Confiscations in Kilkenny - 1653
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Cromwell Confiscations of 1653 - County Kilkenny Ireland

Oliver Cromwell's campaign into Ireland from 1649 to 1652 resulted in the dispossession and confiscation of a majority of Catholic estates. In County Kilkenny ownership of the following estates of Walsh families were transferred, many to the soldiers and supporters of Cromwell.
In 1641 the Walsh families controlled over 19,000 acres in Kilkenny. In the 1660's, they possessed approximately 5,300 acres by having some of their lands restored. By the Williamite victory in 1691 further Catholic lands were confiscated until, by the very early 1700's, there were for all practical purposes no Walsh landholders in Kilkenny. Robert Walsh alone forfeited 1,675 acres in 1702/3.

Kilmoganny Parish
Name                        Place                         Acres
Robert Walsh, aged 10       Castle Hayle                   671
                            Newtown & Smithstown           951
                            Lamoge                         505

Bally Tarsney Parish
Pierce Walsh                Afadda                         109
Richard Walsh               Killcrogan                     193

Muckully Parish
Robert Walsh                Garrygaug                      310 

Tubrid Parish
James & William Walsh       Tubbard & Barkeley             467

Clonmore Parish
Name                        Place                         Acres
Thomas Walsh                Killanaspic                    137
                            Cloynmore                      495

Fiddowne Parish
Pierce & Philip Walsh,...   Fiddowne                       477
                            Corbally                       379 
Robert Walsh                Ratheene                       293
                            Templeorum                     697
Pierce Walsh                Garryduff                      259
                            Killinanagheene                 76 

Owney Parish
Pierce Walsh                Ballyfeeroge                    30
Pierce Walsh & P. Henebery  Fanningstown                   149
Pierce Walsh                Owney                          150 
Commons at                  Owney                          367 

Kilkellihene Parish
Name                        Place                         Acres
John Walsh                  Robbinstown                    179
                            Ballynamabagh                  245

Aghaviller Parish
Robert Walsh                Ballynamabagh                  170
                            Milestown                      172
                            Ballyglasse                    385 and 170
Robert Walsh                Ballyleskin                    168 and  47
                            Barrandowne                    236
                            Brownestown                     74

Kilkeasy Parish
Robert & Philip Walsh       Derrylaskagh (Derrylacky)      235 and 17 and 204
Robert Walsh                Corbally                       267
Peter, son of William Walsh Ballybroggan                   139 and 27
Robert, son of Mat. Walsh   Ballyknockmore                 141
Walter Mathew and           Knockmulgin with               546   
Philip Welsh                Ballybraskin                   538
Muckully Parish
Name                        Place                         Acres
Robert Walsh                Harristown                     375
Thomas Walsh                Muckully                        71
                            Milltowne                       99

Rower Parish
Thomas Walsh and the        Tenescully                     174 
Lord Mountgarret            Tentine                        147
                            Coolskill                      248
Thomas Walsh (aforesaid)    Clogaratt                       10
                            Coolraheny & part of Mungan     83 and 18
Lord Mountgarret            Pt of Coolkill & Mungane       112
Thomas Walsh                of same above                   22 
 (All lands above except Coolskill & Clogaratt transferred to Thomas Walsh)

Portnascully Parish
Pierce Walsh                Grange                         289
                            Nicholastown                    86

Kilbride Parish
Name                        Place                         Acres
Peter Strange               Flemingstown                   548
 (405 acres was tranferred to Edward Walsh)
William Walsh               Ballynevory                    160

Aglish Parish
John, Leonard, Emet, 
 Thomas Walsh and 
 R. Grante                  Aglish                         437
Howell Walsh                Ardorney                       347    
 (Ardorney transferred to Col. Hoyle Walsh)

Kilmacow Parish
Robert Walsh                Clonassy                       366

Kilcollombe Parish
Richard Walsh               Killoluggan                     48
Richard Walsh               Carriganane                    147

Killahy Parish
Name                        Place                         Acres
Robert Walsh                Inchen Charron                  67
                            Ballymackie                     65
James Walsh                 Corbehy                        118
                            Ballina-Cully                  177
Edward Walsh                Ballyenine                     151
Robert Welsh, son of        Ballintobber                    83
 Mat. Welsh                 Ballyknockbeg                   58
Robert Walsh                Kilahy                         140
Robt. & Jas. Walsh          Killyleah                      103
Robt. Walsh, son of Mat.    Knockmore                       99
Robert Walsh                The two red acres              117
                            Mohanree                       255

Kilbeacon Parish
Robert Walsh                Ballymoney                     743 and  7
                            Ballinclea                     154 and 13
   Commons                  to adjacent towns              319
Robert Walsh (aforesaid)    Glandonnell                    351
                            Garrandaroge                   213
                            Ballylarkey                    181
Adam Walsh                  Munsaile Court                  42
                            Earle's Rath                    80
Robert & Adam Walsh         Little Smithstown              144
                            Colonymed                      126
Robert Walsh, Jr            Colonymed                       22
                            Kilandrew                      115
Gleabe                      Kilbeacon                       32

Listerlin Parish
Name                        Place                         Acres
John Walsh                  Ballyconnaught                 116
Patrick Denne (half)
Thos. Walsh (other half)    Giltaghmore                    167
Robert, son of Walter       Smithstown                     963  
Walsh (deceased), aged      Darbystown                     127 
ten years.                   

