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James Fisher

Thelma Hawkins [Parents]

William Henry Barlow [Parents] was born 19 May 1856. He died 8 Aug 1929 in Jasper Co, In. He was buried 10 Aug 1929 in Westen Cem (Worland Funeral Home) Sec N Lot 19 Sp 1. He married 1 Lydia Ann Murray 20 Feb 1881 in Shelby Co, Indiana.

Information supplied by Joyce Lane a researcher of Rensselaer, Indiana
William Henry Barlow
age 73y 2m 21 d b: In
d: Aug 8 1929 at home
Burial Aug 10, 1929
sp: Anna Murray
f: Henry Barlow
m: Mary Jane Repp b: Ohio
Weston Cem (Worland FH)
Sec N Lot 19 Sp 1
Weston Cem Records

Lydia Ann Murray [Parents] was born 15 Feb 1863. She died 27 Dec 1932 in Rensselaer, Jasper Co, In. She was buried 29 Dec 1932 in Bk 4 pg 78 Sec N lot 19 Sp2 lot owned by Wm Barlow. She married 1 William Henry Barlow 20 Feb 1881 in Shelby Co, Indiana.

They had the following children:

  M i Russel Barlow
  F ii Nellie Mae Barlow
  M iii Jesse Murray Barlow
  M iv Mason Murry Barlow
  F v Laura Belle Barlow
  F vi Margaret Barlow
  F vii Edna Barlow

David Morris Worland [Parents] was born 9 Nov 1860 in Shelbyville, Shelby Co, Indiana. He died 30 Mar 1933 in Rensselaer, Jasper co, Indiana. He was buried in Worland Funeral Home Pt 1 Sec 4 Lot 9 Sp 2. He married 1 Emma Ellen Barlow 15 Feb 1887 in Monon, Jasper Co, Indiana.

Emma Ellen Barlow [Parents] was born 6 Jan 1865 in Shelby Co, In. She died 21 Feb 1949 in Rensselaer, Jasper co, Indiana. She was buried in Mt Calvary Cath Cemetery Part 1 Sec 4 Lot 9 Sp 3. She married 1 David Morris Worland 15 Feb 1887 in Monon, Jasper Co, Indiana.

Joyce Lane of Rensselaer, Indiana gave me the following researchinformation.
Emma Ellen Barlow Worland
b; 6 Jan 1865 Shelby Co
d; 21 Feb 1949, Rensselaer, Jasper Co, Indiana
sp; David M Worland
f; Henry Barlow b; Indiana
m; Mary Jane Repp b; Indiana
ch;1. Grace Lane,2. John,3. Leo, 4. Paul,5. Carl, 6. Alice, 7. MableHenebry, 8. Helen Lange.

She also gave me the siblings of Mary Alice the # 2 child. as
1. Grace Lane, 2. Leo, 3. John, 4. Mrs Herman Lange, 5. Mable Henebry,6. Paul

1. Grace Gertrude Worland Married Edward Peter Lane
2. Mary Alice Worland Married Ella E Barlow
3. Lulu E Worland,
4. Leo Oliver Worland Married Ocie Coffel
5. John Worland Married Nellie Louise Rickey
6. Flora Helen Worland Married Hereman Jr Lange
7. Paul Hale Worland Married Frances Margaret Lamont
8. Mable Agnes Worland Married Franklin Pierce Henebry
9. Carl Edward Worland Married Margaret
10.Henebry Worland

They had the following children:

  F i Grace Gertrude Worland
  F ii Mary Alice Worland
  F iii Lulu E Worland was born 13 Mar 1889. She died 2 Sep 1889 in Rensselaer, Jasper Co, Indiana.



Buried no Cemetery listed Pt 1 Sec 2 Row 6 Sp 12
  M iv Leo Oliver Worland
  M v John Earl Worland
  F vi Flora Helen Worland
  M vii Paul Hale Worland
  F viii Mable Agnes Worland
  M ix Carl Edward Worland
  M x Henebry Worland

Vincent Oliver Worland was born 1837. He died 1915. He married Emilene Jenkins.

Emilene Jenkins was born 1842. She died 1907. She married Vincent Oliver Worland.

They had the following children:

  M i David Morris Worland

John Earl Worland [Parents] was born 13 Mar 1893 in Rensselaer, Jasper Co, Indiana. He died 10 Nov 1974 in Rensselaer, Jasper Co, Indiana. He was buried in Mt Calvary Cem, Jackson FC Pt1 Sec4 Lot33 Sp3. He married Nellie Louise Rickey 6 Jun 1923 in Rensselaer, Jasper Co, Indiana.


Buried at Mt Calvary Cem Pt 1 Sec 4 Lot 33 Sp 3 by the Jackson FuneralChapel

Nellie Louise Rickey [Parents] was born 1 Sep 1898 in Idaville, In. She died 10 Oct 1976 in Newton Co. She married John Earl Worland 6 Jun 1923 in Rensselaer, Jasper Co, Indiana.

Other marriages:
Earl, John

They had the following children:

  F i Mary Lou Worland

Edward Peter Lane was born 30 Aug 1878 in Jaasper co, Indiana. He died 29 Oct 1956 in Rensselaer, Jasper Co, Indiana. He married Grace Gertrude Worland 19 Nov 1914 in Rensselaer, Jasper Co, Indiana.

Grace Gertrude Worland [Parents] was born 19 Nov 1887. She married Edward Peter Lane 19 Nov 1914 in Rensselaer, Jasper Co, Indiana.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary Ellen Lane
  F ii Alvalyn Ann Lane

Louis Waldter.Louis Waldter married Elizabeth Sherfey 24 Dec 1864 in Terretory of Nebraska, Nemaha County.


