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Walsh Family Tree

Edmund WALSH (4/5/1829 in Ballinteskin, Ballyhale, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland to 1/09/1914 in Missouri Valley, Harrison Co., Iowa)
Mary Frances WALSH (3/09/1839 in Kilkenny City, St. John's, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland to 11/17/1926 in Missouri Valley, Harrison Co., Iowa)
Edmund, son of Thomas Walsh and Mary Keefe, appears to have arrived in Boston on June 9, 1848 aboard the ship "Telassar," and lived in the New England area the first couple of years. Mary, daughter of John Walsh and Margaret Tynan, appears to have arrived in Boston on June 10, 1848, with her parents, and they lived in New Jersey the first few years.
Edmund and Mary were married 1/15/1857 at St Raphael's Catholic Church, Dubuque, Iowa. Following the birth of all their children in Washington twp, Dubuque Co., Iowa, the family began farming in the Neola, Iowa area.

Mary Margaret (6/30/1860 - 9/4/1938), never married
Thomas Francis (11/7/1862 - 9/21/1944), married Elizabeth KELLY (daughter of Cornelius and Johanna)
Lawrence (8/7/1864 - 8/26/1926), married Mary Agnes BURNS (daughter of Edward and Bridget) (see Family Photo)
Catherine Theresa (6/5/1866 - 3/15/1960), never married
Robert William (1/19/1868 - 6/17/1933), never married
Bridget (b.11/26/1869), Sr. Mary Constance (first academic dean of the College of St. Marys in Omaha)
Anastasia (5/15/1871 - 3/8/1958), never married
Edward John (2/16/1873 - 6/24/1963), married Catherine Bridget O'ROURKE (daughter of Charles and Catherine Bridget)
Ellen Veronica (2/8/1877 - 1/4/1978), married Francis Xavier TEBOCKHORST (son of Wilhelm and Mary)
Alice C. (3/22/1880 - 7/24/1958), married James Weaver SETCHELL (son of George and Martha)

Edmund & Mary Walsh
are buried at Mount Carmel Cemetery in Missouri Valley, Harrison Co., Iowa.
Also see: Our Walsh Family History,   or web site on Walsh Heritage in Ireland.

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O'Rourke Family Tree

John O'ROURKE (4/29/1822 in Co. Down, Ireland to 12/21/1894 in Harrison Co., Iowa)
Bridget SLOAN (10/11/1822 in Co. Down, Ireland to 3/22/1888 in Harrison Co., Iowa) [see photo of John and Bridget]
John and Bridget were married 4/24/1845 at Killowen Church, Kilbroney Parish, County Down, Ireland.
John and Bridget appear to have arrived in New York on December 24, 1847 aboard the ship "Reliance." They immediately moved to the Dubuque County, Iowa, and in 1873 moved to the Missouri Valley, Harrison County, Iowa area.
John's parents were William O'ROURKE and Rose FITZSIMONS.
Bridget's parents were Charles SLOAN and Jane DORAN.
Except for eldest son Michael, John and Bridget's children were born in Dubuque Co., Iowa, on the farm in Table Mound township.

Michael (6/17/1847 - c1847), died on trip to the U.S.
Charles Edward (6/30/1848 - 8/26/1927), married Catherine Bridget MARTIN (dau. of John and Catherine Bridget) [see family photo]
Ellen Margaret (1/8/1850 - 2/16/1926), married Peter Richard MULLEN, Jr (son of Peter and Margaret)
William P (10/26/1852 - 2/24/1936), married Mary Jane DEUR (daughter of Joseph and Jeanette) and Elizabeth A CLARK
infant daughter (abt 1854 - abt 1854), died in infancy
John Francis (ROURKE),(7/23/1855 - 1/6/1932), married Alice Elizabeth MOHATT (daughter of Joseph and Mary Anne)
Mary Jane (5/3/1857 - 3/22/1929), married Xavier Francis MOHATT (son of Joseph and Mary Anne)
James Patrick (ROURKE) (10/15/1861 - 6/7/1934), married Catherine Agnes MULLEN (daughter of Peter and Margaret)

John and Bridget are buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery, Missouri Valley, Harrison Co., Iowa
Also see: Our O'Rourke Family from County Down,   or web site on O'Rourke Heritage in Ireland.

