of head and heart,- a Christian man, honored and respected by all who knew him, and loved by all who enjoyed his personal acquaintance. Firm in his conviction of
right, he had the courage to defend his position, and he allowed no pressure to swerve him from the performance of a known duty. The confidence of the people is shown by the fact that, although he preferred
the quiet of the home circle ot the busy realities of public affairs, he was several times reelected to fill the office of county judge, serving in all about 20 years in succession, except a few years during the war,
when he resigned, refusing to take the test oath.

The following is from an obituary notice written by Rev. W. L. T. Evans: "Brother James Terrill professed faith in Christ at an early age and became a member of the Bullittsburg Baptist Church. He had been a member
of the Baptist Church for 60 years, a deacon in the church and his membership was with the church at Moberly. Bro. Terrill was an everyday Christian, and no man delighted to talk of the grace of God more than he. He was a man in whom the people of Randolph county placed implicit confidence, having been for a number of years judge of the county court. His life was a living comment on the Bible."

James Terrill died September 14, 1876. His death was very sudden and entirely unlooked for by his family and friends. He leaves a record of which all may be proud. His motto seemed to be that "a good name was
rather to be chosen that [sic] great riches."

The booklet, "Original Land Purchases of Randolph County, Missouri" by Cecille Taylor Rice, pub. by the Randolph County Historical Society has this on him:

Terrill, James on 31 Oct 1836 purchased 160 acres; on 9 Nov 1836 two 80 acre tracts...found on p. 49 of original book.

I received this with other info 6/99 from Bob Deskin :

"I have not copied tombstone dates myself, but the copy of the cemetery plat I use has dates that do not always agee with those of the "Terrill Bible". In that Bible the first entry in left hand column is "James Terrill, father of John R. Terrill was born December 29th A.D. 1802. (Another hand?) Died Sept15th 1876." Next entry "Henrietta Conner,wife of James Terrill and mother of John R. Terrill was born June 20th, 1806. Died August 15th/1830". Next entry "Mary Elizabeth Terrill Sister of John R. Terrill was born May 30th AD, 1829. Died February 25th 1858". Next entry "Elizabeth Terrill, Stepmother, was born Sept. 5th ..." and the copy is dim in this corner. There are two more entries but I can only guess at them."

Elizabeth Ann CRISLER "Eliza" was born on 6 Sep 1813 in , , Virginia. She died on 2 Feb 1905 in Randolph Co., Missouri and was buried in Deskin Cem., Randolph Co.. Eliza married James TERRILL on 16 May 1833.

Would have been only 16 when had first child...quite possible and also it is possible that she took some off her age for the census taker. She is the sister of the Delila Crisler who m. as second wife also James's bro. Benjamin. A later resource gives her birthdate exactly...6 Sep 1813; a yr. older than the census age, which is common as the census could have been anytime that year. To see her line back, go to my Wayland genealogy page and look for her, as it has the Crisler line there.

They had the following children:

  M i Benjamin F. TERRILL
  F ii Lucretia Ann TERRILL
  F iii Virginia Frances TERRILL
  F iv Louisa Ann TERRILL
  M v Walter Warder TERRILL
  F vi Henrietta TERRILL
  F vii Ann Elizabeth TERRILL
  F viii Susan TERRILL was born on 7 Mar 1849 in , Randolph Co., Missouri. She died on 24 Jul 1850 in , Randolph Co., Missouri.

Ellsberry's bulletin says that there is a tombstone for this child "on Ted Thornburg (formerly Earl Ragsdale) farm, on Moberly-Higbee Road, Randolph Co." She says that cemetary has been plowed up and only two other stones saved: Thomas M. Kimbrough and Margaret E., who was apparently his dtr. died age 17.

Tony Sinclair gives dod as 24 Dec 1850.
  F ix Julia Josephine TERRILL
  M x William Henry TERRILL was born on 12 Sep 1853 in Randolph Co., Missouri.

My original source had this child listed under first wife and 20 years older. However, the 1870 Randolph Co. MO census plainly has him in the family, age 16.
  M xi Thomas J. TERRILL

William Sutton CHRISTIAN [Parents] was born on 2 Feb 1817 in Kentucky. He died in 1891. William married Mary Elizabeth TERRILL on 8 Oct 1850 in Randolph Co., MO.

Found on the 1880 Randolph Co. Census at:


Reference "History of Randolph and Macon Counties, 1881", states that Wm. was "a native of Scott County, Kentucky" and gives birthdate and parents. It also gives wife and lists their children and the children's spouses:

"Old Families of Randolph County, Missouri"
too. The entry is by Dorothy Jane Christian Thornburg.

