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The VNFA database is a work in progress that officially began in 1995 with just a few hundred Van Normans. Today the database has information on over 20,500 Van Normans (and variants), their spouses and descendants. These individuals make up nearly 200 separate family lines with no known familial connection - at least not yet.

Research is ongoing to connect as many of these family lines as possible but your help is needed! Compiled on our Families page is a list of all "first known" VN ancestors, and many researchers are working together to connect as many of these families as possible.

Searching the public database: At Rootsweb's WorldConnect you can now search for some Van Norman (and variant) individuals available in the VNFA database {note that this online database is outdated and will not be updated!}. For all other surnames and up-to-date information, the only way the offline VNFA database can be 'searched' is by submitting a query to the VNFA. You will then receive an answer via e-mail or snail letting you know if the VNFA has information on the family you are searching, or a list of possible matches. Sorry but for privacy issues (living individuals) the entire database is not available for public searching.

You can view a list of VN's and their spouses here

Search all VN's in the VNFA database PLEASE NOTE: The surname of ALL Van Norman (or variant) individuals is 'VN' with their actual surname listed as a middle name. This system (VN) was put in place in order to match individuals & families who used different variations of the VN surname

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