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Burns Family Tree

Edward BURNS (5/16/1839 in Ireland to ca. 1915 near Neola, Pott. Co., Iowa)
Bridget LAMBERT (3/14/1840 in Ireland to 12/24/1900 near Neola, Pott. Co., Iowa)   [see photo of Edward and Bridget]
Edward and Bridget were married July 24, 1864, likely in Pennsylvania. All the children were born in Iowa. They farmed in Hardin township near Neola, Pottawattamie County, Iowa.

Katey (9/1/1865 - 9/18/1873), died at age eight
James Henry (9/08/1866 - 5/05/1923), married Mary Ellen LYNCH (daughter of Patrick and Julia)
Margaret (7/31/1868 - 8/12/1869), died at age one.
Mary Agnes (12/5/1870 - 10/10/1937), married Lawrence WALSH (son of Edmund and Mary)
John Edward (6/06/1872 - 02/08/1958), married Anna K TJARDES (daughter of Gerhardt)
Jeremiah Francis (Frank),(7/1/1874 - 1/22/1961), married Mary Veronica BUCKLEY (daughter of Patrick and Anna)
William Bernard (6/6/1875 - 9/16/1942), married Cora Maude MCCOY (daughter of John and Mary)
George Michael (1/7/1877 - 2/02/1948), married Catheryn G MINAHAN (daughter of Michael and Mary)
Martin (3/30/1879 - 4/9/1879), died in infancy
Charles Daniel (3/26/1880 - 1/8/1939), married Sadie Beatrice ARRICK (daughter of Chism and Mary)
Kate (5/2/1882 - 3/3/1917), married James HOBBINS (son of Michael and Julia)

Edward and Bridget Burns are buried at St. Patricks Cemetery in Neola, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa.

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John Martin Family Tree

John Joseph MARTIN (3/21/1826 in Co. Donegal?, Ireland to 8/25/1896 near Missouri Valley, Iowa)
Catherine Bridget SWEENEY (9/18/1826 in Ireland to 3/18/1902 in Missouri Valley, Iowa) [see photo of John, Kate and family]
John's parents were Charles Martin and Anne Ferry. John was a Civil War veteran (Co. A, 29th Iowa Infantry).
Catherine's parents were Patrick Sweeney and Bridget McGorahan. John and Kate were married March 22, 1848 at St Michaels Church, Fryburg, Clarion Co., Pennsylvania. Their children were born in Clarion Co., PA (Ann & Daniel); in Dubuque Co., IA (Margaret & Mary); and in Harrison Co., IA (Catherine & John).

Ann Elizabeth (4/29/1849 - after 1915), married James CLARK (son of Michael and Mary)
Daniel (1/13/1851 - before 1860), born near Fryburg, PA
Margaret Louisa (10/3/1853 - 6/23/1938), never married
Mary Philomena (4/16/1856 - 11/10/1944), married John Henry CRAIG (son of James and Mary)
Catherine Bridget (9/19/1858 - 10/10/1933), married Charles Edward O'ROURKE (son of John and Bridget)
John Laughlin (5/22/1861 - 12/24/1884), never married

John and Catherine Bridget Martin are buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery, Missouri Valley, Harrison Co., Iowa

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Charles Martin Family Tree

Charles MARTIN, was born in County Donegal?, Ireland between 1790-1794 and died in Clarion County, PA on July 25 1869. Charles married
Anne FERRY, born 2/12/1796 in County Donegal and died 3/17/1885 in Clarion County. Charles and Anne's children were born in Ireland (Daniel & John), in New Brunswick, Canada (Laughlin) and in Pennsylvania, where the family farmed in Elk Township, Clarion County. The family arrived in the U.S. aboard the ship "Cyrus" which landed in Philadelphia on October 08, 1829.

