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~ ~ Calendar of Ormond Deeds ~ ~
Volumes I - VI
Being the Medieval Documents Preserved at Kilkenny Castle
Edmund Curtis, editor, 1933-1943

Jan. 25, 1193 - John, Lord of Ireland, Count of Mortain, etc., to all his men and friends, French, English, and Irish, present and to come. He has granted to Peter Pippard and his heirs three cantreds of land of the land of Ohegeni near the land of Uriel, by the service of twelve knights.
Witnesses: Stephen Ridell, his chancellor, William de Wennevill, Reginald de Vassenvill, Hamon de Valoniis, David Walensis, Engelram de Pratell', Fulc de Kantel, Master Benedict, Master Peter Canutus [le Hore] of Bittelber.'
Given on the 25th day of January, in the 4th year of the reign of King Richard at Portemue.

Between 1200-1210 - Willam de Breusa grants to Adam de Hereford and his heirs the lands which Theobald Walter, Butler of Ireland, gave by charter, namely, the whole theodum in Chlenmoneth in Helyocaruel [Ely O'Carroll] and the vill of Clonfertemelo [Clonfertmulloe, now Kyle, Queen's County], which lies in the said theodum, to hold of the said Theobald and his heirs by free service of a knight.
Witnesses: Richard de Cumb', Richard Britone, John son of Simon, Henry de Sancto Waleric, Robert Walensis, Philip Walensis, Richard de Fenhamton, Richard de Mauns, Nicholas clerk of Berg.

Circa 1230 - Henry Pigaz grants to Roger Seis and his heirs, a carucate in his tenement of Okerle [Cluain ui Cearbhaill, O'Carrolls' plain near the city of Kilkenny], half a carucate in Madnegal; and half in Culdunan. Paying yearly twelve shillings and eight pence silver.
Witnesses: Philip de Barri, Elyas de Bellafago, John de Billeburne, Clement Walensis, Philip Wa[lensis?], Walter de A[rch]er.

Circa 1235 - Richard Pincerna [Butler], with the assent of Mabel [de Carreu] his wife, grants to Adam Walensis and his heirs all the land lying between Granrigaveran and Riwin (River) de Chultawoc and between Challcbleyn (? Kilbline) and Callaclec; paying 3d. yearly for every acre arable. Should the lord of Baligaveran [Gowran] or any other take any of the said land by force, grantor will restore grantee an equivalent portion in a fitting place.
Witnesses: Hugh de Stachepol, Thomas his son, Adam his son, Ralph Rowac, Jordan Forester, William de Stachepol, Gilbert son of Payn, Milo de Typerwoldric [Paulstown], Adam the chaplain.
In dorso: Balligauran and lands thereabouts.

Circa 1238 - Howel, son of John, grants to William Walensis and his heirs in free socage all his part of the water and watercourse which descends from Kedi between grantor's land of Monmeche and the said William's land in Culeneri [in Imaal?]. To have and to hold to him and his heirs freely and quietly with all liberties and free customs to the free water and free water course pertaining. Also a stang, with all "refuso" of water; paying a half penny or a pair of white gloves at Michaelmas.
Witnesses: Philip son of Ris, Henry son of Walter, Ernald de Culeneri, Philip de Kilerchi, David Dun, William Hamun, William de Glalely.

Circa 1243-4 - Adam Walensis quit-claims to Theobald Walter, Butler of Ireland, and his heirs, all his land held of Richard Pincerna [Butler], between Cranrigaveran and Cultauok, and between Tullachbleyn and Killachlek. Consideration, a mark of silver.
Witnesses: Peter de Bermingham, Ralph the clerk, parson of Baligaveran, Ralph son of William, Maddok Cornubiensis, John de Hakeford and William de Londrs, clerks.

Circa 1250 - Walter son of Stephen grants to John, son of John, son of Stephen, and his heirs three acres and a stang in the tenement of Coigeyt; two acres lying south of the road leading to Rathronan; and an acre and a stang in the north part of the same; paying a pair of white gloves or a penny silver at Easter.
Witnesses: William Walensis, lord of Rathronan, Raymond son of Elias, Maurice Lachles, Robert Benet, Thomas Meyler.

Circa 1253 - Confirmation by the charter of Leighlin of the grant of the St. Patrick's church in Kellistown in Forth, county Carlow (and the grant to the Priory of Kells in Ossory) as made by Matthew, son of Griffin...
Witnesses: Master Michael Walensis [Walsh], then official of the church of Leighlin, etc.

Sept. 29, 1276 - Indenture of agreement between Sir Ralph Pippard and John Barbram, Thomas Forestarius, Nicholas de Frenes, Robert Karobrou, Stephen son of Roger, Richard Forestarius, Hugh Kuch, Henry Walensis, Emma, widow of William Longus, Hugh Longus, William Juvenis, by which he let to farm to them and their heirs, 94 acres arable of his lordship, for twenty years, beginning at Michaelmas in the 4th year of King Edward paying yearly 6l. 6s.
In dorso: "Vines."

Circa 1292 - Edmund, son of Milo le Bret, grants to Sir Walter de la Haye and his heirs, his castle and manor of Cnoctochyr [Knocktopher], paying to the chief lord the accustomed services, and to hold of the lord Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester and Hertord, and Joan his consort.
Witnesses: Sir Robert Bagot, Sir Eustace le Poer, Sir Alan de Bathe, Sir Stephen Howell, knights, David de Bathe, John son of Raymond [Reginald], Thomas de la Sale, Hugh the clerk, John Rys.
Footnote to above: Sir Stephen Howell cited as a possible ancestor of Walsh of the Mountain (Eric Brooks in Knight's Fees in Counties Wexford, Carolow and Kilkenny, 1950).

June 3, 1297 - (A) William Walensis grants to Theobald, Butler of Ireland, and his heirs, 16 marks yearly rent out of two knight's fees called Athkincon [Aghancon] and a moiety of a theodum in Corryn, and Moydale.
Witnesses: Sirs Peter de Bermingham, Philip son of Audoen, Thomas de Kentewell, Dionisius de Marisco, John son of Robert, knights, John de Rupe, John de Barri, Eustace de la Launde, Thomas de Stanleg.
Given at Cassel [Cashel] on the 3rd June in the 25th year of King Edward.
(B). Quit-claim of the above ... ("which Theobald has to the feoffment of William le Bret"). Same witnesses and same date.
NOTES: There is an Aghancon, a parish, partly in the barony of Clonlisk, but chiefly in that of Ballybritt, King's county (Ely O'Carrol country in Offaly). There is also a Corren in the area.

Circa 1300? - William son of John Russel grants to William son of Sir John Broun, chaplain, and his heirs, a messuage in the vill of Carrek mc Griffyn called Carrekcamgolyn, in breadth between the tenement of Adam McStromyg' in the east and the tenement of said John in the west; ... Witnessed by: David Valensis of Grellan, Henry Crispyn, Philip Bendevyl, Henry le Flemyng, Philip Soye, William Vyriet.

1301 - Inquisition taken at Roscommon on Tuesday next after the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, in the 29th year of Edward I. by writ of the same, by Hugh de Ley, John Taylor, ... Thomas Walsh (Walensis).

Circa 1305 - Alexander Cheberlain son of Philip Chamberlain grants in fee to Gilbert le Boteler and his heirs two carucates of land in the tenement of Nowan in Pollardiston, lying between the land of Sir John son of Thomas and the land of the said Gilbert. Paying yearly a grain of wheat at the feast of Michaelmas.
Witnesses: Sir Walter le Boret [Bret], Walter Bretenach [Bretnach], Nicholas Moncel, Thomas de [Neth], David de Nasse, Henry Tyrel, John the clerk.
NOTES: There was a Pollardiston in County Dublin, peninsula of Howth. Also a Pollardstown in the Curragh, Co. Kildare. The manor of Novan, or Nouan, was also granted to Gilbert about this time, and the letters patent were given at Kilkenny on March 24, 1305, N.S.

