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Lewis C. RICKABAUGH was born about 1860. He married Anna Maria GRIMES.

Anna Maria GRIMES [Parents] "Annie" was born in 1865 in Missouri. She died in 1956. Annie married Lewis C. RICKABAUGH.

Other marriages:

Lived in Monroe Co., MO.

Simon DE MONTACUTE [Parents] was born about 1360. He married Elizabeth BOUGHTON.

Elizabeth BOUGHTON was born about 1365. She married Simon DE MONTACUTE.

They had the following children:

  M i Thomas MONTAGU

John DE MONTACUTE was born about 1320. He married Margaret MONTHERMER.

Margaret MONTHERMER [Parents] was born about 1325. She married John DE MONTACUTE.

They had the following children:


Richard WILLINGTON was born about 1812. He married Sarah CALVIN in 1831.

Sarah CALVIN [Parents] was born on 21 Aug 1814. She married Richard WILLINGTON in 1831.

John Nicholas WAYLAND was born on 10 May 1860 in , , Missouri. He died on 15 Mar 1921 in Huntsville, Howard Co., Missouri. John married Lois RATLIFF on 17 Aug 1904 in , Randolph Co., Missouri.

NOTE: B, p.34,90. For the line down, go to my Wayland genealogy page on my home site.

There is a "J.N. Wayland" shown as deputy recorder of deeds in Randolph County at the turn of the century, and signs most of the marriage documents then.
He married in 1904, age 44 to a 28 year old woman, Lois Ratliff. I have since confirmed that this is the same two individuals from Mrs. Swetnam's records. I have his birthdate as both 1860 & 1861, and death date as both 1921 & 1922.

In the 1860 census, taken June 1, he is 2/12 yrs old, so 1860 is correct.

Lois RATLIFF [Parents] was born on 21 Apr 1876 in Missouri. She died on 28 May 1964 and was buried in Oakland Cem., Moberly, Missouri, Lot #110. Lois married John Nicholas WAYLAND on 17 Aug 1904 in , Randolph Co., Missouri.

NOTE: B, p.34,90

Dates are from her stone in the cemetary.

George Nelson RATLIFF was born on 28 Feb 1843 in , Macon Co., Missouri. He died in Mar 1931 and was buried in Moberly Cem., , Missouri. George married Julia Josephine TERRILL on 14 May 1874.

The book, "Old Families of Randolph County, Missouri", on p.
286 says that George was in the Confederate Army in the Civil War. He was a teacher and worked at the office of the County Com. of Education and served as the Commissioner for Schools in Randolph Co. In 1886, he was elected sheriff of Randolph Co. and re-elected in 1888. In 1890 he was elected County Collector and re-elected in 1892. After 4 years as collector, he moved his family to the Cedar Home Fruit Farm where he farmed along with his sons.

He is found on the 1880 census in Randolph Co., MO at:


Julia Josephine TERRILL [Parents] was born on 14 Jan 1851. She died on 6 Jun 1945 in Moberly, , Missouri and was buried in Moberly Cem., , Missouri. Julia married George Nelson RATLIFF on 14 May 1874.

NOTE: from family information: Patricia Wayland McWilliams, 9668 Atmore Drive, Boise, Idaho 83704. I have a picture of her in a group of church women for the Centennial Celebration of Moberly First Baptist Church on Nov 15, 1940. The church was founded in 1840 by "Rev. Uncle Ben Terrill." She was a charter member of the church.

They had the following children:

  M i Louis RATLIFF was born on 21 Apr 1876 in Missouri.

Apparently a twin...found on census but I knew nothing of him.
  F ii Lois RATLIFF
  F iii Vida RATLIFF was born in 1878 in Missouri.
  F iv Donna RATLIFF was born in 1879 in Missouri.
  F v Edna RATLIFF
  F vi Susy RATLIFF

Tom FARMER was born about 1810. He married Mary CALVIN on 16 Dec 1830.

Mary CALVIN [Parents] was born on 13 Jun 1812 in KY. She married Tom FARMER on 16 Dec 1830.

Anderson Wood TERRILL [Parents] [scrapbook] 1 was born on 21 Dec 1850 in , Randolph Co., Missouri. He died on 8 May 1889. Anderson married Rebecca WAYLAND.

His grandfather, Robert Terrill, was great grandfather to Anne Calvin Terrill, wife of Lloyd Wayland, so Terrill married into Waylands more than once. A.W. became president of Hardin College in Mexico, MO. I have a photo of tombstone. It was tragic that all four of their children died young, leaving no heirs.

He is shown in family as age 6/12 on 1850 census. His tombstone says that he died May 8, 1889, aged 38 years, 4 months & 18 days, which would mean 1850, so he must have been born toward the first of 1850. I found out from the Mexico Genealogy Society that Hardin College existed from 1873-1932. The national depression must have put it under.

Rebecca WAYLAND 1 was born on 30 Aug 1851 in , Chariton Co., Missouri. She died on 1 Jun 1910 and was buried in Salisbury, Chariton Co., Missouri. Rebecca married Anderson Wood TERRILL.

