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Fowler, Chittenden and other CT Lines

John BILLS was born about 1665. He married Mercy FOWLER.

Mercy FOWLER [Parents] was born on 1 Apr 1669. She married John BILLS.

William FOWLER [Parents] was born in 1664. He died on 23 Feb 1729. William married Anna.

Anna was born about 1665. She married William FOWLER.

John ELDERKIN was born about 1658. He married Abigail FOWLER.

Abigail FOWLER [Parents] was born on 27 Nov 1660. She died in Mar 1714. Abigail married John ELDERKIN.

Jonathan FOWLER [Parents] was born on 8 Feb 1651. He married Elizabeth REYNOLDS.

Elizabeth REYNOLDS was born about 1653. She married Jonathan FOWLER.

Daniel BUCKINGHAM was born about 1645. He married Hannah FOWLER.

Hannah FOWLER [Parents] was born about 1647. She married Daniel BUCKINGHAM.

John SMITH was born about 1645. He married Sarah FOWLER.

Sarah FOWLER [Parents] was born about 1646. She married John SMITH.

John FOXLEY Sir [Parents] was born about 1290.

He had the following children:

  M i John FOXLEY Jr.

Reuben FOWLER [Parents] was born on 19 Jun 1760. He married Adah WILLARD on 21 Jul 1801.

Had following children:

i. George19 FOWLER(541) was born 20 Apr 1803. George died 25 Apr 1883 at 80 years of age. He married Minerva LEETE 13 Apr 1829. Minerva was born 8 Nov 1806. Lived in Madison, Conn. No children.

ii. Orren Starr FOWLER was born 4 Nov 1804.

iii. Alma FOWLER was born 15 Sep 1807. Alma died 19 Jan 1871 at 63
years of age. She married Sherman S. GRISWOLD.

iv. Maria FOWLER was born 9 Jan 1809. Maria died 15 May 1884 at 75
years of age. She married Josiah MUNGER date.

v. Adah Clarissa FOWLER was born 11 May 1818. She married William Dudley.

vi. Reuben Lewis FOWLER was born 7 Sep 1822.

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Adah WILLARD was born on 29 Oct 1783. She died on 28 Apr 1844 in East Guilford, , Conn. Adah married Reuben FOWLER on 21 Jul 1801.

Jonathan RANNEY [Parents] was born on 26 Aug 1709 in Middletown, , Conn.. He died on 30 Jul 1773 in Guilford, New Haven Co., Conn.. Jonathan married Anna PARMELEE on 27 Apr 1738.

Anna PARMELEE [Parents] was born on 27 Mar 1720 in Guilford, New Haven Co., Conn.. She died on 22 Oct 1785 in Guilford, New Haven Co., Conn.. Anna married Jonathan RANNEY on 27 Apr 1738.

They had the following children:

  F i Anna RANNEY

Joseph RANNEY was born in Sep 1663 in Middletown, , Conn.. He died on 2 Mar 1745 in Middletown, , Conn.. Joseph married Mary STARR in Jan 1693.

Mary STARR [Parents] was born in 1672 in Middletown, , Conn.. She died on 8 Oct 1747 in Middletown, , Conn.. Mary married Joseph RANNEY in Jan 1693.

They had the following children:

  M i Jonathan RANNEY

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