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Leith Huttons Genealogy Award of Excellence

I would like to convey how thoroughly
impressed I was with your site.
Thanks Leith!

The Genie Bug Award

I am proud to give your website my genie bug award.

Thanks Ellen!

Family Tree Climbers Award

What a beautiful site you have!.

Thanks Lesa!

Heartland Home Award

Thanks Bob and Cheryl!

We found that your site had
excellent genealogy content, innovative design, was easy
of use, had good presentation, and used fast loading graphics.

Thanks GenLink!

Thanks a million Chris

Thanks Mark!

I love your site. I couldn't resist presenting you with your Award of Excellence. 

Thanks Richard!   

I will display it proudly.

Thanks to the Langley Family

Thanks Greg

Thanks Paul

Thanks Jack

Thanks a million Julie. This is a very special honor and a total surprise.  Thanks again and everyone please visit her website!

Memorial Garden

Thanks Marsha!

Susanne's Award

You have a beautiful homepage Thanks Susanne!

Family Genealogy Award

Your pages are beautiful with originality throughout.Thanks Don!

Family Values Award

I have been to your site and find it an excellent one. Thanks Kathleen!

Paula's Award

You have done a great job on your website! Thanks Paula!

Your site, is beautiful and excellent in more ways than one. Thanks Teresa

Ancestry Connections Award

Thanks Dewanna!!

We Care Award

. I was very impressed by all the
hard work you have put into the sites

Thanks Ben!

Creativity Award

Thanks to the Cre@tive crew!

Thanks Linda!

Thanks Cathy !

Thanks a million Christine

Thanks a million Kristy!



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