Daniel Francis (5/11/1820 - 1/1/1905), married Margaret DOUGHERTY (daughter of Cornelius)
John Joseph (3/21/1826 - 8/25/1896), married Catherine Bridget SWEENEY (daughter of Patrick and Bridget)
Laughlin Alphonsus (7/28/1828 - 7/30/1911), married Catherine Elizabeth DOLAN (daughter of John)
Charles (1/1/1832 - 1/26/1918), married Mary Ann LYMAN in Clarion Co. PA (daughter of Edward and Eleanor)
Mary Ann (1836 - 3/13/1899), married Richard HOY in Pennsylvania
James Patrick (1838 - unknown), born in Clarion County, PA
Edward (5/24/1841 - unknown), married Mary Ann McCUMMINGS in PA

Charles (and possibly Anne) Martin are buried at St Joseph's Cemetery, Lucinda, Clarion Co., Pennsylvania

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Patrick Sweeney Family Tree

Patrick SWEENEY, was born in Ireland between 1792-1794 and died in Rockford twp, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa on September 18, 1868. Charles married
Bridget McGORAHAN, born between 1799-1800 in Ireland and died February 24, 1879 in Rockford twp, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa.
Patrick and Bridget's children were born in Ireland, and in Pennsylvania (James, John and Miles), where the family farmed in Elk Township, Clarion County, PA. The family emigrated from Ireland arriving in New York aboard the ship "Shakespeare" on June 13, 1837. Alternate spelling of her name is McGORCHAN.

Mary (12/1821 - betw. 1910-1920), married Allen KILDERRY. She likely died in Erie Co., Pennsylvania.
Elizabeth (Libbie) (betw. 1822-1825 - unknown)
Catharine Bridget (7/18/1826 - 3/18/1902), married John MARTIN in Clarion Co., Pennsylvania. She died in Missouri Valley, Harrison Co., Iowa.
Michael C (9/28/1827 - 5/28/1907), married 1st Ann STAFFORD and 2nd Mary R ZINK in Pennsylvania. He died in Cherry Co., Nebraska
Bernard (abt 1830 - 9/18/1876), married Jane McCAULEY in Lawrence Co., Ohio. He died on Oil City, Venango Co., Pennsylvania.
Margaret Agatha 3/17/1832 - 1/24/1907), married 1st James BROGAN and 2nd James McGONIGAL in Pennsylvania. She died in Custer Co., South Dakota.
Daniel (11/30/1832 - 6/26/1911), married Lavina Catherine KRATZER in Oil City, Venango Co., PA. He died in Custer Co., Nebraska.
Patrick (abt. 1834 - unknown), born in Ireland; status after 1850 uncertain.
James (6/1837 - 1918), born in Pennsylvania, married Catherine DOLAN in Lawrence Co., Ohio. He died in Blaine Co., Nebraska.
John (abt. 1840 - 1895?), unmarried, born in Pennsylvania. Died perhaps in Custer Co., Nebraska.
Miles (abt. 1842 - unknown), status after 1860 uncertain.

Patrick and Bridget Sweeney are buried at St Bridget's Cemetery, Boomer twp, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa

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Michael Solon Family Tree

Michael SOLON (c1810 in Mayo Co.,Ireland to before 1851 in Ireland?)
Mary (Mayme) LYDON (c1815 in Mayo Co.,Ireland to 2/25/1894 in Sioux Co., Iowa)
Michael and Mayme's children were born near Kiltamagh, County Mayo, Ireland. Mary and her oldest son John arrived in New York on May 5, 1851 aboard the ship "America", and settled in Wisconsin. The other three children arrived in New York aboard the ship "Benjamin Adams" on February 19, 1855.

Margaret (bet 1835-39 - 7/25/1872), married Michael NOLAN (son of Nicholas and Bridget)
John (abt Apr 1841 - 4/2/1917), never married
Patrick Lydon (7/14/1845 - 4/7/1920), married Mary M MCGUIRE (daughter of James and Bridget)
Thomas L (6/8/1948 - 9/29/1919), married Elizabeth (Eliza) MCGUIRE (daughter of James and Bridget)

Mary Solon died 2/25/1894 at the home of her son Patrick in Settlers township, Sioux Co., Iowa. She was buried in Highland, Wisconsin
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Patrick Solon Family Tree

Patrick Lydon SOLON (7/14/1845 in Co. Mayo, Ireland to 4/7/1920 in Larchwood, Lyon Co., Iowa)
Mary M MCGUIRE (10/21/1845 in Co. Cavan, Ireland to 8/8/1920 in Larchwood, Lyon Co., Iowa)   [see photo of Patrick and Mary]
Patrick and Mary were married November 12, 1866 in Highland, Iowa Co., Wisconsin. Their children were born near Highland, Wisconsin, and also near Rock Valley, Iowa, where the family had moved by the early 1870s.
see Patrick's biography.

