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Fowler, Chittenden and other CT Lines

Henry FOWLER [Parents] was born before 1380. He married Isabel BARTON before 1400.

Isabel BARTON [Parents] was born about 1380 in Castle House, Bucks Co., , England. She married Henry FOWLER before 1400.

REFERENCE: Lipscombe's Bucks., Vol. II, p. 569.

Dtr. and heiress of John Barton of Castle House. Buck Co. Henry Fowler used the Barton arms as those of Fowler, as did his heirs until 1520.

They had the following children:

  M i William FOWLER Sir
  M ii John FOWLER
  M iii Walter FOWLER was born about 1408 in Foxley, Bucks Co., , England.

Walter was Bishop of Norwich, mentioned in his nephew Richard's
will. Unmarried.
  F iv Sybell FOWLER
  F v Isabel FOWLER

John V FOWLER [Parents] was born about 1380. He died on 24 Aug 1479 in Bray, Berks Co., , England and was buried in Bray. John married Alice.

REFERENCE: Ashmole's Berks., Vol. III, p. 7. John and Alice's
monument in church at Bray reads: "Pray for the solues of John Fowler
and Alice his wife, which John decessed the 24th day of August in the
yere of Our Lord 1479 on whose souls Jesus have mercy."

Alice was born about 1380. She married John V FOWLER.

John BARTON was born about 1350.

He had the following children:

  F i Isabel BARTON

William FOWLER Sir [Parents] was born about 1400 in Foxley, Bucks Co., , England. He died in 1452 in , , , England and was buried in St. Dunstan Chap, Westminster Abbe, , England. William married Cecelia ENGLESFIELD.

There is a William Fowler on the list at:
that gives names of 1200 of the 5000+ names in the Agincourt Battle. It could possibly this man if he was born a little earlier than this estimated date. This man was the ancestor of the mother of President George Washington.

Cecelia ENGLESFIELD [Parents] was born about 1402. She married William FOWLER Sir.

They had the following children:

  M i Richard FOWLER Sir
  M ii Walter FOWLER Sir was born about 1425 in Foxley, Bucks Co., , England.

Knighted by King Edward IV. Died unmarried.
  M iii Henry FOWLER was born about 1430.
  M iv Thomas FOWLER
  M v William FOWLER
  F vi Sybell FOWLER
  F vii Alice FOWLER
  F viii Jane FOWLER was born about 1448 in Foxley, Bucks Co., , England.

Unmarried. A nun at Menors.

The birth dates on these last children span a lot of time and their
mother would have been in middle forties when they were born. My
source below gives an approx. birth date of 1420-22 for Sir Richard
and approx. 1445 for William. The girls may have been born before
William; there is a tendency to stick the females on the end of the
line, regardless of birth order.

REFERENCE: The Fowler Families in England and America; The line to
Deacon John Fowler of Guilford, by Wharton Dickinson. This consists of
some typed sheets in my possession with this title; it is not known if
this is also the title of a book, and the sheets were taken from it.

John FOWLER [Parents] was born about 1405 in Foxley, Bucks Co., , England. He died on 2 Jan 1494 in London, , , England and was buried in see notes. John married Alice.

REFERENCE: "Collectania Tpographica et Gen., " vol. 5, p. 28.

Monument to John and Alice can still be seen in the church of
Grey Friars. John settled in London, was an Alderman there.

Alice was born about 1407. She married John FOWLER.

Richard QUARTERMAINE was born about 1408. He married Sybell FOWLER.

Sybell FOWLER [Parents] was born about 1410 in Foxley, Bucks Co., , England. She married Richard QUARTERMAINE.

Mentioned in nephew Richard's will.

Henry SHATTERBROOKE was born about 1414. He married Isabel FOWLER.

Isabel FOWLER [Parents] was born about 1415 in Foxley, Bucks Co., , England. She married Henry SHATTERBROOKE.

Mentioned in nephew Richard's will

Nicholas ENGLESFIELD was born about 1375.

Of Rycote, Oxford Co.

He had the following children:


Richard FOWLER Sir [Parents] was born about 1421 in Foxley, Bucks Co., , England. He died on 3 Nov 1477 and was buried in St. Dunstan Chap, Westminster Abbe, , England. Richard married Joan DANVERS.

REFERENCE: Lipscombe's Bucks., Vol. 2, pp. 577-8.

Knighted by Edward IV., 1467. M.P. for Oxford 1467. King's
Chancellor for the Duchy of Lancaster. Will proved 19 Nov 1477
directs masses to be sung for his soul and that of his family.
Will mentions sisters Sybell Danvers and Alice Rookes, dtr.
Sybell Chamberlain, dtr. Jean to marry Edward Stradlint his ward
now aged 15, son Richard, son Edmund. Mentions his manors of
Rycote, Castle House, Shobendon, Water Stratford, Stokholt,
Stutely, Bourton, Mourton, Foscote, and Shaller. He was also
seized of the Manor of Stanton Berry, Newport Hundred, by special
grant of Edward IV. in 1467. He was a very generous benefactor of
the church of St. Peter and St. Paul at Sutton-cum-Buckingham,
and in 1470 added the large cross aisle, 90 ft. long to the church.
There is now in British Museum, London, Addition Charter No. 20, 321,
dated June 28, 27 Henry VI. (1449) to which is attached his seal as
Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster, with his coat of arms described.
Children known for several generations.

Joan DANVERS was born about 1418 in Calthorpe, Oxford Co., , England. She married Richard FOWLER Sir.

Dtr. of Sir John Danvers.

They had the following children:

  F i Sybell Chamberlain FOWLER
  M ii Richard FOWLER Sir
  M iii Edmund FOWLER was born about 1458 in , , , England.
  F iv Jean FOWLER

Thomas FOWLER [Parents] was born about 1435 in Foxley, Bucks Co., , England. He married Mary LEE about 1455.

Other marriages:
HOUGHTON, Mary Hulcote

High Sheriff of Bucks 1478, 1483, 1487; M.P. for Bucks 1478.
Married (1) Mary, dtr. Edward Lee of Coleville, with issue;
(2) dtr. of John Houghton of Ellesborough and widow of John
Hulcote of Hulcote, Northamptonshire; (3) Edith, dtr. of John
Lord Dynham. No issue by wives 2 and 3.

Mary LEE was born about 1435. She married Thomas FOWLER about 1455.

First wife of Thomas

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