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William Thomas Vernon Sanders

William Thomas Vernon Sanders was born July 12, 1921 in Dublin, Georgia. His parents were William Walter Sanders and Lillian Vasti Pope. Vernon had one brother named Franklin Sanders who was born in Dublin and lived there his entire life.  Frank was killed in an automobile accident on February 29, 2000.. Vernon attended New Bethel School until his ninth grade year and then went on to attend Dublin High School until his graduation in 1940. After graduation he went to Raleigh, North Carolina to work with Carrier Air Conditioning Company earning $0.40 per hour. He only worked there a few months and returned to Dublin to help his father farm because his father was in poor health. In 1941, Vernon went to Syracuse, New York to return to work with Carrier and did contract on cargo ships for war. Once again this job only lasted a short time because several of his peers weren't satisfied working there. His next journey sent him to Aberdeen, Mississippi to work with C. E. Johnston & Associates building ammunition warehouses. While working at C. E. Johnston he got called to service but got a deferment to work at Bellbomber plant in Marietta, Georgia to build defense planes and assault weapons. After a few months here he went into the service. His basic training was at Ford Ord in California near Monterey. After this, Vernon got pneumonia and was in the military hospital at Fort Ord when his unit pulled out. When he was released from the hospital he was reclassified into limited service and went to Fort Winfield Scott in San Francisco and after a few months was made Corporal. After a few more months Vernon returned to Dublin to help his father farm because he was needed due to his fathers bad health. During this time a family friend Bernard Tarpley came to help on the farm so Vernon could go to Atlanta to attend Georgia Tech University. He attended Georgia Tech a few quarters and transferred to Southern Business University and graduated from there. During this time Vernon met his wife, Jacquelyn Lula Goodman. While in school he worked at Sears and after graduation worked for Colonial Stores in the accounting department before returning to Dublin to do accounting work for Georgia Gas & Appliance. William Thomas Vernon Sanders married Jacquelyn Lula Goodman on December 21, 1946.  He worked here a few months and once again had to quit and return to farm for his father and next he worked for Lovett & Tharpe in inventory and purchasing. Vernon then started working for J.P. Stevens and Company in 1951 and worked there until 1982. After retirement Vernon went to work as the Chief Baliff of the Laurens County Courthouse and still works there today. Vernon and Jackie have four children: Ernie Vernon Sanders, Darenda Joy Sanders Warren, and twins Keith Walter Sanders and Kevin Walker Sanders. Their family also consists of six grandchildren.

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William Francis Warren

William Francis Warren was born in Dodge County, Georgia, the son of William Eddie Warren and Nancy Fountain. He had three brothers, Charlie Preston Warren, Alvin Milton Warren, Howard Eddie Warren and four sisters, Nancy Louise Warren, Irene Warren, Ruthie Arlene Warren, and Cora Lee Warren. He attended the Dexter School until the eighth grade. Frank met Ora Mae Warren in 1930 and they were married on August 25, 1930. After they were married, Frank went to work as a sharecropper with several local farmers. After a couple of years sharecropping he went to be an overseer of a large farm for Guy Weatherly. He worked with Guy Weatherly for three years before moving with his family to Echols County, Georgia near the Florida line. He stayed in Echols County for seven months before sending word back to Mr. Weatherly that he wanted to return. Mr. Guy Weatherly sent a truck after him and his family and they were moved back in the same house they had left seven months earlier. This time he worked for Mr. Weatherly for one year before going to work at Buie Turpentine still on Hwy 441 South in Dublin, Georgia. During this time he sharecropped with various men in Laurens County, Georgia before going to work at J. P. Stevens in 1956. He worked there for a number of years before going to work at the carpet mill and then the shirt factory until 1980. After his retirement Frank took up his hobbies of fishing and gardening. Frank Warren and Ora Mae Warren had seven children, Marguerite Warren, Francis J. "Tina" Warren, Nellie Mae "Nell" Warren, Julian Lamar Warren, Lou Ann Warren, Cornelia "Connie" Warren, and James Edward Warren. Other than his wife and children, Frank had fifteen grandchildren, sixteen great grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild. William Francis Warren went to be with the Lord on December 10, 1997.

Compiled by Scott Warren

Ora Mae Darsey Warren

Ora Mae Darsey was born October 28, 1915 the daughter of Lonnie Darsey and Arelia Brannon. She had five sisters, Willie Mae Darsey, Corrine Darsey, Jimmie Lee Darsey, Mary Lizzie Darsey, and Ozell Darsey, and five brothers, Ralph Darsey, Raymond Darsey, Reubin Darsey, Robert Darsey, and Roy Darsey. All who where born in Georgia and live in Georgia presently. Ora Mae attended Bethany School near Cochran until the fifth grade. When Ora Mae was ten years old her mother died and when she was twelve her father died. After their deaths she went to live with Sam & Betha Thompson in Dexter, Georgia while her brothers and sisters went to live with other relatives. When she was fifteen she went to Thomaston, Georgia to work at the Cotton Mill and lived with Uncle John Wes Darsey. After working at the Cotton Mill she returned to Laurens County, Georgia and married William Francis Warren on August 25, 1930 at the age of fifteen. Ora Mae raised seven children, Margeurite Warren, Francis J. "Tina" Warren, Nellie Mae "Nell" Warren, Julian Lamar Warren, Lou Ann Warren, Connie Warren, James Edward Warren, and was a housewife until 1937 when she went to work at the shirt factory and she worked there until 1952. While working at the shirt factory she had the privilege of working with three of her children. After leaving there she worked for Rich Plan Foods in Dexter, Georgia for about three years. Ora Mae Darsey Warren then retired and spent her spare time cooking for her family and having one of the prettiest gardens in Dexter. Besides her children, Mrs. Warren’s family included fifteen grandchildren, sixteen great grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild. Ora Mae Warren went to be with the Lord on August 21, 1997.

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Jackie Goodman Sanders

Jacquelyn Lula Goodman was born March 21, 1927 the daughter of Walker Talmadge Goodman and Bessie Mae Davis Whittle. She has four sisters named Kate Goodman Roberson, Doris Whittle Butler, Inez Whittle and Marie Whittle Witherington. She also has five brothers, Abner Irvin Emory Whittle, Millard Whittle, Sidney Whittle, Leo Whittle, and Clifton Whittle. Jackie was a graduate of Mt. Carmel School in Dexter, Georgia and Southern Business University in Atlanta. While in Atlanta, Jackie lived with Marie Whittle Witherington and lived on North Fourth Avenue in Decatur, Georgia. She also worked part-time at a machine shop helping to keep books on Whitehall Street in Atlanta. In 1945, Jacquelyn Lula Goodman met her husband William Thomas Vernon Sanders. After graduating from college she returned to Dublin, Georgia and worked at the Carl Vinson V. A. Hospital. In 1946, Jackie quit her job at the V. A. Hospital and returned to Atlanta after marrying Vernon. While in Atlanta she worked at Candler, Cox, & McClain law firm. She worked here only a short time before returning to Dublin due to her father-in-law's bad health. While back in Dublin she worked as secretary for Attorney Malcolm Towson. Next she went to work as secretary at Dexter School in Dexter, Georgia. Then she went to work at Dublinair Nursing Home and then on to the Laurens County Superintendent's Office. Jackie and Vernon had four children, Ernie Vernon Sanders, Darenda Joy Sanders, and twins Keith Walter Sanders and Kevin Walker Sanders. Their family also includes six grandchildren. Jacquelyn Lula Goodman Sanders went to be with the Lord on October 23, 1997 after being in declining health for several years.

Compiled by Scott Warren



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