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This full name, Walsh Surname index is sorted by ancestor first name.
If you are researching the Walsh(e) surname, your "Most Wanted" Walsh ancestor may be posted to this page using the Walsh Ancestor Registry form. Due to space limitations, please post only one or two Walsh ancestors who were born prior to the year 1900. For examples of what to post, see the Surname Researcher's List below. Please keep your e-mail address up-to-date, and send any corrections or updates to Dennis Walsh
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Walsh Ancestor, Birth Date, Spouse, Migration Path, Who to Contact

-- A --
ALICE WALSH, b:1820?, sp:Richard Cody, migr:IRL> NY?> IL, Email:[email protected], Also see 2/13/97 Query.

ALICE WALSH, b:abt1845, sp:Thomas English, migr:Ross Tara,Co.Meath,IRE, Email:Jodi Jakeway.

ANASTASIA WALSH, b:1850's?, sp:Joseph Tobin, migr:IRL> Madoc,Ont.,CAN, Note:7children:Caroline(Carrie)-b.8Jan.1886, Walter, Charles, Jack, Julio(?), Anna, & Edward, Email:[email protected].

ANASTASIA WALSH, b:Oct 18, 1899, sp:Patrick J Linane, migr:Natick,MA, Email:[email protected], Also see 5/26/97 Query.

ANDREW WALSH, b.1762, sp:Rhoda Poteat, migr:Ireland> Wilkes County, North Carolina, Email:Melody Goss,
Also see 08/20/98 Query and Tree.

ANN DORMODY WALSH, b:c1836, sp:John Walsh, migr: Conn> Wisc> Iowa, Email:Patricia Connor Coogan

ANNA WALSH, b:1843, sp:Thomas Dennis, migr:LakeCo,IL>Chicago,IL>, Email:[email protected]

ANNA WALSH, b:1847, sp:Patrick Ruane, migr:Kiltimagh,CoMayo> children Locust Gap, PA> Pittsburg,PA> N.Y., Note:Father was David WALSH, Email:Susan McHale-Brockel

ANNE WALSH, b:abt 1825, sp:Lawrence Cantwell, migr:Ireland>Ulster County, NY, Email:Rebecca Rector, Also see 03/25/98 Query.

ANNE WALSH, b:Oct 21, 1849, sp:Michael Murtagh, migr:Castlepollard, WestmeathCo,IRL, Email:[email protected]

ANNE WALSH, b:Sep 10, 1876, sp:James S Duthie, migr:NorthumberlandCo,NB, Canada, note:Annes' father was John Walsh,born 4/14/1838 in NorthumberlandCo,NB- John's father was James, born 5/15/1820 in Northumberland, Email:Erin Klein

ANNIE WALSH, b:abt 1876, sp:John H. Bennett, migr:England(1890)> Luzerne Co,PA, Email:Ronni Bennett

-- B --
BARBARA WALSH, b:1880's, sp:James Ray, migr:Spiddal, County Galway,IRL> Portland, Maine,USA, parents:Thomas Walsh & Sarah Malloy, Email:Nancy Ray

BERNIE WALSH, b:1904, sp:Dora Belle WEBB, migr:?> Logan County, W.Va, children: William, Bernie, Loree. Email:Debbie Walsh

BRIDGET WALSH, b:Feb 1845, sp:John H. Hannon, migr: abt. 1871 IRL>Troy,NY, E-Mail:Laura Hannon Smith

BRIDGET WALSH, b:c1847, sp:John Naughton, migr:Co Mayo,IRL> St.Louis,MO, E-Mail:Kim Bynum

BRIDGET WALSH, b:abt 1860 sp:Thomas F Barry, migr: Co.Clare,IRL> Worcester,MA, note: 8 children: Marion, Thomas, Ellen, Evelyn, Margaret, Michael (called Frank), Rita, Aloysius and Joseph (twins), Arthur, Lucy, William; E-Mail:Shelagh Manning.

BRIDGETT WALSH, b:1883, sp:Joseph Lydon, migr:Co Galway,IRL> Boston,MA, E-Mail: Bobbi Lydon, Also see 5/22/97 Query.

-- C --
CATHERINE WALSH, b:abt 1795, sp:William Moore, migr:Kerry Co,IRL> Lockport,NY>Chicago,IL>Door Co,WI,
E-Mail:Phil Moore, URL: http://www.geocities.com/heartland/2934/ireland.html,
Also see 1/23/98 Query

CATHERINE (HUGHES) WALSH, b:early 1800's, sp:?? Walsh, migr:Ardfinnan, County Tipperary, Ireland> New Orleans,LA (1847), E-Mail:Curtiss Brown

CATHERINE WALSH, b:1825, sp:Dennis Burns, migr:IRL> NY, E-Mail:[email protected].

CATHERINE WALSH, b:1831/32, sp:Abiel Edes, migr:IRL>Taunton,MA,
E-Mail:Earl Williams, Also see 05/28/98 Query.

CATHERINE WALSH, b:c1833, sp:Edwin Rowe, migr:KilkennyCo,IRE>South Australia, E-Mail:[email protected], Also see 07/31/97 Query.

CATHERINE WALSH or WELCH, b:Jul 1841, sp:Thomas Burke, migr:County Mayo>Natick, Massachusetts, E-Mail:Edward Burke, Also see 1/20/98 Query.

CATHERINE WALSH, b:Jul 1871 Cork City, sp:William Price Conner, migr:Ireland> Baltimore,MD, E-Mail:Patricia Duncan.

CELIA (BRIDGET) WALSH, b:1848, sp:William J. Mullin, migr:St. John, New Brunswick> Boston, Suffolk, MA, Email:Jim Dunn
URL: The Walsh Family of Spalding, Nebraska.