Was sent to boarding school where census counts her as age 19, and also counts her again in father's household.

They had the following children:

  F i Ada TERRILL was born in 1874. She died on 19 Nov 1874 and was buried in Salisbury Cem., Chariton Co., Missouri.

NOTE: B, p.40. Died age 6 months; buried next to parents.
  M ii TERRILL was born in 1875. He died on 1 Jul 1875 and was buried in Salisbury Cem., , Missouri.

NOTE: B, p.40. Died in infancy and buried next to parents. Age 6 mons, 17 d.
  M iii Charles Lacy TERRILL was born in May 1880. He died on 12 Oct 1892 and was buried in Salisbury Cem., , Missouri.

NOTE: B, p.40. Died age 12; buried next to parents.
  F iv Everene TERRILL was born on 31 Oct 1882. She died on 31 Aug 1905 and was buried in Salisbury Cem., , Missouri.

NOTE: B, p.40. Died unmarried at age 22; buried next to parents.

John Robert TERRILL [Parents] [scrapbook] was born on 9 Nov 1829 in , Greenup Co., Kentucky. He died on 11 Dec 1911 in Moberly, Randolph Co., Missouri and was buried in Oakland Cemetary, Moberly, Missouri. John married Anne E. ROBERTS on 15 Mar 1856 in , , Missouri.

John and wife and two small children are in the 1860 Howard Co. census at:


He is right next to his father, William.

Then John and his mother, and many of the children are listed in the 1880 Randolph Co. Census at:


For some reason, Anne C. Terrill is not in the family and she would have been 6 or 7 years of age. She must have been in school or in a relative's family.

It was reported to me that in the book, "History of Randolph County, Missouri" by Alexander H. Waller, pub. 1920, son R.G. Terrill says that his father John R. came to Randolph Co. in 1854 when he was 18." Biography of John's father, William, says that William came in 1846, and that is most likely correct. John would have been about age 16-17 in 1846. Of course, he could have come a year or two after father was settled in and sent for his family.

See biography in "History of Randolph and Macon Counties, 1881" available in the Huntsville, MO. library, or at the State Historical Society of Missouri, Hitt and Lowry Streets, Columbia, MO 65201. Pgs. 433-434 of this bio. says he was born Nov. 1, 1829, but Nov. 9 is on his tombstone (I have photo).

The biography gives a lot of information on his mother and father and says that John R. worked on his father's farm in Missouri until he came of age and then went in the company of Capt. William Roberts (relative?) and others to Calif. by the overland route, and, including the time he spent in the mines, was two years making the trip. He returned in the summer of 1852 by way of the Isthmus and New York. After spending two years with his father, he made another trip to Calif., overland, taking some cattle, and returned the next year by the same route as before. Gives marriage to Anne E. Roberts and says that he established himself on a farm which had previously been owned by Jehu Pyle, and he was still living there at the time of the biography in 1881. It says that he owned 400 acres, 330 in cultivation, and a good two story house and outbuildings, 200 apple and 100 peach trees, plus grapes. Gives death of his wife and lists his nine children by name. It further states that "Mr. Terrill is a man of winning address and much ability; he takes a warm interest in all educational matters and has carried his views into practice in the training of his children; a member of the Morality Lodge, N. 186, A.F. & A.M." The "History of Randolph County", 1920, also has a short biography on John Robert. It states that he lived on the same farm in Randolph Co. for 50 years. It is said that he got the money for his farm in Missouri through making a strike in the '49 California gold rush.

Extracted from the History of Randolph & Macon Counties, MO:

"Randolph county sent forth many of her sons, some of whom were men with gray beards, and others were boys still in their teens to that far distant region, all animated with the hope that their labor, their sacrifices, and their bravery would be rewarded with an abundance of the glittering and precious ore.

Very few of these gold-hunters ever accumulated anything, and a number lost all they had, including even "their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor." The persons who really gained by the gold excitement were those who remained at home and sold their produce to the infatuated emigrants. The rush which had commenced in the spring of 1849 continued until about the first of June, 1850, when the great surging tide began to abate, although belated gold-hunters continued to pass through the country for some time.

But the excitement began to die away, and those citizens who had judgment enough to resist the contagion, now settled down in quiet to pursue the even tenor of their way."

There is a large drawing of John, dated 1893, of which I have a photo.

The booklet, "Original Land Purchases of Randolph County, Missouri" by Cecille Taylor Rice, pub. by the Randolph County Historical Society has this on him:

Terrill, John R. on 17 Feb 1854 bought 40 acres (p. 48)
Terrill, John R. Jr. on 22 Aug 1853 bought 80 acres (p. 49)

It is odd that the earlier date had a later page number and I question the accuracy of the page numbers. One is this John Robert and the other may not be. They used "Jr." in those days to distinguish one from another with the same name, even though not father and son. Since our John Robert was not quite age 24 in 1853, he may have been called the "Jr."

