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James Bush.James Bush married 1 Elizabeth Jane Barlow 5 Mar 1811 in Barren Co, Kentucky.

Elizabeth Jane Barlow [Parents] was born 1 1793 in Mercer Co, Kentucky. She married 2 James Bush 5 Mar 1811 in Barren Co, Kentucky.



Known as Betsy[Enoch W]

Known as Betsy

Ambrose Barlow [Parents] 1 was born Jul 1766 in Culpeper County, Virginia. He died 13 Aug 1839 in Barren County, Kentucky. He married Anna Smith 10 Jun 1787 in Danville, Mercer County, Kentucky. Ambrose was born Jul 1766.

From: Jewell Colliver
Subject: Christopher Barlow
Date: Thursday, September 30, 1999 7:12 PM

Our Barlow includes John Smith l802-1886 Ambrose Rev soldier vet. We
live on some land of Barlow at Cave City, Ky. I am a retired teacher.

Colliver - 633 Salem Church Rd
Cave City, KY 42127

Karen Griffin has place of death for Ambrose Barlow in Monroe Co, Ky.
Moved to Boyd's Creek in Barren Co in 1801

Anna Smith [Parents] was born 1769 in Culpeper County, Virginia. She died 14 Dec 1847 in Barren County, Kentucky. She married Ambrose Barlow 10 Jun 1787 in Danville, Mercer County, Kentucky. Anna was born 1769.

They had the following children:

  F i Betsey Barlow
  M ii James Barlow
  F iii Elizabeth Jane Barlow
  M iv John Smith , Sr Barlow
  M v Ambrose Powell Barlow
  F vi Ann Barlow

James Barlow [Parents] was born BET. 1790 - 1794. He married Dosha Cochran 10 Feb 1814.

Dosha Cochran.Dosha Cochran married James Barlow 10 Feb 1814.

Timothy James Daivis

Carol Mae Tweeten [Parents]

They had the following children:

  F i Tiffany Mae Daivis
  M ii Brian Richard Daivis
  F iii Trisha Mae Daivis

Ambrose Powell Barlow [Parents] was born 1 18 May 1804 in Kentucky. He died 10 May 1869. He married Elizabeth Dunn 15 Feb 1830.



1850 Monroe Co, Ky Census has Ambrose P. Barlow
Elizabeth 37
John 15
Joseph 13
Margaret 12
Samuel 5
Martha 4
James 1
All born in Kentucky.

Elizabeth Dunn was born 1 Abt 1813 in Kentucky. She married Ambrose Powell Barlow 15 Feb 1830.

They had the following children:

  M i John Barlow was born 1 Abt 1835 in Kentucky.
  M ii Joseph Barlow was born 1 Abt 1837 in Kentucky.
  F iii Margaret Barlow was born 1 Abt 1838 in Kentucky.
  M iv Ambrose Barlow was born 1 Abt 1840 in Kentucky.
  M v Samuel Barlow was born 1 Abt 1842 in Kentucky.
  F vi Mary Barlow was born 1 Abt 1845 in Kentucky.
  F vii Martha Barlow was born 1 Abt 1846 in Kentucky.
  M viii James Barlow was born 1 Abt 1849 in Kentucky.

Smith was born Abt 1810. He married Ann Barlow.

Ann Barlow [Parents] was born 1810. She married Smith. Ann was born Abt 1812.

George Curtis was born 1813. He died 1873 in Clinton County, Kentucky. He married Malinda Ann Barlow.



Lived in Missouri

Malinda Ann Barlow [Parents] was born 20 Jun 1818. She died 16 Oct 1907. She married George Curtis.



It is believed Malinda came to Missouri with her sisters Permelia andMary Ann to Benton County. Time of arrival unknown. At her death Malindahad thirty two grandchildren.

John Smith , Sr Barlow [Parents] was born 13 May 1802 in Glasgow, Barren County, Kentucky. He died 15 Mar 1886 in Barren County, Kentucky. He married Lydia Hagan Abt 1817. John was born 13 May 1802 in Near Glasgow, Barren County, Kentucky. He died 15 Mar 1886.

