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Circa 1224 - Henry the Welshman was among the witnesses when Hugh de Lacy, earl of Ulster, granted to Richard White, the land of the Cross of Holy Trinity, Dublin, in Lechkachel (Lecale, co. Down)... [p.42]

Circa 1246 - An Inspeximus by John and Geoffrey bishops of Kildare and Ossory, S. and N. abbots of the B.V.M. and St. Thomas, Dublin, and R. Walens' [?Walensis], preceptor of the Knights Templars in Ireland, of a deed granting to the Prior and Canons of Holy Trinity, and the Dean and Chapter of St. Patrick's, Dublin, the cantred of Oconagh... [p.45]

Circa 1280 - John le Brun grants to his son Thomas, land extending from the land of Nicholas de Braynoc, on the east, along the old foss between the wood, given him by grantor, and Ahoban, and from Ahoban (? Achban, co. Meath) along the stone street near grantor's gate to the foss on the south side of his curtilage, and from thence to the tenement of Moyahan (Rodanstown or Bryanstown, co. Meath) on the west, thence to the land of Kelehcri (co. Meath), owned by Adam Wodekoc, thence by the stone street to the lordship of Geoffrey le Bret on the east, thence by the said lordship on the east to the land of said Nicholas de B[r]aynoc; a way to Lohbey through his land, and common of pasture ; rent, 3s. 4d., and 6d. royal service when due. Among the witnesses included William, the Welshman, and Nicholas Braynoc. [p.134]

Circa 1290 - William son of Hugh, clerk of Mora, grants to the canons of Lanthony, near Gloucester, a third part of the 'great' mill and the 'castle' mill in the town of Diuelecke (Duleek, co. Meath)... Among the witnesses included Robert le Wales, and Philip de Welles. [p.135]

May 4, 1317 - John le Waleys was among the witnesses of a renewal of an appeal made by the Bishop of Meath in Apr 1315, renewed at Colp, diocese of Meath. [p.140]

Circa 1326 - In the Rental of Holy Trinity Church, containing a list of tenants, the following is cited: Carricmayn and Balybrenan is held by Maurice Howell; and Balymorthan is held by Peter Howell... [p.144]

Feb 24, 1326 - Thomas le Waleys was among the jurors at an inquisition taken at Dublin where they find that the Church of Holy Trinity, Dublin, was founded by various Irishmen, and its granges, lands, and tenements given by Irishmen unknown, before the Conquest, in free alms to God and the said Church,... 56 years later (Aug 16, 1382), John Walsh of Thorgeteston, and Henry son of Adam Walsh, were the jurors at another inquisition taken at Dublin, with the same finding. [p.75; 84]

Dec 12, 1336 - William Walsch was among the witnesses of a release to Holy Trinity Church of land in High-Street, Dublin, opposite St. Michael's Church. [p.76]

Nov 14, 1338 - Thomas Waleys was among the jurors at an inquisition at Dublin, finding that the Prior and Convent of Holy Trinity from time immemorial held in free alms, and elected their Priors without license from the King... [p.77]

Aug 19, 1341 - William Walsch was one of the bailiffs of a grant of a yearly rent in houses in the parish of St. Werburg, Dublin. [p.153] He again appears in Dec, 1344.

Dec 1, 1345 and May 8, 1346 - William Walssh was bailiff and witness of a release and a grant of a messuage in St. Warburg's St., Dublin. [p.154, 155]

Jun 24, 1347 - The Prior and Convent of Holy Trinity leases to Sir Philip Walshe, chaplain, the tithes of corn and hay, oblations and small tithes belonging to their church of Rathothul, for 5 years, at a rent of 4 marks, subject to the church expenses of every kind ; lessee is bound, after a year and a half, to repair the gable of the church and to roof it with double planks, to clean the lower chancel and altar, to bind and repair the church books, and to protect and defend the church property. Lessee is sworn to observe the foregoing covenants and perform, or cause to be performed, divine service in the church during his term. [p.156]

Feb 16 & 18, 1401 - Among the witnesses of a release of land in St. Patricks; street and parish, Dublin, included William Walsh, and Roger Walsh bailiff of the archbishop of Dublin. [p.178, 179]

1418 - John Walsh of Surcoteston was a juror regarding land belonging to William Norragh, rector of Balygryffyn. [p.87]

Oct 1, 1429 - William Taillour, chaplain, rector of Kilbrue, grants to Thomas, son of Ralph White, the lands of Coterellestoun (co. Dublin) granted to him by Thomas Walsh, of Coterellestoun; at the services due to the chief lords of the fee. [p.192]

1453-4 - The Prior and Convent of Holy Trinity Church lease to Nicholas Barret a tenement in Glasnyvyne (Glasnevin, co. Dublin), held by lessee, meadow called the "mochemed," near the water of Tolg[   ], near Glasnyvyn bridge, another place formerly held by Simon Walsh, and land in the lordship of Glasnyvyn. [p.109]