Dec. 26, 1305 - Alice le Brette in her pure and free viduity grants to Sir Walter de la Haye, knight, and Cecilia his wife for the term of their lives all he claim in all lands, rents, tenements, etc., in the whole manor of Cnoctowre [Knocktopher].
Witnesses: Sir Eustace le Poer, John le Poer, Oliver fitz William, knights, John Rys, Matthew Aylward, Robert Gerard, Walter le Poer, Nicholas Alcoke, Nicholas Nonaunt, and Hugh Walensis [Walsh].
Given at Waterford on St. Stephens' Day in the 34th year of King Edward, son of King Henry.

Circa 1310 - Henry, son of Adam Seycel, grants to David, son of Morduk Seycel, for his homage and service twenty-four acres of land in the tenement of Aghbilir [Aghaviller] in Culdrissath...
Witnesses: Milo son of Adam, Henry son of Adam, Mabath Walensis, Philip Brun the old (vetus), and many others.

April 30, 1321 - Mabilla Walensis, relict of Philip Bendevyl, in her lawful viduity quit-claims to Sir John son of William Broun of Carrickmacgriffyn and his heirs, 14 acres and a half arable, and an acre and a half meadow, in said vill as in the charter which Sir William, vicar of Stradballycolgy, made to Sir John.
Given at Carrikmagriffyn on Thursday in the vigil of the Apostles Philip and James.

Dec. 24, 1321 - Brother John, Prior of the Hospital of St. John without the New Gate of Dublin, and the Brothers of the same by common assent remit and quitclaim to Herbert de Marisco and his heirs all their right in ninety-five acres of land and a mill in 'le Milleton' in the tenement of Cloghir.
Witnesses: John de Bermingham, earl of Louth, then Justiciar of Ireland, William de Bermingham, Edmund de Bermingham, Richard le Waleys, Geoffrey de Prendirgast, knights, John de Stanes and others.
Given at Cashel on Thursday in the vigil of the Nativity of the Lord, in the 15th year of King Edward, son of King Edward.

1325 - Estreats of Co. Kilkenny on Thursday next after the feast of St. Augustine, bishop, in the 19th year of King Edward II, before Fulc de fraxineto, Sheriff. Included among those listed was Adam son of Wm. Walensis by pledge of Matthew de Baa and Philip Corre.

1325 - Estreats of Co. Kilkenny on Thursday next after the feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist, in the 19th year of King Edward II before Fulc de fraxineto, Sheriff. Included among those listed was John son of Adam Walsh (Walensis).

March, 1327 - Deed by Richard le Poer, knight, by which he appoints his brother Edmund le Poer his attorney to place William, son of David le Poer, his cousin (consanguineus), in full seisin of a third of his manor of Islanybrike [Oilean Ui Bhric]. To have and to hold to the said William, his heirs, and assigns forever of the chief lords of that fee, etc.
Given at Waterford, on Monday next after the feast of St. Patrick in the first year of Edward III.
Witnesses: Sir William Ogrodych, vicar there, William son of Richard Walsh, Robert son of John le Poer, and William son of David Coth[?erel], Nicholas Waldon, Thomas de Canwyll.

June, 1333 - William Purcell grants to John de sancto Leodegario and his heirs forever, all his right in the vills of Leauvghyll, Balyesk, Roskonelle, Castellemarge, Cnokaneredirre in Odogh in county Kilkenny and in all other of his lands and tenements, mills, advowsons, tithes, rents, homages, wardships, marriages, etc. etc. pertaining to the said vills.
Given at Kilkenny on the Monday next after Holy Trinity, in the 7th year of Edward III.
Witnesses: Thomas Sherlok, James Cottrell, John Rothe, and Sir William Walche.

December 31, 1333 - Inquisition held at Athenry on the last day of December in the 7th year of Edward III. before John Morice, Escheator of Ireland, by oath of Edward de Staunton, knight, John de Staunton, knight, John de Exeter, Robert Gaynard, Maurice Gaynard, Robert Clark (clerici), Thomas Dolfyn, William Walsche, William Seaman, Thomas Glise, William de Athy, Richard Dolfyn, who say on oath that the Earl of Ulster held of the Lord King in chief certain rents and services as follows: namely 10. annual rent from the cantred of Owill Botiller, receivable by John le Botiller.

June 18, 1335 - Caterina Walche, relict of John Whyte, and Elicia, daughter and heiress of the said John and Caterina, grant to Edmund Dowy and his heirs all lands and rents which the said John had as a marriage portion in the burgage of the town of Clonmel.
Given at Clonmel on the 18th day of June in the 9th year of Edward III.

February 8, 1338 - William Downyll grants to James Troy a half acre of arable land, lying in the field called 'le Gortinisly' in the burgagery in Payntoun (Villa Opayn) in the tenement of Knocktopher, namely between the land of Richard Hoyling in length on one side and the land of William Whytt on the other and in width between the said Richard Holying's land and a half acre formerly belonging to John Bared on the other...
Given at Knocktopher on the 8th day of February in the 12th year of Edward III.
Witnesses: Nicholas Cloyll, chaplain, William Corgan, and John Walche.

Circa 1340? (presumably before this time, perhaps 1243 as quoted by Eric St. John Brooks), according to the Ormond Deeds (Vol 1, Curtis, 1933), John fitz Geoffrey is mentioned as lord of Kells in a grant to William Coterel and his heirs for ever Kilmegene [Kilmoganny] in free socage. This grant included the mountain and wood, extending in length from the cave of Letter, and from Corbally up to the water of Gortneslie; and in breadth from Karreenemo [Garrandynas, part of the townland of Rossenara] up to the water that runs between Kilmegene and Avene [Rossenara, anciently known as Owny]; paying a mark of silver yearly. In a note by Curtis he cites Lettercorbally appearing in ancient documents as an alias for Castlehale, now the townland of Rossenara demesne, in the parish of Kilmoganny.
Witnesses: Sir John Flemeng, Sir Henry son of Henry, Martin Coterel, Thomas de sancto Johanne, John de Ken, Hugh Devenese, Rudolph Kift, William Ogelay, Simon the clerk.

1343 - An inquisition held at Kilkenny on Wednesday next after the feast of St. Barnabas in the 17th year of Edward III, before John Morice, locum-tenens of John Darcy, Justiciar, and Hugh de Bourgh, Treasurer of Ireland, by oath of Richard de Durgh, William de Burgh, Robert Gaynard, John de Stanton, John Joye, William le Walsche, Richard Barrett, Robert de Stanton, Hugh Gaynard, William Lyt, Roger Prendergast and Hugh de Rydlesforde, who say on oath that Matilda, Countess of Ulster, is endowed by the death of her husband William de Burgo, late Earl of Ulster, in the cantreds of Tyrraulyf, Orrus, Tirremoy and Conegdonmor. ...

1356 - Inquisition taken at Kilkenny before Thomas de Rokeby, Justiciar of Ireland, in virtue of a writ of the King directed to him on Friday next before the feast of St. Nicholas in the 30th year of King Edward III, by the following jurors: Richard Houlyn of Knocktopher, John Hode, Matthew Walshe, Nicholas Milet, Philip Nangle, Odo fitz John, William Ilger, Richard Harper and David Eynoke. The inquisition was a grant to James le Botiller, Earl of Ormond, that the King may give and assign one messuage and thirteen acres of land with appurtenances in Knocktopher to the Friars of the Carmelite Order in the same town and their successors forever...