Rathkieran Parish
Robert Walsh                Rothestown                     342
Thomas Walsh                Listroling                     486
Further detail on this list of 1653 confiscations
A map indicating where the above lands were located

In addition to the estates in Kilkenny, Walsh families were to lose lands in other Irish counties. By no means complete, these included:

Capt. James Walsh of Rathronan County Tipperary
Patrick Walsh of Waterford near Clonmel, County Tipperary
Nicholas Walsh of Moorestown barony of Salt, County Kildare
Walsh of Ballykilcavan County Laois (lands were retained)
Sir Nicholas Walsh of Piltown County Waterford
James Walsh of Ballawly half barony of Rathdown, County Dublin
James Walsh of Coanagh half barony of Rathdown, County Dublin
John Walsh of Shanganagh half barony of Rathdown, County Dublin
Theobald Walsh of Carrickmayne half barony of Rathdown, County Dublin
Robert Walsh of Kinure barony of Balrothery, County Dublin
Richard Walsh of Dalkey barony of Newcastle and Uppercross, County Dublin
James Walsh barony of Forth, County Wexford
Thomas Walsh barony of Forth, County Wexford
William Walsh barony of Forth, County Wexford
Thomas Walsh, Esq. barony of Ibane & Barryroe, County Cork (Admitted to compound for his Estate as a Protestant in 1656)
David Walsh of Youghal County Cork
Sir Nicholas Walsh barony of Carbery, County Cork
Robert Walsh, Esq., and his Wife barony of Condons (and Clangibbon), County Cork
John Walsh barony of Corkaguiny, County Kerry
Gerrott Brennagh (now Walsh) barony of Clanmaurice, County Kerry
Thomas Brenagh barony of Clanmaurice, County Kerry
Nicholas Walsh barony of Trughanacmy, County Kerry
Nicholas Walsh, Esq. of Tralee County Kerry
John Walsh at Cuillinaghmore County Kerry
Patrick Branagh (or Walsh) barony of Tirawley, County Mayo

The city of Waterford was besieged by the Cromwellian forces in 1649-50, thus breaking the power of Catholic families such as the Sherlocks, Walshes, Wyses, and Lombards (Walton, 1986: 185).

In an Indenture dated June 25, 1640, an enquiry concerned with the See-lands situated in County Kilkenny listed the following:
John Walsh of Kilcragan - one of the 17 Elders and freed men of Co. Kilkenny mentioned.
Robert Walsh of Corbally - one of the 17 Elders and freed men of Co. Kilkenny mentioned.
Nicholas Walsh, knight, holds the manor of Clonmore (parish of Mooncoin), and one Burgagery in Clonmore.
Adam Walsh holds one Burgagery in Clonmore.
John Walsh and David Grant hold one Burgagery of Rathkeran called Farrenvirida, and another in ther Burgagery of Rathkeran of the Manor of Clonmore.
Gerald Walsh holds the village and tenements of Cartirehan (now Oldcourt, parish of Inistioge).

In a list of "Jacobites of the County Kilkenny and Upper Ossory Outlawed by the Williamites" the following is cited, all from Co. Kilkenny:
Robert Walsh, Cloneassy, Co. Kilkenny, Esq., May 11, 1691
Nicholas Walsh, Rosberconon, Esq., April 20, 1691
Robert Walsh, Cloneasty (Cloonassy), Esq., April 20, 1691 [see the 1st Robert in this list]
John Walsh, Kilcraggan, Esq., April 20, 1691
Pierce Walsh, Guning (Owning), gent., April 20, 1691
Walter Walsh, Ballyneale, gent., April 20, 1691
John Walsh, Ballyneale, gent., April 20, 1691
Adam Walsh, Corbally, gent., April 20, 1691
Marcus Walsh, Walsheshouse, gent., April 20, 1691
Robert Walsh, Dromdowining, gent., April 20, 1691
John Walsh, Ballyneale, gent., April 21, 1691
Robert Walsh, Clonassy, gent., April 21, 1691 [see the 1st Robert in this list]

The preceding article was compiled by Dennis J. Walsh, 2009

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Walsh Confiscations of 1653

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