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Carl Caspersen.Carl Caspersen married Gerda Carlsen.

Gerda Carlsen.Gerda Carlsen married Carl Caspersen.

They had the following children:

  F i Marie Addolphine Caspersen

JOHN Hawkins was born Abt 1739 in Virginia. He died BET. JUL - OCT 1824 in Henry Co, Kentucky. He married WINNIE Abt 1760. JOHN signed a will 30 Jul 1824 in Henry County, Kentucky.

Some questions on the surname Hawkins was given to me by Leslie Rafferty

Will of John Hawkins, 30 Jul 1824
In the name of God amen
I, John Hawkins of the County of Henry and State of Kentucky, beingaged and infirm in body, but of sound mind and memory and knowing that it is appointed for man once die, do make and declare this writing to be my last Will and Testament.
First, my soul here, and hereafter I ernestly recomend and commit to the care and control of the God of Heaven and as to the estate with which I am blessed and to which I am entiltled I give and bequeath as follows.
To wit:
First I give my son John Hawkins, One Dollor and no more.
Second, I give an bequeath to my son William Hawkins One Dollor and no more.
Third, I give and bequeath to my son Moses Hawkins One Dolor and no more.
Fourth, I give and bequeath to my son Elijah Hawkins One dollor and no more.
Fifth, I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Baine, wife of John Baine, One Dolor and no more.
Sixth, I give and bequeath to my son Jesse Hawkins One Dollor and nomore.
Seventh, I give and bequeath to my son James Hawkins One Dollor and no more.
I will and direct my executors herin after names so soon can be done to sell:
The whole of my estate be it real and personal (except one bed and furniture which I give to my daughter Milly Miles and except also oneother bed and furniture which I give to my grand-daughter ElizabethHawkins and the money arising from the sale aforesaid to be first appliedto the payment of the lagacies contained in the items 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7afore mentioned and the balance after paying said seven legacies first afore said to be equally divided between my children towit Benjamin Hawkins, Richard Hawkins, Silas Hawkins, Elizabeth Davis, wife of James Davis and Milly Miles, wife of John Miles share and share alike.
And whereas my old wife Winny Hawkins may live longer than myself, in that case my will and direction is that out of the proceeds of my estate and before any lagacy shall be paid or money divided, that my executors secure to her, my said wife such ample competency as shall be fully sufficent for her care, support and maintenance, during her life, and ather death then the legacies herein after richard Hawkins and john milesis paid for taking care of my wife Winny Hawkins, the residue to bedivided between my children Benjamin Hawkins, Richard Hawkins, ElizabethDavis, Milly Miles as above directed.
Lastly I appoint my son richard and my son-in-law, John Miles, myexecutors of this my last Will and Testament.

Whitness my hand and seal this 30th day of July 1824.
John Hawkins (seal)
(his mark)

Thomas (his mark) Bryant
Edward Bryant

Henry County October 10, 1824. The Last Will and Testament of John Hawkins deceased was produced in court-proven by oaths of Thomas Bryantand Edward Bryant, Subscribing Witnesses therto and sworn to be recorded.

Rommu Thomas (?)

WINNIE was born Abt 1739. She married JOHN Hawkins Abt 1760.

They had the following children:

  M i William Hawkins
  F ii Sarah Hawkins
  M iii Moses Hawkins
  M iv Elijuh Hawkins was born Abt 1780 in Virginia.
  M v Jesse Hawkins was born 1782 in Virginia.
  M vi BENJAMIN Hawkins
  M vii James Hawkins was born Abt 1790.
  M viii John Jr Hawkins
  F ix Mildred Molly Hawkins
  M x Silas Hawkins
  M xi Richard Hawkins was born Abt 1794.

John Hewitt was born Abt 1750 in Virginia. He died Abt 1834 in Breckinridge County, Virginia. He married Mourning.

Mourning died 7 Dec 1823 in Breckinridge County, Virginia. She married John Hewitt.

There is a letter that John Hewitt wrote to his children,that stayed inBedford County, Va, telling them about the death of their mother ondisplay at the Bedford County, Va Museum.

They had the following children:

  M i Edmond Hewitt
  F ii Frances Hewitt
  F iii Elizabeth Hewitt
  M iv James Hewitt
  M v Thomas Hewitt was born Abt 1770.
  M vi John Hewitt
  M vii Warner Hewitt
  F viii Nancy Hewitt
  M ix Stephen Hewitt
  F x MARY Hewitt
  F xi Sarah "Sally" Hewitt

Otto Ruffer [Parents] was born 31 May 1912 in Manfred, North Dekota. He died 21 Jul 1990 in Vallejo, Sallano co, California. He was buried Rockville, Ca. He married Dolores Sheets 31 Aug 1939 in Carson City, Nevada.

Ruffer 50th
A diner party Friday marked the 50th wedding anniversary of Otto andDolores Ruffer of Cordelia.
The couple was married Aug 31 1939 in Carson City, Nev.
The anniversary party was hosted by their daughter Gail Bechtle. Thecouple also has a son James and four grandchildren.
The Ruffer's have lived in Cordelia for 28 years and have ridden theirhorses in many local horse shows and parades.
She is 72 and has been assistant manager at Vella Cheese Co for nineyears.
He is 76 and was a welder/machinist at Yuba Manufacturing for 25 years.

Dolores Sheets

William Overton [Parents] was born BET. 1774 - 1782 in Virginia. He died Bef 1880 in Ohio Co, Ky. He married Elizabeth Godsey 9 Sep 1807 in Rockingham Co, NC.

Elizabeth Godsey [Parents].Elizabeth Godsey [Parents] married William Overton 9 Sep 1807 in Rockingham Co, NC. Elizabeth was counted in a census 1880.

They had the following children:

  M i RICHARD Overton

Michael Robert Savoy

Patricia Ann Harknett [Parents]

They had the following children:

  F i Kelly Aileen Savoy
  F ii Malia Alyce Savoy
  M iii Todd Patrick Savoy

Douglas Henry Harknett

Lena Elizabeth Robertson [Parents]

They had the following children:

  F i Patricia Ann Harknett
  F ii Nancy Elizabeth Harknett
  M iii Thomas Roy Harknett
  M iv Peter Henry Harknett
  F v Mary Therese Harknett

Royal Robertson [Parents] was born 30 Jun 1892 in Fairfield, Benton County, Missouri. He died 17 Apr 1948 in Harrisonville, Cass County, Missouri. He married Florence Mae Bragg 4 Nov 1914 in Neligh, Antelope County, Nebraska.

Florence Mae Bragg was born 21 Mar 1898 in Neligh, Antelope County, Nebraska. She died 18 Mar 1984 in Harrisonville, Cass, Missouri. She married Royal Robertson 4 Nov 1914 in Neligh, Antelope County, Nebraska.

They had the following children:

  M i Forst L. Robertson
  F ii Lena Elizabeth Robertson
  F iii Betty Robertson

Duncan Steel

Nancy Elizabeth Harknett [Parents]

They had the following children:

  M i Adam Steel
  M ii Benjamin Steel

Thomas Roy Harknett [Parents]

Joan Mullins

They had the following children:

  F i Allison Harknett
  M ii Daniel Harknett

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