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JAMES WALSH, b:Sep 1806, sp:Jane Crothers, migr:IRL> Maryland> Natchez,MS> St. Louis, MO, Email:Roger Wynn, See 8/11/97 Query, or the 10/9/97 Query.

JAMES WALSH, b:13 Sep 1822, sp:Mary Harrington, migr:Inchageelagh, Cork, Ireland> Steuben Co. New York, note:father was James Walsh and Mary Lucey,
Email:Alice Finnegan, Also see 9/10/97 Query.

JAMES WALSH, b:1818, sp:Sabina O'Hara, migr:Londonderry,IRL,1849> Vermont,1850> Maryland,1853> Ohio,1856> Illinois,1858-1896,
Email:[email protected], See the family Tree.

JAMES WALSH, b:abt 1822, sp:Charlotte ?, migr:Mayo Co,Ireland> Liverpool,England> Hobart,Tasmania,Australia,
Email:[email protected], See the family Tree.

JAMES WALSH, b:18 Apr 1826, sp:Johanna Gulliton, migr:Wexford,IRL> Ont,Canada,
Email:Clare Walsh

JAMES (Bolinger) WALSH, b:16 Dec 1827, sp:Catherine Long, migr:ENG> Guernsey Co.,OH> Mt Vernon,OH> Fulton Co.,IL> CrawfornCo.,IL> Monticello, IL,
Email:Laurie Hominick

JAMES WALSH, b:1829, sp:Susan L Johnson, migr:IRL> NY> Walworth Co,WI>,
Email:Mechele Walsh, See the family Tree.

JAMES WALSH, b:1831, sp:Brigette McMullen, migr:IRL> SibleyCo,MN,
Email:Bill Tate

JAMES WILLIAM WALSH, b:abt1831, sp:Johanna Kenny, migr:Listowel,Kerry,IRL> Melbourne,Victoria,AUS > Indigo,Victoria,AUS> Carlton,Victoria,AUS, Note:Parents-James William Walsh(Sr) and Mary MULVILLE of Listowel,Kerry,Ireland,
Email:Terence A Walsh

JAMES WALSH, b:1833, sp:Honora Flannigan, migr:Co.Galway,IRL> ?> Louisville,KY> SanFrancisco,CA> Vallejo, CA, Email:Gail D. Geddes, See 9/11/97 Query.

JAMES WALSH, bapt:Nov 12 1834, sp:Anne Mortimer, migr:Queen's Co,IRL> Troy, Rensselaer Co, NY, Email:Lisa (Walsh) Dougherty

JAMES WALSH, b:Feb 13,1838, sp:Catherine Morris, migr:TipperaryCo,IRL> New Jersey> DallasCo,IA> GuthrieCo,IA, Email: Charles Carroll

JAMES WALSH, b:1839, sp:Ellen McCarthy, migr:ClareCo,IRL> South Island,NZ, Email: Barbara Cochrane, See the family Tree.

JAMES H. WALSH, b:1840, sp:Mary Lynch, migr:Co.Mayo,Ireland> Brooklyn,NY, Note:son James H. married Sarah Hart, Email:Jake Monahan

JAMES WALSH, b:1840-45, sp:Catherine O'Farrell, migr:WexfordCo,IRL> Liverpool,ENG> Verdun (Montreal),Quebec,CAN, Email: L White

JAMES WALSH, b:1840s?, sp:Ann Murray, migr:Ditton Hall, Widnes, England> Chicago,IL, Note:dau. Margaret, b.1869, Email:Gurrie Rhoads

JAMES F. WALSH, b:1846, sp:(1)Joanna Martin (2)Mary E. Holland, migr:Newfoundland> Boston> Brockton, MA, Email:Jim Dunn
URL: The Walsh Family of Spalding, Nebraska.

JAMES A WALSH, b:Jun 4,1850, sp:Margaret Doyle, migr:Vermont> Helena,MT, Email:[email protected]

JAMES WALSH, b:1850, sp:Bridget Brennock, migr:CorkCo,IRL> EssexCo,MA, Email:William T. Walsh

JAMES D WALSH, b:abt 1855, sp:Mary Carroll, migr:??> Albany,NY, Email:Michael D. Walsh, Also see 03/31/98 Query.