Michael Martin (12/17/1867 - 12/15/1893), died near Louisville, KY
James M (5/23/1869 - 12/19/1941), never married
John (5/23/1869 - 5/23/1869), died in infancy
John Nicholas (1/28/1871 - 8/14/1937), married Margaret FITZPATRICK (daughter of James and Mary Ellen)
Elizabeth Margaret (3/13/1873 - 12/7/1949), married Andrew MANNING (son of William and Catherine)
Mary Annette (5/23/1875 - 7/4/1960), married Stanley MURDOCK (son of Joseph and Jane)
Emma Jane (3/10/1877 - 11/11/1950), married John Clarence CAULEY (son of Francis and Teresa)
Thomas Edward (4/16/1879 - 2/5/1955), never married
Matthew Charles (6/29/1881 - 1/9/1973), married 1st Carrie Mae MOCK (daughter of John and Anna Margaret); 2nd Florence G Hunt; 3rd Bessie E Heyder.
Kathryn Ellen (2/23/1883 - January 1982), married John E McENROE (son of James and Catherine)
Bridget Isabella (10/16/1885 - 10/25/1954), married Christion M VRANG (son of Jorgen and Kristine)

Patrick and Mary Solon are buried at St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Larchwood, Lyon County, Iowa

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John N Mock Family Tree

John N MOCK (5/1856 in Berks Co., Pennsylvania to 1938 in Toledo, Tama County, Iowa).
Anna Margaret WHITELEY (11/22/1859 in Jackson twp, Boone Co., Indiana to 2/4/1925 in Toledo, Tama County, Iowa)
John and Anna were married April 4, 1886 in Tama County, Iowa. Their children were born in or near Toledo, Tama County, Iowa.
John's parents were Oliver MOCK and Sarah Ann STEINMETZ who lived in Union twp, Berks Co., Pennsylvania.
Anna's parents were Alexander WHITELEY and Martha L STEWART who lived in Boone Co., Indiana, and Tama Co., Iowa.

Carrie Mae (9/1/1888 - 1/14/1941), married Matthew Charles SOLON in Tama Co., Iowa.
Myrtle Viola (10/12/1892 - 11/23/1971), married Ward Vernon FERRISS in Tama Co., Iowa.

John and Anna Mock are buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Toledo, Tama County, Iowa

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Stessman Family Tree

Adolph STESSMAN (5/19/1823 in Meggen, Westfalen, Preussen to 5/25/1910 in Earling, Shelby County, Iowa) [see photo of Adolph & Elizabeth]
Elisabeth MAYWORM or MAIWORM (abt. 1829 near Maumke, Westfalen, Preussen to February 13, 1896 in Earling, Shelby County, Iowa)
Adolph and Elisabeth were married November 6, 1857 at/near Kirchhundem, Westfalen, Preussen, and their children were born in nearby Maumke/Meggen. Adolph & Elisabeth, along with the two youngest sons, arrived in New York aboard the ship Waesland on April 29, 1886. The families lived in Detroit, Michigan until the turn of the century when they began farming in Shelby County, Iowa.
Adolph's parents were Anton Stessmann (Steßmann) and Gertrud Willmes (verified by both his birth and marriage records).
Elisabeth's parents were Johannes Anton Maiworm and Anna Maria Stutte.