Apr 20, 1471 - Thomas Laundey and Robert Botiller, chaplains, and Robert, son of John Walshe, late of Dublin, lease to Nicholas Bourke, of Dublin, a messuage in Fishamble-street, wherein John Horne now dwells, situate between land lately belonging to Thomas Seys, on the west, and that lately belonging to Edward Mayowe... [p.204]

May 3, 1479 - Inquisition taken at Clony before Nicholas Rovoc, clerk, seneschal of the court of Thomas Plunket for the manor of Gonnok. Among the jurors include James Walsh and John Walsh, among others, and they find that John Haklet died seised of Portan and Clony, held of the manor of Gonnok... [p.94]

July 24, 1480 - Simon Walsh, of Dublin, skinner, and his wife Alice, daughter and heiress of Juliana, daughter and heiress of Robert Sewell, grant to John Estrete, senior, gent., a messuage near the "little morewey," land in "the Glyndfeld," land between the lands formerly belonging to Richard Staunton and Roger Beg, and meadow called the "Glynd," which were property of Robert Sewell, and are situate in Midnytheston, co. Meath, together with all other lands possessed by the said Robert in co. Meath. Given at Midnytheston. [p.210] In November of the same year, Simon and Alice won a case of trespass on lands in Mynnyghtestoun (Minnistown). [p.211] In 1488, Gerald, Earl of Kildare, &c., appoint John Walshe to deliver seisin of premises which included the Glynd in Midnyghteston, near Colp, county Meath.

May 15, 1481 - Simon Walshe, of Dublin, skinner, releases to John Estrete, senior, gentleman, all right of action against him. [p.96]

Mar 27, 1482 - John Walshe, late of Stalorgane, co. Dublin, gentleman, having [on this day], become bound to Holy Trinity Church, Dublin, in 100 marks, it is agreed that the bond shall be void should John Walsh keep the peace, or make restitution for any injury he shall commit. [p.96]

Mar 27, 1482 - Edmond Harrold of Kylmahyok, Nicholas Walsh of Dondrom, Theobald Walsh of Balybother, John Lawless of Shenckyll, Morice Walsh of Gylgoban, James Godeman of Ballylaghnan, and Charles Walsh of Shaungnagh, gentleman, having the 26th March, 22 Edward IV., become bound to Holy Trinity Church, the prior agrees that these bonds shall be void, should John Walsh (of Stalorgane), brother of the said Nicholas and Theobald, abide by his agreement (above). [p.96, 97]

May 1, 1483 - Thomas Harold, prior, and the convent of Holy Trinity Church lease to Peter Walsche, of Dublin, skinner, and Johanna fitz Herry, his wife, a messuage with a garden with a Cocoue lane, parish of St. Michan, suburbs of Dublin, situate between lessors' land, on the east, the said lane, on the west, and land of the house of the B.V.M., on the south and north : to hold for 30 years, rent 16 pence. [p.213]

Mar 10, 1485 - Martin Broun, chaplain, grants to John, son of John Walshe, and of his wife Matilda alias Moldyn Arthure, the daughter of Jonet, sister of John, son of Thomas Seys, late of Dublin, his lands in the city and suburbs of Dublin, and in the lordship of Cromlyn and elsewhere in the co. of Dublin, which were granted to John Oweyn, John Sprot, and the said Martin Broun by John Seys, and now belong to the grantor in right of survivorship; to be held at the services due the chief lords. Taken at Dublin. [p.215]

Apr 12, 1485 - John Walshe, son of Matilda alias Moldyn Arthur, cousin and heir of John Seys, clerk, grants to John Estrete, senr., of Dublin gent., the premise in Dublin city, its franchises and suburbs, and in the co. of Dublin, granted him by Martin Broun, chaplain, at the services due the chief lords. [p.216]

Apr 21, 1485 - Matilda alias Moldyn Arthure, daughter of Jonet Seys, sister and heiress of John Seys, late of Dublin, clerk, deceased, and daughter of Thomas Seys, releases to John Estrete, senr., of Dublin, gent., the messuages and lands in Balrodane within the lordship of Galtrym, and in Brynestoun within the lordship of Moyclare (co. Meath), granted to him by her son John Walshe. [p.216]

Apr 24, 1485 - Matilda alias Moldyn Arthure (daughter of Jonet, the sister of John Seys, clerk, deceased), and John Walshe her son, release to John Estrete, senr., of Dublin, gent., a messuage, an orchard or garden, and a croft lying together in the town of Cromlyn, and land called "Kevyngysland" in the lordship of Cromlyn, co. Dublin, lately in the occupation of John Sherref, or Cromlyn; all which premises were granted to the said John Estrete by the said John Walshe. [p.216]