William Sutton Christian was born in Kentucky and came to Randolph County, Missouri with his parents. He married Mary Elizabeth Terrill in October 1850. Their son John James began working as a young boy making railroad ties (by hewing them from whole logs), and he later sold the city of Moberly its first team of horses to use at the fire station. He was a deacon at Central Christian Church fo many years, and was a Road Commissioner of the 8 Mile Road District. John James Christian married Hannah Martin, and was successful in accumulating much property. Their children were William Sutton and Geneva Christian. William Sutton married Lucille Marshall and they lived on the home farm just south of Moberly throughout their married life. The home place was the scene of many happy family reunions. Their children: Dorothy Jane, who married Jim K. Thornburg, who is Chief Dispatcher for the Norfolk and Western Railroad in Moberly. The Thornburgs live very near the old home. William Sutton, Dorothy Jane' brother, is a Lieutenant-Colonel in the U.S. Air Force and lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Her second brother, Kenneth Marshall Christian is retired from the U.S. Coast Guard and now lives in Port Angeles, Washington.

The previous entry that I quoted parts from established William Sutton as the son of Paul and Polly Sutton Christian. The entry says William Sutton was
born Feb 2, 1817 and died in 1891 (and also mentions his marriage to Mary Elizabeth Terrill). Carole Brace [email protected] 12/98

Mary Elizabeth TERRILL [Parents] was born on 2 Nov 1832 in , Greenup Co., Kentucky. She died on 11 Feb 1912 in Moberly, Randolph Co., Missouri. Mary married William Sutton CHRISTIAN on 8 Oct 1850 in Randolph Co., MO.

"History of Randolph and Macon Counties, 1881" says that she was born in Kentucky but grew up and was educated in Missouri, and lists children and their spouses. She is not shown in the family on 1850 Randolph Co. MO census, having been married in Oct. of 1850.

They had the following children:

  M i John James "Jeems" CHRISTIAN
  F ii Ann Mary CHRISTIAN
  F iii Susan Coleman CHRISTIAN
  F iv Sarah Elizabeth CHRISTIAN
  F v Eva Mildred CHRISTIAN

William TERRILL [Parents] was born on 13 Feb 1807. He died on 21 Aug 1869 and was buried in Oakland Cemetery, Moberly, Missouri. William married Anne CALVIN on 2 Feb 1829.

William and his wife and youngest child, Samuel are in the 1860 census at:


Their ages are way off, and William is given as being born in NC, which is not correct according to his biography below.

Dates of birth and death are from his stone, which I have a photo of. The biography on his son, John Robert, in the "History of Randolph and Macon Counties, 1881", pgs. 433-434, state that William was "born in Virginia, but moved to Kentucky when a young man and married Ann Calvin, a native of that state." It says that "William came to Missouri in the spring of 1846, and locating in Randolph Co., bought and entered land and improved a farm, where he lived until his death in August 1869. In this family there were seven children, all of whom grew to maturity and have homes in Randolph County." Another reference, the "History of Randolph County" 1920, says that William was visiting in Kentucky at the time of this death, but was buried in Oakland Cemetary in Moberly.

The signature date on the land he bought in Randolph Co. is 1852:


This was an obituary:

Death of An Old Citizen.--Nr. William Terrill, one of the best citizens Randolph county ever claimed, died very suddenly on the 21st of August, in Greenup county, KY. He was born in Virginia on the 18th day of February,
1807, and was in the 62nd year of his age at the time of his death. He removed to Kentucky when quite young, where he grew to manhood and lived until 1846, when he removed to this county, where he has since resided. At the age of 18 he professed religion and became a member of the Baptist Church, and was ever after a devoted and honored member. He was married on the 5th of February, 1829, to Miss Ann Calvin, of Greenup county, KY. On the 9th of last month he left with his wife to visit her relatives in Kentucky, and reached her brother's residence on the 18th. On the 20th he was taken sick and died the next day, at the place where he was married forty years previous. He was a brother of Judge James Terrill of this county, and an uncle of Rev. James Terrill of this place. Mr. Terrill leaves a large family and a host of friends and relatives to mourn his loss.; North Missouri Herald 22 Sep 1869

The booklet, "Original Land Purchases of Randolph County, Missouri" by Cecille Taylor Rice, pub. by the Randolph County Historical Society has this on him:

Terrill, William on 5 Jun 1846 purchased 80 acres (on p. 49 of land book).