Circa 1358 - Pleas of Assizes held at Clonmel, co. Tipperary:
Nicholas Coventre who sues Thomas Walshe of Rathronan on a plea of debt gives 20d. for leave to sue out a better writ, by pledge of Thomas Walshe who should pay.
Of those listed in mercy for non-attendance when summoned to various inquisitions, among the listed included: Robert Walshe, Thomas Walensis 'filius Episcopi', John Walshe 'filius Episcopi'.

August 12, 1361 - Letter of attorney of Oliver son of Howell fitz Stephen appointing Thomas son of David Cadugan and Walter Gret (?) his bailiffs for placing Sir Raymond son of Robert Wallys, chaplain, in seisin of all his lordships of Lotheran together with his court there and the duties (responcionibus) of his tenants there both English and Irish, with rents, wardships, marriages, reliefs and all other services pertaining thereto which he had of the gift and enfeoffment of . ? ., also in a messuage and a castle and a carucate and a half of land in Seskynlethyrd, and in twenty acres of arable land lying between the grange of Ardbarryn, and in one messuage and ten acres of arable land in the burgage of Olimor (?) in Crosia (? the Cross) in county Kilkenny.

October 22, 1362 - Griffin son of Richard Landefay gives and grants to James le Botiller, Earl of Ormond, one messuage in the town of Carrickmagriffin lying in length from the stone wall of that town on the north and between the messuage of John Brechnoc and the messuage of Philip fitz Thomas on the south...
Witnesses: Richard Snoke, then reeve, William Crispin, John fitz Thomas and William Onel, vicar of Carric.

March 30, 1369 - Walter Walshe, chaplain, and Philip Flemyng give and grant to Richard Od . . Baret the manors of Moreton Carrigroghan more and Doundrynan. To have and to hold the said manors to Richard and his heirs...
Given at Carricroghan beg on the 30th day...

Circa 1370 - Patrick Wodloke and Margaret Britton, his wife, quit-claim to John Brymyngham, of Ross, merchant, all messuages, lands, etc. in Rosse, or elsewhere in the county of Wexford formerly Nicholas Britton's, Margaret's father, late of Ross.
Witnesses: Sir [illegible] Brymyngham, public notary, Walter Achier, Peter Bray, Laurence Walche.

March 21, 1373 - Walter son of Walter fitz Oliver [Howel?] quit-claims to Geoffrey son of Thomas son of Nicholas Howell Walshe all his right in all lands and tenements of the town of Melagh and Saundrestoun, and in a carucate of land, three acres of meadow and seven of wood in Kyldresse.
Given on Monday next after the feast of St. Patrick in the 47th year of Edward III

June 29, 1374 - Geoffrey, son of Thomas son of Nicholas son of Howel Walshe, gives and grants to James le Botiller, Earl of Ormond, and Elizabeth his wife, the manor and towns of Melagh and Saunderestoun with all lands and tenements, meadows, moors and pastures. To have and to hold to the Earl and Elizabeth and their heirs for ever of the chief lords of the fee, etc.
Witnesses: Walter de la Faunte, knight, Walter Cantewell, Peter Shirbourne and William Crispyn.
Given on Thursday next after the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist in the 48th year of Edward III.

June 29, 1374 - Letter of attorney of Geoffrey etc. Walshe, as above, appointing William Crispyn of Carryk and Walter Cantewell his bailiffs for placing James, Earl of Ormond, in seisin of the above manor, etc., in Overk in county Kilkenny.

June 31, 1374 - Quit-claim of the above manor to James, Earl of Ormond. {Howel seal perfect.}

November 3, 1374 - Assizes taken at Clonmel before Walter Lenfaunt, knight, seneschal of the Liberty of Tipperary, ... Henry Walsh is listed as one of the jurors.

January, 1375 - Pleas terminated, held at Thurles, co. Tipperary. Among the listed is "From Clement Carreau, serjeant of Iffa", of the goods of Philip Walshe. By the suit of Thomas Walshe... Listed further down is a William Braynok, sub-serjeant of Moien, as well as Thomas Braynok, sub-serjeant of Iffa.

Circa 1378-1379 - Rental of the chief rent of Balyclerthan in the 2nd year of King Richard [? II].
Among those listed is Thomas Walsh, 12 acres. Also listed are John Cornwalsch, 56 acres; and William Cornwalsch, 14 acres.

February 10, 1381 - James, Earl of Ormond, commands the sheriff of Liberty of Tipperary to take a large number of people before the seneschal of the Liberty. Thomas Walsh is included among the names.

June 27, 1381 - James le Botiller, Earl of Ormond, grants and to farm lets to William Walsh of Hayistoun fifty-two acres of land, meadow, and pasture near Hayistoun in the tenement of Balscadan (apparently in the Finglas region of Dublin?), for the term of twenty years beginning on the feast of the Nativity of St. John next.
Given at Trim on Friday next after the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, in the 5th year of Richard II.

January , 1384 - Pleas of Assizes held at Clonmel, co. Tipperary. Among the listed:
David Watevyle against Richard Walsh on a plea of debt.
Philip Walsh for paying a fine.

February 26, 1384 - James le Botiller, Earl of Ormond, to the auditors of our accounts, etc. greeting. Allowed to Richard Walsh our Treasurer of our Liberty of Tipperary on his next account to be returned before us, xis. silver of the profits of the said Liberty which we received by his hands of said Treasurer in ale and other necessaries purchased for the use of our household, whereof we will that a full allowance should be made to said Treasurer by these presents. ... letters patent made.
Given at Clonmel ..
Dorso: a deed proving that there was a hospice of the libertie.

June 23, 1388 - Nicholas son of John Cogan appoints Thomas de Bathe his attorney to place Richard Walsh, chaplain, in full seisin of one messuage and 180 acres of arable land, wood, moor and pasture in Croan in the tenement of Aghebyller [Aghaviller], eight (? twenties) of arable in Dangeynmor in the tenement of Kells, 2s. in rent in Balykanegan which is called Robynestoun per annum, 2d. rent in Balygardyr per annum, and 2d. rent in Balypaan which is called Knocktoghyr. To have and to hold to him and his heirs of the chief lords of those fees.
Given at Aghebelyr on Friday next after Corpus Christi in the 12th year of Richard II.

October, 1388 - Henry Lang, chaplain, vicar of Jerpoint, gives and grants to Thomas Seys, chaplain, Robert Kyng, chaplain, John Shortals and Roger Ragyt all his lands, tenements, ponds and fisheries which he has in Jerpoint and Gowlan...
Witnesses: Walter Hethyn, Gilbert Lang, Andrew Walshe, David Devenysh, Thomas Graunt, Robert Mythe, Walter Coke and Thomas Shortals.

January, 1389 - Fines taken before William son of Peter le Botyller, seneschal of the Liberty of Tipperary, at Bowlek...
Among the fines are listed: Thomas Walsh 'filius episcopi', Thomas Walsh of Typeraght, and John son of Walter Walsh.

April 28, 1394 - Geoffrey de la Freigne, lord of Deyngnespydek, gives and grants to Lord James le Botiller, Earl of Ormond, free navigation of the river called Blackwater and its course through grantor's lands of Kylmaboygh from the place called Camlyn on the upper side to the said Earl's mill of Inchemolcane and Grenagh in the tenement of Dunboyn.
Witnesses: John Duffe Walsh, Patrick Graunt, Adam Swayne, Philip Wadok Poer and John son of Philip Walsh.