The federal land grants show John Robert buying two lots in 1854, found at:


From the newspaper, "Moberly Daily Monitor:"

"County Court -- In the case of H. T. Fort vs Jno. R. Terrell (this is the spelling used) et al, to marshal assets of the old Moberly Bank, W. H. Williams was appointed receiver of the Bank, & the time for answering is extended until the adjourned term; MDM Friday 15 Feb 1878."

That is very interesting. The only occupation that I know for this John is farmer. I can't tell from the above news article whether or not the "Terrell" person there was a director of the bank, or what. I also have a Rev. John Robert Terrill (1827-1907) in Randolph Co., but it doesn't seem that a Rev. would be involved in the bank either. The H.T. Fort mentioned is probably Henry Toulman Fort (1816-1889), who m. my g-g-grandmother, Ann Eliza Lowry (I am descended from her first husband). This H.T. Fort was a partner in a haystacker factory with Ann Eliza's son-in-law, Henry Harrison Wayland, my g-grandfather. This factory was burned down, causing them to lose everything. Family tradition is that the fire was deliberately set by a drunk that they had just fired, but it was never proven. I would love to find out more about this legal action above. It is rare to see the name spelled "Terrell" in Moberly as all of them that I know there spelled it "Terrill." This may be a man that I don't know.

Then this:

Terrill, John R. -- guardian of Samuel G. Terrill, Probate Court May Term, Docket 1882; MDM Saturday 22 Apr 1882

John's youngest brother, Samuel, never married and may have been handicapped.

Anne E. ROBERTS [Parents] was born on 25 Feb 1839 in , , Kentucky. She died on 9 Nov 1873 in , Randolph Co., Missouri and was buried in Oakland Cemetary, Moberly, Missouri. Anne married John Robert TERRILL on 15 Mar 1856 in , , Missouri.

Died in childbirth, bearing my grandmother, her ninth child. I have other date of death as Nov. 16, 1873, and birth date as Feb. 15, 1839. Another source has dob as Feb 5, 1839. The biography on her husband gives her date of death as Nov. 9. Both Anne and husband J.R. were members of the Missionary Baptist Church. Anne's brother, John Roberts, married her husband's sister, Sarah "Sallie" Terrill.

Later note:

"Terrill, Ann -- died near Moberly 17 Nov 1873, aged about 35y, wife of John
R. Terrill; THH 20 Nov 1873."

This is from the Newspaper and it gives a different dod.

They had the following children:

  M i William Eugene TERRILL
  F ii Lolah TERRILL was born on 16 Jul 1859 in , Randolph Co., Missouri. She died in 1909.

Was a teacher. Never married. Died of TB about age 50.
  F iii Emma Hannah TERRILL was born on 26 May 1861 in , Randolph Co., Missouri. She died before 1946.

Never married. I also have a birthdate of Feb. 16, 1861 on her. She may have died in Sedalia, MO. She was a school teacher, like two of her sisters and her brother William Eugene. Since she is not in sister Elizabeth's estate in 1946, I assume she preceded her in death.
  F iv Elizabeth Ellen TERRILL [scrapbook] was born on 9 Dec 1862 in , Randolph Co., Missouri. She died on 7 Oct 1946 in Moberly, Randolph Co., Missouri.

I have a photo of her tombstone. My father affectionately called her "Aunt Lizzie". She never married and was a school teacher. She was a teacher in Tenn. and later Ariz. It is interesting that 3 of the 4 dtrs. never married, but were teachers.

Uncle Arthur Parker Terrill, a banker without children, left her all of his money when he died in 1915. Lizzie lived with her sister Anne (my grandmother) for about 6 years and then moved to live with Vince and Susie for the remainder of her life (another 25 years). My father, b. 1907, can remember that she taught him and his siblings manners. Lloyd Wayland (Anne's husband) finally got tired of what he considered her superior airs and she moved on.

We have a book which belonged to "Miss Ellen" of Huntsville, MO, consisting of notes from all her friends, that would be about the right date to be her. I also have her book that the funeral home puts out, which was signed by guests. It says that she "entered into rest" Oct 10, 1946 in Moberly at age 83 years. I have previously had a date of death of Oct 17, which could not be correct. I am going to change it to Oct. 7, as she was most likely put to rest 3 days after her death. I also have the papers that passed out her estate to family.

There is a letter dated 5/9/34 on the occasion of my brother Bruce Wayland's birth to his mother and father, signed "your Aunt Elizabeth." Her address was: 924 W. Washington, Los Angeles, Calif." I don't know if she lived there at death. The attached photo looks like a California beach.
  M v James Milton TERRILL
  M vi Robert Greene TERRILL
  M vii Henry Roberts TERRILL
  M viii Vincent Calvin TERRILL
  F ix Anne Calvin TERRILL

Robert STAPP was born about 1887. He married Pearl TERRILL.

Pearl TERRILL [Parents] was born on 3 Feb 1889 in Maries Co., MO. She died in Jan 1961 in San Mateo, CA. Pearl married Robert STAPP.

Other marriages:

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