Jul 26, 1485 - John Estrete, of Dublin, gent., grants to Master John Waryng, rector of Molaghiddred, and Sir Thomas Laundey, of Dublin, chaplain, his lands and messuages in Dublin city, its suburbs and franchises, Cromlyn in the co. Dublin, Brynestoun in the lordship of Moyclare, Balrodan in the lordship of Galtrym, and Mydnyghestoun, near Colppe, co. Meath; to be held at the services due to the chief lords of the fee, in trust for grantor. [p.216]

Jul 26, 1485 - Grantees in the previous mention grant, appoint John Walshe, gent., to receive seisin of the premises therein. [p.217]

Feb 11, 1487 - John Walsh, heir of John Seys, late of Dublin, clerk, releases to grantees (above) the premises therein, except those near Colppe, co. Meath. [p.218]

Jul 26, 1488 - Gerald, earl of Kildare, &c., grant to the Prior and convent of Holy Trinity, a messuage, orchard, and dovecote in Ballirodan, land called Fennokysmede and land between Athsly and Camokesgreym, all situate in Ballirodan, lordship of Galtrym; land in the field called Aghknuk in Brynestoun, near Balrodan, in the lordship of Moyclare, co. Meath, which premises extend between the land formerly belonging to Nicholas de Braynok, on the east, along the old foss between the wood granted to the said Nicholas by John le Bruyn, and the field called Achban, from Achban along the paved street near the gate of John le Bruyn, to the foss on the south side of his curtilage, from thence to the tenement of Moyahan, on the west, thence to the land of Kelechery, formerly owned by Adam Wodcok, thence by the paved street to the lordship formerly belonging to Geoffry le Bret, which was granted to him by John le Bruyn, on the east, thence by the said lordship on the east to the land formerly belonging to Nicholas de Braynok -- all which premises were late the property of John Seys in Balyrodan and Brynestoun; a messuage and garden, or the site thereof, as trenched near the "lytill Morewey," land in the Glynfeld and at the rear of the messuage and garden aforesaid, between the land belonging to Richard Staunton, and land formerly belonging to Roger Bek, and meadow called the Glynd in Midnyghtestoun near Colp in the co. of Meath, which lately belonged to John Sewell... [p.220]

Aug 1, 1488 - John Estret, of Dublin, gent., grants to John Bagot, chaplain, lands in Cromlyn, co. Dublin, lately held by Robert Walsh, parish clerk of Cromlyn, John Arthure, and John Seys... [p.221]

Apr 30, 1495 - Symon Walsh, prior of St. Thomas the Martyr, near Dublin, was among the clergy at a provincial council held in the church of Holy Trinity. [p.102]

1496-7 - Rental of Grange-Gorman. Among the tenants include Edward Walsh, and Thomas Walsh of Frapaslan. [p.223]

May 11, 1504 - Richard Walsh is cited as canon of Holy Trinity Church in a deposition taken there. In November of the same year, at another deposition there, Richard Walsh, chaplain, and master William Walsh, notary public, are among the witnesses.

1512 - William Walsh, diocese of Kildare, and Thomas Walsh, diocese of Ferns, are cited as notaries public.

Jul 1, 1518 - Richard Walsche was among the witnesses of a lease to John Harrold, gent., captain of his nation, a water mill lately erected by him at Kylmahyok in the marches of co. Dublin... [p.227]

Feb 21, 1519 - Edmund Walsh of Carykmane, at the request of William Hasard, sub prior of Holy Trinity Church, renounces his claim in the lands called Ketingsland and Priouresland near Carykmayne. Among the witnesses was a Thomas Walsh, clerk, notary public. [p.112]

Feb 6, 1519-20 - ...a dispute between Wm. Hausarde, prior, and the convent of Holy Trinity Church, Dublin, and Edmund Walshe, of Carrikmayn, gent., concerning Ketyng's lands and Priour's lands, and rents due thereout, declare the said lands to be the property of the said prior and convent, that the said Edmund shall pay them four marks in respect of all arrears of rent, that he shall have the said lands for eleven years at a rent of 20s., and 2 hens at christmas, and do suit of court at Clonkene twice a year. Made at the Augustinian Monastery near Dublin. [p.228]

Aug 8, 1538 - Robert Panyswyke, the prior, and the convent of Holy Trinity, lease to William Walche otherwise called William Mc.Howell, of Kyllenyn, gent., the town of Kyllenyn, in the marches of Dublin, and the temporalities thereof, for 31 years at a rent of 1 6s. 8d., with the customs and watch hens as of old and heriots... [p.234]