February 9, 1398 - James, Earl of Ormond, appoints Philip O'Hewelan and Philip Walsch his bailiffs for receiving full seisin in his name from John fitz Elys, son and heir of Geoffrey McElyot, in all messuages, rents, etc., in Portnekyll in the tenement of Langford and elsewhere in county Waterford.
Given at Carickmcgryffyn on the 9th day ...

Circa 1399? - Christiana daughter of Richard son of Henry son of Randal le Power gives and grants to Philip O'Hymlan half a carucate of land in Kyllocran in the tenement of Ardcholme, ... Witnesses: ... Philip Walche of Carryg, William Breyt of Tybrath, David Soyn and John Walch.

January 11, 1399 - Letters patent of James, Earl of Ormond, Lord of the Liberty of Tipperary, appointing Richard Walsche his Escheator and Keeper of the market and measures of the Liberty for the term of his life. All and singular ministers and other faithful leiges of the said Liberty are ordered to be obedient and intendent to him. He is to receive the usual and accustomed fees.

Circa 1400? - Court roll of the manor of Kilcrone [Greenville?]
Names listed, under Lordship of Kilkambiogh Freignesland, include Richard Roth Bretenagh. Also listed is a claim of bloodshed between Maurice Bretenagh and Taig O'Camane at Ballenekill. Also a swarm of bees in the custody of Magina Bretnagh and Schane her son at Ballenekill. Also a claim of bloodshed between David Don Walsh and Johanna Boy Dewnysh, and the same between John White, chaplain, vicar of Kilmaboigh and David Don.

November 28, 1401 - Rental of the borough of Callan made before Maurice Kappagh, reeve of the same... by the following. Thomas Whit of Westcourt, Richard Stok, Geoffrey Walsch, John Saundir, Robert Whit, Thomas son of John Whit, Philip Whit, Geoffrey Rede, John Meloc, Thomas Mothill, William Symound and Hugh Masoun. Geoffrey Walsche is also noted as a tenant in the document.

1402-1403 - Inquisition taken before William son of Peter le Botiller, seneschal of the Liberty of Tipperary, by: David Walsch, John Haket, Nicholas de Valle, William Layn[agh] de Valle, Henry de Valle, Richard Norreys, Shan Walsch, ... and others, who say on oath that Maurice Carragh Tobyn and William O'Monghan (or: O'Moughan) ... in the 4th year of King Henry (IV) at Kilcash feloniously robbed William Lynagh Vale of four cows each worth a 1/2 mark... Also that Laynagh Ketyng, Gillarowe Ketyng Bratenagh with their following on Friday next after the feast of St. Nicholas at Ballytarsyn robbed John Walsh, cleric, of thirteen farm beasts (affros) each worth 6s., six cows each worth a 1/2 mark, sixty sheep each worth 8d., twenty pigs, and two horses each worth 1 mark, etc.

Circa 1403 - David son of Thomas Walsh was a juror at the inquisition taken before William son of Peter le Botiller, seneschal, etc. at Clonmel on Friday next after the feast of the Invention of the Holy Cross.

1403 - Estreats, fines and amercements of the court of the Liberty of Tipperary. Among those cited include "From William Botiller, seneschal, of the issues of the goods of David Walsh, forfeited". In addition is a listing of William son of John Braynok.

(1) October 4, 1402 - William O'Dowyr (possibly O'Downg) and Isabella his wife, daughter and heiress of David Wodstok, give and grant to Meueryk Walshe and David Walsh his son one messuage, one carucate and twelve acres of land in Cowlraynagh, a messuage and forty acres in Cowlhull [?] and forty acres in Balcanyne [?], all in the tenement of Balliduf (Inistioge parish). To have and to hold...
Witnesses: Peter Bacun, Richard Milys, Robert Broun and Robert Broner.
Note: Edmund Curtis, A History of Medieval Ireland, p. 133, cites Merrick (Meurig, Welsh for Maurice).

(2) May 10, 1403 - William O'Dowyr and Isabella Wodystok his wife give and grant to Meryk Walsch and David Walsh son of Gornok Walsch all their lands, etc., in Cowlraynagh and Cowlyshill.

(3) May 21, 1403 - Isabella Wodystok, daughter of David Wodstok, quitclaims to Meryk Walsch, son of Gornok Walsch, and his heirs and assigns all her rights in one messuage, one carucate of arable land and twelve acres of pasture, with all rights pertaining, in Kowlraynagh in the tenement of Balydudd.

(4) May 10, 1403 - William O'Dowyr and Isabella Wodstock his wife quitclaims to Merick Walsch and David Walsch and their heirs all their right in their lands in Coulregnagh and Coulsyll and in forty acres in Balyanyr.

May 10, 1403 - Hilary Bosscher quit-claims to Meryl Walsch and David Walsch son of Gornok Walsch and their heirs all his right in one messuage, one carucate of arable land and twelve acres of pasture lying in Kowlraynagh in the tenement of Ballyduff.

February, 1404 - Pleas in the court of the Liberty of Tipperary, Inquisition held at Clonmel by Thomas White, ..., Henry Bretnagh, ..., Philip Walshe. Who say on oath that Thomas O'Makyne and David O'Makyne... took Theobald Poer ... and imprisoned him ... at Davymiliston. March, 1404 - Estreats, fines and amercements of the court of the Liberty of Tipperary. Among those cited include "From William Botiller, seneschal, of the issues of the goods of Richard Walshe of Fytherd, forfeited".

June, 1404 - Inquisition taken before William le Botiller, seneschal, at Clonmel on Friday next .... by the following: Nicholas de Valle, Maurice Maydwell, Richard Norreys, Thomas Bretnagh, Awircagh O'Kyrgne, Milo Maydwell, Shane Walsch, [the rest of juror's names illegible]. Who say on oath that on Wednesday next to the feast of Corpus Christi in the 5th year of King Henry at Carrick in a certain boat on the water there, there arose a contention between Laurence Walsh and William O'Neyll in which the said Laurence stabbed William with a knife so that he despairs of his life. He says that after the blow Laurence and John Walsch took the boat and crossed the river into the county of Waterford where they are at present. And they say that there were then there a boat of Henry Walsch, a boat of ....

December 20, 1404 - Estreats, fines and amercements before the Barons of the Exchequer at the King's Plea. Included among the names are David Walsch (goods forfeited) and David Bretenagh (summoned, did not come).

1408-1409 - Gilbert Dobyn and Isabella Balyimor his wife give and grant to Meryk Walsch and David Walsch one messuage in the tenement of Instyok. To have and to hold...
Witnesses: John Moyson, then reeve, Patrick Poys, Thomas Bracley, and John Dobyn

February 2, 1409 - Isabella Wodestok in her Lawful viduity quit-claims to Meryk Walsch and David Walsch, their heirs and assigns, for ever all her right in two hundred acres of arable land in the tenement of Balyduf, Cowlraynagh and Cowlyshyll, and forty acres in Ballyhany in the parish of Schanbough which formerly was John Marche's.
Witnesses: Richard Mylis, Peter Baroun and John Griffuk.
Given at Portynschull in the feast of the Purification of the B.V.M. in the 10th year of Henry IV.
Note: Ballyduff, Coolrainy and Coolsillagh are townlands in the parish of Inistioge.

July 7, 1409 - Issyn Lucas, in her lawful viduity, gives and grants to Meryk Walsch and David Walsch two acres of arable land with appurtenances in the lordship of Instyok, of which two acres one lies in Balicaksuft between the land of the Prior of Instyok (Inistioge) on one side and John Lumbard's land on the other, and the other lies in Moreton near the shrubbery (virgultum) there formerly William Gloryn's. To have and to hold ...
Witnesses: Gilbert Dobyn, Adam Dobyn, Thomas Brakley, John Walsch and John Bane.
Given at Instyok in the Octaves of SS. Peter and Paul in the 10th year of Henry IV.