Mary Margaret1 Waldter was born September 18592 in Brownville3Nebraska.4,5 Her parents were Louis Waldter6,7 and Emma Thomas.8,9

Louis Waldter emigrated from Rhenish Prussia to USA after 1849 whenhe last served in the ranks in the German Revolution and went to suchplaces as Cleveland, Ohio, Chicago, St. Louis and St. Joseph before goingto Nebraska in 1857.10 He married Emma Thomas while in Missouri and theyhad three children, Mary Margaret, Theodore and Lewis.11 The 1860 censusshows the young Waldter family living at Brownville Nebraska, listed assurname Walters; Lewis, 28, painter, real property value $200, personalproperty value $150, birthplace Prussia; Emma, 17, birthplace Missouri;Mary M., age 9/12, birthplace Nebraska12. Emma Thomas died in Nebraska in1863 and Louis Waldter married Elizabeth Sherfey on December 24 1864 andmoved to Richardson County, Nebraska in 1873.13

Mary Margaret Waldter married James Washington DENNIS on September3, 187714 in Johnson County.15 Husband James was a farmer in Tecumseh.16The couple had six children, Mary Elizabeth, Bessie May, John Walter,Rosa Belle, Hettie Jeanette and George Charles with the five youngestbeing born in Nebraska. The family appears on the 1900 census living atTecumseh?, Johnson County, Nebraska; James DENNIS, born 9/1848 inIndiana; Mary M., born 9/1859 Nebraska; Bessie M., 5/1880 in Nebraska;John W., born 10/1881 in Nebraska; Rosa B., 1/1887 in Nebraska; HettieJ., born 8/1889 in Nebraska; George C., born 6/1892 in Nebraska.17

Two daughters were married in Johnson County; Mary Elizabeth, aged20 years, to J. E. Barnes in 189818 and Bessie to Luther Alva Grubb.19After her marriage to Mr. Barnes, Mary Elizabeth moved to Oklahoma, whereshe had two children and died while her children were very young.20 Herparents James Washington and Mary Margaret Dennis adopted and raisedthese two grandchildren, Ruby and Malcolm.21

After the death of her husband, Mary Margaret moved to Lincoln, NEabout 1918.22 In December 1920, another tragedy occurred in the familywhen the wife of her eldest son (John) Walter, Agnes (Nancy) Belle McCoigdied, leaving 4 young children aged between 3 and 10 years of age.23Shortly after the death, Mary Margaret said that she would be unable tolook after these grandchildren but she would have if she was 15 yearsyounger and so the children were brought up by a maternal aunt inColorado.24

Mary Margaret lived in Los Angeles between about 1922 and 1933before moving back to Lincoln in June 1933 where she lived until herdeath in the local hospital on 9:35 PM 29 January 1934.25 She was buriedat the Tecumseh cemetery after a short graveside funeral service at 4:00PM on 2 February.26, 27


Elizabeth Sherfey [Parents] was born 1841. She married Louis Waldter 24 Dec 1864 in Terretory of Nebraska, Nemaha County.

Other marriages:
Barlow, George Washington

J D Adcock was born 1 Abt 1825. He married Louisa A Burger Adcock.

Louisa A Burger Adcock was born 1 Abt 1831 in Missouri. She died 9 Apr 1916 in Auburn, Nebraska. She married J D Adcock. Louisa was counted in a census 2 1870 in Clay Twp, Atchison Co, Missouri.

Other marriages:
Barlow, Richard W.


Information from Gone but not Forgotten Cemetery Book
Linden Cemetery
Rock Port, Mo.
Mrs Richard (Louisa A) Barlow
Died: Apr 9, 1916 age 85yr 1 Mo 29 Days
Husband Richard W. Barlow

Below article is taken from the Atchison County Mail, Friday April 14,1916

Mrs Richard Barlow, ninety years of age, an old pioneer of this township,died at her home in Auburn, Nebraska, and was buried in Linden Cemeteryon the 11th, the Christian pastor of Rock Port preached the funeralsermon to a large crowd of friends. We extend our sympathy to thebereaved husband and relatives.

They had the following children:

  M i Thomas Adcock was born Abt 1864 in Missouri.
  F ii Barbara Adcock was born Abt 1857 in Missouri.
  F iii Dona Adcock was born Abt 1859 in Missouri.
  M iv Joseph Adcock was born Abt 1865 in Missouri.
  F v Elizabeth Adcock was born Abt 1867 in Missouri.

Leo Oliver Worland [Parents] was born 14 Sep 1891 in Rensselaer, Jasper Co, Indiana. He died Feb 1976 in Lafayette, Indiana. He married Ocie Coffel 3 Feb 1913 in Chicago, Il.

Ocie Coffel was born 8 Apr 1895 in Pulaski Co, Indiana. She died 23 Jul 1965 in Lafayette, Indiana. She married Leo Oliver Worland 3 Feb 1913 in Chicago, Il.

They had the following children:

  F i Anita Jane Worland
  M ii Leo Worland
  F iii Madaline Caroline Worland

Paul Hale Worland [Parents] was born 11 Mar 1896 in Rensselaer, Jasper Co, Indiana. He died 24 Nov 1967 in Cheyenne, Laramie Co, Wyoming. He married Frances Margaret Lamont 1 Jun 1922 in Denver, Colorado.

Frances Margaret Lamont

They had the following children:

  F i Frances Miriam Worland
  F ii Nancy Ann Worland

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