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Walsh Ancestor, Birth Date, Spouse, Migration Path, Who to Contact

-- N --
NICHOLAS WALSH, b:8 Jun 1814, sp:Anastasia Davis, migr:GowranParish,KilkennyCo,IRL> Thibodaux,LA> Labadieville,LA, Email: [email protected]

NICOLAS WALSH, b:8 June 1814, sp:Anna Davis - b.1825, migr:Gowran Ph. Co.Kilkenny,IRL> Assumption Ph. LA., Note:Nicolas' twin was John, migr:?, Email:[email protected], Also see 8/6/97 Query.

NICHOLAS WALSH, b:May 1838, sp:unk, migr:Lower Grange, Co. Kilkenny> ?> Galveston,TX. Note:served in the Civil War; worked after the war as a clerk in the firm of Daniel Goos, Galveston; died 1876 in Galveston, Email: Niall Brannigan,
Also see 5/7/97 Query.

-- O --
OWEN WALSH, b:abt 1730, sp:unknown, migr:CoGalway,IRL, Email:[email protected], Also see family Tree.

-- P --
PATRICK WALSH, b:abt 1780, sp:Ellen Murphy, migr:Dublin,IRL, note: Child - John A. Welsh of Bloomington,IL, Email:Ronni Howard
Also see 8/19/98 Query.

PATRICK WALSH, b:1803, sp:Catherine Reilly, migr:Dublin,IRL> NY> Waukegan,IL, Email:[email protected], URL:Jeanne's Genealogy .

PATRICK WALSH, b:abt 1810, sp:Margaret ?, migr:IRL> ENG> Cleveland,OH> Kaukauna,WI>, Email:[email protected]

PATRICK WALSH, b:abt 1816, sp:Ann Cosgrove, migr:Mayo Abbey Claremorris,Co Mayo,IRL> Sydney,Australia, 1841 with son Edward, Email:Yvonne,
Also see 06/21/98 Query

PATRICK WALSH, b:abt 1817, sp:Jane Jenkins, migr:Offaly,IRL> Victoria,AUS> South AUS, Email:Raelene Treis, Also see 12/14/97 Query

PATRICK WALSH, b:abt 1818, sp:Anne Cosgrove, migr:IRL> AUS>, Email:Phil Walsh, Also see 7/10/97 Query

PATRICK WALSH, b:1818, sp:Bridget Brennan, migr:Co.Carlow,IRL> NY> Menard Co.,IL> Champaign Co.,IL, Email:Brian Walsh.

PATRICK WALSH, b:1823, sp:Ann Kirwin, migr:GalwayCo,IRL> St Louis,MO, Email:[email protected], Also see 8/18/97 Query

PATRICK WALSH, b:1824, sp:Mary ?, migr:Ire> Luzerne Co. PA, Note: son, Martin married Elizabeth Clinton, Email:[email protected], Also see 6/02/98 Query

PATRICK WALSH, b:abt 1826, sp:Ellen Brennan, migr:KilkennyCo,IRL> DubuqueCo,IA, Email: [email protected]

PATRICK WALSH, b:abt 1830, sp:Mary Ann Willett (m 8/6/1852), migr:Kildare Co,IRL> Australia, Email:Jim Wright

PATRICK WALSH, b:abt 1830, sp:Anna (Kate?) Killen, migr:IRL> MonroeCo,NY> CookCo,IL, Email:Richard Harrison

PATRICK JAMES WALSH, b:1832, sp:Anna Dibble, migr:PA> ClaytonCo,IA> PoweshiekCo,IA, Email:[email protected] powertechengines.com

PATRICK WALSH, b:1834, sp:Elisabeth ? (b. 1837), migr:IRL> Nicetown,PA (Philadelphia), Note:son James Arthur, b:4 Dec 1868, Email:Clifford Joseph Walsh

PATRICK WALSH, b:abt 1839, sp:Mary Tracy, migr:?,IRL> Limerick,IRL> children to Ashland,WI, Email:Robert Campbell, Also see 03/27/98 Query.