JAMES MAZINIE WALSH, b:14 Nov 1856, sp:Teany Welsh, migr:Walworth Co, Wisconsin> Oroville Ca, Email:Mechele Walsh, Also see Family Tree.

JAMES WALSH, b:1860s?, sp:Bridge Hennessy, migr:Carrick-on-Suir,Co.Tipparary,IRL, Note:da. Dau. Mary Bridget Walsh b. 3/2/1892 in Carrick on Suir, Email:Terry Stein

JAMES T. WALSH b: IRL - d: 23 Nov 1911 Buffalo,NY, sp:Johannah C. COFFEY, migr:IRL> poss Ontario,CAN> Buffalo,NY, Email:Karen Mohr, URL: My Mohr & Allied Lines, Also see 06/08/98 Query.

JAMES WALSH, b:1865, sp:Mary Murphy, migr:??> CAN> Pattsburg,NY,
Email:Helen Williams, Also see 3/19/97 Query.

JAMES J WALSH, b:1 May 1865, sp:Mary Ellen Bergan, migr:IRL> Schuykil Co,PA>, Note:James' parents were Michael Walsh and MArgaret Comer,
Email:Alice Walsh Wolfe, Also see 10/26/97 Query.

JAMES JOSEPH WALSH, b:1867 or 1876, sp:Bridget Curran, migr:Connemeara,IRL> NY> PA> IL,
Email:[email protected], Also see 12/10/97 Query.

JAMES WALSH, b:abt 1870, sp:Margaret Anne Dwyer, migr:?> Ontario,CAN> MI, note:son, Arthur Elliot Walsh born 1896 in Ontario, Sault St Marie,
Email:Larry Robinson,

JAMES WALSH, b:Dec 19,1876, sp:Maud Robertjohns, migr:WexfordCo,IRL> Liverpool,ENG> Verdun (Montreal),Quebec,CAN,
Email:L White, Also see 3/21/97 Query.

JAMES WALSH, b:7 Apr 1879, sp:Margaret McGuire, migr:WestMeathCo,IRL> Hartford,CT, Email: Chris Kelly

JAMES WALSH, b:abt 1880, sp:Mary Margaret Cunningham, migr:Graignamanagh, Co.Kilkenny,Ireland> Colbrainey,Ireland> Albany, New York, Email:Brian Sheridan

JAMES PATRICK WALSHE, b:abt 1880, sp:Ann Marie Bradley(m: 1908), migr:Castlecomer,KilkennyCo,IRL > KerryCo,IRL, Email:Anne Walsh

JAMES ABSOLYM? WALSH, b:late 1800s?, sp:Jenny Conn, migr:IRL> New Orleans,LA> St Louis,MO, Email:Roger Wynn, Also see 8/11/97 Query.

JAMES WALSH, b:Unkn, sp:Ruth ?, migr:Wales,ENG> Virginia,USA, Email:[email protected]

JAMES WELSH, b:1781, sp:unknown, migr:KIK?,IRL>Lot27 PrinceEdwardIsland,CAN-- PATRICK WELSH, b:1801, sp:Anne Brenan, migr:KIK?,IRL>Lot27,PEI,CAN-- MARGARET WELSH, b:1820, sp:James Doyle, migr:KIK?,IRL>Lot27,PEI,CAN-- MARY WELSH, b:1821, sp:Patrick Canady(Kennedy), migr:KIK?,IRL>Lot27,PEI,CAN Email:Kingsley Walsh

JANE WALSH, b:1820's, sp:Michael McAdon, migr:IRL> Ontario,CA> Eastern Iowa> HarrisonCo,IA, note:daughter of John Walsh (Welch),
Email: M Collins, URL:Collins Home Page

JANE WALSH, b:betw 1830-50, sp:William Butler, migr:IRL> NYC,NY, Email: Ronnie Aungst

JOHN WALSH, b:1794, sp:Sarah Barrett, migr: Castledermot, KildareCo, IRL> Penrith NSW AUS (1839), Note:Parents-Timothy Walsh and Mary Fitzpatrick, Email: Robyn Dagge

JOHN WALSH, b:1798, sp:Ellen Keily (or Kiely), migr:Ballylanders,Co.Limerick, Ire> Mitcheltown, Co.Cork, Ireland> NSW,Australia, Email: [email protected]
Also see 11/6/97 Query.