Other marriages:
Howard, Jane Hart

John Smith Barlow was born near Fountain Run, Kentucky. Then in BarrenCounty and now in Monroe County. He received a good school training inearly life and for a few years engaged in teaching but developed morethan ordinary ability in affairs of public life. He lived on East Fork ofIndian Creek in Monroe County.
His early manhood life needs further research. He was either married orhad a mistress prior to his marriage to Jane H. Howard. He moved fromBarren County to Monroe County in 1818. Marriage records in WashingtonCounty in Kentucky list a John Barlow and Francis Kinchloe married Feb 41820.

Linda Lou Wilcox, Elverta, California a descendant of his earlymarriage writes that John Smith Barlow had a mistress from England orPennsylvania Dutch and they had three daughter. Letters (copies) inpossession of the writer and written by John Smith to his first threedaughters living in Missouri leave no doubt as to their proof andexistence. A granddaughter, Mrs Lena Wilson b:1881
Warsaw, Missouri supplied the letters and descendant information

After marriage to Jane Hart Howard he settled on a farm on the NorthFork of Indian Creek in Monroe, County. He was owner of a large number ofslaves and large land owner. He was exceedingly smart and unusuallyquick. He had the sweetest and most persuasive of voices and his mannersand bearing were never surpassed by an English Lord.

In 1826 he purchased one half of the sheriff ship of Monroe County.Upon the expiration of his terms of office in 1828 he was elected to thelower house of the Kentucky Legislature. He was then elected senator fromClinton, Monroe, and Cumberland Counties and had to wait until the nextyear to take office until he became of eligible age. He served withdistinction in the two houses of the state legislature for 27 years. Hewas twice nominated for Lt Governor of the State Senate. He was Senatorfrom Barren County from 1871-1875, and House of Representatives from1861-1863. He resigned Feb 7 1862. He was a member of the ConstitutionalConvention in 1849 and one of Breckinridge's electors in 1860. He wasactive in the reorganization of the Democratic Party in Kentucky afterthe close of the Civil War in the Convention held in Louisville.

John Smith Barlow was a man of strict habits; never used any spirituousliquors or tobacco in any form. He was moderator of six separatereligious discussions.

In Dec 1853 he moved to Glasgow and in the fall Of 1854 bought andmoved to a fine farm eight miles north of Glasgow and called it "HayHill." This farm was later owned by Leight M. Wilson.

Lydia Hagan was born Abt 1802. She married John Smith , Sr Barlow Abt 1817.

They had the following children:

  F i Malinda Ann Barlow
  F ii Mary Ann Barlow
  F iii Permelia Ann Barlow

Emmett Laure Tinius [Parents] was born 16 Mar 1903 in Owenboro, Ky. He died 1 Dec 1973 in Greenbank, Wa. He married Mable May Mott 29 Sep 1926 in Grandview, Wa.

Mable May Mott

They had the following children:

  M i Bert Larue Tinius
  F ii Fern Eileen Tinius
  M iii Donald Arthur Tinius
  M iv James Richard Tinius
  F v Rosemary Karen Tinius
  M vi Frank Ewart Tinius
  F vii Cynthia Ann Tinius
  F viii Peggy Jean Tinius
  F ix Pauline May Tinius was born 15 Jul 1927 in Grandview, Washington. She died 15 Jul 1927 in Grandview, Washington.

Ewart Gladstone Tinius [Parents] was born 3 Jun 1901 in Cloverton, Ky. He died 7 May 1993 in Tacoma, Wa. He was buried 12 May 1993 in Hillcrest Cem, Kent, Washington. He married Marie Addolphine Caspersen 26 Mar 1924.

1941 Telephone book has E G Tinius (Marie A) emp THL&TCo r Graham
1951 Tacoma telpephone book has E G Tinius planer feeder THL&TCo r Graham

Retired in 1966
Senior Farm Laborer for the Entomology Dept at Western WashingtonExperiment Station, Puallup, Washington

Marie Addolphine Caspersen [Parents] was born 23 Jan 1904. She died Feb 1972 in Graham, Washington. She married Ewart Gladstone Tinius 26 Mar 1924.

They had the following children:

  F i Esther Hire Tinius
  F ii Rose Marie Tinius

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