PATRICK WALSH, b:Jun 1839, sp:Julia Cuddy, migr:IRL> Brooklyn,NY, Email:Julie Perkins Murphy. Also see 06/12/98 Query.

PATRICK KIERAN WALSH, b:abt 1840, sp:unknown, migr:CorkCo,IRL> DublinIRL> ?> Cleveland,OH, Note:Captain P. K. WALSH was in the Union Army during the Civil War, Email:Robert James Walsh, Also see 10/21/97 Query.

PATRICK JOSEPH WALSH, b:1842, sp:Ellen Rafferty, migr:WaterfordCo,IRE> New York,NY, Email:Win Himsworth

PATRICK JOSEPH WALSH, b:c1848, sp:Kate Hodnett, migr:Tallow,Co.Waterford> New York, Email:Richard Walsh

PATRICK WALSH, b:abt 1850, sp:Mary Malley, migr:IRL> Philadelphia,PA, Note:Parents of Thomas J. Sr, Email:John Walsh, Also see 4/8/98 Query.

PATRICK WALSH, b:bef 1851, sp:Sarah Whalen, migr:Ireland> Schuylkill County,PA,USA, Email:Bob Kunkel

PATRICK WALTER WALSH, b:1 Apr 1860, sp:Anny Connolley, migr:IRL> Philipsburg,NJ, Email:Sheila Walsh Richter, Also see 1/16/98 Query.

PATRICK WALSH, b:16 Apr 1862, sp:Mary Murray, migr:Gortnadive,Greggs,CoGalwayIR>NY>IL, Email:Patricia Walsh

PATRICK J. WALSH, b:June 1862, sp:Maria Caulfield, migr:RhodeParish,Co.Offaly,IRL>Brooklyn,NY,1882, died:29April1934,Brooklyn,NY, Email:[email protected]

PATRICK PETER WALSH, b:29 Jun 1863, sp:Bridget Feeney, migr:Ireland> Bristol,RhodeIsland, Note:father Patrick m.Johanna Cahill, Email:Tara Thibaudeau, Also see family Tree.

PATRICK WALSH, b:1863, sp:Bridget Shea, migr:Dungarvan,Waterford Ct,IRL> NY> NJ, Email:James Walsh

PATRICK DAVID WALSH, b:abt 1868, sp:Margaret Jane Gibbons, migr:IRL> Minooka,PA> Cleveland,OH, Email:Helen W Walsh, Also see family Tree.

PATRICK JAMES WALSH, b:1871/72, sp:Catherine Bowe/Bolve/Bohie, migr:Abbeydorney, Cty Kerry Ireland> Youngstown, Ohio> Pittsburgh,Pa.,
Email:M.L. Scott, Also see 6/26/97 Query.

PATRICK HENRY "HENNY" WALSH, b:18 Jun 1876, sp:Mary McLaughlin, migr:Brooklyn,NY, Note:Mary born 18 July 1879, Email:Julie Perkins Murphy, Also see 06/12/98 Query.

PATRICK KIERAN WALSH, b:Nov 1 1890, sp:unknown, migr:Humboldt NE>Omaha NE, Email:Robert James Walsh, Also see 10/21/97 Query.

PATRICK WALSH, b:1893, sp:Julia McSweeny, migr:Cork,IRL>NY>MA, Note:married 1916 at St. Margrets Church in Brockton, MA had 12 Children. Email:[email protected], Also see 2/11/98 Query.

PETER WALSH, b:Nov 10 1831, sp:Lydia Brinkley, migr:RossParish,WexfordCo,IRL> Quebec,CAN> Ogdensberg,NY> Clyde,OH> Plymouth,IN, E-Mail:Mike Walsh, Also see 5/30/97 Query.