1411 - County court of the Liberty of Tipperary, before ..., on Wednesday before Ash Wednesday on the 12th year of Henry IV. John Stacboll 'helyer' against Henry son of John Walshe of a plea of trespass.

January 17, 1411 - Clarice Francleyne in her lawful viduity appoints Walter More Gnacht (sic) her attorney to place Meyrik Walsch and David Walsch in seisin of two stangs in the tenement of Ballycaksufte in the barony of Inchstyok.

August 5, 1411 - County court of the Liberty of Tipperary.
David Cam McAwestyn against Malaghlyn McShane O'Carran on a plea of debt. Pledges Dermot O'Callowe and William Haket, serjeant, and mainpernor William Oge Bretenagh.

November, 1411 - Rental of James le Botiller, Earl of Ormond, of the barony of Knocktopher, ... by inquisition of the following: William Holyn, John Howell, David Bath, Janyn Prestessone, John Lange (rest of juror's names illegible).
Rents due from the following: William Holyn, Oliver Roche, David fitz Remond for Lesmctaige, Richard Pruote, Thomas Whited, Rosina Skyllyn, John Holyn, Nicholas Porter, John Proute, William Wauter, Thomas Holyn, William Rys, Thomas Baret, Janyn and William Holyn, David Chapman, the constable of Knocktopher, Nicholas Porter, Shane Douley, Thomas Barret, James Foliot, William Walsche, Kyttyn Bolle.
From the list of the rental of free tenants of the Barony of Knocktopher, included are: Robert Walsh for 'le Knokyngawr' (iiiis.).

November, 1411 - Rental of James le Botiller, Earl of Ormond, from Grannagh and Overk.
Among those listed in the chief rents of Grannagh include: Robert Walsche at lease (iis.), and William Walsche at lease (iiiis.).

April 1412 - Rental of the Earl of Ormond of the Barony of Knocktopher made before Nicholas Stokes... Among those listed is William Walsh for the great hall.

April 20, 1412 - Rental of the Earl of Ormond made before Nicholas Stokes, seneschal, of the lands of the Earl on Wednesday..., of Melagh and Leynagheston in the 13th year of Henry IV, for Easter term. Included in the list are Geoffrey Walsche for 1 acre at lease [in the tenement of Leynagheston?]; Jonoc Bretnaghe for 13 1/2 acres [in Melagh]; Walter Bretnaghe for 8 acres at lease [in Melagh]; Thomas Walsche for 2 acres at lease [in Carrickmagriffin, i.e. Carrick-on-Suir].

July, 1412 - Eva Chamberleyn, daughter and heiress of Gilbert Chamberleyn and Johanna Hwdde, gives and grants to Richard Walsh, chaplain, all her messuages, lands, rents and tenements with pastures, meadows and heaths in Hwddystoun, Laghballymoran, great Coddystoun and small Coddystoun, Rathpobell, Thurlys, and in the borough of Ardmayll; also all rent and lordship pertaining to one messuage, the moiety of one mill, eleven acres of arable land and five acres of pasture in the tenement of Typperari; together with homages, rents and services issuing from the lands and tenements of William Chamberleyn, John Gregori, Ralph Howell, Richard Hervy and John Hervy; also all other messuages, lands, rents in Ouen Casselen [?Owney of Cashel] and the cantred of Ely. To have and to hold..
Witnesses: Richard Barry, Dean of St. Patrick's church at Cashel, Master Adam (?) O'Dwyr, precentor of the same, Philip Walsh, Geoffrey Poer and John Flemyng, chaplains.
Given at Huddystoun on Saturday ...

July, 1412 - Richard Walsche, chaplain, grants to the venerable Archbishop of Cashel all messuages, etc. which he has of the gift and enfeoffment of Eva Chamberleyn (of the above grant).

October 3, 1415 - Rental of chief rents of Kylcron made... by the following jurors: Maurice Waddyng, John Philpotesson [at Molinbrro], David Lesagh Walsch, etc. Among those listed are Richard son of Geoffrey Walsch and Walter Cantewell paying for Cnokdekkede (19d.) and suit of court.

June 24, 1416 - Richard Walsche and Philip Walsche, chaplains, to all etc., greeting. Although our heirs and assigns are seized and enfeoffed by John son of William Casse and Hugh Casse, their heirs and assigns, in a stone house... in Rathsowagh and Lysdowf in the town of Thurles in county Tipperary forever, nevertheless we wish to grant by these presents ...
Given at Burgaghleagh [? Borrisoliegh] on the 24th day...

April 23, 1417 - Henry son of John Archer grants to Sir Philip Walsch and Sir Richard Walsch, chaplains, all grantor's lands, messuages, rent and tenements in Rathsax now called Gibbeston, and in Laghircane together with homages and services of all free tenants belonging to the said lands. Given at Clonmel, co. Tipperary.

June-October 1417 - Pleas held in the County (court) of the Liberty of Tipperary, ... at Crumpstown. A John son of Maurice Bretnagh is listed among the cases, all pleas of debt or trespass.

June 2, 1418 - David Walsh (Valensis), burgess of Ross, quit-claims to Andrew Furlang and his heirs all his right in a messuage in Ross.

November 29, 1419 - Inquisition taken at Corbaliesford before Patrick White, the King's Excheator,... by the subscribed' viz. about parcels of royal service divided between the Barony of Knocktopher and the Newtown of Jerpoint, by [among others] John Howell, Richard son of Philip McGriffyn, Richard son of Philip Walsh.

July 9, 1420 - Walter Shirlok, seneschal and general receiver of the lands of the Earl of Ormond, admits to having received from William Archer, farmer of the Earl's stone mills at Kilkenny, by the hand of William and of Edward Walsh, 12l. 10s. silver of the farm of the said mills for four terms now expired.

January 4, 1421 - An inquisition taken at Ballaghagh in county Cork... by the following: ... Adam Walshe.

February 20, 1422 - James, Earl of Ormond, and Leticia Braynok, lately wife of Robert Talbot, appoint Thomas Knaresburgh, Thomas Englys and John Shorthals, burgesses of Kilkenny, their bailiffs for placing Walter Shirlok in full seisin of the manor of Dunnovir in county Kilkenny with all its appurtenances, to have and to hold to him and his heirs for ever.

July 20, 1422 - James, Earl of Ormond, to his dear Nicholas Counton, reeve of his town of Yoghill, greeting. ... we command that you make to be delivered to the same sovereign and commons the abovesaid rent, to be disposed of by view of John Walsh, John Pike, Edward Amyas and John Portingale, ...

April, 1426 - Rental of the lordship of the Earl of Ormond in counties Kilkenny and Tipperary. The names of tenants include David Walsch, Thomas Beg and Shane Bretanagh, Walter Walsch, William More Walsch, and another David Walsch. Aditionally are listed: William Walsch for the farm of Cloggagh, William Walsch of Polrothane.

December 4, 1426 - Edmund fitzThomas Botiller, knight, gives and grants to... and John Walsh all his messuages lands and rents in Schanbogh in county Kilkenny. [note: three days later the same [6] grantees give and grant to Edmund..., the reversion of all the aforesaid messuages, etc.]

October, 1427 - Johanna Salle, daughter and heiress of John Marreys, in her lawful viduity quit-claims to Sir Richard Walshe, chaplain, all her right in all messuages, etc., and in the castle of Hoddeston, to him and his heirs for ever. Given at Cashel on Tuesday next before the feast of All Souls in the 6th year of Henry VI.