Sep 16, 1551 - A lease of the house or cellar, in Dublin, formerly assigned by Thomas Barby to John Cowill and Margaret Bowrke, and now held by Thomas Walch, and said Margarett, his wife, to be held for 62 years from 1588; rent 26s. 8d. Covenants for re-entry and repair. [p.248]

Oct 28, 1555 - Thomas Lokwod, dean, and the Chapter of Holy Trinity, lease to William, son of Tybbote (Theobald?) Walche, of Carrickmaynes, gent., the town and lands of Ballybrenan, in the marches of Dublin, and Priorsland and Ketyngesland, in the fields of Carrickmayne, for 51 years; rent, 20s. for the lands in Carrickmayne, and 16s. 8d. for Ballybrenan. Lessee to mow the meadow, and gather tithes of Ballybrenan to the usual place known as the "Holy Stood." Covenants for forfeit, distress, re-entry, and repair, payment of heriots for half said town, and all manner of customs and watch hens as heretofore. [p.249]

Jan 5, 1565-6 - Sir John Garvey, dean, and the chapter of Holy Trinity lease to William Walshe m'Howell, of Kylleneen, gent., the town of Kylleneen in the marches of Dublin, for 31 years : rent 26s. 8d. ; with covenants for re-entry, repairs, watch hens, and half the heriots. Signed for William Waylshe. [p.262]

Mar 1, 1565-6 - Sir John Garvey, and the chapter of Holy Trinity lease to Henry Wallshe, of Suttoneston, in the marches of Dublin, gent., a cottage place near the east gate of Dalkey, in the occupation of Sir John Sheredan, chaplain, with land belonging thereto, the house inhabited by Melaghlen O Helan alias Cottenour, with land belonging thereto, the house inhabited by Dermot Mac Manus, with land belonging thereto, and the old walls of the house lately occupied by Johan Begge, all which premises are situate on the south side of said town,... (and other houses in the area). [p.263]

Nov 28, 1572 - Sir John Garvey, and the chapter of Holy Trinity lease to Owen Wallshe, of Ballybrenan, gent., the premises granted to William, son of Tybbote, in 1555, Keatinges land having as alias Kylltekeare, for 81 years" rent 40s. ; with covenants as to forfeit, &c., as in said lease, there being no covenant for haymaking and collection of tithes, but lessee being bound to plant twenty ashes, oaks, or such like timber in Ballybrenan every year, and to have liberty to removed his corn on the expiration date of his term. [p.267]

Jul 25, 1590 - Sir John Garvey, and the chapter of Holy Trinity lease to Walter Walshe, of Korke, in the marches of Dublin, the rectory, tithes, and parsonage of Killaharlot alias Killaharlan, in the lordship of Arclow, for 61 years, lessee delivering therefor yearly 14 tons of firewood at the Wood-key, Dublin, with covenant for forfeiting in case of non-delivery; lessee undertakes to maintain the rectory and chancel, to meet all charges on the premises, to provide a competent curate during term, and to permit lessors to take away such timber as they may find necessary. Signed by lessee. [p.281]

Nov 12, 1606 - King James I. orders Wm. Eustace, of Dudingston, co. Dublin, Ismay Talbot, his wife, Walter Eustace, of Gecockston, co, Kildare, Rita Walshe, his wife, Patrick Barnewall, of Crukonston, co. Meath, Katherine Walshe, his wife, Robert Misset, of Elverston, co. Kildare, Ismay Walshe, his wife, Dowlen Birne, of Killeny, co. Dublin, Ieneta Walshe, his wife, Wm. Rocheford, of Breningston, co. Dublin, Margaret Walshe, his wife, and Richard Walshe, of Carrickmayn, co. Dublin, gent., to appear in the Court of Chancery on view and receipt hereof to answer such matters as shall be alleged against them under penalty of 100 marks. In dorso: Dean and Chapter of the Holy Trinity sues this writ. [p.297]

May 1, 1639 - Henry Tilson, dean of Holy Trinity Church lease to Theobald Walsh, of Carrigmaine, in the county of Dublin, gent., two parcels of land recovered from him, one called Priors land situate on the south side of the lane from Coinerscourt to Carrigmaine, and the other called Kettingsland, alias Kiltekera, situate near Carrigmaine between Drinanmore and Monolough on the west, the commons of Dromin on the east, the land of the Grange of Clonkene on the north, and on the south by fence going from the corner of Dromin (the commons of Brenanstowne) at the entrance of the land going to Carrigmaine (on the east) unto Drinamore aforesaid (on the west) on the south; for 21 years: rent 8 pounds English with covenant of re-entry. Signed by lessee in presence of Robert Forward and Abraham Tilson. [p.319] Note: On Sep. 16, 1662, Keatingsland was leased to Edward, earl of Meath; and in Nov 1662 Priorsland and Balybrenan were leased to William Lightburne.

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