PETER J. WALSH (aka WELSH), b:1837, sp:Margaret Hoy or Hoye, migr:Offaly> ?> Youngstown,Ohio, Note:Father of 22 children-died April 27, 1904, E-Mail:[email protected]

PETER WALSH, b:18??, sp:Elizabeth ??, migr:CorkCo,IRL> ENG> NY> MA, E-Mail:Charles J Walsh, URL:the Walshes homepage

PHILIP WALSH, b: abt1815?, sp:Julia Prendergast, migr:Co Mayo, Ireland> Baton Rouge, LA, Note:son Thomas m. 10/02/1858 Catherine Mulvihill O'Callahan, E-Mail:[email protected]

PHILIP WALSH, b: abt1865, sp:Rachel Koch(Cook), migr:Waterllo,Canada> Mecosta Cty,Michigan,USA, E-Mail:[email protected]

-- R --
REDMOND J. WALSH, b: 28 Mar 1865, sp#1:Honora "Annie" McMANUS, sp#2: Margaret M_____, migr: IRL> poss Ontario,CAN> Buffalo,NY, parents: John WALSH & Rose SWEENEY, Email:Karen Mohr,
URL:My Mohr & Allied Lines, Also see 06/08/98 Query.

RICHARD FRANCIS WALSH, b:14 Apr 1820, sp:Mary Croll, migr:IRL> ENG> Philadelphia,PA, Email:Richard Walsh.

RICHARD WALSH, b:29 Apr 1828, sp:Ann McMahan, migr:CoClare,IRL> Redwood Co.,Minnesota, Email:Michael J. Magee, Also see 03/21/98 Query.

ROBERT WALSH, b:1813, sp:Margaret Grant, migr:Annagarvey TYR,NIR>, Email:Aidan Langley, Also see 3/1/97 Query.

ROY WALSH, b:1902, sp:Opal Ola Harris, migr:??> Texas, Email:Carl Russell,
Also see 3/23/97 Query.

-- S --
SOPHIA COLE HAMILTON WALSH, b:1827, sp1:Henry Edmund Pulteney Dana sp2:William Augustus Pulteney Dana, migr:Cooktown,TyroneCo,IRL> Melbourne,Victoria,AUSTRALIA, E-Mail:Anne Young

-- T --
THOMAS WALSH, b:after1700, sp:Margaret Mason McGinnis, migr:IRL> VA, Note:Son Thomas born abt 1750 in Boteourt Co,VA, Email:Beryl Orr, Also see 4/25/97 Query, Also see family Tree.

THOMAS WALSH(1), b:1710-20, sp:Margaret Madison McGinnis, migr:Waterford,IRL> VA, Note:Came to U.S. about 1748, Note:A son also named Thomas fought in the Revolutionary War, Email:William Walsh

THOMAS? WALSH, b:abt 1800, sp:Mary, migr:Bandon, Co Cork IRL>NY City, Email:Madge Walsh

THOMAS WALSH, b:c1800, sp:Mary Darcy, migr:Borrisocane, Co Tipperary Ireland, Email:Richard Walsh

THOMAS WALSH, b:after1800, sp:Margaret Furlong, migr:IRL?> Liverpool, Email:Greg Walsh, Also see 9/24/96 Query,

THOMAS WALSH, b:1 Jan 1808, sp#1:Miss Perry, sp#2:Letitia Jones, migr:IRL> NY> RI> Pike Co,IL> Davis Co,IA> Butler Co,IA,
Email:Deborah Kent, Also see family Tree.

THOMAS WALSH, b:abt 1811, sp:unknown, migr:Queenstown/Cobh,IRL> Boston,MA> Chicago,IL,
Email:Harry Walsh.

THOMAS C. WALSH, b:abt 1813, sp#1:Lucy T. Martin, sp#2:Ann Elizabeth Sperry, migr:KY/TN> Sumner Co,TN> Rutherford Co,TN> Davidson Co,TN,
Email:Margaret G. Baldock, Also see 12/31/97 Query.

THOMAS WALSH, b: 1819, sp:Margaret McCarney, migr: Maguriesbridge, Fermangh, IRL>Tasmania Austraia. Note: sister Elizabeth Laird, Email:Maureen Martin

THOMAS WALSH, b:abt 1820, sp:Caroline Wesley, migr:IRL>ENG, Note:2 children Mary & John -- migrated from England to PA and married a 2nd time and had 2 more children-James & Elizabeth,
Email:[email protected].