March 8, 1428 - Sir William Walsch was a witness where Willig Sentleger gives and grants to Henry Sentleger of Kilkenny the manor of Lewghill, Ballioskill, Castellwarynge and Rosconnell, Knoccanerewee (?), Lackneshetry, Ballihamson, Aghnegreni, Ballipyckase, Lysnegrene, etc., (illegible), together with the advowson of churches and chapels. ...

October, 1428 - Richard son of Geoffrey Walsh and Thomas Fyll took the oaths of Richard Prout and Richard Fyll on August 12, 1428 in the Monastery of the B.V.M. of Jerpoint, that they would appear at the inquistion of the court of James, Earl of Ormond, held at Knocktopher on October 14, 1428. Among the jurors were Thomas Bathe (Jr.), Thomas son of William McGriffyn, Eustace Howlyn, Richard son of John son of Philip McGriffyn, and others.

March 20, 1429 - The townland of Morgheston is granted to David Walshe and John Frankleyn to hold at the will of the Earl without rent the first year... They shall repair and rebuild a suitable house within said town at the cost of the Earl and leave it with its edifices to the Earl or his heirs 'stiff and staunch' at the end of the term.

December 19, 1429 - Margareta Braynok daughter of Richard Braynok, gives and grants to Nicholas son of Walter Braynok of Rathgoll, chaplain, a messuage called Condownyestoun with thirty acres of land in the lordship of Rathgoll, together with all pools (gurgitibus) and mills. To have and to hold to him and his heirs for ever.

January 1432 - The holding once Remok Shengill's is granted to Thomas Walsh on Thursday next before Epiphany in the 10th year of Henry VI. Rendering yearly four shillings silver and the customs of a tenant, viz. one fat pig and one summer sheep.
Note: This was perhaps in or near Listerling, co. Kilkenny

April, 1432 - Rental of James, Earl of Ormond, in counties Kilkenny and Tipperary for Easter term in the 10th year of Henry VI.
Under the place name of Grennagh include the following: William Philpotesson Walsch for the farm of Cloyagh (10s.); David Walsch (?); Schane Bretenagh (?); William More Walsch (10s.), Walter Walsch (5s.); and William Walsch of Polrothane (8d.).

April 19, 1432 - Pleas held at Clonmel before Theobald le Botiller, seneschal... Among the pleas of trespass include John Walsch.

September 4, 1432 - Court of County Tipperary. Among the free tenants of Iffa included: Walter son of Richard fitz Tancard Walsh; and Milo Walsch. Noted next to Milo's name (in a later faded hand) is Walter son of John Walsch. Among those listed under Moct. [would seem to be the old cantred or barony of Moytalyn in county Tipperary] are Nicholas Braynoke, chaplain; John Walsh of Crohard; and John Gyttagh Braynoke. For John Gyttagh, the name John Cam Braynoke appears [next to it?] in a later written hand.

Circa 1433 - Rentals of Knocktopher, Callan and other lands of the Earl of Ormond. Under Overk is cited: Chief rents from Typeroyly, Bewley, the lands of William Walsch in Polrothan, a carucate in Ardbarrym Baliheyn, Balcasyn, Dowyngawnyl, Dekeston in Overk, Portynhill Fydown. Total 3l. 12s. 5d.

April, 1433 - Rental of Kilcrone. The names of the tenants include Annora Walsch, Gilledan Walsch and Nicholas Andrewe. Place names listed include Balykeachane, Derrybansagh and Knockdeket.

October 5, 1433 - Roll of amercements before John son of William le Botiller, Seneschal of the Liberty of Tipperary, on Monday... Richard Morton shed the blood of Philip More Walshe and Philip made an affray on the former. Additionally is listed that William Duff Mareys (?serjeant) presents by his office that Alice Vale shed the blood of Margaret Braynok and the above Margaret shed the blood of Alice.

October 26, 1433 - Writ of James, Earl of Ormond, Lord of the Liberty of Tipperary, to the sheriff of the same, directing him to have the body of John Walsche, merchant of Youghal, if he can be found in his bailiwick, to answer to Nicholas Lyncoll on a plea of unlawfully detaining 40l. silver from him. If he cannot be attached then to attach whatever goods he has in the bailiwick.

May 4, 1434 - Margaret Brit of Cashel gives and grants to John son of Richard son of John Walsh a messuage in the town of Cashel, which lies in St. John's street in the same as far as the garden of Walter son of Henry de Burgo in length, and in width from the little stream called Madoke to the land formerly Richard Walsh's, in which Dermot O'Hyffernane lives. Also he gives to the same John a garden in Cashel lying between the oven of the said town and the land of Thomas de Sancto Johanne on the east. To have and to hold...

November 1434 - Rental of the Earl of Ormond in counties Kilkenny and Tipperary... made before Walter Shirlok, the lord's seneschal, and Walter Glerne, deputy of the same. Under Overk (totally obliterated). Under Grennagh includes: William Walsch for the farm of Clogagh (10s.), and under that entry the farm of Clonasse (6s. 8d.), and under that the farm of the lords' mill there (10s.); also John Walsch, smith; and Thomas Walsch (5s.); and David Walsch (6s.). Under the place name Castle Kilkenny is listed Tybyna Walsh and Elias Archer for the farm of the stone mill (3l. 13s. 4d.). Under the place name Carrickmagriffin is listed Robert Walsh for the farm of Monybrytayne (16s. 8d.).

December 13, 1434 - Indenture, dated the 13th day of December in the 13th year of Henry VI, witnesses that James, Earl of Ormond, has granted and to farm let to Annota [Annora?] Walshe and Robert Walshe her son the custody of his castle at Carrik and the ferry (veriagii) to do all and sundry that belong to the offices of constable and "vector." Rendering for the ferry sufficient fuel to the household of the Earl and his heirs within said castle. To hold said office for the term of their lives or the longer liver of them, receiving in same office the accustomed wages and rewards. They shall bind themselves faithfully to guard said castle and to return it at the end of term to the Earl or his heirs "stiff and staunch." Also the Earl grants and to farm let his vill of Carrik with all its profits, for as long as it shall please him, rendering yearly thirty shillings silver. And they shall permit the lord's fish to be taken and shall guard them and said castle and do all other things which constables were anciently wont to do for the lord. And the Earl promises to exempt them from coygnes, kernes, tallage, subsidies and all other burdens current within said Liberty for the term of their lives.

August 1, 1435 - John son of David Walsch, burgess of Rosponte, appoints David Lanh his bailiff to place David son of Philip Boscher in full seisin of all messuages and places adjacent within the walls of Rosponte according to a charter thereon made.
Given at Instyok on the 1st day of August in the 13th year of Henry VI.

January 18, 1439 - Johanna daughter of William Kylrawne appoints Philip Walsch of Dengynmoyr to place Patrick son of Fulc de la Freyne in full seisin of all her lands,... in the manor of Grage in the parish of Mayne, and all her other messuages, etc., in Kilbyiston, Tyllaghlasse, Brownesplace, Kilrawne, Casteldogh, Mayne and in the tenement of Donmoyr.

February 18, 1440 - Grant by John son of William More Walsh to James, Earl of Ormond, of one messuage, sixty acres of land, ten of wood and sixty of pasture in Hopekynestoun near Meydlagh, to have and to hold...

1442-1443 - In the Rental of lands at Carryk, due to the Earl of Ormond, is listed rental from Robert Walsh allowed to him and not paid to William Shirlock, the seneschal. Under Carrickmagriffin [Carryk] is listed Robert Walsh for the farm of the mills there. Listed under the rentals of Grenagh is the tenure of William More Walsh, as well as William Phipotesson for the farm of Cloghagh.

November 19, 1442 - Henry son of Tancard Walsch, burgess of Clonmel, gives and grants to John son of Philip White and Katherine his wife three messuages in the suburb of the same town, to have and to hold to them and their heirs for ever.

