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The Walsh Cemetery Registry is intended as an aid in finding connections to your Most Wanted Walsh ancestor, preferrably born before 1900. If you want to leave a more detailed family query, please use the Query Board. Using the Cemetery Registry form below, it is important to list the name and location of the cemetery, your ancestors full name, date of beath, and date of birth if known.
Use the 'Further Notes' section to add any further details. Please do not use all CAPS (capital letters).

To fill out the form below, use the TAB key to move from field to field, and when the form is complete press the Register Burial button only ONCE please.

Walsh Cemetery Registry Form
Please do not use all Capital letters, except for your ancestor's name.
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Name of Cemetery:  
 e.g. St. Marys Cemetery
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 e.g. St. Louis, MO (include county if known)
Ancestor's Full Name:
 e.g. JOHN WALSH (use all CAPs only here)
Ancestors Date of Death:  
 e.g. 16 Jan 1850
Ancestor's Date of Birth:  
 e.g. 16 Jan 1850

Further Notes:
More about your ancestor, or others buried near by; or your preference in posting your name, or just your e-mail address to the Regisry.


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