JOHN WALSH, b:early 1800's, sp:Mary Ellen Sullivan, migr:CoCork,IRL> Kilbride,NFL,CAN>, Email: Frank Walsh

JOHN WALSH, b:1801, sp:Mary Anastasia Knox, migr:Rathpatrick,CoKilkenny,IRL> Waterford,IRL> ColdSprings,NY,
Email:Jean Balzer Buckwalter, See the family Tree.

JOHN WALSH, b:1806, sp:Mary (O)Flannery, migr:Limerick,IRL> CAN> Waukesha County,WI, Email: Joe Walsh, Also see 4/6/97 Query.

JOHN WALSH, b: abt1808, sp:Alice SNAPE, migr:Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, England> Sidney, NE> CA, Email: [email protected]
Also see Family Tree.

JOHN WALSH, b:1810, sp:Catherine ??, migr:Ireland, Email:Laurie McDonough, URL:Leitrim/Roscommon Home Page

JOHN WALSH, b:abt1810, sp:Kathren Tryman, migr:Ireland> DubuqueCo,IA, Note: dau. Mary Francis Walsh married Edmund Walsh, Email: [email protected], URL:Walsh Family Tree

JOHN WALSH, b:abt 1810, sp:Ellen Hennessey, migr:Galbally,IRL> AUS, Note:married 3 Feb 1833, son William married Annie Brigid Murphy, Email:Bill Walsh
Also see 6/21/97 Query.

JOHN WALSH, b:1814, sp:Mary Maher, migr:Cork,IRL> NYC, Email:Gloria Walsh Bartosik

JOHN A. WALSH, b:01 Sep 1818, sp:Johanna McGrath, migr:Dublin,IRL> Bloomington,IL,USA, note:Children - Patrick, John J., Maurice J. and Annie Gleason. Father - Patrick Walsh, Email:Ronni Howard, Also see 8/19/98 Query.

JOHN WALSH, b:abt1820?, sp:Elizabeth/Catherine Egan, migr:IRL> NY,USA, note:children Ann, Catherine and John, Email:K Mohahan

JOHN WALSH, b:abt1821, sp:Charlotte ??, migr:Mayo,IRL> Liverpool,ENG> Tasmania,AUS, Email:[email protected]

JOHN WALSH, b:abt1824, sp:Mary Burk, migr:Co Mayo,IRL> New Orleans,LA> Louisville,KY> Fairfax,MN, Email: [email protected]

JOHN WALSH, b:abt1829, sp:Ann Dormody, migr:IRL> Boston,MA> Wisc> Elma,IA, Email:Patricia Connor Coogan

JOHN WALSH, b:abt1830?, sp:Esther Maria Hart, migr:Nova Scotia,CAN, Email:Kelvin MacDonnell, Also see 3/16/97 Query.

JOHN WALSH, b:1834, sp:Nora Sullivan, migr:Cork County,Ireland>Toronto,Ontario,Canada,about 1860's, Email:John Thomas Walsh

JOHN WALSH, b:abt1835, sp:Mary A Rosney, migr:CorkCo,IRL> StLouis,MO> New York City,NY, Email: L Cognetta

JOHN WALSH, b:1842, sp:Catherine Knight, migr:Kilkenny,IRL> Australia, Email:Rob Attard, Also see 4/22/97 Query.

JOHN WALSH, b:Bef 1843, sp:Anne Disken, migr:CoDonnegal,IRL> Connemara,CoGalway,IRL> Hoboken,NJ, note:daughter Julia (Walsh) Keeney, Email:[email protected].