April, 1443 - Payments made to the Earl of Ormond's servants. The payments include: Tibina Walsch and Elias her son (13s. 4d.); of the rent of the mill of Carrik in hands of son of Richard Walsch (15s.); to Nicholas Walsch for messuages made at Knocktopher (4s.).

April, 1444 - Rental of all lordships of Lord James le Botiller, Earl of Ormond, in counties Kilkenny and Waterford...
Listed in Knocktopher include Nicholas Walsh for his messuage and 12 acres of the demesne; Adam Walsh for 5 acres of demesne; the wife of John Walsh for 10 acres in Dennesrath; and [unlisted] tenants of Houellston for the pasture of Lesconthy. Under Carrickmagriffin is listed Robert Walsh of the farm of the mill there; and Philip Braynok for 4 acres of demesne; and Richard Braynok for 1 acre.

October 14, 1445 - Pleas held before Thomas Comyn, seneschal, at Clonmel [co. Tipperary]. Listed include David Walsh, Adam Walsh, and Richard son of Thomas Walsh.

February 10, 1446 - William Walsch, chaplain, gives and grants to Nicholas son of David Hynberye the manor of Owenyn, the manor of Henberyeston and the manor of Fanyneston, together with all other messuages, lands, rents, etc., which grantor had of the gift and enfeoffment of said Nicholas in the parish of Ownyn and the parish of Fotheron in Overk, to have and to hold to said Nicholas and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten. If he die without male heir, remainder similarly to Philip, Thomas, Richard, John, Walter, all sons of the said Nicholas; then to John son of Patrick Tywe; William son of Philip Hynberye; William son of Richard Hynberye; John Glas son of Richard Gyllegalde Lesagh Walsch; Milo son of the same Richard; Philip son of Philip Cam Lesagh Walsch; Walter son of John Glas Lesagh Walsch; Richard son of James Lesagh Walsch, and Richard son of Patrick Tywe. And if all these die without heir male so begotten, the above manors, etc. shall revert to the right heirs of the abovesaid Nicholas son of David Hynberye and his heirs for ever.

April 5, 1450 - Indenture made .. between William Walshe and Margaret Prendergast his wife on the one part, and John Row on the other, witnesses that William and Margaret have given and granted and to farm let for a term of forty years to the said John his heirs and assigns one messuage in the town of Ross... during the said term rendering yearly to the said William and Margaret and their heirs twelve pence yearly.

January 2, 1454 - John Troy and Richard son of Robert Troy give and grant to Edmund son of Richard Botiller, his heirs and assigns, all messuages, lands, rents, etc., which they have in Donnovir and Troyeston in the tenement of Dromdelgyn, in length from the land called "ffargnbrok" to the land of Talbotesynche and in width...
Witnesses: Richard Tobyn, Thomas Troy, chaplain, Adam Walshe, cleric, and David Boneys.

November 10, 1455 - Philip son and heir of Philip George of Cashel gives and grants to Robert son of Gerald Whit, chaplain, three messuages in Cashel,... and the other messuage lies between the messuage formerly Richard Walshe's on the east and those of Philip Trowey and Adam Walshe on the west side in width; and in length one stretches to the high street and the other to the garden of said Richard; and the other lies without by the garden of St. Nicholas on the south,...

March 4, 1456 - Edmund son of Milo Poer, lord of Rathgeyll, gives and grants to Nicholas Braynock, chaplain, a messuage, garden and three acres of land in Cautouneston in the lordship of Rathgeyll

November 6, 1456 - James Walch was a witness at the grant by Katherine Roche, daughter and heir of Redmund Roche, lately lord of Rower, to Redmund Roche, son of John Roche ... all manors.., she has in 'le Rower" in county Kilkenny. ...

March 2, 1457 - County court of the Liberty of Tipperary... Presented that William Gyttagh O'Lonane shed the blood of Richard Walsch at Ballyboth. In another case, Presented by the serjeant that Robert Brahenoke shed the bolld of a man (famuli) of Morogh O'Carrane at Gragelawane

May 5, 1457 - Among the Tourn of the Sheriff of the Liberty of Tipperary held at Clonmel, includes a case for Nicholas Braenoke.

October 5, 1457 - At the county court of the Liberty of Tipperary held at Crompestown is a case between Edmund Blonchered against John Mor Brennagh of Morton on a plea of trespass.

April 13, 1458 - Sheriff's Tourn of the Liberty of Tipperary held at Clonmel...
William McElayny Botiller against Thomas McTyg y Morthe on a plea of trespass. Pledges Philip Walsch and Laghirtagh s(erjeant). To go to jury. The plaintiff gave for leave 6d.

March 19, 1459 - Margaret daughter and heir of William Brahynoc grants to Elicia Brahynoc, her daughter, and her heirs for ever all her lands, messuages, etc., in the lordship of Condineston, and two acres of land in Gorthemore in county Tipperary.

January 10, 1462 - John Walche of Ross, tailor (cissor), grants to Thomas son of William Benet and his heirs all his claim in one messuage in the town of Ross.

April, 1465 - Among the cases listed for the Tourn of the Sheriff of the Liberty of Tipperary include one for Robert Brahenoke.

August 8, 1465 - Indenture made at Ross between Margaret Prendergast, widow, and Thomas Don alias Walsch, witnesses that Margaret has given to said Thomas one messuage in the town of Ross.

June 15, 1466 - Patrick fitzJone of Correston appoints Adam Walsh and Richard Langton, clerics, his attorneys for placing the vicars of the Common Hall of the college of the cathedral church of St. Canice in full seisin of the manor of Correston and the manor of Hylton, also in Kilbrenyng, together with the wood of Killaghyn, ...

1476-1484 - Thomas Walshe is listed among the Rentals and accounts of the manors of Turvey, Rush and Balscadden, Co. Dublin.

March 19, 1476 - Kateryna Walche daughter of John Walche of Cashel gives and grants to David de Wall son of James Wall of Cashel a messuage in the town of Cashel, in width...

July 9, 1482 - At an inquisition held at Cashel, Richard, son of Adam Walch, burgess of Cashel, third witness [in testimony about Walter de Burgo], says that he was reeve of Cashel formerly...

November 17, 1489 - Johanna Wale, daughter and one of the heirs of Richard son of Raymond Wale, appoints Walter Brathnoke her attorney for placing Maurice FitzAustyn, chaplain, in full possession of two messuages and two gardens in the borough of Carrickmagriffin in county Tipperary. ...the other messuage lies in length from the King's way which leads to the bridge of the said town on the east to the common wall on the west, and in breadth it lies between Richard Wale's land on the north and the land formerly Robert Walsche's on the south. ...

October 20, 1501 - At an inquisition taken at Inistioge, regarding the township (villa) of Rosse, jurors included William Bretnagh of Rosbaucon, gentleman; and Robert Walsh of Inystiok. The seals of both are attached to the original document. They are again listed in a similar inquisition dated October 26, 1501.

January 3, 1502 - Will (in latin) of Alice White,... in the presence of Sir Richard White and many others.
Her body to be buried in the cemetery of St. Mary's church at Clonmel near her parents. She bequeths to Richard Doyr her son with the consent of Patrick Doyr her other son ... She is owed in debts in bushels of oats or wheat or money by various persons such as... Katherine Walshe wife of Benedict Poer, ...

August 8, 1502 - The signature and declaration of Thomas Walsch, notary, of Ferns diocese, regarding a petition by lord Peter Butler, knight. This judgment on this petition was given and done in the parish church of Gowran.