THOMAS WALSH, b:1830, sp:Ellen Brine, migr:IRL>AUS,
Email:[email protected].

THOMAS WALSH, b:1831, sp:Brieget Maughan, migr:County Mayo IRL, Note:son Thomas Walsh (1865) and wife Annie Monaghan of Mayo Co, grandson Michael J. Walsh (1903) and wife Elizabeth O'Driscoll County Mayo, IRL> Cleveland, OH,
Email:[email protected].

THOMAS WALSH, b:abt 1840, sp:Anne Fox, migr:County West Meath,IRL,
Email:Chris Kelly

THOMAS WALSH, b:1840-50, sp:Margaret Grant, migr:Kilkenny County, IRL, Email:Robert Barrett, Also see Ellen Walsh, born 24 Dec 1872.

THOMAS H WALSH, b:1840-60, sp:Annie Marie Peterson, migr:California-1879 to ?, Email:[email protected]

THOMAS JOSEPH WALSH, b:1 May 1851, sp:Maggie Belle Bessent, migr:Waterford Co,IRL> NY> TN, Email:Jan Jaqua, Also see 4/16/98 Query.

THOMAS WALSH, b:1851, sp:Nettie Ball (b.1853), migr:??> Truxton,Missouri, Email:Jim Stinson.

THOMAS WALSH, b:1860, sp:Frances Quirk, migr:George's Quay, Dublin, IRL> New Britain, CT, Email:Maureen, Also see 4/4/97 Query.

THOMAS WALSH, b:Oct 1861, sp:Mary A. (Mollie) Delehanty, migr:KerryCo.Ballydonohue,IRL> Canada> Syracuse,NY, Email:Madeline Welch.

THOMAS WALSH, b:1865, sp:Johanna Fennessy, migr:Kilbehenney,Co.Limerick,IRL> Derby,New HavenCO,CT,
URL: http://uftree.com/UFT/WebPages/johnwalsh/WALSH/index.htm,
Email:John J. Walsh

THOMAS F. WALSH, b:1870, sp:Bridget Healy, migr:West Meath,IRL> Norristown,PA,
Email:Peggy Walsh Maccolini, [email protected]

THOMAS WALSH, b:24 Dec 1872, sp:Margaret Frain-b:16 Jul 1881, migr:Lissard,Blarney,CorkCo,IRL> Cambridge,MA> Malden,MA,
Email:Arthur L. Walsh Jr.

THOMAS JOSEPH WALSH, b:1874, sp:Mary Elizabeth McSweeney, migr:Newmarket,CoCork,IRL> New York,NY,
Email:Thomas J. Walsh

THOMAS J WALSH, b:Dec 1875, sp:Nellie Donovan, migr:Michigan>Ohio, Email:[email protected] Also see 1/10/97 Query.

THOMAS WALSH, b:Unkn, sp:Elizabeth Bolinger, migr:Wales,ENG>VA>MD>OH, Email:[email protected]

THOMAS J WALSH, b:1904, sp:Mildred Lucey, migr:IRL> Malden, MA, note:Thomas' father was James m. Nellie Parker, N.S. James' father was Thomas b.Ireland, m. Catherine Griffin also from Ireland, Email:Barbara Walsh McGregor,
Also see 9/29/97 Query.

TIMOTHY WALSH, b:abt 1820-40, sp:Catharine Comerford, migr:Ireland>Syracuse, NY>Rochester, NY, Note:son Henry J Walsh, Email:John William (Jack) Walsh,
Also see 5/03/98 Query.
-- W --

WALTER WALSH, b:1832, sp:Catherine Melanson, migr:CountyCork,IRL> Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Email:Marcelle Comeau WALTER WALSH, b:1852, sp:Ann Murphy, migr:Harbor Grace,NFLD,CAN.> St. John's,NFLD,CAN, Email: Colin F. Walsh, Also see family Tree.