Adolph (bet 1858-72 - bet 1858-72), twin of Joseph, died in infancy
Joseph (bet 1858-72 - bet 1858-72), twin of Adolph, died in infancy
Frank A (6/26/1859 - 1898), married Gertrude BLANKE (daughter of John and Gertrude)
Mary Theresa (11/10/1861 - 8/13/1917), married Anton MERTENS (son of Heinrich and Theresa Anna)
John (5/15/1864 - 4/13/1944), married Elisabeth (Bertha) SCHNEIDER (daughter of Caspar T. and Josefine E.)
Elizabeth (abt 1866 - unknown), died at age 8
Theodore (9/15/1869 - 6/28/1954), married Elizabeth (Bertha) HUETTEMAN (daughter of Frank and Bernadina)   [see family photo]

Adolph and Elisabeth Stessman are buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery, Earling, Shelby Co., Iowa

see Stessman Family History.
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Huetteman Family Tree

Franz Josef (Frank) HUETTEMAN (11/24/1843 in Endorf, Westfalen, Preussen to 11/28/1922 in Iowa or Michigan). [see photo of Frank and Bernadina)
Bernadina WESSEL (7/17/1850 near Weringhausen-Schoenholthausen, Preussen to 11/02/1904 in Detroit, Michigan)
Frank arrived in New York from Bremen aboard the "Mobile" on June 18, 1866, along with his brother Joseph.
Frank and Bernadina were married September 17, 1868 in Detroit, Michigan, and all their children were born there.
Frank was a son of Joannes Franz Hüttemann and Anna Maria Elisabeth Röhrig (aka Roerig).
Bernadina was a daughter of Johann Theodor Wessel and Anna Maria Hoeynk (aka Hoeink), and a sister of Caspar Wessel.

Frank (6/20/1869 - 7/3/1869)
Bertha (11/6/1871 - 12/24/1958), married Theodore STESSMAN (son of Adolph and Elisabeth)
Frank Joseph Jr. (2/15/1874 - 8/25/1952), married Rosa M SCHULTE (daughter of Theodore J. and Mary E.)
Infant Son (1/2/1876 - 1/2/1876)
Theodore Ferdinand (8/12/1878 - 4/20/1949), married Ethel M RENO in Detroit
Josephine (10/24/1880 - 1950), married William FREUND (son of Mathias and Franciska)
Leo Caspar (1/21/1883 - 1942), married Mabel DeHAYES, and also Jeanette L Bower

Frank and Bernadina were buried at Mt. Elliot Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan

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Leuschen Family Tree

Benedict LEUSCHEN (June 07, 1848 in Schoenecken, Germany to 1928 in Westphalia twp, Shelby Co., Iowa)
Anna Maria NOLLES (June 15, 1850 in Duppach, Germany to March 16, 1911 in Westphalia twp, Shelby Co., Iowa)
Benedict's parents were Nicholas LEUSCHEN (1822 to 1881?) and Anna Maria MOLITOR (1822 to 1851?).
Anna Maria's parents were Joseph NOLLES (abt. 1816 to 1900) and Anna Maria FINCKEN (1815-1871).
Benedict and Anna married May 22, 1875 at St. Boniface in Westphalia, Shelby County, Iowa, near where the family farmed and the children were born.

Joseph Benedict (12/24/1876 - 10/16/1943), married Susan Louise SCHWERY (daughter of Gottfried and Mary Margaretha)
Magdalena (02/28/1878 - 7/30/1922), married Henry THOMAS (son of William and Elizabeth), and Andrew Wilson Canaday
Maria Anna (11/27/1879 - 10/31/1956), married Frederick W HARGARTEN (son of Hubert and Anna Maria)
Nicholas Carl (4/27/1881 - 8/27/1953), married Elizabeth J THIELEN (daughter of John and Magdalena)
Francis (4/09/1883 - 03/21/1959), married Rosa Theresa PULVERMACHER (daughter of Mathias and Ida Cecelia)
Catherine Maria (5/25/1885 - 01/05/1952), married Anton GOESER (son of Joseph Francis and Anna Katherina)
Mathias Matthew (8/06/1887 - 1/06/1960), married Mary F BAUMANN (daughter of William and Anna)
Benedict, Jr (6/27/1889 - 11/16/1941), married Anna Rosa LANGENFELD (daughter of August and Anna Catharina)

Benedict and Anna Leuschen are buried at St Boniface Cemetery, Westphalia, Shelby Co., Iowa