February 28, 1504 - Indenture made between Isabella Androw, wife of John Fagan of Clonmel, and Giliana (later Juliana) Androw, co-heiresses and daughters of Richard Androw formerly merchant of Waterford, on the one hand, and William Brennagh alias Walsh fitzJames, witnesses that said Isabella with the consent of John her husband and the said Juliana then widow, by unanimous consent for their heirs and assigns give and grant in mortgage to the said William for thirteen marks worth of merchandise and one mark silver as current then in Waterford a half part of all lands of Androwislande of Caslanneholl in Ossory diocese. To have and to hold the said half part of said lands of Caslanneholl in wood and plain, etc., to the said William Brennagh his heirs and assigns for ever.

September 20, 1506 - Indenture made at Ros on the 20th day..., between Nicholas Byrton [Bryttoun], burgess of Ross, and Margaret Walshe, witnesses that Nicholas has given and granted and for a term of fifty-nine years to farm let to Margaret and her heirs and assigns, a messuage in the street called "Bastestet," ...

April 9, 1532 - Letters testimonial of Patrick Walshe, mayor of Waterford, and Robert Strong and James Walshe, bailiffs of the same, that they have seen the indenture of the 20th ...

Indenture of April 25, 1584, between Thomas, Earl of Ormond, and Hugh Duff McDonill O'Byrne of Knockrahe, Co. Dublin, viz., that the Earl grants the manor or lordship of Arklow commonly called the Innyremore, together with the three cantreds or shires commonly called Towaly, Tocowlenegonnyny and Tocowlenegleraghe with all the castles, meases, lands, etc., thereto belonging, and all appurtenances except main woods and eyries of hawks and game / to have and to hold to said Hugh even as Richard Walsh held them, for a term of 21 years at annual rent of 180 marks.

December 10, 1586 - Thomas Butler fitz Walter of Ballyerk, Co. Tipperary, grants to Thomas Archer of Kilkenny and Mark Walsh of Rathtoutyrne, Co. Kilkenny, five acres of arable land with appurtenances in the town of Fartianie in county Tipperary, to hold to them, their heirs and assigns, to the use of Thomas, Earl of Ormond,... Witnesses included William Brenock.

Circa 1589 - Commission to establish the bounds of the Earl of Ormond's ancient estates. In the Interrogatteries annexed to the Commission, under Pollrone is listed Mearicy Brenaghe of Downannayn in Yvercke Co. Kilk. husb. age 60 and upwards who swears to the bounds of land there. Likewise, a David fitz Richard Brenaghe of Powlroan, husb. age 40, swears and agrees with Mearicy Brenaghe. In addition, James fitz Richard Brenaghe of Downamaine, husb. age 60, likewise sworn and agreeth wholy with Mearicy Brenaghe.
Under Downenan, is listed Mearicy Brenaghe aforesaid and Thomas Mac Phillip of Downanain, husb. age 30, likewise sworn and agreeth wholy with James fitz Richard. Also, Nicholas fitz Walter Brennaghe of Downanain, husb. age 60, likewise sworn.
Under Grenagh, Richard fitz Thomas Brennaghe of the Genaghe, Co. Kilkenny, husb. age 70, sworn, etc. to declare his knowledge.
Under Killmokar, Walter Welsh alias Brenagh of Donmore age 70, likewise sworn etc. to the 15th Interr.

August 11, 1590 - Witnesses of a grant of half a messuage in the town of Carrickmagriffin included Piers Walshe, George Brenock and Laurence Houley.

January 20, 1594 - Indenture of January 20, 1593 between Thomas, Earl of Ormond, on one side, and Thomas Howth of Lismcteig, Co. Kilkenny, and his wife Margaret Rother, on the other. The Earl grants the manor of Knocktogher, Co. Kilkenny, and the town of Rathden, Lisnefennell, parcel of the desmesnes of said manor, and the castle, mill, lands, etc., ... al wardships, reliefs and chief rents due upon the freeholders in the barony of Knocktogher, all such lands as Francis Lovell and James Glasse Brenagh now possess as part of said manor, and all game / to the said Thomas and Margaret, etc., for 21 years at an annual rent of 30 pounds, ...

March 22, 1594 - Memo. that whereas upon several complaints exhibited by sundry of the inhabitants within the lorship of Arklow unto the Earl of Ormond as concerning several wrongs, injuries and other bad dealings used by said inhabitants, ... And being within the great hall of the castle of Arklow the 21st of March, 1593, having the appearance of the inhabitants of said lordship before us for the most part, we called in question the sadi controversy.
Witnesses: Richard Branegh fitz William, William Walshe, etc.

March 28, 1594 - In Letters Patent of Queen Elizabeth is cited the town and lands of Barnenicoll containing one acre, parcel of the possessions of James Brenagh fitz Edmund, late of Barnenicoll, attainted of treason.

June 26, 1594 - James Brenaghe of Downemogan, James Brenaghe of Rahin, and Philip Brennaghe of Knockmolan were jurors at an inquisition taken at Callan confirming that Walter Butler of Pollstoune died on April 8, 1584, etc.

1595-96 - Tenants of the Earl of Ormond. Included among the list are William Brenagh fitz Edmund, tenent of Bernanicoll in the Walsh Mountain; Edmond Brenagh, tenant of Rossoneny, Co. Kilkenny; Philip Brenagh fitz James, portreeve of Rosbercon and tenant of the Earl of Ormond of a mease therein and of Curraghmore; John Brenagh fitz William, tenant of half of Balletarsne in Iverk, Co. Kilkenny; Philip Brenagh, tenant of Ketingeston in the Walshe mountain, Co. Kilkenny; Nicholas Walshe, one of the tenants of the Long street of Jeripond.

July 25, 1596 - Pleas of the Crown held at Kilkenny before Nicholas Walsh, second justice of the Chief Place in Ireland, etc.
38 Elizabeth - Pleas of the Crown held at Kilkenny before Nicholas Walshe of Clonmore, gentleman, second Justice of the Chief Place in Ireland, ... A jury was called and the sheriff of county Kilkenny was commanded that on Tuesday next after the feast of St. David in the 33rd year of Elizabeth he should cause to come to Kilkenny before the said Nicholas Walshe..., twelve free and lawful men of his bailiwick of the neighborhood of Kilmenan. On which day the said jurors came, viz. Oliver Seintleger of Tulleghanbroge; John Swetman of Castellnis (? Castellyf), Gerald fitz Gerald of Burnechurche; James Forstall of Kilferagh,... Robert Walsh of Crobally and Richard Walsh of Knockmelan.
[note: these are noted in the Addenda of the book as miscellaneous records as described by James Graves in 1851]

April 6, 1601 - Deed by Sir Edmund Butler of Cloghgrenan in Co. Carlow, son of James Butler, late Earl of Ormond, to the effect that he has granted to Thomas Cantwell of Cantwellscourt and to Robert Walsh of Woollengrandge in Co. Kilkenny, all the manors, lordships, towns, etc., of ... (follows a long list of lands in Co. Carlow); and Innystoge alias Innestioke, Bohelagh alias Bolagh, Kilcrosse, Rosynan alias Roseshynyan and Kyllynlyagh in Co. Kilkenny; to have and to hold all the above premises to said Thomas and Robert. The above-said feoffees to be seised of the premises to the use of said Sir Edmund during his lige, and after his death to the use of his son, Theobald Butler, with remainders over as follows, (follows a long list of Butler relatives). Among the witnesses was a Charles Walshe.
In a similar grant in 1602, Thomas, Earl of Ormond, grants his estates in Kilkenny, and elsewhere, to Sir Nicholas Walshe, and other justices of the court. In the counterpart to this deed, witnesses included Charles Walshe, Walter Walshe, and Philip Walsh.

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