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Walsh Ancestor, Birth Date, Spouse, Migration Path, Who to Contact

-- K --
KALIP MCCALPHIN WALSH, b.1801, sp:Rebecca Profitt, migr:Wilkes County, North Carolina, Email:Melody Goss, Also see 08/20/98 Query, or the family Tree.

KENNETH JOSEPH WALSH, b:Oct 23,1893, sp:Vera Gladys Cadenhead, migr:Oroville,CA, note:married Apr 23 1921, Email:Mechele Walsh, See the family Tree.

-- L --
LAWRENCE WALSH, b.03 Mar 1833, sp:Sarah Curran, migr:IRL> SanFrancisco,CA, Email:Richard Walsh, Also see 04/15/98 Query.

LAWRENCE WALSH, b:Aug 7,1864, sp:Mary Agnes Burns, migr:DubuqueCo,IA> HarrisonCo,IA, Email: [email protected]

LEO ARMOND WALSH, b:Jun 8,1907, sp:Doris Lyle Hanchett, migr:SpokaneCo,Deer Park,WA> ClallamCo,Port Angeles,WA> KingCo,Seattle,WA> RiversideCo,Hemet,CA, Email:Wilma Branstetter

LUKE WALSH, b:1890, sp:Lucy Farrell (Lawless), migr:CountyCork,IRL> Phila,PA, Email:Bill Hart

-- M --
M LAFAYETTE WALSH, b.1843, sp:Brunette R. Hearne, migr:Tennessee, Email:Cindy Mahavier, Also see 10/13/97 Query/Tree.

MARCELLA WALSH, b.1838, sp:James McDonald, migr:LakeCo,IL> Chicago,IL, Email:[email protected]

MARGARET WALSH, b:Env 1780, sp:Andrew McMahon, migr:Kilkenny,IRL>Quebec,Canada, note:daughter's name Kathleen (Catherine) McMahon, b:Env 1809, Kilkenny,IRL, D:25 Oct 1878 Quebec, Quebec, CANADA, Email:[email protected], URL: http://hlm.le-village.com/decouverte/

MARGARET WALSH, b:1815 (County Cork), sp1:Patrick Dunn, sp2:Edward O'Gorman, migr:IRL> PA> WI, Email:Carol Mitchell

MARGARET WALSH, b:abt 1823, sp:Thomas Clynes, migr:IRL> Scranton,PA> Cleveland,OH> Kaukauna,WI> Appleton,WI>, Email:[email protected]

MARGARET WALSH, b:11 Nov 1834, sp:Timothy Leahy, migr:Tipperary,IRL> Morgan Co.,IL> Sangamon Co.,IL> CassCo.,IL, Email:Ruth Cady

MARGARET WALSH, b:22 Dec 1842, sp:Charles Henry Sinn, migr:Limerick,IRL> Lapeer County, MI, note:father's name was Thomas Walsh,
Email:Francis J Murphy III, Also see 10/10/97 Query.

MARGARET JANE WALSH, b:11 Aug 1848, sp1:Solomon Shomo Zigler, sp2:David Dyas Nickolson, migr:OH> Spokane Falls,WA> OR> RavelliCo,MT, Email:Richard Brenton

MARGARET WALSH, b:1869, sp:Francis Paul Kelly, migr:England> Chicago,IL, Note:her father was James, Email:Gurrie Rhoads

MARGARET WALSH, b:1885, sp:William McLaughlin, migr:Brooklyn, NY, Note:Children: Lorretta ?, Jeanette Vostinak and William J. McLaughlin, Email:Gail (McLaughlin) Blaylock

MARIA FRANCES WALSH, b:abt 1830, sp:Edward Hamilton, migr:Newfoundland> Kingston,Ontario, Email:Gail Marzano Estok

MARTIN WALSH, b:bef1800, sp:Margaret Peggy Bergin, migr:Three Castles, IRL, note: married in 1818, Email:Anne N. Philiben, See the family Tree.

MARTIN WALSH, b:abt 1825, sp:Mary Regan, migr:Mayo Co IRL>Chicago, IL, Note:married 1850 Kimovee Parish, Mayo Co, IRL, Email:Julia Harris Gibson

MARTIN WALSH, b:abt 1865, sp:Catherine McCarthy, migr:IRL>NJ, Note:dau, Mary Agnes Walsh born c. 1885 married John B. O'brien b. 1853 (NJ>CT), Email:David Miller

MARTIN WALSH, b:1891, sp:Getrude Regis McCroden, migr:Toum,Galway,Ireland> Trenton,NJ,USA> White Haven,PA, Note:Father - Michael Walsh of Toum,Galway, Email:Donald J. Walsh

MARTIN J. WALSH, b:11 Nov 1865, sp:Catherine Slattery, migr:CoClare,IRL> Worcester,MA, Email:Joan Pingeton

MARY WALSH, b:abt1820, sp:Thomas Quigley, migr:Galway,IRL> Johnstown,NY, Email:[email protected], Also see 1/30/98 Query.

MARY WALSH, b:1840, sp:Thomas Power, migr:Ballyhale,Kilkenny,IRL> Brisbane,Australia, Note:her father was a carpenter, Email:[email protected]

MARY WALSH, b:6 Jul 1849, sp:Thomas Regan, migr:IRL> NYC,NY, Buried:Calvary Cemetery, NY, Chld:Josephine Regan Langford, Peter, Mary M Regan Golden, Email:[email protected]

MARY A WALSH, b:abt 1850?, sp:William Sullivan, migr:IRL> Lowell, MA,
Email:M F Powers, Also see 4/18/97 Query.