Anne CALVIN [Parents] was born on 20 Mar 1810 in , , Kentucky. She died on 1 Jan 1899 in Randolph Co., Missouri. Anne married William TERRILL on 2 Feb 1829.

Her obit. says that she left 30 grandchildren. She is listed as living in the family of Wm. S. Christian (son-in-law) in the 1870 census. Her husband died in 1869, and she may have moved in with her dtr. as she was age 60. There is also the possibility that the dtr. and her family may have moved in with her on her large farm; the census would probably still have listed the man as head of household, even though she owned the house and farm. On later reading of her obit, it says that she had been very feeble for some time and had for several years been bereft of her eyesight (most likely diabetes).

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.

They had the following children:

  M i John Robert TERRILL
  M ii James Benjamin TERRILL was born on 13 Mar 1831 in , , Kentucky. He died in 1857.

Biography of the Terrill family in the "History of Randolph County", 1921, says that he served for the Confederacy under General Sterling Price (as did my ancestor H.H. Wayland), and was killed in the war. Another source I have gives his date of death as being 22 Oct 1857, but this could not be correct as the war did not start until 1860. I have no evidence that he married.
  F iii Mary Elizabeth TERRILL
  M iv Robert Nathaniel Green TERRILL was born on 5 Oct 1834 in , , Kentucky. He died in 1860/1865 in , , Kentucky.

Served with Gen. Morgan in Kentucky during the Civil War (Confederacy), killed in action. Reference: "History of Randolph County", 1920. One source leaves off the first name of Robert. The bio on his brother Arthur leaves the Robert off also.
  F v Sarah Ann TERRILL
  M vi Arthur Parker TERRILL
  M vii Samuel George TERRILL was born on 25 Mar 1840 in , , Kentucky. He died on 2 Feb 1895.

Elsewhere, his date of death is given as 21 Feb 1895. He was unmarried.

This was in the Randolph Co. Newspaper (THH). Don't know if it applies to him. The death date is different:

Terrill, Samuel -- John R. Terrill, Guardian, settlement 2nd Monday in May 1873; THH 7 May 1873.


Terrill, John R. -- guardian of Samuel G. Terrill, Probate Court May Term Docket 1882; Moberly Daily Monitor, Saturday 22 Apr 1882

John James "Jeems" CHRISTIAN [Parents] was born about 1852. He married Hannah L. MARTIN.

Apparently his widow was living at 317 Eperson St. in Moberly in 1935 when she is mentioned in the obit of her grandson.

Hannah L. MARTIN was born about 1860. She died after 1934. Hannah married John James "Jeems" CHRISTIAN.

They had the following children:

  M i Will S. CHRISTIAN was born about 1890.

Mentioned in the obit of his son, John Wiley Christian, who was killed in a football accident in October of 1935. The obit mentions "Mr. and Mrs. Will S. Christian, his parents, of Urbandale Road South of Moberly, and Mrs. J.J. Christian, his grandmother. He was age 17 and a college freshman. See Moberly Monitor-Index, Moberly, MO, Oct 25, 1935.

Augustus MILLER was born about 1850. He married Ann Mary CHRISTIAN.

"Son of Jacob H. and Elizabeth (Bittner) Miller.

Ann Mary CHRISTIAN [Parents] was born about 1854. She married Augustus MILLER.

William Henry BURTON was born on 20 Dec 1848 in , Randolph Co., Missouri. He died on 7 Oct 1913 in , Randolph Co., Missouri. William married Susan Coleman CHRISTIAN.

Susan Coleman CHRISTIAN [Parents] was born on 16 Mar 1854. She died on 18 Oct 1939 in , Randolph Co., Missouri and was buried in Burton Cem.. Susan married William Henry BURTON.

Thomas Barnett YAGER was born about 1854. He married Sarah Elizabeth CHRISTIAN.

Sarah Elizabeth CHRISTIAN [Parents] was born about 1858. She married Thomas Barnett YAGER.

"Sallie Bett"

They had the following children:

  F i Stella YAGER

Alexander Zephaniah WALDEN was born about 1856. He married Eva Mildred CHRISTIAN.

Eva Mildred CHRISTIAN [Parents] was born about 1860. She married Alexander Zephaniah WALDEN.

At time of father's biography in the book mentioned on his notes, she was unmarried and attending school in Winchester, Tenn.

They had the following children:

  M i James Austin WALDEN was born about 1890.

Was an attorney in Moberly.

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