WALTER JOHN WALSH, b:9 Dec 1838, sp:Martha Gray, migr:IRL> St. John's, NFL> Kenora ONT,CAN, Email:Charlie Poitras

WILBUR ELCERO WALSH, b:4 Jul 1896, sp:Unknown, migr:NY> PA> ??, Note:also went by the name Edmund and served in WWI, Email:Martha Walsh Little,
Also see 1/18/97 Query.

WILLIAM WALSH, b:abt 1795, sp:Mary Morrell, migr:IRL> Newburgh,NY, Note:son Rev. John Johnston Walsh,born 4/4/1820, Email:Ramona May Walsh Ganong,
Also see 4/1/97 Query.

WILLIAM WALSH, b:abt 1800, sp:Margaret Pinan, migr:KilkennyCo,IRL> DubuqueCo,IA, Note:children William, Rev. Nicholas, Mary Frances Walsh?, Anna Walsh Graham, Email:P Crosser or Email: [email protected]

WILLIAM HENRY PAPWORTH WALSH, b:abt 1801, sp:Mary BANKS, migr:London,ENG> Gravesend,ENG> London,ENG, Email:[email protected], Also see December 28, 1998 Query.

WILLIAM WALSH, b:abt 1805, sp:Catherine Bridget Kennedy, migr:Kilkenny,IRL> MadisonCo,IL, Email:David L. Beck

WILLIAM WALSH, b:abt 1806, sp:Ann Belshen, migr:Yorkshire England,
Email:V.R. Wigglesworth, URL: http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~vrw

WILLIAM WALSH, b:10 May 1830, sp:Alice ?, migr:Co.Waterford,IRL> OH> IA, Note:son John Walsh, b.Troy,OH 1856, m.Mary Glynn, Email:Mikki DuChene
Also see 03/18/98 Query.

WILLIAM WALSH, b:abt 1836, sp#2:Annie Anderson (born in Ontario), migr:IRL> QC>ON>BC,Canada, Email:[email protected]

WILLIAM WALSH, b:bef 1844, sp:Mary Jane Burke, migr:Monkstown, Co. Cork IRL> Boston,MA 1844> St. Paul,MN 1856, Email:Michael Walsh

WILLIAM WALSH, b:1845, sp:Ellen O'Brien, migr:IRL> NY,USA, Email:James Walsh
Also see 7/14/97 Query.

WILLIAM WALSH, b:abt 1846, sp:Catherine ?, migr:Waterford IRL>Harbor Grace,NFLD,CAN; Email:Colin F. Walsh, Also see family Tree.

WILLIAM JAMES WALSH, b:Jan or Nov 1853, sp:Mary E Casey, migr:Ballymote,Co Sligo,Ireland> Brooklyn,NY, Email:Laura Thompson, Also see 9/22/97 Query.

WILLIAM ALBERT WALSH, b:20 Jul 1853, sp:Elizabeth SIMS, migr:London,ENG, Email:[email protected],

WILLIAM WALSH, b:abt 1855, sp:Mary Ann Burke, migr:Co.Cork,IRL> PrinceEdwardIsland,CAN> Lincoln,ME, Note:father was William, son was Hilary, Email:Summer Walsh, Also see 3/12/98 Query.

WILLIAM WALSH, b:abt 1856, sp:Anne M ? (b.1864), migr:??> NJ,
E-Mail:Richard W Walsh

WILLIAM WALSH, b:abt 1856/7, sp:Catherine Gallagher (b.1857), migr:Dublin,IRL> Chebanse,IL,
E-Mail:Kent Walsh Hosterman

WILLIAM WALSH, b:31 Dec 1857, sp:Mary Elizabeth Dunn, migr:Co.Kilkenny,IRL 1874> Boston,MA> Lynn,MA, Note:arrived on SS Samaria, E-Mail:Bill Walsh

WILLIAM CLARENCE WALSH, b:abt 1900, sp:Vera Louetta Richardson, migr: KY?> AR> OK, Email:[email protected]

WILLIAM HAMILTON WALSH, b:abt 1780, sp1:Cecilia or Arabella Hamilton sp2:Mary Ann, migr:Cooktown,TyroneCo,IRL>, E-Mail:Anne Young

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