MARY WALSH, b:abt 1851, sp:Thomas Quigley, migr:GalwayCo,IRL, Email:Colleen Freidberg, Also see 2/14/98 Query.

MARY WALSH, b:20 Jan 1860, sp:James E. Conway, migr:IRL> Warrior's Mark,PA, Note:parents were William Walsh and Katherine Holland(?), Email:T. Conway

MARY WALSH, b:29 Mar 1863, sp:James Fox, migr:Mayo Co IRL>Chicago, IL, Email:Julia Harris Gibson

MARY WALSH, b:abt 1865, sp:John Peter Corcoran, migr:County Cork,IRL> Waterbury, CT, Email:Pat Corcoran

MARY ANN WALSH (WELSH/WELCH), b:abt 1820, sp:John Taylor, migr:CoCork,IRL> NY, Email:V.L. Taylor

MARY ANNE WALSH, b:1880, sp:John Daly, migr:MN,USA> WinneshiekCo,IA, Email:Tim Daly

MARY ELLEN WALSH, b:c1873, sp:Michael Coogan, migr:Busti,Elma,IA> Wykoff,MN> Oelwein,IA> Arlington,WA> Everett,WA> Yakima,WA, Email:Patricia Connor Coogan

MARY J WALSH, b:1865, sp1:Unk. Handley, sp2:George Campbell, migr:County Clare?,IRL> Isle of Man> Manchester,ENG, Email:Jean Anthony

MATHEW WALSH, b:abt 1825, sp:Mary Lawler, migr:Ireland, Email:[email protected]

MATTHIAS WALCH, b:Feb 1834, sp:Honorah ?, migr:King,IRE> Allamakee County,Iowa, Email:[email protected]

MCALPHIN WALSH, b:1801 in Wilkes Co.,NC, sp:Rebecca Profitt, migr:NC,USA, Note:son of Andrew Walsh, Email:Melody Goss, See the family Tree.

MICHAEL WALSH or WELCH, b:abt 1808, sp:Bridget Kelly, migr:County Mayo,IRL> Natick, Massachusetts, Email:Edward Burke, Also see 1/20/98 Query.

MICHAEL WALSH, b:abt 1810, sp:Julia Cashin, migr:IRL> Cleveland,OH,
Email:Parnell Culliton, Also see Family Tree.

MICHAEL WALSH, b:1814, sp:Margaret Ann Boyle, migr:County Kilkenny> New Brunswick (Newfoundland?)> Boston> Spalding,NE, Email:Jim Dunn
URL: The Walsh Family of Spalding, Nebraska.

MICHAEL WALSH, b:bef 1820, sp:Mary Fennel, migr:?IRL> Bathurst Area,NSW,AUS. Email:Jacqui Kirkman

MICHAEL WALSH, b:1840, sp:Mary Murphy, migr:KilkennyCo,IRL> WinneshiekCo,IA, Email:Tim Daly, URL:A Daly Family Tree

MICHAEL WALSH, b:Aug 1858, sp:Johanna Beatrice (Noonan), migr:Napier,New Zealand in the May Queen 1879. note:Michael's father was Edward sp:Bridget (White) Co: Waterford. Email:Michael Walshe

MICHEAL WALSH, b:15 Jan 1859, sp:Eva Carter, migr:KildareCo,IRL> CAN?US> Alpena,MI> South Bend,IN, Email:[email protected], Also see 8/10/97 Query.

MICHEAL WALSH, b:8 Dec 1859, sp:Mary Breen, migr:PA> NY, Email:[email protected], Also see 8/25/97 Query.

MICHAEL J WALSH, b:10 May 1866/67, sp:Margaret Hayes, migr:Co. Unk.,IRL> Toronto,Canada> Chicago,IL, Note:son of John WALSH and Francis Kearny, Email:[email protected]

MICHAEL JAMES WALSH, b:1874, sp:Mary Sue Berry, migr:IRL> IA, Email:Katie Walsh Larson

MICHAEL ALOYSIOUS WALSH, b:ca 1880's, sp:Angelina Francis Rollinger, migr:Liverpool,ENG> Spokane,WA> Ellensberg,WA> Tacoma,WA,
note:son Thomas Michael Walsh, born 10 Feb 1916, married Dorothy Florence Burk,
Email:Gregory Walsh

MICHAEL WALSH, b:1896, sp:Alice LeClair, migr:Queensland,Aus.> Chile> Europe> Canada(1920s), Email:Mike Walsh, Also see the 09/05/97 Query.

MICHAEL J WALSH, b:unknown, sp:Sarah Burke, migr:Scranton,PA, Email:[email protected]

MICHAEL JOSEPH WALSH, b:unknown, migr:Kilkenny,IRL> New Orleans,LA, Sp:Ann McHugh, migr: Taum Co,Balaway Bay IRL> New Orleans,LA, Email:Adele Walsh

MILES WELSH, b:15 Dec 1833, sp:Bridget Gilbin, migr:Leitrim Co,IRL> Vermont> OH> Kansas, Note:Looking for info. on Miles' father named James WALSH, Email:Virgil D. Miller, Also see 5/1/97 Query.

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