JOHN WALSH, b:3 Apr 1844, sp:Rachael Atherton, migr:New Eng> KY, Note:"Major" John Walsh served in the 3rd Mass. Calvary during Civil War, Email:[email protected], Also see 3/15/97 Query.

JOHN WALSH, b:18 Mar 1845, sp:Ellen Driscoll, migr:Co.Wexford,IRL> Huron Co,OH,
Email:Sean Pugh, Also see 11/29/97 Query.

JOHN WALSH, b:May 1846, sp:Agnes Walsh, migr:IRL> NYC,NY,
Email:John E. Breheny Jr., Also see 8/28/97 Query.

JOHN L. WALSH, b:07 Jul 1856, sp:Lydia McNeely, migr:OH>IL,
Email:[email protected], URL: http://www.eskimo.com/~websterj/, See the family Tree.

JOHN WALSH, b:1860, sp:Bridget Kelly, migr:CorkCo,IRL> WellingtonCo,Ontario,Canada,
Email:Jerry Walsh, Also see Family Tree, URL:Walsh Family

JOHN A. WALSH, b:01 Jun 1861, sp:Persis Ellen Tingley, migr:ShelbyCo,IN> ClarkCo,IL, note:son of John WALSH and Melinda SNIDER. Email:Jeff Behrmann, Also see 1/14/98 Query.

JOHN WALSH, b:1860's, sp:Adeline ?, migr:Coon Rapids,IA>, note:daughter Josephine born 12/29/1885. Email:Jim Atwood

JOHN F WALSH, b:24 June 1866, sp:unknown, migr:Coolmountain, Cork, Ireland> Steuben Co. New York> MT,
Email:Alice Finnegan, Also see 9/10/97 Query.

JOHN WALSH (WELSH), b:1870, sp:Annie Lyons, migr:Rathlackan,CoMayo,IRL,{1888}> Philadelphia,PA,
Email:Sharon Watson, Also see 03/23/98 Query.

JOHN FRANCIS WALSH, b:1875, sp:Mary Hearn, migr:Ireland> NYC,NY,
Email:Robert J. Walsh.

JOHN FRANCIS WALSH, b:abt1883, sp:Charlotte Greene, migr:Co.Sligo,IRL.> 1916/17,to Scranton,Penn.,
Email:Agnes Walsh Demena.

JOHN ARCHIBALD WALSH, b:1885-1890, sp:Mary McDougall, migr:Ontario,CAN,
Email:[email protected].

JOHN MICHAEL WALSH, b:1895-1910?, sp:Sarah Moran, migr:County Mayo,IRL> Liverpool,ENG, note: Disappeared in Liverpool around the time of birth of son, Michael, about 1930;
Email:[email protected].

JOHN FRANCIS WALSH, b:unknown, sp:Kate Bary Murphy, migr:Cleveland OH> Humboldt NE, Email:Robert James Walsh

JOSEPH LEONARD WALSH, b:1 Jul 1810, sp#1:Cynthia J. Wilks, sp#2:Mary Lucretia, migr:Hanover Co, VA> Culpeper Co, VA> Shenandoah Co, VA> Frostburg, Allegany Co, MD, Email:Ron Walsh, URL: Walsh Genealogy.

JOSEPH ANTHONY WALSH, b:1846, sp:Mary Margaret Allen, migr:IRL> TX, Email:JD Walsh

JOSEPH WALSH, b:1848, sp:Elizabeth Duffy, migr:GowranParish,KilkennyCo, IRL> AssumptionParish,LA> St.JamesParish,LA, Email:[email protected]

JOSEPH WALSH, b:1858, sp:Catharine Monarch, migr:Newfoundland> Boston> Wheeler Co.,NE, Email:Jim Dunn
URL: The Walsh Family of Spalding, Nebraska.

JULIA WALSH, b:abt1800, sp:Patrick Conroy, migr:Co.Laois (near Mountmellick),IRL> New York state (possibly near Mt.Morris), Email:[email protected], Also see 3/14/97 Query.

JULIA WALSH, b:15 Feb 1829, sp:Edmund Dooling, migr:Kilkenny,IRL> MadisonCo,IL, Email:David L. Beck

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