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Schwery Family Tree

Gottfried SCHWERY (6/16/1835 in Koblenz, Zurzach, Canton Aargau, Switzerland to 2/12/1914 in Panama, Shelby Co., Iowa)
Mary Margaretha JEMMING (June 15, 1850 in Kehlen, Canton Capellen, Luxembourg to 2/10/1914 in Panama, Shelby Co., Iowa)
Gottfried's parents were Michael SCHWERI (1786 to 1871) and Rosina SCHWERI.
Margaret's parents were Anton JEMMING (9/13/1811 to 9/5/1897) and Johanna [Anna] HOFFMANN (11/16/1812-10/14/1890). [photo]
Gottfried and Margaret married April 15, 1869 near Richland twp, LaSalle County, Illinois, and moved to Shelby Co., Iowa by 1880.

Theodore Joseph (10/16/1870 - 10/1/1946), married Mary Ann FOXHOVEN (daughter of John and Maria Catherina)
John Anthony (9/10/1873 - 5/30/1960), married Mary Anna SCHMITZ (daughter of Adam and Maria Anna)
Susan Louise (8/11/1877 - 3/1/1945), married Joseph Benedict LEUSCHEN (son of Benedict and Ann Maria)
Melchior Joseph (1/6/1881 - 1/18/1942), married Theresa KLEIN (daughter of Joseph and Theresia)
Godfried (Fred) Mathias (6/22/1887 - 12/28/1957), married Dessa Bernice MILLER (daughter of Frank and Mary)

Gottfried and Margaret Schwery are buried at St Marys Cemetery, Panama, Shelby Co., Iowa

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Triplett Family Tree

James Loren TRIPLETT was born March 9, 1859 (or 1860 as his obituary suggests) in Warren County, Illinois and died March 26, 1953 in Woodbine, Harrison County, Iowa. He was a son of Lott Triplett and Mary Melissa Meighen, natives of Ohio (review the research which confirms this).
James married Mary Adeline KENNEDY, daughter of Edwin KENNEDY and Eliza M DUNN, on August 02, 1883 in Red Oak, Montgomery Co., Iowa. Mary was born Sept 4, 1860 in Monroe County, Iowa and died Aug 25, 1943 in Woodbine, Iowa. The children were born in/near Anderson Twp, Mills Co., Iowa, and also in Harrison Co., Iowa.
View this Family Photo. Back row (L to R) - Blanche, Roy, Hettie, Orland, Stella. Front Row (L to R) - Irl, James L., Arthur, Emma, Mildred, Mary Adeline, Otis.

Stella Maude Triplett - b: April 14, 1884, d: January 07, 1944, m: George E. RANKIN (son of Ebenezer and Ann)
Orland Guy Triplett - b: September 03, 1885, d: March 20, 1949, m: Freda Margaret SCHMIDT
Roy Vance Triplett - b: May 20, 1887, d: July 23, 1968 in Mo Valley, IA, m: Millie B ??
Hettie Inez Triplett - b: October 27, 1888, d: November 1967, m: Robert Walter SOWERS (son of William E. and Martie)
Retta Blanche Triplett - b: July 22, 1890, d: December 20, 1984, m: Frank C. KRUGER.
Emma Leah Triplett - b: January 05, 1893, d: February 02, 1971, m: Marion Robert SOWERS (son of Edgar F. and Anna)
Mildred Ellen Triplett - b: November 12, 1894, d: October 19, 1947, m: a Ray William RICHARDS; and also a ? KINSEY
Herman Irl Triplett - b: September 13, 1896, d: January 4, 1975, m: Bessie Gloe POWELL (daughter of Harrison S. and Mary E.)
Arthur W Triplett - b: October 14, 1899, d: November, 1970, served in the U.S. Navy (buried at Arlington Nat'l Cemetery)
Loren Otis Triplett - b: January 08, 1902, d: November 26, 1984, m: Gladys Retta BEHNKE (daughter of Samuel and Retta)
Ernest J Triplett - b: October 09, 1905, d: July 22, 1995.

James and Mary Addie Triplett are buried at Woodbine Cemetery, Harrison Co., Iowa

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