CHARLES WALSH, b:abt 1842, sp:Elizabeth Culkin, migr:MayoCo,IRL> Washington,DC, E-Mail:Patricia Frensilli

CHARLES PATRICK WALSH, b:21 Jun 1868, sp:Angeline Eugenie Christie, migr:IRL> PA, E-Mail:Elaine B. Walsh Fitt

CHARLES J WALSH, b:abt 1892, sp:Margerite Maher, migr:??> NJ,
E-Mail:Richard W Walsh

-- D --
DAVID WALSH, b:1820, sp:Catherine Murphy, migr:CoKilkenny,IRL> Walpole,Norfolk,MA, in 1870,
Email:Patrick Walsh.

DAVID J WALSH, b:18 Nov 1875, sp:Harriet Mahoney, migr:NYC,NY,
Email:Robert J. Walsh.

DENNIS WALSH, b:1830, sp:Julia V. Galvin, migr:IRL> Ottawa,IL,
Email: Lois Hill.

-- E --
EDMUND CHARLES WALSH, b:Apr,1829, sp:Mary Frances Walsh, migr:KilkennyCo,IRL> Boston,MA> DubuqueCo,IA> HarrisonCo,IA,
E-Mail: Dennis Walsh, URL: Walsh Family Tree.

EDWARD PATRICK WALSH, b:1865, sp:Cecilia Kinsella, migr:Ireland> MontgomeryCo,PA, E-Mail:Ken Johnston, URL:Ken's Home Page

EDWARD H WALSH, b:17 Nov 1886, sp:Mabel Agnes McGrath, migr:Chicago, Cook Co., Ill, Note:Parents-John P Walsh and Nellie Murray, E-Mail:Sherron Logan

EDWARD WALSH, b:01 Oct 1887, sp:Mary (Smith)?, migr:??> Washington, IN (Daviess County), Note: Son-William Edward Walsh, b:02 Jul 1925, m:Nancy Galuppo, E-Mail:Laurence Walsh

ELIZABETH WALSH, b:abt 1793, sp:William Lloyd(b.abt 1790), migr:IRL> NB,CAN(bef Apr 1816), Email:Debra Lloyd-Forsyth

ELIZABETH WALSH, b:1822, sp:Henry Laird, migr:Maguriesbridge, Fermangh, IRL> Tasmania, Australia. Note: brother Tom Walsh, Email:Maureen Martin

ELIZABETH J. WALSH, b:3 May 1868, sp:Robert Carson(m.11 Jul 1889), migr:England> Pittsburgh,PA, Email:Darlene Putze

ELLEN WALSH, b:abt 1817, sp:Thomas Kane, migr:Westport,County Mayo,IRL>, Note:Ellen died 10 Jan 1874, did not emigrate, Email:Pat Nietfeld,
Also see 8/24/97 Query.

ELLEN WALSH, b:Mar 16,1842, sp:John Egan, migr:IRL>Boston,MA> Blackhawk,CO> Altamont,CA, Note:daughter of John Walsh and Catherine Healy, Email:K Rooney

ELLEN WALSH, b:1846, sp:Merrill Skinner, migr:LakeCo,IL> Chicago,IL, Email:[email protected]

ELLEN WALSH, b:18 Feb 1870, sp:Patrick Barrett, migr:Bushertown, Co. Kilkenny, IRL> New York, NY, Email:Robert Barrett, Also see 7/15/97 Query.

ERNEST EDWARD WALSH, b:1860, sp1:Georgia F. Josephson, sp2: Mary Simon, migr:Walworth Co. Wisconsin> Butte Co. Oroville California, Note: son of James WALSH, Email:Mechele Walsh, Also see Family Tree.

ESTELLE WALSH, b:Oct 16, 1894, sp:George F Nagle, migr:Helena,MT> SanFrancisco,CA, Email:[email protected]

E. T. WALSH, b:1860-1885, sp:Delia Kissane, migr:Co.KERRY,IRL> Chicago?> San Francisco area(circa 1927), Email:Al Kissane

-- F --
FRANK WILLIAM WALSH, b:June 29, 1856, sp:Anna Barbara Smith, migr:Kilkenny County,IRL> MD> Gretna,LA, note:married in Frederick, Maryland,
Email:Adele Jane Walsh, Also see 8/26/97 Query.

-- G --
GEORGE W. WALSH, b:August 1, 1857, sp:Margaret S. Stewart, migr:CAN> Morris,IL> Montana, Email:Jan Todd

GENEVIEVE WALSH, b:Nov 17, 1886 (St Paul,MN), sp:Edward P Jackson, migr:?>MN, Email:Michael Walsh

-- H --
HANNAH WALSH, b:1835, sp1: Matthew Hagan sp2:William Nolan, migr:IRL> Warren,RI, Email:Laurie McDonough, URL:Leitrim/Roscommon Home Page

HANNAH LILLIAN WALSH, b:8 Oct 1879, sp:Hypolete Charles Rimassa, migr:born in CA, Email:[email protected]

HANORIA WALSH, b:7 Jun 1867, sp:Michael Walsh, migr:Mayo Co IRL> Chicago,IL, Email:Julia Harris Gibson

HARRIET WALSH, b:28 Jan 1847, sp:James Appleyard, migr:Yorkshire England,
Email:V.R. Wigglesworth, URL: http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~vrw

HARRY GATELY WALSH, b:1906, sp:Katherine Treulieb, migr:unknown,
Email:H Walsh

HUGH WALSH, b:1836, sp:Anne Reid, migr:IRL> Yonkers,NY, Email:Nancy Neely,
Also see Family Tree.

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